Why the Midterm elections should terrify American Jews

Let’s be brutally honest here. Trump has an allegiance to the Kremlin that is so bizarre that we must wonder if he is even an American patriot. And let’s remember what Russia is doing right now: Allowing Iran to become entrenched in Syria, limiting Israeli intervention against Iran on Syrian soil, and colluding with Iran to evade American sanctions on Iranian oil. Is this really the best time for President Trump to be turning America into a Russian-proxy state?

The bottom line is that Trump is an America Firster, an isolationist, a nativist, and a protectionist. Trump has never really believed in American leadership in the world. And without such leadership, Israel will never be secure.

What Israel needs is an ally in America that is the dominant world power, militarily strong, and committed to prudent globalism. What Trump offers instead is a narrow parochialism that is simply untenable – dangerous for America, dangerous for the world, dangerous for Israel, and dangerous for the Jews. Right-wingers who think only of the embassy move are being bamboozled.

ed note–again, all the ‘Trump is owned by Djooz’ types, pay no mind whatsoever to glaringly important pieces such as this that shed a clearer light on the nature of what is going on behind the scenes between Trump, Inc and Judea, Inc, and ESPECIALLY pay no mind to the words of our unesteemed Hebraic writer that–although directed specifically towards those right-wing Jewish elements who do indeed love Trump due to his embassy move, nevertheless–can be applied to those anti-Trump elements within the pro-Palestinian community as well–

‘Those who think only of the embassy move are being bamboozled.’

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Trump’s plan of uniting the territories endangers Israel

Where is the sense of urgency? Where is our Jewish leaders’ criticism of the many indications of a dangerous tilt in the Trump’s  administration’s policy?

ed note–by all means, all those out there who spend the entirety of their days hanging around on Facebook, Twitter, etc, ‘liking’ the latest post in your feed (more than likely generated out of Tel Aviv) comparing Trump to Hitler and showing him tongue-kissing Netanyahu, pay absolutely no mind whatsoever to glaringly important pieces such as this that underscore the nature of the behind-the-scenes intrigue taking place between Trump and Israel.

Instead, continue on with what you were doing in the same manner as did all those participating in the ‘Arab Spring’ who never considered for a moment the possibility that their smoking-hot emotional state was being put to the service of Zion in seeing one aged and about-to-die tyrant removed and replaced with a new one, in the same manner as Zion today seeks Trump’s removal and replacement with a more war-compliant VP Mike Pence.

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Putin: ‘It’s not Russia’s job to get Iran out of Syria’

Despite Israeli pressure, Russian President says not his job to prevent Iran from establishing itself in Syria, decries ‘foreign meddling’.

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Russia sends Syria improved S-300 to counter Israeli strikes

S-300PM-2 batteries boast improved radar and communications, are intended to thwart IDF targeting of Iran-backed forces, Russian newspaper says

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Khashoggi Was No Critic of Saudi Regime


CONSORTIUM NEWS – Khashoggi was an ambitious young reporter who knew that to rise in Saudi journalism you don’t need professionalism, courage, or ethics. In Saudi Arabia, you need to attach yourself to the right prince (…) Khashoggi distinguished himself with an eagerness to please and an uncanny ability to adjust his views to those of the prevailing government (…)

Western media coverage of Khashoggi’s career (by people who don’t know Arabic) presents a picture far from reality. They portray a courageous investigative journalist upsetting the Saudi regime. Nothing is further from the truth: there is no journalism in Saudi Arabia; there is only crude and naked propaganda (…)

A writer in Okaz, a daily in Jeddah, accused him of meeting with the Emir of Qatar at the Four Seasons Hotel in New York and of having ties to “regional and international intelligence services.” If true it may have sealed his fate. Qatar is now the number one enemy of the Saudi regime—arguably worse than Iran.

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US, French Forces Plundering Northern Syria’s Historical Artifacts, Wealth


FARS NEWS – The American, French and Washington-backed forces have been excavating historical sites in Manbij region in Northeastern Aleppo to discover and steal the country’s artifacts and precious metals, a Syrian media outlet reported on Monday.

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SOUTH FRONT – Ukraine has become a hub for terrorists moving from the Middle East to the European Union and Russia, the Ministry of State Security of the Lugansk People’s Republic (LPR) said on October 16.

According to the ministry, LPR security forces detained a member of the criminal network assisting terrorists from the Middle East to arrive in Ukraine and then to move to the European Union or Russia. The detained criminal was identified as a Ukrainian citizen, Oleg Stepanenko born on September 12, 1983. He reportedly participated in the transfer of terrorists and weapons through Ukraine using the contacts of the criminal network with Ukrainian security forces and intelligence. CONTINUE READING

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