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Was Jacob right to take Esau׳s blessing?

ed note–Apologies ahead of time to the reader, who is forced to pour over what seems to be an irrelevant, tedious OpEd, but there is actually a very important point to be made here.

The following was penned by Rabbi Jonathon Sacks, a very prominent and influential Rabbi in the UK. As the title denotes, the question being pondered here is whether the Old Testament character Jacob and his lying to his father and theft of his older brother Esau’s inheritance was morally right.

Now, here is why it is important–

As the reader will plainly see after pouring over ‘the good Rabbi’s’ logic and reasoning, in his estimation, the theft and lying on the part of the biblical character Jacob (to whom the Jews tie their lineage) were morally permissible. The fact that Esau was his brother meant nothing. The fact that he did intellectual violence to his father–head of the family–meant nothing. All that mattered was that Jacob scored a win at the end of the day, and the fact that he both lied and stole meant nothing as far as ‘God’s’ judgment went.

Kind of makes a mockery of ‘thou shalt not lie’ and ‘thou shalt not steal’, does it not?

And this is by no stretch the only such example found in the Old Testament and therefore within Judaism itself. Abraham lies to the Pharoah about the status of Sarah, who he claims is his ‘sister’ rather than his wife, thus intimating her virginity. Abraham then sells Sarah into prostitution so that he may be ‘well treated’ for her sake, and the end result is that ‘God’ blesses Abraham.

And it just goes on, and on, and on…Patriarch after patriarch, matriarch after matriarch, lying, stealing, killing, whoring around, and somehow, despite all this immoral behavior, ‘God’ blesses them and they never drink from the bitter chalice of justice…

Anyone seeing a pattern here as far as other instances throughout history where the adherents of this strange tribal cult known as Judaism engage in criminal behavior against others and then feel no remorse or discomfort of conscience over it? Why should they? All their role models engaged in similar behavior and were rewarded by ‘God’ for doing it.

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Witchcraft-obsessed GOP county chair–’Muslims must accept Jesus or leave the United States’


ed note–of the many profound things I learned while away in Iran for 5 days, probably the most important is just how far gone America is.

Yes, the story below details one hick politician from some hick district in some hick county, but he is certainly not the exception by any means. Israel’s black magic in seducing barely-conscious Americans into believing that Islam is their enemy while Judaism–which is THE DOMINANT FORCE in America in terms of money, politics, media, academia, etc, is nothing short of a small miracle of sorts. In this, the age of the internet, where information is literally just a few keystrokes away, for Americans to have swallowed this chalice of hemlock–as much designed to kill them as Israel’s enemies in the Islamic world–is simply baffling to those who still have a functioning brain left.

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Azaziah Strikes Again on PTV


Ukraine rabbi: US Jews helped us beat Russia’s anti-Semitic propaganda


Jews in Ukraine acted in unison with American Jews to counter false claim the Crimean annexation was to protect minorities, says Yaakov Bleich

ed note–2 things worth noting here–

1. Whenever a Gentile of any variety comes forward with the evidence-backed assertion that Jews DO move in hive-fashion as an organized group, using their position, money, influence, etc, to see certain goals acheieved, they are accused of being anti-Semitic conspiracy theorists, and yet this rabbi is openly admitting that indeed a concerted, organized campaign took place between Jews half a world away from each other in order to achieve a certain pre-determined global agenda.

2. In reading between the lines, what the Rabbi’s admission here reveals–as analyzed here on this website at the beginnig of the conflict between Ukraine and Russia, is that Vladimir Putin’s various statements accusing the Ukrainians of being ‘Nazis’ was a shrewd chess move aimed at countering what the Russians KNEW was forthcoming–namely the worn out but highly effective charge that Putin was another Hitler and that his reasons for doing what he did were motivated by ‘anti-Semitism’. By Russia making the charge first, what Putin effectively did was to take the baseball bat out of the hands of international Jewry that was about to be used against him and instead used it against them.

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Israel decries Spanish vote on recognizing Palestine, says lawmakers should have instead condemned the ‘abominable slaughter’ at synagogue


ed note–My God, EVERY SINGLE TIME a nation decides to go this route of FINALLY–after half a century of oppression, hundreds of massacres and hundreds of thousands of innocent lives lost–deciding to ‘recognize’ that the Palestinians are a people–just like everyone else–endowed by their creator with certain inalienable rights, including life, liberty and the persuit of happiness, something goes BOOM to derail it.

What can be said, other than the Jews indeed must be ‘God’s chosen people’…

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Group says board denies Jonathan Pollard parole request


US officials tell federal panel releasing convicted spy would ‘constitute contempt for severity of crime and rule of law,’ activist organization says

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