He’s Back!! Dr. Ahmadinejad to Run in 2017 Presidential Election


ed note, MG–I’ll state with great pride that I was made aware months ago of Dr. Ahmadinejad’s plans to run by his ‘people’ who wanted to share with me this great news but about which I have kept quiet up until now.

In a variation of what Dr. Ahmadinejad said to me face to face in my meeting with him in his home in Tehran back in November of 2015 when we were discussing Mike Piper (may he rest in peace) ‘God bless and protect this great man’.

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UK – Ex-London Mayor Ken Livingstone accuses Israel of ethnic cleansing, but not Nazism


JTA – Former London Mayor Ken Livingstone told a Parliament committee that he does not believe Zionism or the policies of the Israeli government are at all analogous to Nazism. Livingstone also reiterated that he regretted saying Adolf Hitler supported Zionism because of the furor his remarks sparked, not because he disavows them.

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What Republicans in Israel think of Donald Trump and why it matters

A large number of Americans living in Israel vote in U.S. elections, and many of them hail from important swing states like Florida and Ohio.

ed note–a summary, by the numbers, according to Haaretz–

1. Rubio was the ‘Golden boy’ as far as Israel and Likud were concerned, and then, something happened, in that ‘they’–organized Jewish interests–lost control of the steering wheel, and in these days, given the power that these people possess and represent, this can only have happened by equally-powerful forces bringing their influence to bear, which is translated of course into certain corners of the Military/Intelligence establishment in America who see in Trump a Hail Mary pass of sorts in saving America from the certain total ruin that is headed her way.

2. As evidenced by the piece itself, while indeed there are some in America who have taken the bait with regards to all of Trump’s seemingly ‘pro-Israel’ campaign rhetoric, the Jews themselves however are not buying it, perhaps because–being the consummate BS artists that they are–they can spot another of their own ‘type’ from a mile away.

Perhaps the most telling part of the article comes in the way of the quote from Marc Zell, co-chair of Republicans Overseas Israel chapter who described Trump as ‘dangerous in more ways than one’, meaning that not only was Trump ‘not good’ for Israel,  but more dangerous tan this, that he could make a convincing case for the opposite as a means of neutralizing all the black magic that organized Jewish interests use when destroying a candidate’s chances for election.

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CIA Ties to Hollywood on Verge of Being Exposed


THE ANTI-MEDIA – According to VICE News, the ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), and committee Chairman Richard Burr (R-NC), included an amendment to S. 3017 that would require the Director of National Intelligence to submit reports detailing the relationship between the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) agencies and Hollywood. It would also require 15 other agencies to disclose the nature of their relationships with the film industry. These reports would have to be presented annually to congressional oversight committees.

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US Intel Vets Slam State Dept Warmongering


CONSORTIUM NEWS – A group of U.S. intelligence veterans urges President Obama to resist the “reckless” call for a wider Syrian war from 51 State Department officials in a recent “dissent memo.”

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Elizabeth Warren Is the Surprising Israel Hawk on Hillary Clinton’s Vice Presidential Shortlist

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Donald Trump Faces Summer of Yucks and Jeers From Liberal Jews


ed note–But, but, but…I/we thought–based upon some of the commentary from a few ‘experts’ in this movement–that Trump was the ‘favored’ candidate for organized Jewish interests…He’s said all sorts of nice things about Israel and Netanyahu, and this PROVES he is bought-and-paid for and will do their bidding…

Yes, I know folks, I am tired of the routine as well, but unfortunately, as long as the type of myopia continues within certain ‘neighborhoods’ in this ‘movement’, than it is my/our duty to hone in on this vapidity and see it receive the type of intellectual evisceration it deserves. Unfortunately, within this ‘orchestra’ we call the ‘truth movement’ there are far too many wannabe ‘players’ and far too few actual ‘musicians’.

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When Captain Kirk slugged it out with Jesus

A new history of the Star Trek franchise reveals the plot of a rejected early script by series creator Gene Roddenberry that doesn’t shy away from theological questions

ed note–Star Trek, the brainchild of the very proudly-Jewish Gene Roddenberry, is in many ways another manifestation of the same Judaic narcissism represented by the whole Marvel Comics phenomenon, created by Jews writing for a primarily-Gentile readership of young men wherein all the ‘superheroes’ are–surprise, surprise–Jews with superhuman powers. Star Trek’s two main characters–Kirk and Spock–are Jews, leading a tiny group of highly-intelligent/highly-advanced ‘wanderers’ around the universe in search of adventure is nothing more than a made-for-television adaptation of those stories featuring Moses and Aaron leading the Israelites from point a to point z in search of the promised land mixed with the post-70 AD theme of the wandering Jew bringing ‘culture’ and ‘enlightenment’ to barbaric Gentile peoples everywhere.


Now we read how the very Jewish creator of Star Trek Gene Roddenberry proposed doing a schtick wherein the very Jewish Kirk was going to beat the be-Jesus out of Jesus, but how it was axed because of the likely fallout that would ensue from a not-yet-thoroughly Judaized audience in America.

What is interesting is the back-and-forthing that takes place between the ‘yeahs’ and the ‘nays’. Roddenberry, obviously representing the ‘yeahs’, wants to go forward with it, whereas those with a little more sense representing the ‘nays’ fear the political backlash that could come from it.

The real meat and potatoes of the story however is (or at least should be) the following unasked question that all need to consider–

How many other similar bottles of poison have been proposed in Hollywood in the past but which were rejected for fear that it might cause too much of a reaction at that time? And anyone who still thinks that Hollywood–being in effect the most powerful manifestation of Judaic power in the world outside of the banking system itself–is not used PRIMARILY as an apothocary in concocting and dispensing various Judaic poisons meant to toxify the Gentile mind in favor of Judaic interests needs to get back on their own Starship Enterprise and return to planet earth where reality is the rule.

As Jesus Himself stated in describing the poison that is the language of Judaism and its followers-

‘Out of the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks’.

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