The Savage Nation

‘Shove it up your pipe. I don’t wanna hear anymore about Islam…Take your religion and shove it up your behind…I’m sick of you…What kind of religion is this?…What kind of world are you living in when you let them in here with that throwback document in their hand, the Koran, a book of hate?…They need deportation, and without due process…They need to be forcibly converted to Christianity…It’s the only thing that can probably turn them into human beings.”

CAN YOU JUST IMAGINE, ladies and gents, the shrieking and howling taking place this very moment if the victims of this tirade had been Jews instead of Muslims, or if the author of this tirade–rather than being a hardcore Zionist Jew–had been a Christian or Muslim scholar of some sort or even–heaven forbid–a big-time media type?

I mean, consider for a moment what we are talking about here and decide for yourself whether I am out-to-lunch on this one. An out-in-front media personality whose show is syndicated on over 400 radio programs across the country, 3 hrs a day, five days a week, saying something like this about anyone but Muslims (or Christians) and getting away with it? Substitute the word ‘Islam’ in this text with ‘Judaism’ and call the Jewish Talmud (with all its well-documented references to Jesus as a sorcerer and sexual pervert, His Mother a prostitute and His followers being lower than cattle) a ‘book of hate’ and the above-quoted text goes from being an enthusiastic, patriotic speech by a rightfully-outraged/red-blooded American who has ‘had it up to here’ to something that would cause Iran’s Ahmadinejhad to lose his title of ‘the New Hitler’. All the predictable characters would come out in force with their trademark irrational wailing and tearing-of-the-robes-Caiaphas-style and the rest of us poor saps would be subjected 24/7 to the typical ‘LET HIS BLOOD BE UPON US AND UPON OUR CHILDREN’ war cry heard time and again these last 2,000 years whenever someone, ANYONE, has fallen into disfavor with even one of the ‘self-appointed better-brethren’ from the synagogue.

But yet, not a peep…Nada…Niente…zilch…NOTHING in terms of censure from his bosses at Clear Chanel where his show is hosted or even an apology for that matter. No gasps or groans from those who have made it their business to sniff out the ill wind of bigotry like a pack of blood hounds…No outraged or even embarrassed advertisers pulling their sponsorship from his show…Not only was he not thrown off the air (as was recently the case with another popular radio host after his disparaging remarks about some black basketball players) there weren’t even any calls for such action…No protests outside the radio station where this took place, such as what happened at Columbia University when the President of Iran visited and dared exercise the right of free speech that war hawks are always saying we need to bring to the people of Iran, preferably with bombs.

The answer (of course) is as obvious as a cockroach on a wedding cake as to why all of this has taken place and why everything that would normally be taking place in the ‘hate-free zone’ known as America has not–The racist, bigoted, unread, unlearned, small-minded individual responsible for saying these things to tens of millions of people is a hardcore Zionist Jew by the name of Michael (Weiner) Savage, and, as already indicated, the victims of his tirade were Muslims, which is why it is perfectly okay to get more than a little bit greasy with the rules governing racism, bigotry, incendiary language, etc, etc, etc…

And not just once, ladies and gentlemen, but literally THOUSANDS of times over the last few years. In addition to lying about Islam and in general trying to create the same kind of hostile atmosphere against Middle Easterners that existed against Jews in Nazi Germany he is also on the record supporting and calling for the release of Jonathon Pollard, America’s most infamous and dangerous spy who sold some 800,000 pages of highly classified (dare we say, dangerously classified) material to Israel who in turn then sold this information to America‘s arch-enemy at that time, the Soviet Union. Although (for reasons of preserving what little peace of mind I have been able to attain in dark days such as these) I have not listened to Savage in several years, I know nonetheless that his anti-Arab/anti-Islam/Pro-Judaic delivery is as intrinsically tied to his daily business as tomatoes are to spaghetti sauce, and unfortunately his bosses are absolutely determined to shove it (and the war) down the throats of every American, even if it winds up killing all of us in the process.

Of course, naïve but well-intentioned Americans might (we hope) be asking themselves the question–How? How can this be that in a day and age such as this that an individual can get away with saying such things and that there is no backlash?

Well, the answer is actually quite simple–Welcome to the savage nation, ladies and gentlemen…

No, I am not talking about the radio program ‘The Savage Nation’ hosted by the aforementioned ‘ex’ communist Michael (Weiner) Savage, trying through shallow, transparent means to create the illusion that he has abandoned all that Talmudic-inspired hatred of Christianity, turned over a new leaf and is now best-buds with all the conservative Christians whose support is a must when it comes to that great experiment in Jewish self-rule in the Middle East. The fact that he has chosen to name his radio program ‘The Savage Nation’ and the fact that this is what America has become is just a ‘happy’ coincidence, ‘happy’, this is, unless you’re a Muslim.

Rather, in this case ‘savage nation’ is a diagnosis of the state of our union and describes the overall condition in American society after nearly a century of Zionist poison being poured into our political, cultural and moral systems. When reduced to its bare minimum, The Savage Nation that we call America is a living testament to hypocrisy, violence, intolerance, and all rooted in what can be accurately called Jewish self-absorption and Pharisaical double-mindedness. Having been bitten by the Zionist vampire, now our society has become a vampire itself of sorts-violent, irrational, self-absorbed and without pity for the victims of our bloodlust. While such a program is live and on the air–as it has been since 9/11 and before–all the lessons shoved down our throats for the last 60 years (and counting) concerning bigotry, racism, intolerance, genocide, etc, etc, etc, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH suddenly change course 180 degrees and morph into a completely different creature. All at once, as if by the wave of a magic wand, these horrible aspects of human nature (said to have created the atmosphere that caused the deaths of 6 million superior, blessed beings) become laudable, uncontrollable instincts necessary for the survival of America and Western Civilization. Suddenly, when it is an ‘ex’ communist Jew spewing all this distilled and undiluted hatred (dare I say ‘anti-Semitism’, since the Arabs are indeed Semites?) then suddenly all the rules governing ‘moral’ behavior have asterisks attached to them, noting that an exception exists.

In a case where life imitates art as opposed to vice-versa, American society has become the reality-based adaptation of Mel Gibson’s movie Apocalypto, where a nation of savages (governed by a select priesthood whose lust for power is not subject to any kind of reason or morality) hunts down innocent people and subjects them to horrible deaths. All morality in America has now become selective and everything–including the annihilation of entire nations–is suborned to what is said by the ruling Jewish/Zionist elite to be in the national interest, although they fail to say that the nation in question is Israel instead of America. The only difference between the Mayans of that film and the Americans of today is that the Mayans did not have special-interest groups that employed tactics normally associated with the secret police of some totalitarian state such as the ADL that bombarded the people 24/7 with propaganda on things such as hate and intolerance in order to make them more malleable to the agenda of the day.

Now, lest the reader think I am picking only on (or making much too big a thing of) poor lil’ old harmless Zionist Jew Michael Weiner Savage, understand that I recognize he is just one of many pipers playing the same ‘kill all the Muslims’ military march. Besides fellow tribe members such as Podhoretz, Kristol, Krauthammer, Pipes, et al, we also have the non-Jewish others who have been given a temporary place on stage alongside their non-Gentile betters and who are jamming away as well, adding to the war fever cacophony at the savage nation symphony.

Consider the remarks recently made by Ann Coulter, out to become the next ‘blond bombshell’ of the Islamophobia pogrom. Unable to impress anyone with what is (at best) an unimpressive IQ, Coulter (forgetting that she is not some college aged girl anymore) sells her brand of Arab and Muslim anti-Semitism through exposing as much cheesecake as possible without breaking any public nudity laws while at the same time engaging in the kind of rhetoric that usually precedes a lynching or an arson of some unwelcome minority member. Of her more memorable gems was the recent one of her gloating over the incineration of several hundred thousand innocent Japanese citizens when America unleashed–not just one, but two–weapons of mass destruction on them. Coulter’s position (that she has uttered on several occasions, as if once weren’t enough an assault upon the rest of the sane world) is that perhaps the same thing should be done to all the ‘camel-riding Nomads’.

Yes, the hundreds of millions of men, women and children in the Middle East (Christian as well as Muslim, a fact she conspicuously hides from her predominately ‘Christian’ audience) who find themselves in the unenviable position of being between the crosshairs of Judaism’s most devoted fanatics should be exterminated in what is technically and legally considered an act of terrorism.

And yet, in this, the savage nation, no one bats an eye. No one considers what is really being advocated here when these things are taken to their logical conclusion. Gullible, uncritical Americans of virtually every stripe, whether they be conservative, liberal, Christian or whatnot, do not see the glaring contradictions and hypocrisy in it all. They sit and obediently beat their breasts over what happened to the Jews during all those millions upon billions of instances of persecution throughout history and then are ready to turn around and do it all over again when a handful of Zionist Jews advocate doing it to Muslims.

Of course, the truly sickening thing in all of it is the affectation from individuals like Savage, Coulter, et al as they try to play up their ‘love of America’ and affinity for Christians, merely a modern-day re-adaptation of Judas’ kiss of Jesus before his betrayal. I have to wonder why–when in the middle of one of their all-too-common bashing sessions on the supposedly ‘anti-Christian’ parts of the Koran that they fail to talk about the MOTHER of all hate books, meaning the Talmud? Why are they completely silent about the reverential treatment the Koran affords Jesus while at the same time refusing to delve into the absolutely hateful things said about Him in the Talmud? When tugging at our patriotic heartstrings and referencing 9/11, why is it that neither of them mention the huge Israeli spy ring that was busted up in the days immediately afterwards, some of these ‘nice Jewish folks’ from the nation said to be ‘America’s only ally’ in the Middle East caught in EXTREMELY incriminating circumstances, such as the 5-man team caught filming the planes crashing into the towers and cheering? While talking about this ‘act of war against the people of the United States’, why not a peep about the Israeli attack on the USS Liberty that resulted in the deaths of 34 of our men?

Again, the answer is quite simple–welcome to the savage nation, ladies and gentlemen, where being a good Christian means giving the Jews everything they want, including Armageddon itself and where being a patriotic citizen of the United States means looking the other way at the dozens of instances where Israeli treachery and double-dealing have led to the murder of American citizens on many occasions.

More importantly, the question (that will never be answered but nevertheless must be asked) is this–Where in the world are the watchmen on the tower? Where are Abe Foxman and Morris Dees, warning us that another holocaust is right around the corner? Where is Alan Dershowitz predicting that a new and improved version of Kristalnacht is about to erupt? Where is that loudmouth Rabbi Feldman (who wanted Mel Gibson and everyone involved in making The Passion of the Christ arrested under the provisions of the Patriot Act and tried for terrorism) kvetching and oy-veying about all this blatant bigotry, racism and intolerance? What, did they all decide to simultaneously go on vacation somewhere, say perhaps to the Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial in Israel and thus now find themselves temporarily ‘out of the loop’ and therefore unable to adequately add their usual two-shekels to these otherwise earth-shattering developments?

Well, I’m sure we would all like to think so, but in this case, I don’t think so.

No, had it been anyone–OF ANY CALIBER–even hinting of anything similar to what was said by these two pseudo-patriotic/pseudo lovers of American ‘freedom’ and the bill of rights (which just so happens to include the same freedom of religion that they want outlawed when it comes to Muslims) and it had been JEWS who were the victims of this verbal holocaust rather than Muslims, the shrieking would have been deafening. It would have been in our faces, in our ears, in our mouths, up our nostrils and in every other place they could have put it and it would have been 24/7, pre-empting even advertising revenue cash cows such as Desperate Housewives or The Bachelor for any new updates.

But then, what more are we to expect from individuals such as this? After all, they–meaning the members of the Jewish lobby–have made it patently clear that the holocaust is ‘their baby’ and that there is only one kind of genocide that counts when all is said and done. All the recent panicking from groups such as the ADL over the proposed resolution in the US House of Representatives recognizing the slaughter of 1.5 million Armenians during the early part of the 20th century by the Ottoman Turks as Genocide is proof positive of the fact that they really don’t care about the suffering of ordinary humans like moi et toi, but only the ‘special’ suffering of God’s favorite creatures.

And this is what we have become, ladies and gentlemen, fellow citizens of the savage nation…We have become a nation that has forfeited virtues such as fair play, honesty, freedom, and many others in exchange for all the savage qualities that are and always have been the calling card of Talmudic Judaism and its ugly twin sister, Zionism. Just as the old saying ‘lie down with dogs and wake up with fleas’ suggests, because of the fact we have allowed this unnatural blood transfusion between the once (at least nominally) Christian nation of America and the anti-Christian state of Israel to take place, we too have now acquired all the humanity-robbing traits that are all too commonplace in that irrational, self-absorbed, epitome of tribal narcissism–the Jewish state–and, just as Israel is falling apart now and taking the world down with her in the process, so are we, because a nation of savages cannot function indefinitely. At some point it has to die a horrible death–not quiet, dignified or noble, but rather according to the character that is has become. In the case of America, as we can plainly see with every passing day, it is not the America of our forefathers who fought a war against would-be tyrants, but something else, something darker, increasingly a nation of men who wear the outer veneer of civilization but who inside flock to the likes of men such as the Zionists and to their vision of the savage nation.

2007 Mark Glenn

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