Lost city of Alexander the Great is found in Iraq

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Nearly 2,000 years after the great Greek King’s death, archaeologists believe the city may have finally been discovered in Iraq. Qalatga Darband, which is believed to have been founded in 331 BC by Alexander the Great, was discovered by a team of Iraqi and British archaeologists led by experts from the British Museum. CONTINUE READING

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Germany’s new Nazis see Israel as role model

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Ed-note – We have said it before and we’ll say it again: ALL of the so called Nationalist parties of Western Europe do see Israel and only Israel as their role model. Islamophobia/Arabophobia are not only allowed but are highly encouraged and they engage in it wholeheartedly, with the greatest zeal, beating their masters in this hate game. They are allowed and even encouraged to build and run their political campaigns on this theme only without any fear of repercussion. They cheer when Israel embarks on her ritual murder exercises against her Arab neighbors, be they Muslims or Christians, and dream of the day when they can freely treat their population of Middle Eastern/Arabic origin the same way the Jews treat Palestinians.  CONTINUE READING

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Israeli Minister Seeks to Deport Families of ‘Palestinian Terrorists’ to Syria


Ed-note – Palestinian and terrorist is an oxymoron the same as Jew and Peace or Jew and Truth or Jew and Justice or Jew and Love etc. etc. etc.  On the other hand, Jew and terrorist or Judaism and terrorism are a pleonasm. CONTINUE READING

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Kurds and Palestinians? There’s no comparison

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ed-note – Israel made it clear that she intends to send into Kurdistan 200,000 Jews of Kurdish descent to populate, take control over and judaize the new state as soon as it comes to life.  It is possible that Israel is strongly encouraging the creation of this ‘Second Israel’ because it would be a huge step forward towards the Jews ultimate goal of ruling over the entire Middle East. The creation of a second Israel will indeed allow the first Israel to finally reach the Euphrates before absorbing it and the whole area in-between into their messianic state of Eretz Israel.

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If Only Americans Cared About War Victims Like They Care About This F***ing Piece Of Cloth

“I would burn a million flags — American, Australian or otherwise — if I thought there was a chance that it could save even one victim of US military aggression. Any decent human being would, and if you wouldn’t you are not a decent human being. As George Carlin said, “I don’t get all choked up about yellow ribbons and American flags. I see them as symbols, and I leave them to the symbol-minded.” CONTINUE READING

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Erdogan to Iraqi Kurds– ‘Israeli flags won’t save you’

'Israeli flags won’t save you': Erdogan threatens Iraqi Kurds with famine over referendum

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UK – Muslim surgeon who volunteered to treat Manchester bomb victims stabbed in neck outside mosque in hate crime


THE INDEPENDENT – A Muslim surgeon who treated Manchester Arena victims said he has forgiven a man who stabbed him in the neck outside a mosque in a hate crime attack. Consultant Nasser Kurdy, who operated on those injured in the outrage in May, was stabbed from behind with a knife as he walked into Altrincham Islamic Centre in Hale, Cheshire just before 6pm yesterday. CONTINUE READING

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