Turkey Is Hosting Peace Talks Between Russia and Syrian Rebels — And the US Isn’t Invited


RUSSIA INSIDER – The US was shut out of a new round of negotiations between Russia and Syrian rebel factions hosted by Turkish officials in Ankara, a source within the Syrian opposition told Business Insider on Monday. “The US is totally out of these talks,” this person said. “And they’re pretty angry about it.” CONTINUE READING

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Lindsey Graham urges Trump to “take a much tougher tone towards Russia”

lindsey graham

THE DURAN – Under the thumb of the military industrial complex for decades, and desperate to put the brakes on a Trump foreign policy agenda that includes diplomacy and non-intervention, Graham told CNN that he is moving forward to investigate “Russian hacking”, while at the same time urging Trump to forget dialogue when dealing with the world’s problems. CONTINUE READING

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UK – British Intelligence called Israel a ‘threat to the Middle East’, leak shows


THE INDEPENDENT – “The Israelis constitute a true threat to regional security, in particular because of the position of this country with respect to the Iranian dossier,” a top secret file from Britain’s intelligence-gathering unit reportedly read, despite the UK’s professed support for Israel and the closeness between the two countries.


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GERMANY -Lawmaker Warns Facebook To Censor “Hate Speech” Or Face Consequence


Who, in Germany, defines ‘hate speech’?  CONTINUE READING

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Anti-Pope Bergolio: “Fake news is like getting sexually aroused by faeces”

pope francis

Sabba – How on earth would he know how coprolagnia and coprophagia feel?!?  

“I think the media have to be very clear, very transparent, and not fall into – no offence intended – the sickness of coprophilia, that is, always wanting to cover scandals, covering nasty things, even if they are true,” (emphasis added).


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We Tracked Down A Fake-News Creator In The Suburbs. Here’s What We Learned


ed note–Many, many moons ago, over 20 years I’d say, when I first started running with this gang calling itself the ‘Truth movement’ (back then, it was called the ‘Patriot movement’) various friends/associates from around the country were simultaneously getting calls from the media–both local and national–wanting to do news stores on their involvement in ‘the Militia’ and the ‘take America back’ movement that was reaching a fevered pitch after the election of Bill Clinton. From the reports I was getting from various members of ‘the gang’, the media people contacting them were ‘very friendly’ and ‘open minded’ to what they were doing. In some cases, these media people, in trying to get the interview expressed admiration and support for what they were doing, going so far as to say ‘I and a lot of my friends in the media are fighting our own war to save America and we’ll make sure to give you the kind of fair coverage you deserve…’

Almost to a man, everyone across the country was excited with this latest development, except for, guess who–yours truly. I told everyone that it was a set-up, that something big was planned and that the only reason they wanted to get us all on tape was to prepare the public mind for something that was about to go BOOM that we would all be blamed for. I counseled anyone and everyone who would listen not to grant any interviews, and for God’s sake, DON’T let them video tape you in your camos running through the woods with guns.

And, predictably, to a man, they all ignored the counsel and were strutting around like peacocks after the interviews aired and nothing bad happened.

A few months later, a truck bomb went off in Oklahoma City and the guy who got the blame for it was a ‘militia/Patriot movement’ type named Timothy McVeigh. Immediately afterwards, the ‘militia movement’ fell apart as the perception around the country was that they were domestic terrorists and a danger to the safety of America.

We can see a similar phenomenon building now with all the sudden interest by the JMSM in this business of ‘fake news’. The seeds for this were planted exactly 4 years ago this month after the massacre at Sandy Hook elementary when a slew of people within the ‘truth movement’ came out with some of the most off-the-wall assertions imaginable. Gordon Duff, Jim Fetzer and others immediately alleged that the killings had been done by a ‘Mossad death squad’ despite there being not a shred of even circumstantial evidence that this was the case. Shortly thereafter, they changed their tune radically to say that indeed, no ‘Mossad death squad’ had carried out the massacre and in fact, that ‘no one died’ at Sandy Hook, that it was all a ‘hoax’, that ‘crisis actors’ had been hired to play parts and make it all look real, as if the various entities responsible for conjuring all of this up had suddenly experienced some ‘coming to Jesus’ moment and had decided that they weren’t going to kill innocent people anymore in achieving their geo-political goals after having done enough killing in the Middle East and throughout the world. Other notable ‘alternative media’ people, including Alex Jones, ran with this as well, despite the warnings of a few within ‘the movement’ that this was a ticking time bomb designed to destroy our credibility with other issues such as 9/11 and the Israeil-engineered ‘war on terror’. 

Now, a ‘list’ of ‘fake news’ sites has been published and is getting worldwide attention, and especially after one mentally unstable individual, Edgar M. Welch, entered the Comet Ping Pong pizzeria in Washington DC armed with an AR15 rifle and started shooting up the place after learning from various ‘experts’ in the ‘truth movement’ that it was being used to run a child sex slave ring tied to Hillary Clinton. This event has already been linked to Trump via the son of Gen. Michael Flynn who is himself being considered for a cabinet position and whose son passed along the news of this child sex ring tied to Clinton via his Twitter feed.

With the publishing of this ‘list’, various individuals within the movement are crowing in celebratory fashion that their website ‘made it’ in much the same way that the ‘militia/patriot’ people from years ago were enjoying their 15 minutes of fame after their interviews were aired showing them running through the woods with their camos and their Chinese-made SKS rifles, drilling and preparing for how they were going to ‘save America’.

They–these people crowing about being on ‘the list’–are not ‘getting it’. They think this is a badge of honor without realizing that whatever it is that they do on their websites, the same Zionist conspiracy which they claim to be fighting sees them and what they do as beneficial to their own interests, otherwise they would not be giving them the airplay that they are right now.

And for perfectly understandable reasons is the JMSM bringing these people and their websites to light. You have the rancid, over the top antics of individuals such as Anglin and his ‘Daily Stormer’ which–in addition to solidifying the narrative with which organized Jewish interests have spent the last 50+ years toxifying the American mind vis a vis Naziism, Hitler, etc being peopled with ugly, racist individuals, he also propagates the most important poison that these same organized Jewish interests need in order to keep their ‘clash of civilizations’ going, which is hatred of Muslims and the characterization of Islam as a ‘violent’ religion. In this regard, he and the other ‘white nationalist’ groups and individuals who carry the water for Israel by propagating the hatred of Muslims differ from Israeli assets such as Geert Wilders, Pamela Geller, Daniel Pipes, etc, only in the sense that they hate Jews with equal measure that they hate ‘muzzies’ as they disparagingly refer to Muslims on their websites.

And it is not just limited to Anglin, Veteran News, etc. Some of those sites that make the appearances of striking some kind of ‘balance’ nevertheless willingly and wittingly act as platforms for dispensing that same Judaic poison on a daily basis as well. One site, which claims to be ‘Jew wise’ recently ran a piece featuring in celebratory fashion how they had made ‘the list’ and the image used in discussing the piece was an angry Muslim holding a blood-drenched scimitar threatening to cut the head off of the reader for daring to engage in free speech, pictured below–


Obviously, there is something really, really wrong with a ‘truth’ website claiming to be devoted to deconstructing the Zionist lies destroying our world running an image such as this, when anyone with 3 functioning brain cells knows it ain’t DEM MOOZLUMS running the censorship racket in America and throughout the West, but rather the Jews.

Thankfully, this website, The Ugly Truth, along with a handful of others–did not make ‘the list’, despite the traffic that we get on an international basis. Obviously, the JPTB do not want to draw attention to the types of discussion(s) taking place here on a daily basis as opposed to other unhinged websites that indeed made ‘the list’ for the kind of BS that they regularly peddle. Those making the list, with their racist and oftentimes completely incoherent and irrational narratives, including those making the ridiculous assertion that ‘Islamic censorship’ is running the show in the West, are EXACTLY the kinds of sites that organized Jewish interests want showcased in ruining the credibility of the ‘truth movement’.

Now, where is all of this going?

Very simple–a 5 word answer–

President-elect Donald J. Trump

All should prepare themselves for all kinds of nasty business that is about to take place where members of the ‘alt right’ and ‘truther’ websites are linked to something really nasty taking place that is then going to be dropped right smack-dab down in the lap of President-elect Donald J. Trump. He will be blamed for his association with these types, for having encouraged them during the campaign and for having opened the ‘floodgates of hate’–look for those very words to be used–that is threatening America. As president, whatever plans he may have had with reigning in overt Israeli influence vis a vis dragging America into further wars for the benefit of the Jewish state will now have to contend with a barrage of JMSM barking that he is ‘being influenced’ by ‘conspiracy theories’ that originated with the ‘alt-right’ and with ‘fake news’ sites such as the aforementioned.

And in this manner, President Donald J. Trump will be brought into line and made to heel with the various pressures that result from the showcasing of these various ‘truther’ websites in the same way that Bill Clinton was brought into line and made to heel with the explosion of news coverage featuring him and a young Jewess named Monica Lewinsky having ‘carried on’ in the White House.

And like the ‘militia movement’ of decades ago that really was no more dangerous than a bunch of middle aged, overweight men running through the woods of wherever with their rifles, imagining themselves the modern day reincarnation of the Minutemen of 1775, the ‘truth movement’ will be seen as enemy numero uno, and what little credibility we may have accrued following 9/11 will evaporate into thin air in the same way that Islam was immediately assumed to be violent the moment that the Twin Towers came down in September of 2001.

And when it happens, remember, you heard it here first.

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Sudanese teen beaten to death by Israeli jews for speaking with white woman


Darfuri asylum seeker Babikir Adham-Uvdo was beaten to death by two teenagers after he was allegedly seen speaking to a group of young women. Adham-Uvdo was an asylum seeker from Darfur. In fact, the finger that he lost in the fighting in his home country was the only way to identify his body, which had been mangled to the point that doing so was nearly impossible.  CONTINUE READING

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