Candy From a Baby…Why The Traditional Catholics Are No Threat to the Jewish Agenda

Relax, Mr. ‘Morris Dees’ Seligman of the Southern Poverty Law Center. There is no need to sound the alarm in that shrill, southern-drawl-screeching that has become your trademark and which you employ whenever something resembling a white blood cell pops up and threatens the Judaic infection of which you are but one small virus.

Yes, that’s right, I did ‘out’ you as an operative for the Synagogue, Mr. Seligman. I hate to bust your bubble here (since no doubt you spent a lot of time coming up with that misleading title–Southern Poverty Law Center–as if you were a Good Samaritan-type fighting for the rights of poor people) but for far too long and on too many occasions you have spilt the beans you are really just another front for the multi-headed Zionist hydra.

But anyway, back to the topic at hand…As I said, relax…there is no need for you and your fellow Pharisees and Bolsheviks to wet yourselves in panic…The Traditional Catholics, or ‘Trads’ as we often refer to ourselves, are for the most part absolutely no threat to you or your anti-Christ agenda. That hit-piece written by that ‘nice Jewish girl’ Heidi Beirich in your recent SPLC Intelligence Report was in all respects really just a red-herring, much ado about nothing and tantamount to the boy who cried wolf. The ‘Trad’ movement is as much a threat to your peoples’ 3,000 year-old-fantasy-rooted-in-madness of ‘inheriting the earth’ and ‘making footstools’ of Israel’s enemies as a mouse is to a gorilla.

I can say this with a certain amount of authority because I have been part of the ‘Trad’ movement for some time now and can say unequivocally that in many respects it is like a shiny, brand-new Cadillac with no motor inside. Yes, it may have produced men such as Mel Gibson and his movie The Passion of the Christ that caused you and many of your fellow tribal warlords to defecate all over yourselves in what was a prime-time performance of raw, organic hatred for Christianity, but that really is the high-water mark of the movement and as radical as it is going to get. For the most part, you will find that they are almost as cooperative with your agenda of de-Christianizing the world as are the rest of the mindless dolts you have bred throughout the rest of the western society. For a while at least (until you pull the necessary strings making it illegal) they will continue to inundate the rear-ends of their cars with bumper stickers such as ‘Pray the rosary for world peace’ and ‘Abortion stops a beating heart’, but you can be rest assured that this will be the sum total of their revolution. They will simply lie down and take it, just as you need them to–bit by bit, just like the rest of the Christian world–until they and their movement have been erased, just as you demand.

But you already knew this all too well, Mr. Seligman, so I know I am not telling you anything new. The piece that you contracted the Jewess Beirich to write for your porno-phile/abortion-friendly Marxist organization SPLC knows that the Trads do not pose any threat to what Jews like you are planning for the rest of us, and a cursory study of what they are up to reveals this fact in a New-York minute. They vote for guys like Bush, even though he is opposed to everything that they support and supports everything they oppose, his best lies notwithstanding. They pay their tithes to you and the rest of the brethren from the synagogue without a whimper, ‘rendering unto Caesar’ everything that is not Caesar’s so that you and your buddies can continue on in your march towards sterilizing the world of Jesus’ anti-Judaic message. Their priests–with few exceptions–say nothing from the pulpit concerning you and your agenda, despite the fact that you are the great grandchildren of those who had Jesus crucified. They keep all discussion of the world and its woes in that safe ‘grey area’ of ‘man’s fallen nature’ and ‘sin’ and all the rest of it without whispering that dreaded ‘j’ word that will bring the heat down on their multi-million dollar church properties.

But, again, you already knew all of this, didn’t you Mr. Seligman? You know that the Trads wouldn’t hurt a fly and that in the bigger scheme of things they pose absolutely no threat to you and your agenda. The largest group of ‘anti-Semites’ in the world? Give me a break! Do you know many times I have run into fellow Trads who parrot that old line about the Jews being ‘God’s chosen people’ and that ‘Israel was promised to them by God’ and all the rest of that hooey? Do you know how many times I have witnessed them getting indignant whenever I mention the unadulterated brutality that has been waged against the innocent peoples of Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine by you and your scummy entourage?…How many times I have been accused of wanting to ‘incite another Holocaust’ for daring to point the finger of blame on the real, organic enemy–not just of Christians, but indeed all mankind–known as organized Jewry?

It is a number too high to count. Even those who are wise to your ways are nonetheless cowards for the most part, individuals who will not go to the websites devoted to exposing you and your agenda and many of whom have told me personally that they did not want me sending emails to them with the words ‘Jew’ , ‘Zionism’ or ‘Israel’ in them lest they ‘get into trouble’.

But the biggest proof of the fact that they pose no threat to your or your agenda is the manner by which many of them have become cozy with certain Rabbis as of late. Some of the very same people you mentioned in your hit-piece on the ‘Dirty Dozen‘–namely John Vennari, Fr. Nicholas Gruner and some of the publications and groups with which they are associated such as the Remnant, the Society of St. Pius X and the Fatimah Crusader–have lately found themselves comfortably bedded-down with wolves in sheep’s clothing who comport themselves as ‘conservative Rabbis’ sharing Christians’ concerns for the ‘decline in morality,’ Daniel Lapin, Mayer Shiller and Yahuda Levin. These men–blind, arrogant, deceitful followers of a book that might as well have been written by the hand of Satan himself–the Talmud–with its characterization of Christ as a sexual pervert and his mother Mary a whore and yet these men are paid lip service from the likes of these same ‘anti-Semites’ you mention in your used-toiletpaper article.

No, Morris, there is no need for you or the others to lose any sleep over them. For the most part, they have mastered that part of Jesus’ message in ‘being as meek as doves’ while at the same time forgetting what it was that followed, which was to be as ‘as wise as serpents’. They will keep bantering on about the ‘Message Of Fatima,’ keeping a watchful, wary eye on Russia while you and your brothers in Israel and elsewhere wreak havoc upon the very land where their savior Jesus Christ was born, not to mention on the Christian West itself. They will parrot all the vile garbage that you and your fellow liars spew about the religion of Islam and its adherents, not recognizing that they are slitting their own throats in the process, as the Muslims are the last remaining impediment to you being able to declare victory over the world. When you come for their children and drag them off to fight and die for that vile manifestation of Judaic hatred for all that is decent–Israel–they will hand them over just as your people of the Old Testament did when they threw their own children into a burning pit to appease the pagan god Moloch. And all the while that they are obediently allowing themselves to be distracted with these little trinkets that you have left for them, you can continue on in laying the groundwork for the seizure of their multi-million dollar properties…

…And in the end, as you and the rest of the gang are toasting and celebrating over the victory for which you have longed these last 20 centuries of erasing the name of the hated Jesus from the memories of mankind, you will note how useful were the idiots within the Traditional Catholic movement, the very same people you have described as being ‘the most dangerous group of anti-Semites’ in the world, and will muse amongst yourselves that in the end it was as easy as taking candy from a baby.

2007 Mark Glenn

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