AUSTRALIA – Bearded men who ‘terrified families after storming cinema shouting Allahu Akbar’ were not Muslims – but turban-wearing INDIANS


DAILY MAIL – Four ‘Middle Eastern’ men supposedly stormed cinema shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’.  Movie-goers at the Blacktown theatre in Sydney’s west were reportedly terrified. Police launched a hunt for the bearded men, aged in their 20s, in dark clothes. CCTV footage showed the men to actually be members of the Sikh community. The Sikhs caused a fracas when they walked out of Baywatch unimpressed. They denied shouting ‘God is great’ in Arabic and were not charged by police. CONTINUE READING




No, The Bible Doesn’t Command We “Stand With Israel”

jesus christ

PATHEOS – The biblical prophets are the last people who would seem “pro-Israel” because they were constantly rebuking Israel for bad behavior. And they didn’t hold back forceful language, either– some wrote that God utterly hated every expression of their religion because they were ignoring justice for the poor and marginalized.

On top of the prophets, remember that Jesus was executed as a traitor and a threat to Israel. CONTINUE READING

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In First, Pope Francis Names Rabbis To Pontifical Academy Of Life

pope francis

THE FORWARD – Two rabbis, one from Israel and one from Argentina, were appointed by Pope Francis to the Pontifical Academy of Life, the first time rabbis have been invited to be members of the academy.

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UK – Radiohead greeted with shouts of ‘free Palestine’ at Glastonbury set amid Israel controversy


THE INDEPENDENT – Radiohead were reportedly met with shouts of “free Palestine” during their headline slot at Glastonbury.

Protestors were apparently waving Palestinian flags in front of the Pyramid Stage as the band performed, while a banner read: “Israel is an apartheid state. Radiohead, don’t play there,” according to Jewish News.

The demonstrations would have been sparked by controversy over Radiohead’s forthcoming show in Tel Aviv on 19 July. CONTINUE READING

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Iranophobia aimed at diverting attention from Israel

judeo arabia Final

PRESS TV – Leader of Yemen’s Ansarullah movement Abdul-Malik Badreddin al-Houthi has slammed the ongoing efforts to divert attention from Israel’s hostile policies by inciting Iranophobia among regional countries.

In a live televised speech to the Yemeni people on the occasion of International Quds Day early Friday, Houthi hailed Iran and Syria for supporting the regional resistance movements and underlined the need for a united front against Israel. CONTINUE READING

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Hezbollah says future Israel war could draw fighters from Iran, Iraq, elsewhere


REUTERS – “The Israeli enemy must know that if an Israeli war is launched against Syria or Lebanon, it is not known that the fighting will remain Lebanese-Israeli, or Syrian-Israeli,” Nasrallah said in a televised speech.

“This doesn’t mean there are states that might intervene directly. But this could open the way for thousands, even hundreds of thousands of fighters from all over the Arab and Islamic world to participate – from Iraq, Yemen, Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan,” he said. CONTINUE READING

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Regional crises serve Israeli interests: Nasrallah


PRESS TV – Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah says the crises in Middle East and North Africa serve the interests of the Israeli regime. CONTINUE READING

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