Dante Ardenz Broadcast May 27, 2016

Today’s program–

Donald Trump has now officially achieved the number of delegates needed for the nomination of the Republican Party for President of the United States.

This is hugely significant.

He has done this by single handedly defying the Liberal\Conservative power structures.

Jeb! ‘Little Marco’, ‘Creep Cruz’ and 14 other puppets of the Jews–defeated.

Trump received a record breaking 11 million primary votes and won 67 percent of the primaries ….and even before the votes of California and New Jersey were counted.

All of this success, despite being outspent and against the entire Kosher Neo-Conservative and Christian Zionist Fundamentalist coalition which has dominated the GOP since the 1990’s.

TV preachers, the Koch Brothers, Tea Party , Glenn Beck, Limbaugh, National Review, Wall Street, George Soros, AIPAC, Foxman, ADL, Anti-Pope Francis, Jewish Comedians, ‘political consultants’, George Will, the Bush Family, and–most importantly–Rothschild’s prime agent and King of the Neoconservative machine–William Kristol, all defeated and desperate.

All doubting Thomas’ must come to understand the significance of this. Is this total revolution against the International Jews?

They–organized Jewish interests–obviously see it as a danger as the ‘Stop Trump Movement’ continues within the both Kosher Right and the Kosher Left, even openly talking of assassination as uttered by the Jew idolizer Glenn Beck.

All systems of the Matrix will soon swing into full gear pushing for the election of Hillary Klinton.

Think Trump is not real?–Today’s Podcast will explain why the Jewish Globalists think HE IS!

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Resigning, minister accuses ‘extremist’ gov’t of leading Israel to destruction


Avi Gabbay says leadership is silencing dissent; Ya’alon’s ouster and replacement by Liberman was the last straw

ed note–please remember, this is the age of Hollywood, a source of psychological black magic that is owned by the very same people who now occupy this entity known as ‘the Jewish state’.

That being said, we need to keep in mind that they are master spellbinders and storytellers. They know exactly how to capture the ‘mood’ of a particular scene so as to achieve maximum effect on the audience. Lighting, music, sound effects, visual effects, all of these various ingredients go into conjuring up the exact potion needed for whatever their intended spell happens to be.

In this case, it is about painting a new face on the Jewish state. The old makeup has worn off, the breath mints have lost their potency and the perfume no longer has the strength in covering up the smell of rotting flesh.

So now it is time for Israel’s ‘coming to Jesus’ moment, where she goes through a transformation, is baptized in the political Mikveh, washes away the old skin, expels the demons within her midst such as Netanyahu, and in the process, receives a new lease on life.

Notice what this outgoing minister cites as his reason for leaving the government–Netanyanu’s ‘leading Israel along a path to destruction’ by  ‘wrecking US ties’. No mention of the inherently violent, racist political system that massacres Palestinians like wolves hunting down and slaughtering a herd of defenseless sheep. No mention of the dehumanization of Christians and Muslims living in the West Bank under the dictatorship of a Jewish state ruled by Judaic ‘ethics’ that results in families having their homes raided in the middle of the night by the IDF and watching as vicious dogs are sent in and then drag the half-asleep, terrified family members out one by one where they are then forced to stare down the barrels of machine guns pointed in their faces, wondering if they are going to take a bullet.

Everything is Hollywood, and as such it is important for all of us to remember when presented with stories such as this an old proverb which I proudly claim as my own–

‘Fish swim, birds fly, and Jews lie’. Read the rest of this entry »

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Glen Beck and guest Brad Thor discussing in coded language assassinating Trump to keep him out of power


ed note–BUT REMEMBER, this is all ‘an act’. Trump is one of them and all this panic on the part of the warmongering Neocons is all for show.

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Dr. E. Michael Jones–Donald Trump vs. The Oligarchs


Retraction and Apologies to the readers of TUT

Friends, Romans, countrymen…

In good faith and with the best of intentions, a story appeared earlier here on TUT concerning ‘riots’ in Paris sourced to a self-described ‘prepper’ website. For those who are unfamiliar, ‘preppers’ are those who are waiting for the end of the world to occur at any moment and therefore tend to become animated over events–real or concocted–that seem to lend towards this expected imminent meltdown.

After doing a little research, it turns out that there is no truth to the story whatsoever.

Furthermore, the story sourced refers to the rioters as ‘savage Muslim beasts’, something straight out of what would appear on Pamela Geller, Stormfront, Geert Wilders, Robert Spencer, Frank Gaffney or any other number of sites who push the same anti-Islamic hysteria that organized Jewish interests have concocted in furthering the ‘clash of civilizations needed in order to burn down the world.

Our deepest apologies for the gaffe. We aren’t perfect and sometimes mistakes like this just happen.



Trump reaches the magic number to clinch nomination


ed note–Borrowing an oft-heard phrase that anyone who has flown will recognize immediately–

‘Ladies and gentlemen, this is your captain speaking…Ground control has just radioed and indicated that we are headed for some serious turbulence…For your own safety we ask that you return to your seats and fasten your seatbelts.’

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Iraq: ISIS Demands $2500 in Extorted Money from Civilians Willing to Leave Fallujah


The ISIL terrorist group has conditioned the exit of Iraqi citizens from Fallujah city without being harmed to paying a large sum of money, media reports said.

ED Noor: This story made me think of the Holocaust movie Schindler’s List, (which I have never had the dubious pleasure of viewing). Or maybe it was Sophie’s Choice, another I have not seen. However, I am told there is a scene in one of them where the mother must decide which child to send away to the bad guys. Imagine what these people of Fallujah, who will never ever recuperate from the brutal attack by America several years ago, are dealing with! What does a family do when it does not have the means to save every member? How does one make such decisions?

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