‘He Protesteth Too Much…Effie Eitam and Israel’s Denial of Shin Bet Involvement in Entebbe

You just KNOW it had to come…The panic-stricken denial, the outraged shrieking of ‘how dare you filthy Goyim accuse us Jews of anything untoward, immoral or unseemly’ and–almost as if it were legislatively imposed–the wailing of persecution and anti-Semitism.

And so, true to form and as predictable as vultures at the scene of a 3-day-old road-kill, here ‘they’ come, meaning the makeup artists whose job it is to slap more rouge and mascara on the ugly, syphilitic whore known as Israel and try to do something about the smell of death and deception that follows her around like a black cloud everywhere she goes…

In this case it deals with the recently-released British intelligence reports indicating that the famous Entebbe hijacking in 1976 (and subsequent rescue of the Jewish hostages from the ‘crazed Palestinian militants’ who were holding them) was the handiwork of–ONCE AGAIN, SURPRISE, SURPRISE, Israeli Intelligence. ‘Just in the knick of time’ as the old saying goes, since at that time the US was just about to begin important talks with the PLO over the Palestinian situation, all of which got flushed right down the toilet with this timely act of terrorism.

God must certainly favor these people, just as they have proudly proclaimed ad nauseum these last 2,500 years, because EVERY DAMNED TIME something is about to happen that may impact or reflect negatively upon them and their Chosen People agenda, ‘BATTA-BOOM’–along comes some event that derails it, whether it’s the Holocaust, the assassination of President John F Kennedy, 911 or a hundred thousand other events of a similar nature whose common theme is that in the end this ‘shitty little country’–as Israel is commonly referred to throughout the rest of the civilized world–comes out smelling like a rose.

And so, employing the cinematic expertise and flair for drama that they share with their cousins in Hollywood, as if right on cue comes the award-winning performance of General Effie Eitam, Knesset member and one of the brave Israeli commandos who–rather than shooting Palestinian children in the head that day in 1976, decided instead to fly to Uganda and rescue some nice Jewish folks whose lives were being threatened by, as always– ‘fanatic Middle-Eastern terrorists’. The only thing missing from his recent performance before word-wide media was the infamous ‘tearing of the robes’ shtick made famous by the High Priest Caiphas some 2000 years ago when sentencing Jesus of Nazareth to death…


‘I am furious at any insinuation that Israelis orchestrated this. The facts need no justification. How dare anyone accuse us of creating this horrific kidnapping scene as a public relations stunt? Ours is not a tradition that readily sacrifices people or spills its own blood for PR value….The lies in this report end here and now. It is about as audacious as the accusation that Israel was responsible for 9/11.’


Nice try, Effie, and despite the fact that you did so with great passion and moxie, the fact of the matter is that you might as well have been trying to argue the theory that the world was flat for all the credibility that your words contained. The whole thing reminds me of the way Al Capone used to get insulted when people suggested that he and his organization were not on the up-and-up, and who with great flair would insist that he was just a businessman and that all the conspiracy theories swirling about him and his gang were the result of ‘anti-Italianism’.

Unfortunately for Effie and the rest of his once-wandering troubadours, circus performers and web-weavers, there is this social science known as history that does not exactly work in their favor when it comes to trying to doll-up this great experiment in Jewish self-rule known as Israel. Given the fact that it has been built on a flawed foundation–meaning, based upon the idea that the Jews are God’s chosen people–by default this indicates that it is structurally weak and prone to all sorts of problems, which is why terror and lies have to be an intricate part of how it is all held together. No other political system in history (the possible exception being the Soviet Union, which, interestingly enough, has provided the largest numbers of emigrants to Israel) has had to use lying to such an extent in order to remain at least somewhat viable.

Keep something in mind here folks…this is standard operating procedure when it comes to these people. They get caught time and again in the middle of something nefarious and, rather than admitting to the obvious, making a firm resolution to do their penance and refrain from similar behavior in the future, instead they attempt to secure their rescue by opening the floodgates of their seemingly-bottomless subconscious wellspring of duplicity and unleashing a river of lies. When caught with their hand in the cookie jar, they deny that it’s a cookie jar and that it’s their own hand.

The facts need no ‘justification’ concerning the history of Zionist double-dealing for PR value? You’ve got to be kidding me. Did he blink when he was saying this or did he do it with a straight face? Is there something in the water there in Israel, some kind of heavy element such as lead that causes people to suffer from certain types of mental illness or is this rather something that they possess all on their own? I guess Jesus was not being figurative when he said that these guys were liars tried-and-true and that deception was their native tongue.

Well, then, let’s just start with their own people, the Jews, since they are the ones he referenced directly.

We have Herzl himself, the ‘Big Guy’ who got this whole murderous ball rolling and who reveled at the idea that anti-Semitism would be advantageous to the Zionists, since it would drive Jews into Palestine. Remember his famous line–‘The anti-Semites will become our closest friends and allies?’

Next we have Dr. Rudolph Kastner, high official in the Zionist cabal who conspired with Adolph Eichmann of Nazi Germany fame to assist in the transfer of some 750,000 European Jews to the infamous ‘death camps’ in return for being able to pick a few hardcore, ardent Zionists out of the group for transplantation to Palestine. Don’t believe me? Just do a Google search and you will find records from sources no less credible than those of the Israeli Supreme Court itself.

Next we have none other than David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first Prime Minister, who once quipped that if he had to choose between saving the Jews of Europe from the Holocaust vs. seeing the creation of the state of Israel that he would choose the latter. So much for all the crocodile tears he shed over the loss of those 6 million ‘blessed souls’ as they have been called. In his own words, they were expendable to the greater goal of creating the same nation that was destroyed by the hand of God some 2,000 years ago.

Next in line is Ariel Sharon himself, who in an interview he gave in 1982 had the following to say–


‘Even if you’ll prove to me that the present war in Lebanon is a dirty immoral war, I don’t care. We shall start another war, kill and destroy more and more. And do you know why it is all worth it? Because it seems that this war has made us Jews more unpopular among the civilized world…Let me tell you what the sweetest fruit of this war is: It is that the Gentiles now don’t just hate Israel. Thanks to us, now they also hate all those Jews in Paris, London, New York, Frankfurt and Montreal. Now the Jews there are getting it because of us, and I am telling you, it is a pleasure to watch. Those Jews are being identified with us Zionists and that’s a good thing! Their cemeteries are being desecrated, their synagogues are set on fire, all their old nicknames are being revived, they are being expelled from the best clubs, people shoot into their ethnic restaurants murdering their small children, forcing them to remove any sign showing them to be Jews, forcing them to move and change their profession.”


Keep in mind as well the dozens and dozens of instances over the years where individuals from within the Jewish community were caught in all sorts of nefarious ‘anti-Semitic’ business, whether it was painting swastikas on Jewish gravestones or other staged events that were of a more dangerous and life-threatening nature. When we consider what an intricate part ‘Jewish suffering’ is to the Judaic mindset as the fuel that propels the machinery of Zionism and the glue that holds the tribe together, we can see then why it is so necessary for the more ambitious amongst them to terrorize their own people with violence and the ever-looming ‘existential threat’ as they constantly put it. After all, Israel‘s intelligence service, Mossad did not adopt as its slogan ‘By way of deception, thou shalt do war’ just because it had a catchy ring to it. As they have found out all too well, lying and false flag operations pay off handsomely in terms of PR, and particularly when Jews die in the process.

What chutzpah. Not an ounce of shame as he (as well as the rest of his countrymen in Israel and around the world) sits there and pontificates to the rest of the world what an awful thing it is to look at Israel’s history of violence, lying and terror and conclude from this history that she would be willing to do something as relatively small as a staged hijacking. Remember that before this hijacking took place, there was this thing known as the Lavon affair, where Israeli agents were caught blowing up American and British government facilities in order to make the Egyptians look bad. The rest of the list is a bottomless pit of violence and duplicity as well–The bombing of the King David hotel…The murder of Count Folk Bernadotte…The assassination of John F Kennedy…The attack on the USS Liberty…The planned assassination of George Herbert Walker Bush at th3 Madrid peace talks…The murder of 242 US Marines in Beirut…9/11 and the anthrax attacks…

And the list goes on and on, and yet he sits there, THEY SIT THERE, straight-faced and outraged that ANYONE could suggest that they, the Jews, ‘God’s chosen people,’ innocent, blameless and as pure as the wind-driven snow, could have anything to do with such business.

Is the picture coming into focus yet, ladies and gentlemen? Are you starting to ‘get it’ now? What we are dealing with here is a criminal mentality that thinks it can do whatever the hell it wants to anyone–all the death, mayhem and destruction that this small band of thugs has wrought all over the world this last century including bringing all earth’s 6 billion inhabitants to the brink of Armageddon and yet the reaction from their corner when sane members of the human race protest is one of ‘How dare you’.

But then what more could we expect from such a crew as this? After all, we are dealing with a group of people who really do buy into all of that nonsense that by virtue of their violent, covetous, greedy, dishonest and predatory behavior somehow God thinks they are better than the rest of mankind and thus the regular rules do not apply to them. Kind of goes a long way towards explaining why there is this thing known as ‘anti-Semitism’, does it not?


‘How dare they’? he asks…


No, General Eitam, HOW DARE YOU.

How dare you and the rest of your scum-bag entourage of gangsters from the ghettoes of Eastern Europe try to impose upon the rest of the world this backwards, Neanderthalistic logic that somehow you are better than the rest of us and endowed with the moral right to murder, steal, lie, cheat, rape and pillage, just as your abominable Talmud preaches. How dare you lecture the rest of us on decency when you and your abominable state of Israel–nothing more than an atheist, ethno-centric hangout for thieves, murderers, extortionists, pedophiles, child molesters, sex-slave dealers, drug pushers and pornographers–stand there in brazen audacity before God and His world and declare your superiority. It is no wonder you people have been despised and expelled from every country in which you have dwelt. By your thinking and the behavior that accompanies it, you become like a virus and healthy nations are wise to drive you out, for their own survival.

Nevertheless, in the midst of all this seriousness I can still appreciate theatrical drama. Despite the fact that Judaism teaches that as a Gentile I am a beast who has been given a human form so as to better serve the Jews, the fact is that I am not a complete cretin…

And so for what it’s worth, in the midst of such great showmanship and stagecraft, I would like to add my own theatrical 2 cents to the whole production of Israel’s denial of what took place in 1976 by quoting Shakespeare himself, the greatest of all writers when it comes to dramatic dialogue and profundity…


‘Me thinks he protesteth too much.’


2007 by Mark Glenn

Correspondent, American Free Press Newspaper







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