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Russell Brand’s ‘Revolution’ Book Launch Event Cancelled Due to Censorious Leftist’s Fears


Ed note (Trevor) My latest. No, I am not jumping on the Russell Brand bandwagon. This story actually revolves around Laurence Easeman, who exposed the banks for practicing usury and for using unlawful violent seizure of property. He physically stopping bailiffs from taking people’s homes, made films of it, and becoming an English folk hero in the process. His film, THE PEOPLE VS THE BANKS has accumulated 1.5 million views. Russell Brand loved it so much he interviewed Easeman for his book, and due to the fact the Brand has over 8 million followers on Twitter, this debate would have been a head-on collision for the Rothschilds and their banks, a real disaster for the NWO. Easeman was about to blow the whistle on usury and corruption in front of all of Russell’s fans at a debate which was about to take place, and at the last minute, somebody panicked, decided to sensor Easeman, and this only emphasizes the explosive power of Easeman’s message. This guy Tatchell is about to learn that behaving censoriously only generates ten times the interest in the topic he was trying to conceal.

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Emergency Agencies Practice Response To Nuclear Explosion In Times Square

caution radioactive

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Is Israel’s president an anti-Semite?


President Rivlin just called Israel a ‘sick society.’ If he was an American politician, he’d be probably forced out of his job.

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English folk hero, anti-usury activist Laurence Easeman strikes back at leftist censors


Ed note (Trevor) This is a very important story unfolding. LEAVE A COMMENT AT THE UK INDEPENDENT EXPRESSING SUPPORT FOR LAURENCE EASEMAN!!! Our heroic brother Laurence Easeman is making major waves once again, and he has Peter Tatchell right where he wants him. It should be added that Tatchell is a cultural marxist who thinks that 14 years old should be the age of consent, he is clearly spooked that Easeman was going to bring this up in the scheduled debate that Tatchell panicked and got it cancelled. Whatever else Easeman was going to say, there is now 10 times the amount of public interest in what it might be. And the message was about the crime of usury. The bankers are panicking that this exposure could end several hundred years of their unlawful domination of the UK. God’s speed to Laurence Easeman! KILL THE BANKS!!  All relevant links are provided here: Laurence’s film, here’s the article in the UK Independent where TUT readers are encouraged to leave a comment: Russell Brand cancels his book launch, and finally, Laurence’s hot off the presses public statement


We Want Them Alive: The Search for Mexico’s 43 Missing Students

mexico missing student logo

“I don’t know you, but we need you to make a better world.”

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US jury convicts Blackwater guards in 2007 killing of Iraqi civilians

Israel’s Fission Field Warfare: Pakistan, Iraq and Egypt

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Israel sells cemetery with Al-Qassam’s grave to a construction company


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