AUSTIN -TX: Israel Studies Professor Hounded by Anti-Israel Texas U Activists

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Israel’s psychological warfare


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Islamic center in Kentucky receives emailed death threat: ‘I’m going to kill everyone in there you Muslim f***s’


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Israeli detained in Malta after getting drunk on plane, violently waking wife up


Russian-born Israeli national and his wife got drunk from vodka bottle they purchased at the duty free; when the plane landed, the husband slammed his wife’s head into the seat to wake her up.

Ed note–if this is the way they treat their ‘better halfs’, we can just imagine what they do to lowly Gentiles, whether it is the Palestinians or whether it was the American servicemen onboard the USS LIBERTY on June 8, 1967.

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Israeli Defense Goombah Amos Gilad–‘Syria is dead, Israel must prepare’


The nation state of Syria has collapsed, a fact that Israel must internalize about its northern neighbor, a senior Israeli defense official said Saturday.

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Iran said to crack down on reformists ahead of February elections

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Rouhani ally and former president Rafsanjani throws hat into ring for spot on council to elect future supreme leader

ed note–as I pointed out in several of the speeches/presentations I gave in Iran earlier this month, of the many ‘reforms’ that the US, Israel, and the West are aiming to achieve with this ‘kinder, gentler’ approach to American/Iranian relations is to attack the real seat of power in Iran, which is that of the Supreme Leader. As long as someone with the same mindset that led to the Revolution of 1979 sits in the throne as SL, it matters not what kind of president is elected. All can be rest assured that sitting on one of the back burners is a pot full of anti-1979 ingredients, one of which is a coup against the SL, either overtly in the office being done away with completely, or covertly, in that he is replaced with someone who is derelict in his duties and throws open the gates to Persia to the Judaized West and all its corruption.

All can be rest assured that the US, I$rael, and the West will be up to their eyeballs in skullduggery trying to influence the outcome of this future election. Read the rest of this entry »

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US Prepositioning Turkish troops for invasion of Syria?


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