Why Donald Trump is dangerous for Israel

In weakening America’s role on the world stage, the President is diminishing the strategic asset that is Israel’s alliance with the US

ed note–by all means, all those out there making up the tweeker brigade within the 911 trooth muuvmnt who remain stuck in 1st gear when it comes to understanding the more complicated and convoluted political antics taking place between Trump and Judea, Inc these days–pay no mind whatsoever to glaringly important OpEd pieces such as this appearing–not in some little berg in upstate New York full of liberal American Jews, but–in Israel.

Please note what has our unesteemed Hebraic author’s panties in a pinch–

1. Trump is abandoning ‘internationalist’ institutions in favor of American sovereignty

2. Trump is weakening America’s role as an ‘enlightened hegemon’, his words verbatim.

In other words, all the work that Judea, Inc has invested in turning America into Israel’s Golem with the task of prowling about the world and threatening other nations with military/economic Armageddon who run afoul of Jewry’s demands is going up in smoke as a result of Trump’s America First policy.

But hey, as we said, pay no mind to all of this. Instead, be obedient little drones and focus instead on the superficial things that predominate within ‘troother’ discussions such as Trump’s ‘jooish’ daughter and the fact that his original family name was ‘Drumpf’.

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Trump shouldn’t expect any gratitude from American Jewry

‘Not only is there little doubt that the largest portion of American Jewry is wholeheartedly supportive of the “resistance” to Trump and regard him as beyond the pale, most of them want him to know how much they hate him’

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How They Do It– Rosenstein’s Departure Is a National Emergency

Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation is now in mortal peril.

ed note–yes, it has become a bit repetitious and tedious, but unfortunately, there are still a sizable number of ‘experts’ out there who still don’t get it and who flood the comments section of this website on a daily basis with their own particular and peculiar brand of nonsense and therefore in the interests of being thorough, we’re going to ‘do it’ once again–

The author of this piece, David Frum–

Is a lying, warmongering, Jewish supremacist gangster and NeoCon Israel firster and who is closely aligned with this guy–

Eliot Cohen, also a lying, warmongering, Jewish supremacist gangster and NeoCon Israel firster, who is aligned with this guy–

Bill Kristol, also a lying, warmongering, Jewish supremacist gangster and NeoCon Israel firster who is aligned with this guy–

Paul Wolfowitz, a lying, warmongering, Jewish supremacist gangster and NeoCon Israel firster, who is aligned with this guy–

Robert Kagan, a lying, warmongering, Jewish supremacist gangster and NeoCon Israel firster, 

…As well as his portly brother, who are both aligned with this guy–

Max Boot, a lying, warmongering, Jewish supremacist gangster and NeoCon Israel firster who is aligned with this gal, Jennifer Rubin

A lying, warmongering, Jewish supremacist gangstress and NeoCon Israel firster, and who is aligned with this guy–

…That is, before he recently died and went to hell…

And who are all deeply, DEEPLY plugged into Israel’s Likud party, Israel’s intelligence apparatus and who were all in some way intimately involved not only with the events of 9/11, but as well, the disastrous ‘clash of civilizations’ that followed, better known as the ‘war on terror’.

In addition to this, they are all deeply, DEEPLY committed to seeing Trump impeached, and for the singular reason that he stands opposed to any new military adventures for Israel’s benefit and is dedicated to reigning in this Judaic mad dog before it blows up the entire world.

Also keep in mind, that an entire gaggle of geniuses, experts, and prophets, some of the ‘brightest luminaries’ in fact within the ‘9/11 truth movement’, find themselves in the peculiar and perplexing circumstance of standing alongside these aforementioned warmongering, Neocon Zionist Jews by lending their voices and their support in causing Trump as much discomfort as possible, thus assisting Israel in her drive to see this guy–

Mike Pence, a died-in-the-wool Christian Zionist, take over as the new occupant at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Just try doing the math on that one…

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again and for the simple reason that there are still quite a few out there who just don’t seem to ‘get it’ yet–

Gangsters don’t shoot the horses they have bet all their money on to win in a race they have fixed. They give them an open road to 1st place and only a political dolt who has as much business performing brain surgery as they do rendering commentary and analysis on complex and oftentimes convoluted political drama can’t see this.

Remember, as pertains the recent news that Rod Rosenstein, the ‘Godfather’ of the Mueller Probe who once said he was planning on surreptitiously tape recording Trump in the interests of getting’ dirt on him’ that could be used in impeaching him, Frum (and his NeoCon associates who want Trump out NOW and replaced with Pence) is doing nothing less than sounding an existential alarm as to the possibility that Mueller’s probe may come to an end as a result of this and that the warmongers will be forced to go back to square one in finding another avenue by which Trump can be removed and replaced with Pence who (they hope) will be more war compliant.

Yes, it is very tedious, being forced to go through all of this on an almost-daily basis, but what we are talking about here is war, and in the same manner as it was necessary (although in large part a total waste of time) to try and make an entire gaggle of half-sane people who had bought into the Sandy Hook Hoax nonsense understand what kind of Titanic mistake they were making, nevertheless, in the interests of aiding future historians tasked with studying this time period, we do this in the interests of showing that there was a handful of people who didn’t drink the ‘troother’ koolaid on this one and maintained some sane level of independent thinking. Read the rest of this entry »

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Russia to jam signals in Syria and supply regime with more advanced anti-missile technology after plane was shot down

Russia's President Vladimir Putin (front) aims a rifle at the Kalashnikov shooting centre at Patriot military park - Credit: Tass

ed note–remember, this is the same Putin whom certain characters covering a broad spectrum within the ‘trooth muuvmnt’ claim is a Jew and who is secretly ‘working for the Jews’ and who just a day or so ago used the fact that Putin had not ordered a nuclear strike against Israel as ‘proof’ of his Judaic lineage and affections.

We say this as a reminder to people that the world of politics where Putin, Trump et al operate is chock-full of very sticky, complicated issues that oftentimes preclude the ability of leaders such as them from doing or even SAYING what they would like to do or say at any given moment, and that therefore all those armchair warriors posing as self-proclaimed experts on the convoluted nature of geo-politics who are famous for making up their minds within a microsecond of some dramatic event taking place should PERHAPS restrain themselves a bit and wait and see what happens a day, week, month or even a year later before adding their own voices to that present wall of noise being generated by Judea, Inc in bringing about certain geo-political aims and ends.

Remember, it is only the Jews who benefit from the murmuring campaign that Putin is ‘their boy’ and therefore should not be trusted, a strategy they employed in the past with Arafat, Ghaddafi, Ahmadinejad, etc.

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The Path to World War III

Violent Israeli behavior threatens everyone

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Emotional intelligence–How Moses turned to song, music, poetry, literature, and metaphor to entrench Torah in the hearts of the Israelites 

ed note–Apologies to the reader ahead of time for being forced to wade through this all-too typical meandering verbosity of Judaic discourse, but there is actually a very important lesson to be learned here.

In a conversation with a reader here just the other day, the question was raised as to whether or not the bible was the ‘word of God’, and in particular that portion of it that pre-dates the arrival of Jesus Christ, meaning the Torah or what Christians call the Old Testament. 

My response was/is that the Torah, Old Testament, whatever word we want to use in describing it, is the Jews’ book which they wrote in order to bring about the very situation we are witnessing today with our own eyes. It is a screenplay, a recipe book, a play book, a ‘how-to-manual’–whatever word we want to use in describing it–for mobilizing both peoples and resources–Jewish and Gentile alike–in such a way that the self-anointed Chosenoids are proffered the proverbial stairway to heaven, affixing them atop that great human pyramid where they eat the fruits of Gentile labor and are free to indulge themselves in the self-worship and narcissism that is the beating heart of all Judaic thought and activity, be it religious, secular or otherwise.

To that end, it is important to understand the power that exists in stories, music, poetry, literature, drama, etc, in other words–MEDIA–that collectively acts as a debilitating, mind-altering drug of sorts, no different than LSD, Crystal Meth, cannabis, etc, that succeeds in bending reality in such a way that human behavior can be controlled, maneuvered, manipulated, etc. Borrowing an old phrase one learns when taking any kind of course in hand to hand combat or self-defense, ‘where the head goes, the body follows’.

Having said that, as our unesteemed Rabbi makes very clear, the ‘magic’ of the Torah that has drugged the minds of its adherents–both Jewish and Christian–for millenia is now apparent for all to see. As evidenced now in the political, economic, and cultural realm, almost the entirety of the same Christian West (Greece/Rome) that began as a rejection of the backwards, chauvinist, dark cult of Judaism in favor of the universalist ideology espoused by Jesus Christ has now succumbed to the paralyzing, mind-numbing effects of its antithesis, and due entirely to tall tales handed down over millenia as found in that compendium of black magic known as the Old Testament, a testimony to the veracity of Jesus’ warnings to His followers that in the end, no man can serve 2 masters and would be forced by circumstances to choose only one.

We’ve said it before and it bears repeating–Hollywood did not begin in the deserts of California but rather in the deserts of the Middle East, where tyrants bent upon the insidious and almost imperceptible manipulation of all human activity and behavior learned how to ply the principles of black magic by utilizing untruths and titillating tall tales as intoxicants in sedating an individual’s ability to reason, and all of this as the necessary precursor in creating a horde of ‘drugged cockroaches scurrying around’ and reducing those so-affected to mere fictional characters written into a script who act out roles created for them and whose climax results in Judaic empowerment.

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7 Israeli Jews charged with human trafficking, running brothels

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