Fish Swim, Birds Fly–The Case of Henry Makow and the untimely death of Michael Collins Piper

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Ed note, MG–It is against my stronger (and I hope better) instincts to engage in this, given that in similar past encounters I have seen personally how counterproductive and what a waste of time, energy, and mental resources it all is, but due both to the correspondence I have received on this issue as well as the fact that there are important items associated with this that play a role in the ‘bigger picture’ for everyone (involved or not) I have decided to weigh in on it.

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CANADA – Holocaust-denying Professor Back in Classroom Thanks to Government of Alberta


B’NAI BRITH CANADA – B’nai Brith Canada is outraged that Professor Anthony Hall has returned to work at the University of Lethbridge, after he was suspended for promoting antisemitism in October of 2016.

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GERMANY – Israeli Jewess Competing To Be Miss Germany


JTA – A Jewish woman is among the 20 contestants hoping to represent Germany in the Miss Universe pageant. Tamar Morali, 21, said organizers have told her she is the first Jewish woman to get this far in the Miss Germany competition.

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Internet’s largest porn site opening retail store in New York City


ed note–something to keep in mind as we consider the daily screeching on the part of Judea, Inc that DEM MOOZLUMS are out to destroy Christian civilization in the West

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How They Do (JEW) It– ‘Western Christianity in denial about Radical Islam’

ed note–we here at TUT have covered Jew-lio Meotti’s shameless, lying hasbara (yes, I repeat myself) in the past, and in particular, this piece written here after which time we challenged Meotti to a radio interview to discuss his views, which he patently declined.

Nevertheless, rest assured that a SIZABLE number of ‘truthers’, and particularly those holding membership in the ‘angry white man’s brigade’ otherwise known as White Nationalism, will swallow every letter, word, sentence, paragraph and punctuation mark of this piece of garbage, given that it feeds into their cult theology persecution complex. Sadly, I was even sent a piece recently written by the otherwise respectable Bp. Richard Williamson parroting the same line as espoused here by Jew-lio Meotti, that Islam poses an ‘existential threat’ to Christian civilization, a statement which is historically, factually and in all other ways just as erroneous and devoid of truth as saying that water does not extinguish fire. 

Judaism was, is, and always will be the mortal enemy of Christians and of Christian civilization, anywhere, everywhere, anytime and everytime. Christians numbering in the tens of millions live (and have lived for the last 1,400 years since Islam first emerged) in Islamic countries. I personally visited several Christian churches in my various trips to Iran, some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. There are thousands of Christian churches, shrines, etc throughout the Islamic east and it is only, repeat–ONLY–due to the zionist-concocted ‘clash of civilizations’ (assisted by useful idiots for the most part within the Christian world) that there is presently this conflict between the 2 peoples, which organized Jewry wants to see take place with the express intention of seeing both rivals to the dictatorship of Jewish supremacy wipe each other out.

As we say here often, and which should be understood as much as the laws of gravity themselves–fish swim, birds fly, and Jews lie.

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Why Western Christian culture is in the toilet, and it isn’t because Hollywood is run by ‘DEM MOOZLUMS’

‘SMILF’ Offers a Refreshingly Honest View of Single Parenthood

ed note–after reading the article, please make sure to watch the video trailer and experience for yourself a small example of the species and scope of the Judaic moral sludge that is injected into the spiritual/moral bloodstream of America and the West on a ceaseless, minute-by-minute basis.

Afterwards, then please ask yourself the question–who is the real threat to Christian civilization, DEM MOOZLUMS who are fighting tooth and nail to keep Harvey Weinstein and his Jollywood cousins out of their societies, or Judea Inc that has maintained a visceral, unquenchable hatred for Christian (Greco-Roman) civilization for 2,000+ years?

As an aside note, please keep in mind something else–Women such as this actress (as well as the many actresses and starlets who have come out accusing the Weinsteins & co of various acts of sexual assault) do they REALLY have a moral leg on which to stand in lecturing against sexual assault, considering the fact that they have themselves–willingly and enthusiastically–contributed to the over-sexualization of society in which we live by cooperating with/celebrating/appearing in movies and programming of the sort featured in this story?

Women it seems (or at least those now screeching about the issue of sexual assault) want it both ways–they want to participate in sexualizing society to the point that men are in aggressive mating mode 24 hours a day, but then when the inevitable outcome of this occurs, to have the right to screech about it when in fact they themselves have contributed to it with their incautious, indiscreet, and insensitive-to-the-nature-of-men behavior.

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LOL!!! Saudi Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman compares Iran’s Supreme Leader to Hitler


THE DURAN – “(Iran’s) supreme leader is the new Hitler of the Middle East. But we’ve learned from Europe that appeasement doesn’t work. We don’t want the new Hitler in Iran to repeat what happened in Europe in the Middle East”. CONTINUE READING

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Trump Administration ‘Fed Up’ with Israel’s refusal to engage in peace discussions with Palestinians

When it comes to the establishment of a Palestinian state, Trump won’t put up with Netanyahu’s dismissiveness, Israeli diplomatic source says

ed note–as we have explained here, ad nauseum over the course of the last 2 years, Trump, Inc is serious about this, not because he is a ‘nice guy’ who wants to do the ‘right thing’, but rather because it is a ‘do or die’ moment for the US who stands to lose out on the already-tenuous position she maintains in the Middle East to the Russians and Iranians.

However, please note that Netanyahu’s statement that he is not going to ‘quarrel’ with Trump is in and of itself like a rattlesnake shaking its tale. Netanyahu is going to do what any gangster does–make no noises whatsoever and make the very outward appearance of being cooperative and wait for the bomb to go off which he himself lit that will scuttle and derail the maneuvers and machinations involved in what Trump is planning.

Also note the very interesting statement concerning the manner by which Trump and his admin have the outward appearance of being ‘the most fawning’ administration in US history and the manner by which this is assumed to be for show in order for Trump to be able to maneuver with Israel in getting what he demands from them.

I am sure nonetheless that despite what is (or at least should be) a ‘no-brainer’ in this regard, that some genius (es)  will begin machine-gunning the comments section of this piece with pictures of Trump shaking hands with Netanyahu as well as stories featuring his ‘Jewish’ daughter and son-in-law.

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