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TVH–Russian Front–September 28, 2014

After a prolonged absence, they’re back!

Max and Alexandr discuss the latest in Novorossiya and assorted hotspots around the globe.

Immediately before his death, the French fascist writer Robert Brasillach voiced a strange prophecy: “I see how in the East, in Russia, fascism is rising – a fascism borderless and red”.

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The Victory Hour Aug 11, 2014

TVH-Russian Front

July 25, 2014

Budapest resident, tourism businessman and Jobbik activist Ferenz joins the show.

In a wide-ranging discussion we examine the tactics of the Battle for Europe and the inevitability of Total Victory.
-Preparing the battlefield to our advantage is paramount.

Fasten your seatbelts for an outstanding war-college!

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The Victory Hour Aug 3, 2014

The one and only Jonathan Azaziah joins the show with a blistering analysis of the supremacist Jewish origins of the cartoon neo-nazi Kiev junta.

The false-flag MH17 operation is also mercilessly dissected.

The North and South global Axis of Resistance has read the Empire’s playbook.

Always 10 moves ahead, the only possible outcome?


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The Victory Hour July 13, 2014

Historically Europe has led North America by 10 years in terms of social and cultural norms and most importantly politics.

In the last five years, Europe’s extreme right has been transformed from, in many cases, alliances with organized Jewry to the tactics of victory and a sober realization of who  the real enemy and friends are.

We delve into the fascinating origins of this very important transformation.

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The Victory Hour Broadcast June 16, 2014

Espana Una,
Espana Grande,Espana Libre!
Arriba Espana!Arriba por siempre!

Victory Hour – Russian Front hosts are very honored to invite

Jose Manuel Perez Valdes, tough veteran of the Spanish Foreign Legion, for our weekly show.The topics we discussed:-         Caudillo Francisco Franco and his epoch;-         Friendship and collaboration of Francoist Spain with the
Arab-Muslim World;-         Fidel Castro, Che Guevara and “Fascist” Spain;

-         Spanish Legion – one of the most hard-core fighters in the world;

-         The USG/CIA bloody war against Spain, which started
literally since the OSS` years;

-         Basque terrorism as the tool of globalism and American imperialism;razz

-         Catalonian separatism and its friendship with Zionism and Israel;

-         Spain today: politics, economy, diplomacy, and dirty secrets of the Royal Palace;

-         GAL – how to deal with terrorism in effective way;

-         Geopolitically important problem of “Spanish Sahara”;

-         Otto Skorzeny and Leon Degrelle personally;

-         The noble and clear genius of Cervantes – Don Quixote and
Sancho Panza as two embodiments of the Spanish national character;

-         The crazy and dark genius of Salvador Dali;

- and much, much more during 2 hours of our discussion.

More to come later!

Bienvenidos, senores y senoras! Muchos gracias!

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The Victory Hour June 2, 2014


FSB Colonel Igor “The Gunman” Strelkov commands the Donbass Resistance.

This latter-day Leon Degrelle, a student of Sunsu, carries out a brilliant guerrilla campaign of cunning and devastating strikes against The Empires demoralized drones.

Travelling overland in Kamaz military trucks, Chechens in their hundreds arrive in Donetsk and are cheered by thousands!
Muslim and Christian soldiers fight together and lead the world by example.

Hundreds of Volunteer Legionnaires from Europe stream to the battlefields of Donbass.

The Battle for Europe enters a new chapter!

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Greystone and NATO mercenaries guide Kiev’s Takfiris into Ukraine’s largest loss of life since World War II.

After running street battles, 100 Resisters are trapped in Odessa’s Union Trades Building.

Thirty die in stairwell infernos and five more die jumping from windows.

Survivors fleeing the building are killed or beaten and arrested.

46 murdered. A beloved babushka, High School kids, local workers, men and women alike.

Hundreds of Russian volunteers, all veterans, have evaded Russian border guards and joined the fight for Humanity in Ukraine.

A lonely abandoned mine guarded by a tank platoon and 500 troops holds Ukraine’s small arms arsenal.

Can Kiev trust these soldiers?

Playing right into the hands of Vladimir Vladimirovich, the world’s Trotskyites will find themselves in the dock in People’s Courts.

We’ll hang them in Nuremberg.

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