All Indicators Are That War With Iran Is Still in the Offing

Foolishly, when the National Intelligence Estimate was released late last year many spectators in the bleachers watching (what appeared would be) an imminent war with Iran breathed a sigh of relief, and thinking the game was over began packing their things to go home.

In truth though they should have hung around a few minutes more and paid some mind to that old saying ‘It ain’t over till it’s over’. What they failed to consider is the fanaticism driving certain players in this game, not the least of whom are the Zionists controlling George Bush and George Bush himself. Bush and his handlers (both in the US and Israel and being the genuine Armageddonites they are) see themselves as the guys in the white hats fighting an epic battle against the forces of evil. This being the case, rational persons should understand that the release of the NIE would and will have little effect on them when it comes to doing the Lord’s work of wiping out Judea’s ancient enemies in Persia. And while some–viewing all this with a sense of unrealistic optimism–may still think Bush’s continuing rhetoric against Iran is all just an act, wiser heads should assume it is the real deal and come to grips with the likelihood that he indeed plans to make good on all the promises he made to his Zionist overlords prior to his election in 2000.

In the first case, people should consider that Bush has been a cauldron of sorts since the release of the NIE and seething with embarrassment and humiliation. His recalcitrance in this matter is easily proven by the fact he has not relented one iota in his previous position that Iran ‘was, is and will be’ a danger to the world. Rather than trusting the intelligence services whose multi-billion dollar budgets he himself approves he has cast aside the opinions of experts and professionals who are as wedded to their work as Mozart was to his music. In effect, it is similar to an obstinate man being told by a team of doctors that the patient in question does not have a deadly case of appendicitis but rather a simple case of indigestion and the man, listening to the mad voices in his head and the mad voices of his handlers, grabs the scalpel and begins slashing away in an effort to ‘cure’ the situation as he sees fit.

As for Bush’s handlers–both in Israel and the US–before the ink had even dried on the NIE they were shrieking and howling like spoiled children, just standard operating procedure whenever the Jewish state does not get the lollipop or new toy it demands, in this case an atomic war against Iran resulting in the deaths of millions. Politicians and military people alike in Israel have since scoffed at the NIE with a mixture of rage and ridicule, have characterized the NIE as either rubbish or else a deliberate maneuver to endanger Israel and have made it clear that if the US does not go forward with the annihilation of Iran that Israel will do it herself. Within what seemed like minutes of the NIE’s release it was announced that Bush was headed to Israel for his first presidential visit, and even though the stated reason for his visit was making peace between the thug Jewish state and the Palestinian Christians and Muslims (victims to the longest military occupation in modern history) it is more likely that the real reason is to get his marching orders from his bosses in Tel Aviv regarding war with Iran and to coordinate how it will be brought about.

And then, almost as if by magic before he had even landed, several incidents had taken place, the first being the launching of 2 Katyusha rockets–said to have come from Hezbollah-controlled southern Lebanon into northern Israel. The rockets are of course ‘Iranian’ in origin, just like all the supposed IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices) killing American troops in Iraq. Following close on the heals of this was the ‘clash’ between elements of the Iranian navy and 3 US warships passing through the straits of Hormuz. The manner in which the event was splashed across American news channels depicted 5 Iranian fast boats–not much larger than an ordinary fishing boat and incapable of carrying anything more than a few personnel–charging the American ships (that could have cut them to shreds literally within seconds) in a ‘threatening and provocative’ manner. A video tape released by the Navy figured an Iranian radio transmission to the US ships saying ‘We are coming to you, and within a few minutes you will explode.’

Predictably, the 2-headed government/media hydra–infested to the gills with Zionist operatives made the most of it in again striking up the cacophony of the war symphony. Bush, like an attack dog on a short leash snarled and growled on command and used the event to reiterate his position that Iran was a threat to world peace and threatened retaliation if it were repeated.

What is particularly interesting about this latest ‘incident’ is how it resembles an event that took place during the Reagan era. In his 2nd book ‘The Other Side Of Deception’ ex-Mossad agent Victor Ostrovsky detailed how Israel–desperately wanting US military action initiated against Libya–employed what was called ‘Operation Trojan Horse’. At the time, Libya’s Muhammar Kaddafi was ‘the new Hitler’ (just as Iran’s Ahmadinejhad is today) and in the interests of showing who’s boss in the big bad Middle East, Israel’s intelligence service tricked the Americans into thinking that not only was Libya responsible for past acts of terror but planning new ones as well. Like all Mossad ‘By way of deception, thou shalt do war’ operations, an Israeli team was sent into Libya with a radio transmitter where fake messages in Arabic containing the aforementioned incriminating material were broadcast to an eavesdropping United States. The gullible Americans, monitoring the chatter and prodded by Mossad, fell for the ploy, resulting in a US strike being launched against Libya with 160 aircraft.

Surprisingly (or perhaps not) within a day of the Iranian ‘incident’ and following Iran’s denial of the course of events (along with video and audio of its own contradicting the American claims) the US navy was backtracking and was forced to admit that it did not know who really broadcast the messages. The frequency used to make the threats was an international frequency, easily accessible by literally anyone and thus could have originated from any boat in the area, or even from some ‘unknown location’ on shore.

Before leaving the Jewish state to visit with the leaders of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Kuwait (seeking support for military action against Iran) America’s fearless leader visited Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial, Israel’s ‘holy of holies’ and a ‘must-see’ for all visiting dignitaries. Donning his mandated Jewish skull cap and ignoring the holocaust of the Palestinian Christians and Muslims taking place a mere few yards away, he wept for Hitler‘s Jewish past victims and said that ‘When evil exists we must resist it’ and then later when talking about the death camps said clearly ‘We should have bombed Auschwitz’.

It should be remembered that since Israel set Iran in her sights, it has been a daily, if not hourly mantra–‘It is 1938…Iran is the new Germany and Ahmadinejhad is the new Hitler…’

Of course, many would say that Bush’s remarks were merely him adhering to that old dictum ‘When in Rome, do as the Romans do’, since Israel’s existence is as intrinsically tied to the constant, somber remembrance of Jewish persecution as beer-drinking and festivities are at Oktoberfest…

However, a few things–as troubling as they are–need to be kept in mind as well before closing the book a few pages short of the end. There are still US two carrier groups sitting not far from where the recent ‘incident’ with Iran took place. A few months before the release of the NIE, news stories began circulating of Iran having developed a ‘deadly’ new submarine capable of evading US sonar. Shortly thereafter, well-known journalist Seymour Hersh wrote of inside information he received detailing how a bull’s-eye had been spray-painted on a US ship stationed in Qatar immediately across from the Iranian coast and how ‘the Iranians’ had done it. There is at least one Israeli submarine in the Persian Gulf, and given the treasonous theft and transfer to Israel of high-tech information by one Jonathon Pollard, who can say what kind of advantages Israel has gained in terms of sonar and stealth capabilities over US surface ships? America has fought many wars as a direct or indirect result of ‘naval incidents’, including the Civil War, the Spanish American War, WWI, WWII, and the Gulf of Tonkin incident that led to Johnson’s ‘troop surge’ in Vietnam.

And last but not least, there is Israel’s murderous attack on the USS Liberty, meant to be the catalyst in bringing about Armageddon for the sake of the poor, beleaguered Jewish state to consider, as well as that other old dictum concerning ‘a leopard changing its spots’.

And when all this is taken together, it is only those in the bleachers who do not truly understand the nature of the game being played who heave a sigh of relief before the final buzzer rings and start heading home, along with their false sense of security.

2007 Mark Glenn, Correspondent for American Free Press Newspaper

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