You say you want a Revolution? Yahweh’s Old Testament-based endless war and upheaval against Gentiledom

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Hasidic Jews Ousted From Quebec Summer Homes Over Noise And Sloppiness

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The Jewish Case Against Brett Kavanaugh

ed note–for the record, we have no dog in this fight over Kavanaugh’s nomination, but republish this article only to highlight a few items that underscore what really has Judea, Inc’s panties in a pinch and the ‘bigger game’ that is being played between Trump and the eternal menace.

1. The reader should disregard entirely the crocodile tears which our unesteemed Hebraic screecher offers for those in the Islamic community. Jews view all Muslims and Arabs as ‘Ishmaelites’ and as ‘Amalek’ whom they are commanded by their violent god Yar-way to ‘utterly destroy’.

2. However, our dear Gentile readers should pay close attention to the following–

‘With Trump’s nomination of Judge Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, the last bastion of institutional accountability over the president is in even greater danger of slipping away.’


‘Kavanaugh has espoused a frightening belief that the president is essentially above the law’ and has expressed the belief that a president should be immune from “civil suits, criminal investigations, or criminal prosecutions” during their time in office…In 1998, Kavanaugh wrote that “Congress should give back to the President the full power to act when he believes that a particular independent counsel is ‘out to get him.’” Experts have rightly noted Kavanaugh’s views on this topic primarily for their relevance to the Mueller investigation’.

In other words, what has our unesteemed Hebraic author so vexed is that the hoped-for recapturing of Congress by Trump’s enemies working for Judea, Inc this year and the long-hoped for impeachment might not take place if Trump has a Supreme Court that is favorable towards him.


‘Jews know all too well about the horrific consequences when a leader with dictatorial aspirations is able to seize control over institutions designed to hold him accountable. We have seen this before.’

In other words, Trump is ‘The New Hitler’, a charge that Jews throw out only when they have set their sights on destroying someone, something that obviously needs to be considered against the bird-brained assertions on the part of various ‘eks-purts’ in ‘duh muuvmnt’ who claim that it was Judea, Inc that pulled the strings in getting Trump elected over Hillary Clinton.

And finally–

‘By every measure, Judge Kavanaugh’s judicial philosophy is antithetical to that of the American Jewish community. All of us who treasure our democracy and freedom, and who fight against oppression, must work vigorously to defeat his nomination. We must ensure that any future Supreme Court justice has a judicial record in alignment with our values and with the checks and balances of the Constitution.’

There is no Constitutional provision for infanticide on demand which Jews overwhelmingly and militantly support. There is no Constitutional provision for forcing states to recognize same-sex marriages which Jews overwhelmingly and militantly support. There is no Constitutional provision for supporting the Jewish state to the tune of almost $30 million a day which Jews overwhelmingly and militantly support. There is however, a clear constitutional provision for an armed citizenry, freedom of speech, freedom of religion and many others which the Jews overwhelmingly reject.

We’ve said it before and it bears repeating, even if only in truncated form–

Jews lie.

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Israel launches widest Gaza daytime assault since 2014 massacre

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12 Russians indicted for meddling in 2016 US election

ed note–as we have said here ad nauseum (much/most of it having little to no effect amongst the various members making up the ‘tweeker brigade’ within ‘duh muuvmnt) the entire ‘DESTROY TRUMP campaign–the likes of which has not been seen since the days of Richard M. Nixon–can be boiled down to one issue–


Judea, Inc does not care about Trump’s position on NAFTA and other trade deals.

Judea, Inc does not care about Trump’s position on immeeegraaayshun.

Judea, Inc does not care about Trump’s position on the 2nd Amendment, infanticide on demand or on tariffs.

All that Judea, Inc cares about right now is WAR, and Trump has made clear that he intends to put a halt to it lest–as one wise man put it–‘no flesh survive’.

It is for this reason alone that these organized Jewish interests–much to the disinterest or even outright denial on the part of the various members of the ‘tweeker brigades’ within ‘duh muuvmnt’ who pay no mind to this fact whatsoever when conjuring up their own brand of screeching campaigns–are out to see Trump removed, because war is indeed the Jews’ harvest and is an integral part of the machinery that propels them and their agenda forward.

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Assad Raises Syrian Flag Over Daraa, the Birthplace of the Uprising Against Him

Some 2,000 rebel fighters are holed up in the opposition-held part of Daraa city, along with their families

ed note–truth be told, the ‘uprising’ against Assad did not begin in Daraa, but rather in Tel Aviv, New York, Jerusalem, DC, Hollywood, and in various places such as Cairo, Benghazi, etc, where gullible individuals who bought into the ‘Arab spring’ nonsense helped create the narrative which Judea, Inc needed in order to set into motion that series of bloody/biblical-based events which Jewish interests hoped would result in Assad being toppled and replaced with a more ‘cooperative’ leader. What’s worse are all the idiots today who still cling to their bird-brained notions that Iran, Russia, Assad and Nasrallah are all just ‘playing a role’ in order to fool people into thinking that a true revolt against Jewish interests is taking place, when in fact–as the bird-brains chirp–‘it is all just a ruse’.

Nevertheless, the sane and sensible people of the world rejoice with Assad and his people, not only for their own personal victory, but as well in showing a for-the-most-part defeatist-minded Gentile resistance that indeed Judea, Inc CAN be defeated if people just keep their heads straight and concentrate on the task at hand.

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‘Anti-Semitism is the West’s self-destruction’

ed note–once again, the screaming, screeching madness of a mind high as a kite on the spiritual intoxicant known as Judaism and which inevitably reduces its user/addict to a frothing-at-the-mouth lunatic.

The reader however should take careful note of the veiled threats contained within Meotti’s latest judaic acid trip, and particularly when compared to the comments coming out of the mouth of occasional adviser to the Israeli government Martin Van Creveld, to wit–

‘We possess several hundred atomic warheads and rockets and can launch them at targets in all directions, perhaps even at Rome. Most European capitals are targets of our air force…Our armed forces are not the thirteenth strongest in the world, but rather the second or third. We have the nuclear capability to take the world down with us, and I can assure you that this will happen before Israel goes under.’ Read the rest of this entry »