How They Do It– ‘Video games and media violence play no role in mass shootings’

ed note–recall that in the immediate aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, those few informed and sane voices who had the temerity to suggest that what had just taken place was a case of the chickens coming home to roost vis a vis American support for Israel’s bloodthirsty behavior in the region (to say nothing of the fait accompli of the mass murder of hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, courtesy of Uncle Sam’s ‘Operation Desert Storm’) were shouted down as ‘anti-American’ and as ‘apologists for terrorism’.

Instead, the narrative that was IMMEDIATELY force-fed down the throats of Americans was that this was the result of America’s ‘inherent goodness’ and that those who perpetrated it were driven by nothing more than envy and hatred for a people who were ‘free’ and noble.

And as a result, the Jews got the war they wanted and with every bomb, bullet, and blast that then resulted in millions being killed, and Americans for the most part to this very day sit perfectly content with it all and with few to no moral reservations about what was done.

Likewise with the latest manifestation of–not chickens, but rather–vultures coming home to roost in the form of mass shootings in America. That this is the direct and INEVITABLE result of the concerted, generations-long program in psychological manipulation via media in creating a nation of remorseless, pitiless, violent and deranged individuals with no qualms about taking innocent human life courtesy of the mainstream media is a no brainer, and a simple litmus test for this can be performed in the following hypothetical, to wit–

Imagine for a moment a WILDLY popular video game or television series entitled ‘Sons of Liberty’ where white Christian males wage holy war against Jews and various members of the liberal media establishment (such as the author of this piece) by hunting them down and delivering a lil’ bit of home grown justice and this WILDLY popular program/video game depicted the vigilantes as heroes for doing so…Imagine then in the aftermath that suddenly, out of the blue, there erupted a string of copy-cat, real-life events that followed along the same plot line of the made-for TV/made-for-Nintendo script, where various powerful (real-life) individuals operating at the highest levels of the media and in groups such as the ADL, SPLC, World Jewish Congress, American Jewish Committee, etc, were being hunted down and ‘handled’ in mirrored image to what took place in the WILDLY popular television program/video game–

Do we imagine for a MICROSECOND that there would NOT be demands from powerful Jewish groups and liberal ‘experts’ (such as our esteemed author) screeching that this program, video game and all related memes from the same genre must be policed, regulated and outlawed?

Of course they would, and all anyone need do in fleshing out the real-life scenario to the above described hypothetical is to go back a few years and consider what took place immediately preceding the release of Mel Gibson’s movie The Passion of the Christ where Jewish groups screeched in thunderous unison that it was dangerous, inciting, and would lead to real-life violence against Jews as a result of its content.

The problem isn’t the 2nd Amendment, but rather the manner by which the 1st Amendment has been weaponized by Judea, Inc in its war against Gentiledom. Take the intoxicating, radioactive influence of the JMSM out of the equation and society will eventually return to its equilibrium, but as long as this deadly influence continues, the world will continue to slide towards its own oblivion as organized Jewish interests maintain all along and with a straight face that they had no incriminating responsiblity whatsoever to do with any of it.

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Dem Rep Jarrold Nadler– ‘Russian Election Attack Equivalent to Pearl Harbor’

ed note–please pay very close attention to the words being used and the implications.

Firstly, remember that Nadler was recently made ranking minority leader on the House Judiciary Committee as a result of John Conyers being moved out after allegations of sexual misconduct. Nadler, besides being a VERY Jewish big-time supporter of Israel, also happens to represent the largest Jewish constituency in the country. He is one of 2 Jewish congressmen (along with Cohen) who refused to attend Trump’s inauguration and has stated in very explicit terms that he considers Trump’s presidency ‘illegitimate’ as a result of the ‘Russian’ business.

Next–Nadler’s use of the term ‘Pearl Harbor’.

Yes, one could make the case that he is merely posturing before his support base, but then again, maybe not. It is no secret that Israel wants Russia out of the Middle East, just as she has from the very beginning, a fact proven with her attack on the USS LIBERTY in 1967 that brought the US and the USSR to within mere minutes of nuclear war with each other, and things have not changed in this regard, and especially considering Russia’s new assertiveness in the region viz a viz Syria and Iran.

And what’s worse is that there is an American president who is keen towards the notion of avoiding conflict with a resurgent, nuclear armed Russia, a fact that is for obvious reasons very problematic for the Jewish state.

Therefore, all realistic watchers of things geo-political, and especially as these geo-politics are net result of Judaic intrigue and scheming should view Nadler’s comments for what they are–a declaration of war, the only thing missing being FDR’s ‘day which will live in infamy’ speech.

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Worries about Trump’s legitimacy as an elected president resurface with Russia indictment

The charges came to no conclusion about voter influence, but described extensive efforts to tip the election in his favor.

ed note–as our esteemed Hebraic writer makes patently clear, failing in the attempt at garnering enough evidence to actually impeach Trump, the course of attack upon which Judea, Inc has now embarked is in declaring (or at least causing enough doubt and angst to be used as gasoline for the fire) the election to be invalid, or, using the word appearing in the title of this piece, declaring it ‘illegitimate’.

And once again, not that it should be necessary to repeat, what this (as well as the tsunami of noise that has preceded it) proves is that all the predictions and prognostications put forth by all the various experts in duh muuvmnt concerning Trump being ‘owned by djooz’ is as bereft of validity as Judaism is bereft of morals, and all those who think they are doing ‘the lord’s work’ by adding their voices to the wall of screeching which Judea, Inc has amassed against the President are in effect fashioning a noose for themselves to be used later once they have fulfilled their roles as Zion’s useful idiots.

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How They Do It– Jewish activists launch project to tackle anti-Muslim racism

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Jewish Author– ‘Let go of the puritanism, Pornography is good for women, leads to less rape and sexual assault’

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God’s Chosen Rapists–Chabad Rabbi charged with having sex with 17-year-old girl who was forced into prostitution

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Lest We Forget–The People Who Were Burned to Ashes on Ash Wednesday

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