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Autopsy contradicts police report, shows Palestinian teen was shot in head


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Convicted murderer sues for Kosher Meals on Death Row

Steven Hayes Converted to Orthodox Judaism in 2013

ed note–it is not–or least SHOULD NOT be surprising that of all the religions to which he could ‘convert’ he decided Judaism. Out of all the organized religions known to man, Judaism alone sanctions murder of innocent people–like those Hayes was convicted of murdering–as well as theft–the crime to which his murder conviction was tied.

He is not alone in doing this, as there have been many others who took that great ‘leap of faith’ in converting to Judaism after a life of crime, one of the more notables being Henry Hill, who–despite growing up in an Italian/Irish Catholic family, nevertheless embraced Judaism after years as a mafia hoodlum.

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Germany plans to fund education about anti-Semitism for Muslim youth


Initiative comes on backdrop of spike in anti-Semitic incidents.

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Report: Doctor who performed Joan Rivers’ endoscopy steps down


According to The New York Times, the renowned gastroenterologist brought an unauthorized doctor into Rivers’ operating room.

Ed note–getting more and more interesting by the day. I am now moving my prediction up from 51% to 52.5%.


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Pope urges world to shed apathy in face of ‘third war’


Pontiff laments human toll of ‘senseless massacres,’ crimes and destruction, says ‘humanity needs to weep’

ed note–words are very cheap, and unfortunately we live in a world where people are easily seduced by words, and even when actions work against them. The Menendez brothers brutally murdered their own parents, blasting them to pieces with shotguns in order to get their money, and then they get on the witness stand and break down in tears over how much they miss ‘mommie and daddy’ and people fall for it.

Everyone and anyone, from the  Pope all the way up to Miss Universe, can talk the talk about ‘wanting peace’ and ‘hating war’, but if these very empty platitudes remain out there unsupported by actions they will wither and die.

Ok, your holiness, you hate war? Hate injustice and unnecessary human suffering? Then how about using your incredible influence with over a billion people around the world to NAME NAMES and issue public indictments, as Jesus Christ did in His own time? Jesus Christ–the man you presume to represent, NEVER left it ambiguous, nebulous, confusing or obscure, but rather got REAL SPECIFIC in His singling out the Jewish leadership and their followers.

Unfortunately however, all can be rest assured that it is going to be a cold day in hell–no pun intended–before Pope Francis–darling of organized Jewish interests worldwide–is going to do anything of the sort. Read the rest of this entry »


Iran accuses US of violating sovereignty in anti-IS fight


Tehran official says Washington using ‘pretext of fighting terrorism’ to pursue unilateral policies in Mideast states

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Joan Rivers’ death inquiry roiled by conflicting leaks

ed note–Rivers’ racist, over-the-top-in-their-Jewishness comments during the Gaza massacre certainly did not please the powers that be who are desperate these days to put the Hebraic Jeenie back in the bottle and give Israel a facelift in terms of her world standing, which right now is at an all-time low.

Right now, the one thing that Israel’s plastic surgeons cannot afford to have happening is for Jews all over the world to show their true colors as Rivers did recently.

My personal theory–right now hovering at around 51% in favor–is that she was killed, not necessarily to shut her up, but to shut up those others in the Jewish community who might get the urge these days to get loud-n-mouthy like she did.

If indeed she was not killed but rather just died of natural causes, the fact that there is so much controversy surrounding her death, requiring all sorts of investigations, etc, is being given lots of media play in the interests of sending a subtle yet pointed message to high-profile Jews out there that they need to keep their mouths shut lest they wind up in similar circumstances.

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