‘God, How I Hate These People’

…No, I am not using the name of the Lord in vain here…I really am speaking to Him when I say this, and speaking in all candor and seriousness when I do, so don’t over-react. It does not fall into the same kind of category of disrespect as does the trash we hear daily on our Jewish-run media, where ‘Oh, my gaaaaaad’ is uttered almost as many times as is the obligatory sexually-oriented, locker-room type humor.

Just when I thought I had seen and heard it all, THEY come along and one-up me. Just when I think that nothing could surprise me, THEY come along and scream ‘surprise!’ in that voice that has now become their trademark–meaning sinusy, nasaly, whiny and effeminate.

The latest? An article appearing in the Jerusalem Post dated December 12 written by one Michael Freund entitled An Appeal to American Christians.

To those of you not familiar with Mr. Freund, do not let his name fool you. Despite his pathetic attempt at smooching up to Christians in this piece, he is no friend to anyone but to his fellow racist Talmudic Jews in Israel. He was Deputy Director of Communications under former Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu. Yes, the same Netanyahu who, when asked about the attacks of September 11th against Israel’s only ally in the world, America, was so heartbroken over the loss of 3,000 American lives that he quipped–

‘Well, I think it is good…it will generate immediate sympathy for Israel.’

…so he obviously learned from some of the best on just how to be one of those snotty, slimy sneaky, supremacist types…

Freund’s latest piece carries with it all the trademarks of typical Jewish sentimentality, meaning that the rest of us stupid unwashed Goyim have a duty to protect (in Freund’s words) ‘God’s People’–meaning the Jews–from anything or anyone who might not have their ‘best interests’ at heart, which, in Jewspeak, means anyone standing in their way of dominating the world.

Had I not read the pornographic piece myself I might have doubted that the reports could be true, that even ‘they’–with their legendary sense of nerve–could not be so bold…

…but true they are nevertheless, sad as I am to say it.

His piece begins with the typical Jewish tactic of fearmongering as if we were all stupid children sitting around a campfire and he some adult telling us horror stories…

‘The countdown to a nuclear Iran has begun, and with each passing day the nightmare scenario draws ever closer to becoming a reality…’

–A nightmare to you and your Jewish thugs, maybe, but not to the rest of us. Personally I pray everyday that Iran gets the bomb or that she already has it. It is the one thing that might just reign you sons of bitches in and prevent the annihilation of the entire planet.

‘In just a few months’ time, if all goes according to plan, the tyrant of Teheran will preside over a celebration of terrifying, and history-altering, significance….’

–Yes, indeed, it will be a history-altering day, when the barbaric animals known as the Jews of Israel will no longer be able to bomb, shoot, poison, kill, and maim innocent others without having to fear the consequences of doing such.

This will give the ayatollahs the ability to spread nuclear terror far and wide, threatening the existence not only of Israel, but of Western civilization itself.’

–Notice whose well-being gets first-place in the line-up…Not ‘America and the West,’ as your fake, effected words would make us think, but your little gangster state of Israel. Funny as well that you are worried about nuclear terror being spread ‘far and wide’…If I am not mistaken, was it not your country–Israel–who helped the Chinese (self-sworn enemies of America and the West) develop their nuclear weapons capability? Was it not your country who sold over a million pages of top-secret NUCLEAR information to America’s enemies through your spy Jonathon Pollard, the same Jonathon Pollard who is hailed in Israel as a hero?

–But who am I to quibble over minor details of hypocrisy such as this?

‘The would-be Hitler of Persia has already made it abundantly clear that he plans to wipe Israel and its millions of Jews off the map…’

–‘Hitler’…it always has to come back to him, doesn’t it? 500,000 years from now, after civilizations have come and gone and after Israel has been ‘erased from the map’ (as the President of Iran mentioned) you will still be ‘Oy Veying’ about Hitler. Whenever there is a new boogeyman, it is the reincarnation of Hitler. Hitler this and Hitler that. He is more important to you than God Himself. Talk about one-track minds. It’s no wonder you are such a backwards people and have to mooch off of the rest of us, you can’t come up with anything new. You are still trying to figure out how to invent the wheel.

‘Three months. That’s all we’ve got. That’s all that stands right now between the world as we know it, and one in which the Persian executioner will be able to put his finger on the nuclear button…’

–Three months??? We have to wait THAT long??? Personally, It will be the best night of sleep I will have had in a long time, the moment when I know unequivocally that his ‘finger is on the button’. It will be the day wherein the seeds of peace are sown and the rest of us can breathe a little easier.

‘Now is the time for all those who love Israel to stand up and be counted. Now is the time for pro-Israel Christians everywhere, and especially in the US, to rise up and cry out on behalf of God’s people.’

–AS ALWAYS, IT BOILS DOWN TO THEM AND THEM ALONE. You just finish with trying to scare the s*** out of the rest of us lowly non-Jewish types by saying that ‘Western Civilization is on the brink of destruction’, but then, alas, AS  YOU JEWS ALWAYS DO, you let the cat out of the bag. It is all about Israel and all about the Jews, just as it always was, always is, and always will be…‘God’s People…’ Someone needs to take them aside and break the bad news to them that God doesn’t think that way anymore, if in fact He ever did. No, ‘God’s people’ are all those who do His will, who are righteous, who are compassionate and who do not submit themselves to the false gods of voracity, vengeance, vulgarity and viciousness, which pretty much leaves the Jews out if we go by common standards.

‘Storm the heavens with your prayers, and the White House with your pleas. Speak out now and urge US President George W. Bush to eliminate the Iranian nuclear threat once and for all.’

–Good Lord, this is just like something right out of any typical Christian fundamentalist telethon where some fat-assed evangelist dressed in a $3,000.00 Armani with jewels dangling off of every one of his swollen, thieving fingers is playing the crowd like some cheap stripper.–‘Storm the heavens,’ Yes, I will be sure to do exactly that. As I said, I pray everyday that Iran gets the bomb, as it is the only realistic hope the rest of us have of averting what is an assured apocalypse.

‘BY NOW it should be clear: Nothing less than US military action is going to deter Teheran from pursuing its nuclear goals.’

–Once again–SURPRISE SURPRISE–the Goy gets the ‘honor’ of going out and ‘giving it up’ for the Jew. What more do you people want? We destroyed Iraq. We sacrificed TENS OF THOUSANDS of our young men and women. We have made ourselves hated around the world. Our citizens cannot travel to other countries for fear of being attacked. We have gotten ourselves even deeper in hock than we were, and for what?–All for you and for your precious gangster state.

‘There is one man, and one man alone, whom God has put in a position to stop Iran, and that man’s name is George W. Bush.’

–Yes, here is the typically-Jewish ‘We love ya, baby’…Every president since Woodrow Wilson has heard it. ‘Touched by God for something great,’ which, when translated into Jewspeak usually means ‘Touched by them and their money for the purpose of going out and carrying out their agenda’.

‘But the president is under attack, as the media and his critics do their utmost to tear him down. They hate him and everything he stands for, and will stop at nothing to spoil his remaining time in office. The president is a good man, and a man of faith. He knows what needs to be done; but like any leader, he also needs to hear from those who put him in office.’

–Firstly, ‘we’ did not put him in office, you, the filthy, lice-ridden Zionist Jews did. When Bill Clinton would not give you what you demanded of him–namely WWIII in the Middle East–you replaced him with the alcoholic son of the man who first went to war for you and your interests.

–Your media is his best friend. You and your media have shielded him from every piece of damning evidence implicating his administration’s involvement with acts of high treason against the people of the United States and with war crimes against the peoples of Afghanistan, Iraq and Lebanon. He is not a ‘good man’ and you know this. He is weak and morally compromised. That is why he was put in office by you and your filthy ilk 6 years ago. You will not work with ‘good men’ because they bow to an authority higher than yours. If George Bush were to suddenly become a ‘good man’ and a ‘man of faith’ as you described him and suddenly refused to cooperate with you and your agenda of wiping out a billion Muslims, you would assassinate him, just as you did JFK.

Excuse me for a moment while I go and throw up for this next part–

‘And that, dear Christians, is where you come in to play.’

‘Dear Christians’…I am almost speechless…

–Again, the typical Jewish business of ‘we love ya, baby’ right before they stick it to you, and hard.

 Why, it was only days ago when a major American airport was threatened with crippling lawsuits by one of our ‘friends’ from the Jewish community if all the Christmas decorations were not taken down. It is because of our ‘Jewish friends’ that Nativity scenes are now contraband in thousands of places all over the country. It was our ‘Dear Jewish friends’ who were making a monumental stink a few years ago with Mel Gibson’s movie ‘The Passion’ and who were calling on him to be arrested as a terrorist under the provisions of the Patriot Act. It is our ‘Jewish friends’ who are now introducing legislation that will make it a hate crime for us ‘dear Christians’ to utter a word of protest about issues that are important to us, such as abortion, gay marriage or whatever. It is our ‘Dear Jewish friends’ who a few weeks ago beat up some ‘dear Christians’ in the very land where Jesus lived and died and who taunted these ‘dear Christians’ with statements such as ‘Jesus was gay’ and ‘We killed Jesus and we will kill you too.’

–So, what is the difference between the ‘Dear Christians’ that you are referring to here and the ‘Dear Christians’ who are mentioned in the Talmud as being ‘beasts of the field’ and against whom you Jews are supposed lie, cheat, steal, rape and murder? Is there something I am missing here? What about the ‘Dear Christians’ of Russia–almost 60 million of them–who were slaughtered by Jewish communists in the former Soviet Union?

‘Many of my fellow Jews in the US are largely silent, afraid to be seen as leading the charge…’

–They ARE leading the charge you lying, hypocritical Pharisee wannabe. The Bush administration is swarming with Jews such as yourself who got us into the mess. Every ‘think tank’ in the country is staffed with them. Every major media outlet screeching for this war is steered by them. My God, is there no lie you people will not tell? Jesus was right, you really are the ‘children of the devil, who was a liar from the beginning and the father of lies’. You couldn’t tell the truth if your miserable lives depended upon it or if there were a fortune to be made by doing so.

‘It is as if they learned nothing from the Jewish people’s horrific experience in Europe over six decades ago, when silence in America made possible extermination across the sea…But you know better than that, and you are not afraid.’

–And here is where you are right, even if only by accident. The Jewish people NEVER learn. What they should have learned–not just 60 years ago, but 2,000 years ago–is that they should not trust people such as you and your ilk who are always getting them into trouble. It has been parasites like you who have been responsible for causing them every ounce of misery they have experienced for thousands of years, and yet they DO not learn. They should have run you out of their communities centuries ago, you being the bandits that you are. Instead, you shout ‘screech’ and they ask ‘How loud?’ Even now, as you are setting them up for a Holocaust that will dwarf all others by comparison, they are not thinking about their own best interests and jumping ship.

–Furthermore, let’s not lose sight of the fact that your associates played a direct hand in the sufferings that they endured in the Nazi camps half a century ago. Lest we forget, the World Zionist Organization was a major player in conspiring with Hitler’s government to deliver not just thousands, but HUNDREDS of thousands of Jews to the camps in return for being able to take a few thousands ardent Zionists to Palestine. The Zionists had been given the offer to have 800,000 Jews rescued for the sum of $50,000 and they refused, issuing a statement to the effect that–

“If we do not sacrifice any blood, by what right shall we merit coming before the bargaining table when they divide nations and lands at the war’s end? For only with blood shall we get the land.”

‘On issues that you care about, you have demonstrated an impressive ability to affect US policy, mustering the passion and power necessary to shape debate. Now, more than ever, is the time to do so again, for the threat to us all is very, very real…’

–Once again, it is all about us serving you and your interests. It does not matter how many of OUR children have to die, how much of OUR money has to be spent, how much suffering and hardship WE have to endure for you and your agenda. It is an honor for us to go through such suffering for you, right? And after Iran, it will be Syria…and after that, it will be Saudi Arabia, Jordan and the whole Arabian Peninsula…And after that it will be Russia, and then on an on and on until anyone or anything standing in the way of Jewish world dominance has been defeated.

‘Flood the White House and Congress with your concerns. Let them know that you fear for Israel and its safety. Urge your elected officials to hit Iran hard, and soon. Not merely with criticism, but with bombs as well. Because unless the US Air Force goes into action, the mullahs of Teheran will jeopardize everything we hold dear…’

–Yes, the Mullahs getting the bomb will jeopardize everything that you hold dear. All that Oil in the region will not be yours for the taking. The expulsion of all the Arabs from the lands between the Nile and Euphrates that you call ‘Greater Israel’ will not be such an easy task. You will not be able to terrorize and bully the helpless as easily as you have been able to do for the last half century. In short, you will have to live –reluctantly–by the golden rule of ‘treat others as you would expect to be treated’. Must be a nightmare indeed.

‘ISRAEL, As you know, is the “apple of His eye” and God has made clear in His Scripture what He expects from people of faith at times such as these, when Israel is in danger.’

–If Israel is the ‘apple of His eye,’ as you stated, then it is rotten, worm-ridden and inedible, as evidenced by the fact that God has spit Israel out of His mouth time and time again. Israel was destroyed by Him several times, but then, what would we expect, since the name Israel means ‘He who wars against God’. It is referred to over a dozen times in the Old testament as a whore with no morals. Judah is said to be detestable in the eyes of God, and that God’s anger against her ‘will burn forever’.

–Yes, God loved Israel so much that he allowed it to be utterly destroyed by the Romans, exactly as Jesus predicted would take place. The only reason you are able to dupe other Christians with this line of BS is because you have got them to buy into this lunacy known as the Rapture where they are going to get something out of it for themselves by cooperating with your evil agenda.

“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem,” says the Psalmist, in Psalm 122. “They that love thee shall prosper“… These aren’t just guidelines or recommendations from books of old. They are a command to each and every one of us, Jew and Christian alike, to stand up and speak out when Israel is under threat”.

–The only duty that anyone–Christian or otherwise–has is to see to it that Israel is indeed ‘wiped off of the map’ as the President of Iran stated. It is a cancer and a thorn in the side of all humanity and is the headquarters of all that is evil today. It is the seat of anti-Christ, just as it was 2,000 years ago and as such she is intent upon wiping out all that is good in the world.

‘I have no doubt, not one iota of disbelief, that God will save His people Israel…’

–He was not able to save them 2,000 years ago when He performed miracles in their plain site. He fed thousands, healed the sick and lame, raised the dead and gave them the secrets to happiness in this life and in the next, and guess what? They killed him anyway, as well as His followers. God will not save ‘His people’ Israel because they refuse to be saved. There may be SOME who are rescued from the poison of Judaic thinking, but they are and will be very few, unfortunately. In general they are a group of mindless, soulless addicts with whom reason is almost completely impossible, and this was why Jesus wept over Jerusalem in his last days, saying–

‘Jerusalem…Jerusalem…You who stoned the prophets and killed those whom God sent to you…How long I have wanted to gather you under my wings as a mother gathers her chicks but lo, you were not willing…behold, your house is left unto you desolate…’

‘Deliverance comes from Him, and Him alone. But each of us must do our part to help bring it about. And you, dear Christians, now have the power, and the opportunity, to do so. To move the president’s heart, and to save Israel and the West from a truly diabolical fate.’

–The ‘fate’ you describe as ‘diabolical’ is in fact ‘divine’. It is God’s judgment upon us for our allowing His enemies, the Jews, to get away with all that they have done. Whatever happens, we deserve whatever we get and I for one look forward to it, as bad as it will be. When Jesus spoke of the times of future troubles, He said ‘When you see all these things come to pass, look upwards, for your time of redemption draweth near…’

So please, don’t tarry – we dare not delay. The clock is winding down, the alarm bells are ringing. Raise your voices in prayer and supplication. The time to do something is now, and there is not a moment to waste…’

–I could not agree more. Let us raise our voices in ‘prayer and supplication,’ as you said. Let us pray for the destruction of Israel as the early Christians did. Let us–Christian and Muslim alike–pray that God will answer our pleading in the same way as He did in 70 AD when he sent the Roman Army into Jerusalem and destroyed everything, leaving ‘not one stone upon another’ just as Jesus predicted would take place. It saved us then and it just might save us now. It is our only source of hope at this moment. Only by the Jews being scattered and forced to mind how they behave will there be peace on earth, for as long as there is a country to where they can run and hide after they have acted as criminals, they will not have the fear of God in them necessary for their own salvation from themselves.

I know that the reader is probably expecting some big KABAAM!!! of an ending here, but unfortunately, it is just going to have to end the way that it began, which is

‘God, how I hate these people…’

2006 by Mark Glenn


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