Medvedev’s Election Signals that Russia Will Stay the Course

2008, Mark Glenn

Despite the implication of what ‘Russian Roulette’ entails–meaning a fool’s game of chance with death–there is nothing suicidal (on a personal or national level) about what the ruling elite in Russia are planning, and no better proof of this lies than in the recent election of Dmitry Medvedev to the presidency.

Long considered to be Vladimir Putin’s protégé, Medvedev secured over 70% of the vote in the election taking place March 2nd. He has vowed to continue with what he calls ‘the Putin Plan’ which, put simply means a defensive/aggressive stance when dealing with Western/Zionist interests that want to bring Russia under the thumb of the New World Order. In his first statement following the election, Medvedev is quoted saying his policies will be “A direct continuation of that path which was carried out and is being carried out by President Putin.” Despite a few protests from disgruntled candidates as well as from groups long-alleged to be creatures of western intelligence agencies aligned with or working for the US, Great Britain, Israel’s Mossad or all 3, the general mood in Russia is one of victory and confidence. Within minutes of the announcement that Medvedev was the projected winner, large groups of Russians marched through Moscow toward the U.S. Embassy to criticize American policies in Kosovo, Iraq and the Muslim world.

And there is good reason for such a festive mood these days. Medvedev is seen as something of an adopted son to Putin, who himself is wildly popular for his no-nonsense approach when it comes to Russia’s national interests. Putin is credited with pulling Russia out of the post Soviet-era corruption that marked the heyday of Boris Yeltsin’s drunken and compromised presidency. He nationalized industries that had been absconded and bled dry by unscrupulous predators holding dual citizenship in Israel and funneled the proceeds into the Russian economy. He raised the standard of living for virtually all Russians, paid off the debt to the International Monetary Fund and as a result Russia, flush with cash profits from her oil and gas sales is now posting a surplus of over half a trillion dollars.

Not a newcomer to politics or to Putin’s agenda, Medvedev served under the former KGB colonel as chief of staff, first deputy prime minister and then chairman of the state-controlled gas industry Gazprom. Given the thirst for fossil fuel in nearby industrialized Western Europe as well as in those Eastern European countries making up the former Soviet Union, Gazprom’s importance cannot be understated. Economically speaking it is like a loaded gun pointed at the industrial engines of those countries lying to Russia’s west. Putin has used Russia’s control over these resources as political leverage with countries dependent upon her for this commodity and has exacted political concessions from them by using it, no doubt a policy that will continue under a Medvedev presidency.

Possibly the most important part of these recent developments is the fact that the new president has asked Putin to remain in government as Prime Minister and Putin has accepted. Although a post with diminished powers from those of the President, it still affords Putin the opportunity of remaining on the scene and personally overseeing the business taking place in Russia’s Legislative body, the Duma. Readers will recall that in the recent Parliamentary elections late last year, Putin’s ‘United Russia’ party secured close to 80% of the seats. That being said, with a friendly Parliament under his watch as premier, new legislation could easily be written greatly expanding the powers of Putin’s newly-acquired office of Prime Minister. Short of this, Putin will most certainly be there as an important advisor to Medvedev, and as demonstrated throughout centuries of history, advisors often have as much or more of an influence upon an executive than do those holding an elected official position. Besides this, should anything ‘unexpected’ happen such as Medvedev deciding that the responsibilities and rigors of his new job are too much, a new election would then take place in which Putin could legally run for a new term, as the Russian Constitution only bars a person from holding the office of the Presidency more than twice consecutively.

In terms of Russian foreign policy which–simply stated, means holding back the predatory designs of the Zionist cabal controlling the US and Western Europe’s most powerful countries, little if any change can be expected. Putin compared George Bush to a ‘maniac threatening people with a razor’ and Medvedev was quoted saying the US President was ‘semi-senile.’ Both men understand the nature of predators and it can be expected that the new president and his right-hand man in the Duma will continue to pour Russia’s growing wealth into modernizing her armed forces so that the world’s largest country possessing some of the world’s largest natural reserves does not go the way of Iraq and Afghanistan.

It can be anticipated that like flies at a picnic the West–and in particular the US, Israel and all their Zionist subagencies–will attempt to worm their way into the new Medvedev presidency through a combination of threats, bribes, flatteries and insults in trying to reclaim the territory the Neocons lost under the Putin presidency. In all likelihood though this appears doomed to failure, as the power base in Russia is diffused and yet united in its will to survive. If there is anything for which Russians are famous it is in playing chess and after viewing the devastation and carnage wrought on Iraq and Afghanistan as well as considering the vampiric designs the American/Israeli hydra has for other places around the world, the likelihood of the ruling establishment allowing a gun to be put to the head of Mother Russia with all six cylinders loaded is as likely as a January heat wave in Siberia or a cold day in hell. And in the end, it may very well be Russia’s determination to survive that may be the determining factor in driving a stake into the heart of the Zionist beast that has brought nothing but death to every country in which it has gone.

2008 Mark Glenn

  1. #1 by J Simon on 03/03/2008 - 9:34

    Well said.
    J Simon

  2. #2 by T Jones on 03/03/2008 - 9:34

    Finally some good news and hope for the world.

  3. #3 by Dominick Perez on 03/03/2008 - 9:34

    You a communist loving dick-sucker, you really need to take Putin’s dick out of your mouth. I have forwarded your comment to the ADL. You are FUCKED now! By the way, I’m pretty familiar with Idaho so if any Russian gangsters come looking for me you can be sure i’ll be on your ranch in Idaho. I’ve got plenty of guns so if any of your fellow Nazis dare to come by they’ll get theirs. Oh now I get it! You are a Lebanese Arab terrorist supporting scumbag! What was your name before you changed it? Now I see where your rabid anti-semitism comes from. You are a sand-nigger who is angry because the Jews have reclaimed their ancestral homeland and seized their birthright from the satanic Arab scum. Well scumbag what you fail to realize is that there are hate-crime laws currently before Congress, and once the Clinton-Obama presidency begins these laws will be enacted. Eventually anti-semitism will be recognized as the racist crime it is and be punished accordingly. I look forward to reading about your arrest. Did you know that as a Catholic you worship men and not God? No wonder you are so fucked up!
    Dominick Perez

  4. #4 by Don on 03/04/2008 - 9:34

    I like Putin, good man, Hey!! Dominick up your’s, and the ADL.

  5. #5 by dave on 03/04/2008 - 9:34

    America would be better off with Putin as President !
    What does Dominick know hes from south America.

  6. #6 by JAMIE on 03/04/2008 - 9:34


  7. #7 by Rabbit on 03/04/2008 - 9:34

    Russia is increasingly looking like the best bulwark against the gangsters and terrorists in Israel and the USA.

    @Dominick Perez

    Up yours you filthy Zionist bag of shit! What an ugly and hysterical post you made. Showing just exactly what Glenn means when referring to the vile Zionist apes. Reported to the ADL? That pack of slavering haters. You vile toad.

  8. #8 by Mik on 03/04/2008 - 9:34

    Excellent piece, well written and obviously well-researched. Who would have thought that Russia would one day be leading the charge against world tyranny? As far as the comments of ‘Dominick Perez’ I would venture a guess that this is not his real name, and that he is most likely a Zionist Jew, as generally only they resort to using such immature and unintellgent arguments when they can’t make their points using reason.

    Keep up the great work Mr. Glenn and think no more of Dominick and his ilk than you would to what goes down the toilet when you flush it, for in truth that is what people like that are.

  9. #9 by JF on 03/04/2008 - 9:34

    At least Putin stands up to asshole Bush. Fuck Bush and his jew friends.

  10. #10 by Manuel on 03/04/2008 - 9:34

    Wow! Great article, and thanks.

    Dominick, you give a bad name to all of us with Spanish names, although I have to agree with Mik–it’s probably not your real name.

  11. #11 by Colin Mortlock on 03/04/2008 - 9:34

    Good article, my only concern is the reference to the New World Order as being a zionist constructions. The zionists – as big a scumbags as they are – are not the ones behind the new world order, they are simply pawns like the nazis were pawns in a larger scheme orchestrated by the world financial ruling elite; Rockefeller, Rothchilds etc. These people have constantly financed both sides of the wars throughout the last century. The article seems to be pitting russia against the zionist controlled west which to me seems like a set up for world war 3 (4?). Anyways good article and i hope russia truly is becoming independent but as history shows this is most likely not that case, if anything they are just gona be the good guys in the next big war set up by filthy bankers who want one world government……as far as dominicks comment goes, get a fuckin life, the ADL is not the internet police, we are people and alowed to say wutever the fuck we want. Christ there isnt even any reference to anti antisemitism in this article, fuckin goof

  12. #12 by Tim on 03/04/2008 - 9:34

    Mr. Putin, would you be President of the United States and remove the Jewish Oligarchs from our country like you did in Russia?

  13. #13 by Dominick Perez on 03/04/2008 - 9:34

    This blog is filled with anti-semites who hate jews just because we are so much better than they are. The jews are the chosen of god, and all you pathetic goyim serve the jews whether you know it or not. As for your her Putin, he is a jew as well. Does that fact make you angry? Perez is spot on and you losers just can’t handle it.
    Dominick Perez

  14. #14 by Dominick Perez on 03/04/2008 - 9:34

    Hey sand-nigger mike glenn, why not post my comments correctly?

  15. #15 by Miguel Santos on 03/04/2008 - 9:34

    I contacted ‘Dominick’ at the address provided with the following remarks–

    ‘I just read your comments on a article and cannot believe the debased and low-class character in your demeanor. The part I love the most is how you take this fellow and accuse him of being a racist and then launch into a racist tirade of your own, calling the arabs ‘sand-niggers’. What a hypocrite you are. You have no business lecturing anyone on anything. I seriously doubt your name is truly Perez, as no self-respecting person of hispanic origin would behave as you did. I must agree with some of the other comments on the board–you are most likely a Jew pretending to be hispanic and you give us true hispanics a bad name.’

    His response was as follows–
    ‘You are nothing but a piece of shit, who gives a fuck what you think. You and the rest of the scum who posted are anti-semite fascist pieces of shit who hate the fact that the Jew is your superior.’

    I responded back to him with the following–

    ‘Superior? What kind of drugs are you on anyway? Now you’re talking like a Nazi with all that ‘master race’ stuff. And by the way, the Arabs are semites. The Jews are not, as most of them are from Europe and Russia. Therefore your hatred of the arabs is anti-semitic and you should be prosecuted for your hate crimes. Israel is a fascist state for Jews only, just like Hitler wanted for Germany. You don’t see any conflict here?
    I re-read your comments, and the fact that you attack this fellow’s catholicism and then say ‘you people’ indicates you are not hispanic, as virtually all persons of hispanic origin are catholic. You are most likely a Jew pretending to be something you’re not. Typical tricks of the trade. As Jesus said, they are liars and children of the devil.’

    As it turned out, he blocked my email address. He is obviously a liar and coward of the highest order

    M Santos

  16. #16 by Barney on 03/04/2008 - 9:34

    Funny how these devil-worshippers like “Dominick Perez” who claim to be our superiors can hardly put a coherent sentence together and are forced by their lack of intellect and education to resort to obscenities and insults rather than logic.

  17. #17 by Mojo on 03/04/2008 - 9:34

    Thank you Mark for such a good article, people need hope and hearing the truth provides that (it shows us their is a way to defeat this evil empire, unlike this empire portrays in thier media).

    Not only is Russia putting itself in a position to defend its soverign nation and people but also it is helping allies around the globe to put thier nations in as good a defensive position as Russia. Also due to the Wests bullshit approach of alienating Russia and China it pushed the two into each others arms, now they are allied in all aspects and together there is no way these vile pigs can harm them in an significant way.
    All manufacturing an military forces on the border between China and Russia will be untouchable by the Us airforce, S-400, Tor M1 and the vast array of intermiting air defences makes for an inpregnable shield over their nations, the only way the Zionists can try and harm them is a sustained land assault (with no air support to boot), but given the logistics, as soon as Onyx and Sunburn (and Chinese and Koren Variant) missiles wipe out the naval carrier groups, any land forces in Russia or China will be starved to death and have no ammo to fight lol.
    Thier is a last resort in nukes but given the numbers Russia alone posses this is suicide for the satanic regime and they wish for world domination not destruction (after all what can the Satan dominate when everyone is dead?).

    Which leads us to Iran, these vultures are circling but like the cowards they are, will not attack it untill they have a good chance, given the fact China relies on Ian for over 40% its natural gas supply and Russia has many trade agreements with Iran, there is no way either would stand aside and let the Us and Israel run rampant all over it, which is why Russia has Nuclear armed subs in the region, if the mad bastards try to nuke Iran they can be assured of thier mutual destruction even if Iran has not reached Nuclear weapon capability by the time of the attack.

    May Allah (aka God) Bless those who stand against the satan and his minions for thier destruction is assured, yet knowing this his minions will not belive right up untill the moment thier soul is violently ripped from thier body by the angels of Allah.

  18. #18 by Felix on 03/04/2008 - 9:34

    Excellent, well researched and written article. Obviously something one would never read in the msm (ziojew terrorist cartoon propaganda bs designed to numb and sedate the populace). Vladimir Putin and his allies are the only hope humanity has to one day stomp out and eliminate the parasitic, cowardly, warmongering and murdering viral jew plague of the planet. As we know if it weren`t for Putin and his allies so many more sovereign countries would have been bombed and terrorized in the sacred name of “american democracy” by now. Like a previous poster said-can you imagine how much better things would be if Putin were president of the usa? Would that be a dream come true or what?

    As for the delusional, laughable, beyond hope ziojew rodent scum who post their feces on here (Dominick Perez is obviously not that hooknosed bloodsuckers name), wouldn`t your time be better spent cooking up more neverending holyhoax bs? And what time is it in shit aviv?

  19. #19 by William Martin on 03/05/2008 - 9:34

    The newly elected President Medvedev is a genius great lucky businessman can make Russia one the most richest nation in the whole world. Vladimir Putin is the most powerful, intelligent, wise, smart and brave President in the whole world can defeat Jewish Oligarch Zionist Bankers and Western Democracy. Western Evil Democracy is freedom for all evil beast people. Democracy is only favor for rich or greedy evil capitalism or bankers.
    Democarcy and Capitalism Satanic Evil Government are conquered the whole world.

  20. #20 by Admiral on 03/05/2008 - 9:34


    We Russians are fully aware of the faults of both communism and democracy. We prefer to be a Republic similar to Ancient Rome but under a strong man rule. Communism is a Jewish creation (Karl Max) and most of the communist officers involved in the deaths of 60 million Orthodox Catholic Christian Russians are JEWS! There are two kinds of Jews, the Good Jew and the Bad Jew. I am pro-Good Jewish and anti-Bad Jewish. Being a Russian Jew I knew that the author is saying and besides the fact I am a Russian rocket officer and I am telling you now. You Americans are in the same geopolitical situation as that of the Germans before the rise of Hitler. We have been invaded several times but we have prevailed. If America attacks Russia in one way or the other, then better listen to me, we knew how Germany was able to prolong the war for 2 to 3 full years despite our continous allied bombardment and we copied that, as well from the Swiss and from the Swedes.
    If war breaks out, in the aftermath, it will Russia 2 to 5 years to fully recover. But your mismanaged economy will take several decades. So don’t push us Russians against the wall for you already knew what happened to Napoleon and Hitler. Do not be the next victims of history being labled as the bad guys of the 21st century. Burn us and well melt your country into pools of boiling radioactive slag. No offense.

    Hope you Americans get your sanity back before it is too late!

  21. #21 by lovenut jewish on 03/05/2008 - 9:34

    “Did you know that as a Catholic you worship men and not God? No wonder you are so fucked up!
    Dominick Perez”
    hey dominick perez or should I call you by you’r real name SHARON JEW STAINBRUG, a zionist anti-christ devil dog.

  22. #22 by Kathy on 03/07/2008 - 9:34

    I am so proud of all the people on here who were able to smell the ball of matzo filth posing as a Hispanic. It’s so typical of the sneaky, conniving jew. The first dead giveway was when he launched into filthy talk and name calling. Since the joo never has a debate in it, it launches into name calling and filthy language. Is it any wonder they have to buy royalty? No class people. Chosen ones? They are God’s chosen, only problem is their God is Satan. Come on, would the real God make his chosen people so unattractive and annoying with nasal, adenoid-challenged voices that makes you want to eat a bullet rather than listen to them utter one more sentence?

    Hey, Dominick, EAT MATZO AND DIE! Coward hiding behind a phoney name and a keyboard.

  23. #23 by jesus christ sucks on 03/19/2008 - 9:34

    it is time for you goi to finally face the fact there is no going back to the way it was. you know it and so do we. we jews have been denied our place all these thousands of years and now it’s payback time. all your belief in jesus the queer won’t save you so might as well give it up. we crucified him then and soon it’ll be your turn.

  1. Putin to run for Russian presidency in 2012 « The Ugly Truth

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