an Interesting Conversation with a ‘Nice Jewish Boy’

Below is an email exchange that took place between me and a ‘nice Jewish boy’ who runs a blog known as on 11/9/2006. As you will see, the individual who sent this is a victim of what it the typical Jewish supremacist mindset–haughty, callous, vulgar, and illogical. And then the world wonders why there is this thing known as ‘Jewish persecution’

mark glenn <> wrote:

You know why it is so easy to write pieces that show the real uglyniess of the Judaic mindset? Because within 5 minutes of it hitting the airwaves, there is someone like you who comes along and validates everything that was written. All the banality, all the baseness, all the adolescent, childish, impish remarks. You can’t argue like a rational, intelligent person, and so instead you have to screech like some ghettoized, violent, inbred, backwards trash who is unwelcome in every country where he goes.

And this is the way it has always been, hasn’t it? and thus it will always be, until you people learn how to get drag yourselves out of the ghetto and along with the rest of humanity.

Impotent? What a joke, I have a large family to succeed me, unlike you. Coward? Another joke. I am writing pieces out there in the open for all the world (and in particular you and your judaic gangster ilk) to see.

save your time, don’t write back.



Atheist Jew <> wrote:

Impotent, as in politically impotent. Impotent in the mind. You really are a stupid freak.

Your mentality is why Arabs can’t win a war. You are a common retard.You have no argument. You call me a Jew, then you say I can’t be a Jew. You have nothing but rhetoric. Nothing but an imbecile. But I don’t mind exposing you. I have a rather large audience of readers. They are all getting chuckles from reading your bullshit. And most aren’t even Jewish.

Blah blah blah….Jews get kicked out because of bigots like you. You have an inferior complex, maybe because you are an Arab, I don’t know. See a psychiatrist. You are sick. As far as arguing with you goes….I rebutted you on my blog. But you are too much of a coward to read it. America said no to Arabs on the Ports Deal…..not no to Jews.

1.4 billion Arabs are humiliated by 13 million Jews. You wear your shame pathetically.

Fuck off and die

-The Atheist Jew

mark glenn <> wrote:

Arabs are winning the war. Their societies haven’t been corrupted with Jewish filth the way that the west has. That is why you and all your bloodthirsty cousins have to resort to sending American mercenaries out to slaughter them.

‘Common retard’ I have spent 5 years as a teacher at the high school level and now I guest lecture at colleges and international conferences around the world and speak half a dozen languages. You talk like a typical foul mouthed jerk who reads nothing but hustler all day.

‘Large audience of readers’–yes, probably birds of a feather, which is why I am obviously not impressed with this little medal of honor you have decided to pin on your lapel. Jews do get kicked out because of people like you, not by bigots. When a hostile foreign object invades the body and makes it sick, a healthy body drives it out through vomiting, coughing, sneezing, and diarrhea, which is what the jews have always been–the body’s refuse. And when it can’t expel it, it kills it in the ‘oven’ of the body, meaning a high temperature, or if you prefer to use a more sensitive term, ‘holocaust.’ I will not read your blog because I am not into intellectual and spiritual pornography.

Arabs humiliated by a few Jews? No, the arabs are being murdered by a few Jews who have blackmailed and bribed the most powerful nation on the earth into giving them everything they demand. If the US stopped acting as a host to these parasties, Israel would shrivel up like a balloon, and you know this. What does Israel make? nothing. What is its business? Sex slaves and pornography, and that is about it.

‘Fuck off and die’–well, we’re all dead men, aren’t we? I guess the big difference between you and me is that when I die I will be surrounded by loved ones who will honor my memory, whereas with you will only be missed by a few others of your gangster ilk who will have to go somewhere else to get their daily dose of atheist, racist garbage.



From: “Atheist Jew” <>

A high school teacher? Whoopty Doo. I know lots of high school teachers who are crackpots like you. You can’t even spell “ugliness.” Is English your second language?

Arabs haven’t won a war in centuries. If you like Arabia so much and hate Jews so much, why don’t you move. We don’t need you here. Your ilk is polluting our air.

And no, the Iraq war had very little if anything to do with Israel. If America were fighting for Israel they would have bypassed Iraq for Iran. Again, you just have lies and pretend they are facts.

Jews got kicked out because generally they are a succesful minority. Forced to take jobs out of the mainstream. And when regimes change, the easiest people to steal from and kick out are the successful minority. But that is logical….and logic is foreign to you.

You have kids. Hopefully they didn’t inherit your self loathing and inferiority and low IQ. If they did they did and think like you, they should have been aborted.

Does your community know about you? I’m pretty sure they soon will.

You are a sad sad twerp,

-The Atheist Jew

  1. #1 by joannafrancis on 11/10/2006 - 9:34

    “You have kids. Hopefully they didn’t inherit your self loathing and inferiority and low IQ. If they did they did and think like you, they should have been aborted.”

    Definitely a Jew. Only a Jew would write something like that. They love abortion. For us, that is. And they wonder why people don’t like them?

  2. #2 by Karlo Rabe on 12/19/2006 - 9:34

    Hey people, wake up! The above exchange sums it all up. The supremacist from the eurasian steppe is out to grab all he can from the peoples of the world he deems inferior.
    But who is he, really? A member of the ‘chosen race’? There is no such race as we know, only a self-appointed chosen one. A self-styled ‘Jew’, arrogant, supremacist talmudist whining his way through history to continue his people’s predatory practices for as long as we european-stock dumbs will allow it. We have been narcotised by the outcomes of WW2 and by the control of the media, but the truth is surfacing. These ‘people’ are not even linked to the land of Palestine and to the ‘judeo-christian’ roots of western civilization. They are nothing but cunning aliens from the depths of Central Asia. The east-european ‘Jews’ are nothing but descendants of talmudic converts of medieval turko-mongol tribes issuing from the Altay region. Some of you may have heard of the Huns, the Volga-Bulghars, the Khazars, the Cumans, the Alans and the (mongol) Tartars. These turkik tribes form a string of steppe nations that during the long dominance by the Khazars of the south-russian steppes converted en masse to talmudic Judaism. Scholars debate when exactly the Khazars converted – and then ‘disappeared’ from history as they so wish – but conversion was a continued process of the more sedentary strata of the above-mentioned tribes. After the fall of the Khazar Empire (1016 CE) these judaised strata reformed continually in the state of Poland-Lithuania, giving rise to the masses of ashkenazic ‘Jews’ which form the overwhelming majority of modern Jewry.
    So people, they are Huns, they are nomadic warriors of the steppes and what’s more important they live like they always did by way of predator practices on their host nations. Not surprisingly, the judaised Khazars like the ashkenazic polish ‘Jews’ lived of tribute collection for themselves or for their more powerful mongol land-owners from the subdued slavic populations upon which they fed.
    With such background, why be surprised of the witnessed supremacist attitudes? With the continual denial and obscurantism about their true origins – from the eurasian steppes – why be surprised of the pack of historical lies they have been indoctrinating us with?
    A pity about all those in their midst who are decent and reputable human beings, because there are some, generalization being always a mistake. The above atheistjew is however obviously a wolf out of the steppes.

  3. #3 by Noor on 02/20/2007 - 9:34

    [1.4 billion Muslims are humiliated by 13 million Jews] well then 13 million jews are humiliated by less than 1000 arabs (Hezbollah fighters) ;]

  4. #4 by jeannetteb on 03/29/2007 - 9:34

    Ugh. I checked out this asshole Athiest-Jew’s blog. It is nothing short of hypocrisy, hatred and woolly-headed nonsensicalities. A bunch of racist rubbish. Looks like someone can dish it out, but can’t take it!

    The very notion of being an “atheist Jew” sums it up, I believe. This is the sort of absurdly exclusive brand of ethnic/religious supremacism that gives those like “atheistjew” the right to lord his religious heritage over others without actually subscribing to it. The perfect, albeit non-existant, blend of religion and ethnicity which serves as a shield from criticism of any kind, particularly political. As usual, it’s perfectly acceptable to criticize those of any other faith or ethnicity…except for Judaism. Of course, criticizing Jews in any way would just be downright “anti-semitic”! Oh, and don’t even bother trying to resist the hatred, racism and double standards of people like “atheistjew,” you “common retard Arabs,” because Jews are just better, smarter and have more bombs, simply by virtue of being “God’s chosen.”

    Talk about anti-semitism…I generally find that people like “atheistjew” are the most anti-semitic, racist people I have ever encountered. What a surprise.

  5. #5 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally on 03/17/2011 - 9:34

    “An Interesting Conversation with a ‘Nice Jewish Boy’” – 10th of November 2006

    THIS IS THE JIHAAD of one of GOD’s creatures who is more interested in the TRUTH than in lies, propaganda, dishonesty and evil intentions by both friend and foe. GOD IS ALL TRUTH! So, this makes Mark Glenn one who submits to the Will of GOD. Unlike the will of man which so often sways to and from depending on the mood, the times, the self interests, and the powers that be that have always succeeded in oppressing them to such an extent that too many of them finally lost their humanity and even any real interest in their Creator.

    It is interesting to see that at the opposite side of the TRUTH we always find THE JEW! Why is this? Then, we find those who have chosen to submit to Jewish power rather than to GOD’s Commandments, Reminders, Warnings, Guidance and Utterances, whether these come from GOD Himself or from inspired and wise men and women of the times and from all nations.

    Millennium after millennium, century after century, decade after decade, year after year, day after day, every hour, minute and second, we hear of Jewish mischief even through the media the Jews own or control. It even looks like Jews are the most mischievous creatures on earth, most probably the progeny of the Dark Forces rather than of a Wise and Merciful GOD.
    “You know why it is so easy to write pieces that show the real uglyness of the Judaic mindset? Because within 5 minutes of it hitting the airwaves, there is someone like you who comes along and validates everything that was written. All the banality, all the baseness, all the adolescent, childish, impish remarks. You can’t argue like a rational, intelligent person, and so instead you have to screech like some ghettoized, violent, inbred, backwards trash who is unwelcome in every country where he goes.” Mark Glenn
    How true. But, how come have we allowed them to take over our lives in such a manner that we cannot do anything without their blessings and authorisation? I found one possible answer in their practice of a dark craft of ritual human sacrifice that may explain their material success in the world. But, even Believers in the Invisible refuse this probability because they themselves have stopped believing that there is such a thing as the occult and that Satan is not active in a world we do not own or control anymore. Michael Collins Piper and Victor Thorn spoke of this Jewish Kabbalah in their most recent broadcast. But, nobody seems to know anything about this (except me, of course!)!

    All praise be to GOD, and thanks to the Jihaad in the right direction of Mark Glenn.

    BAFS (17.3.2011)

  6. #6 by funky d on 04/23/2011 - 9:34

    jews don’t believe in the supremness of god as they believe the word of rabbis supercedes everything else. so maybe they are all atheists to some extent.

  7. #7 by Gabreal Jones on 11/14/2012 - 9:34

    Very Good Mark. Chapeau., this overview of The Ugly Truth.
    And also to you Basheer for this probing of the work of Mark

    As a boy of 15- psychologically I am still 17 now- I was a nightwatch at a anti Vietnam demo in front of the American consulate in Rotterdam where I was born. (btw this Samson option van Creveld is also born in R.). We walked after a week to the American Embassy in The Hague with a list of signatures.
    There we met a Jewish Lady, Zimmerman, who was a lawyer, she gave us a bunch of her letters to papers that got not published. With the heading the as anti Zionist gets the stigma of anti-Semite. You get the Davidstar of anti-Semite on your forehead. If she were a live today she would have flooded the net.

    When I gave you today a comment about ‘the jewish joke is on you’ I was in the OBA which stands for the Openbare Bibliotheek Amsterdam (openbare=public) and it was hacked by the internet stasi. I am used to this kind of censorship in Libraries. They are not public but jewish libraries.If you say that openly real hell breaks loose. There is the door. They can’t suspend you for more than a day. Esp. in my case. I made local television in Amsterdam and they have one of my books on their shelves.

    Just this wednesdayevening there is a prolonged meeting now in the Dutch Parliament in The Hague, about the new govt. stand on Israel. As Rehmat let me know via his site that the former PM Dries van Agt- Wilders just called him a Israel hater- who is a Catholic said that the state of Israel should be in Germany. Btw that is actually a thing I remember now- typing in the Royal Library of the Hague- that Frau Zimmerman also raised: Israel should be in Sleeswijk Holstein where the largest amount and heaviest of Nazis were.

    I saw Bright Lasha Darkmoon has also posted on TUT. I wanted to comment on ‘research 911’ I think his name is- on the same article of you are te joke- who raised Kevin Barrett’s hint to Obama, rub 911 under the nose of Nonsensejwewho.
    gj comment of November 7, 2012 at 12:26 pm
    he sees Obama in a too positive light. What struck me when I listened to his maiden speech for the US troops, I already had put him aside as credible, trustworthy, was his statement at the end of part II : ‘I would never send you in harms way’

    gj comment of October 14, 2012 at 5:50 pm

    SAND. The ‘non-dualists’ should not stick their head in the sand- vice versa- for the ‘non-jew-ists’ they should shake hands and turn this worlds desert green. (Both don’t want WWIII, which them jews crave for) Sorry for the sort of crippled word ‘non-jew-ists’ (those who warn for the real and actual danger that ‘jews’ form to all ‘non-jews’ based on their Talmud and Old Testament which are the real craddle macabre of the FED, Fukushima and 911 …… AnneFrankenstein=Rothschildstein=Talmudistan=Israhell

    Btw the video of the Ati Rudra Bhisheka Yagya is banned in the jew libraries of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague…..It speaks for itself….

    To close with Horse 237 Renversee: They will lose, WE WILL WIN

    CIA O

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