UK Schoolchildren to be Indoctrinated on Jewish Suffering


In yet another installment of the Zionist agenda’s forced-feeding of Holocaust indoctrination in the interests of silencing critics of the Jewish state, a new program in England will see to it that at least 2 students from every school in England visit the infamous Auschwitz death camp each year to ensure that ‘the lessons of the Nazi genocide live on with a new generation’. Students selected for the visit will meet at least one survivor, see the camp’s living quarters and crematoria and be subjected to all the infamous items so much the subject of Holocaustism the last half-century–Inmates’ registration documents, piles of hair, shoes, clothes, etc, as well as hearing first-hand accounts of life and death in the camp. The visit will conclude with a solemn memorial service.

In preparation for the visit, carefully-screened students will be ‘warmed-up’ ahead of time by hearing testimony from a survivor of the camp, and following their return will attend a seminar to ‘reflect on the experience’. Karen Pollock, chief executive of the Holocaust Education Trust directing the visits said the project was ‘aimed at turning the educated into educators’, adding ‘We are aware there’s going to be a time where there aren’t any survivors left to go into schools, and these young people on these visits themselves become eye-witnesses.’ Ms. Pollock is further quoted saying ‘Some students who visited were inspired to distribute leaflets protesting against the British National Party candidates standing in their local council elections’.

In other words, the supporters of the Jewish state know that-just as the old saying states, ‘All good things must come to an end’ and that there is a shelf-life to the narcotic effect of Holocaustianity and thus in order to ensure that the goose continues laying the golden egg Gentiles must be turned into political activists for the Jewish state.

Parenthetically, is this perhaps what was predicted in the Book of Revelations when speaking of a ‘beast’ that forced all mankind to bow down before it and whose number was ‘666’–meaning ‘6,000,000, 6,000,000, 6,000,000,’?…

The UK government is expected to fund the bulk of the cost of each student’s trip while the school itself must come up with the roughly-remaining 33%. The program that began in 2006 will soon be receiving £1.5 million of government funding each year until 2011, with the promise of further funding in the future. Jim Knight, Minister for UK’s schools is quoted saying ‘The Holocaust was one of the most significant events in world history…Six million people died, not for what they had done, but simply for who they were. What strikes me is the sheer scale of it and how industrialised and mechanised the process of killing people became at Auschwitz. It was not hot-blooded brutality, it happened in a very planned way, with some people designing the process of death and others carrying it out. Every young person should have an understanding of this.”

As usual, this latest development clearly reveals the myopic, narcissistic and narrow-as-a-knitting needle world-view of those drunk on the hooch of ‘Jewish issues’. As if no other human suffering mattered a whit (or at least had to stand in line and receive whatever scraps were left from the buffet of human concern) it is only the suffering of the world’s tiniest, most clannish and exclusive minority that counts. Instead of merely stopping in Poland, perhaps the school children should go further east into what was once Bolshevik Russia, where between 40 and 60 million people–mostly Christians–were slaughtered by Jewish terrorists who later fled the Soviet Union and founded the state of Israel. If this latest program in the UK–said to be aimed at raising awareness of the evils of genocide and racism–were truly what it is advertised being maybe it should return to the genocide waged by the British against the Irish and then later the Native Americans.

Better yet, rather than dwelling on the past, there is the present that best tells the ugly, hellish tale of genocide and racism. If the aforementioned Mr. Knight is so shocked at the ‘industrialised and mechanised process of killing people’ that took place under the German Nazis, he would no doubt be mesmerized at how thing have improved since that time when it comes to the Nazis operating within the US and Israel.

The first example of this fact obviously is the holocaust taking place in Iraq were as many as 2,000,000 people have died as a result of war, famine and disease since hostilities were initiated at the behest of the Jewish state under the regime of George Bush the elder almost 20 years ago. Another 4,000,000 have been displaced with no chance (or desire) of returning to a war-torn country that continues to be ripped to shreds by a non-stop Mossad/CIA- instigated sectarian civil war, to say nothing of the Depleted Uranium poisoning that will be present there for the next 4 billion years. Likewise with Afghanistan which is also dying a slow death that will for some time. Closer to the Holy Land (or at least the land that was holy until the ugly footprint of the Zionist boot made itself visible) is Palestine, the land that remained free of the syphilis of Zionism for almost 2,000 years–250,000 persons dead, a million displaced and the remaining being slowly genocided by the Jewish state that considers them–both Christians and Muslims–‘inferior beings’ when compared to the Jews themselves. North from there is Lebanon, where–in addition to the tens of thousands murdered directly or indirectly by God’s chosen invaders over the last few decades–are the thousands more who will die as a result of the 1,000,000+ cluster bombs that were dropped during the last hours of Israel’s 2006 terror campaign and that still remain unexploded.

Let everyone hope that in the end the overreaching tendencies of Israel’s supporters will overstay their welcome and that people will truly begin to understand that all genocides are evil, even those involving lesser beings not of Jewish blood and that all holocausts, even those bearing the distinction of being one less than 6 million, deserve being remembered.

2008 By Mark Glenn, Correspondent–American Free Press Newspaper


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