Republicans File Bill To Terminate United Nations Membership

Republicans File Bill To Terminate United Nations Membership And Revoke Diplomatic Immunity

ed note (tony)…Great! Restoring sovereignty . Does that mean the creatures in Congress will no longer take their marching orders from AIPAC?

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Report: Trump Will Not Move U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem Quickly


U.S. president’s priority is a regional peace deal, MSNBC reports, citing White House sources; ‘recognition of Jerusalem sets that back for the next four years.’

ed note–as we have been cautioning from the beginning of this thing, don’t read too much into what Trump says but rather, pay attention to what he does. As should be painfully obvious now to all but the woefully and willfully deluded, there is a different game being played here than before.

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The US-Israel reset is advancing slower than some had hoped


Trump and Netanyahu exchanged niceties and will soon powwow in DC, but an embassy move and West Bank annexation seem further off

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TUT Broadcast Jan 22, 2017


Tonight’s program–Despite the best attempts on the part of Judea Inc, nevertheless Donald J. Trump has been sworn in as the 45th president of the United States, but as events are proving on a minute by minute basis, the Judaic powers that be who are mere inches away from finally realizing their millenia-old vision of a Jewish world imperium are not going to idly sit by and watch their plans go awry as a result of one man’s attempt to prevent the controlled demolition of his nation.

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New system created to identify anti-Semitism on the web

god hates jews

YNET – In a report delivered to the government on anti-Semitism around the world, the Ministry of Diaspora Affairs highlighted spikes in anti-Semitic activity on the internet and in Europe, particularly Germany. The Ministry of Diaspora Affairs presented the cabinet on Sunday with a new system for monitoring anti-Semitism on the internet along with its annual report on anti-Semitism worldwide.

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WATCH – Gaddafi Predicted the New Cold War in 2009 (VIDEO)


RUSSIA INSIDER – In an incredible, prophetic interview from 2009, Gaddafi told a Russian television crew that Ukraine would be ground zero of a new cold war between Washington and Moscow. In 2009! That was when even Moscow was masturbating furiously to the prospects of a new “reset” with the west.

No wonder Hillary Clinton murdered Gaddafi. He was too smart for his own good. Watch the whole interview. Otherwise you won’t appreciate how prophetic and scary his observations really were…

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WATCH – Netanyahu to the Iranian people: (By Way Of Deception) We are your friend not your enemy