Good Friday

It is Good-Friday

The day he was put on a Cross

The day when the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem

Made the Imperial-Roman-Governor do his dirty work …….

One could call this

“The first Judeo-Imperialist-conspiracy”

The man who separated Cesar from God

The man who separated Judaism from its racism

The man who gave his coat to the poor

The man who has thrown the merchants out of God’s house

The man who claimed a non-earthly-kingdom

The man who has forgiven to a prostitute while converting her customers

The man who declared God’s-religion as being universal

The man who had to die in order to defeat death…….

On this Friday

We remember the man who taught us martyrdom

Because he knew that death awaited him

And that death is the start of eternity……….

Raja Chemayel

–Good-Friday 2008

  1. #1 by Paul Maurice Martin on 03/22/2008 - 9:34

    The Jews as Christ-killer thing again? Hopefully I’m misreading. Jesus just happened to be, uh, Jewish. His disciples? Jewish. The first century Christian church – Jews.

    “Judeo-imperialist conspiracy?” It’s also called the “Judeo-Christian tradition” and actually, to be historically accurate, it’s the Judeo-Christian-Islamic tradition.
    Note from me, MG–Jesus was not a Jew, or rather a ‘Judean’. The gospels are clear on this, He was a Galilean, as were most of His apostles, save Judas, the only Judean. There is no such thing as ‘Judeo-Christianity’. They are completely different ideologies, one being ‘an eye for an eye’ and the other being ‘turn the other cheek.’ Judeo-Christian is just another construct used in confusing Christians into accepting the false notion that they have something in common with Jews, which they do not. The first century church–‘Jews’ , no, they were CHRISTIANS. Do your homeowrk a little better before opening your mouth and making an utter fool of yourself.

  2. #2 by Edwin Richard Mulhearn on 03/22/2008 - 9:34

    In Matthew 15:24 Jesus said he was sent ONLY to the LOST Sheep of the house of Israel. He also said his sheep hear his voice. Jews never hear it.

    He instructed his disciples not to go to Samaritans (Jews) or Gentiles in Matthew 10:5.

    To hear these Jews, they, by their own words claim they were NEVER lost, contrary to Gods word stating he hid his face and name from Israel till the last days; also they weren’t to get the promised land back until AFTER he returned and put the sticks of Judah and Ephriam in his hand.

    Paul Maurice Martin sounds like a Jew name so it is understandable he wants to plead innocent. LOL

  3. #3 by eileen fleming on 03/22/2008 - 9:34

    2,000 years ago the cross had no religious meaning and was not a piece of jewelry. When Jesus said, “Pick up your cross and follow me,”

    Everyone understood he was issuing a POLITICAL statement, for the main roads in Jerusalem were lined with crucified agitators, rebels, dissidents and any others who disturbed the status quo of the Roman Occupying Forces.

    Jesus was never a Christian, that term was even coined until the days of Paul, about 3 decades after Jesus walked the earth a man. Jesus was a social justice, radical revolutionary Palestinian devout Jewish road warrior who rose up and challenged the job security of the Temple authorities by teaching the people they did NOT need to pay the priests for ritual baths or sacrificing livestock to be OK with God; for God already LOVED them just as they were:

    Sinners, poor, diseased, outcasts, widows, orphans, refugees and prisoners all living under Roman Military Occupation.

    What got Jesus crucified was disturbing the status quo of the Roman Occupying Forces of his time, by teaching the subversive concept that Caesar only had power because God allowed it and that God preferred the humble sinner, the poor, diseased, outcasts, widows, orphans, refugees and prisoners all living under Roman Occupation above the elite and arrogant.

    In the afternoon of the eighth day of my second Reality Tour through the West Bank, sixty international ecumenical Christians were introduced to Sabeel’s Contemporary Way of Cross. The Sabeel way, transforms the traditional Christian tradition of meditating upon the journey that Christ took after his condemnation as he carried his cross to where he was crucified with an updated meditation on empire and occupation.

    In Jerusalem there are fourteen plaques along The Via Delarosa hanging on the walls of buildings depicting where Christ may have fallen three times, meets his mother, is stripped, nailed and dies.

    The Contemporary Way suggests fourteen reflections beginning with 1948, The Nabka: The Catastrophe which followed the failure of the UN partition plan of ‘47 when the Irgun and Stern Gang [Zionist terrorist groups] depopulated 400 villages and forced 726,000 Palestinians to flee to Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt.

    Station Two reflects on those refugees and the 460,000 more that fled during the War of 1967. Currently there are 675,670 registered refugees in the West Bank, 938,531 in Gaza and over two million in Arab countries who have never received compensation and have been denied the right to return as guaranteed in Articles 13 and 15 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in UN Resolution 194.

    I was astounded to learn that in Anata, Jerusalem’s refugee camp The Wall is butted up to the boy’s high school. The ‘playground’ where 780 adolescents gather is in reality a slab of cement ground about the square footage of a basket ball court. There is no view as it is walled in on all four sides by the high school, The Concrete Wall and two smaller cement walls.

    A refugee informed our group that on a daily basis, “The Israeli Occupation Forces show up when the children gather in the morning or after classes. They throw percussion bombs or gas bombs into the school nearly every day! The world is sleeping; the world is hibernating and is allowing this misery to continue.”

    I wandered around taking photos and was warmly greeted by a teenage boy who asked my name and where I was from. I cringed when I said America, for I am ashamed that over one hundred billion USA dollars since 1948 has supported the occupation, promoted violence and helped build the friggin’ wall.

    “Financed with U.S. aid at a cost of $1.5 million per mile, the Israeli wall prevents residents from receiving health care and emergency medical services. In other areas, the barrier separates farmers from their olive groves which have been their families’ sole livelihood for generations.” [Washington Report on Middle East Affairs Page 43, Jan/Feb. 2007]

    A few miles from the refugee camp, one enters into an Orwellian Disney Land of lush green grounds in the illegal colony of the Pizgatzeev settlement. I was sick at heart and in my gut when we drove less than a mile into the illegal colony for I counted three playgrounds and a swimming pool. I still wonder how many USA tax dollars helped to build them, and why the same was not done for the refugees.

    As our group was praying a gunshot issued from the Anata refugee camp, then another and another in rapid succession. I was told that the IDF was showering the refugees with gun fire and terror, and that it was just a normal daily occurrence. I lost it completely then, and sobbed uncontrollably. I felt like the Magdalena when she could not find her Lord, but then I thought of Jesus, and how he cried buckets of tears over Jerusalem.

    2,000 years ago roving bands of politically radical and religious Jews rose up and openly resisted Roman rule in Palestine. They were called Zealots, and I imagine if I had lived back then, I might have been tempted to join them.

    But, I am a 21st century Christian of the Beatitudes and abhor and denounce ALL violence.

    So, instead, I ardently, fervently, zealously curse + PRAY the empire WAKE UP and see that the violent terrorizing of innocent people- just because they are Palestinian, Iraqi, Afghani,

    Suffer as do the occupiers; victims of the occupation.

    Godspeed; it be this Easter Week.

  4. #4 by Patrick M. Griffin on 03/24/2008 - 9:34

    Jesus is a Christian. He was just getting past his judaic ethnic-essentialism when the jews murdered him. This is apparent when Christ meets the Phoenician-Syrian woman, and when Christ meets the Roman Centurion. People are born into beliefs and practices, and Jesus did have trouble putting away his judaic notion of jews being superior. It is unfortunate that his judaic background led him to go to Jerusalem, where the Pharisees (those who see are blind, and are trying to “see” satanically), and the Saducees (those, and those who follow their teachings, who will be sad, to say the least, to see what awaits them in Hades), had schemed to have Jesus murdered. Don’t let anyone tell you the jews didn’t kill Jesus, they did. They just got Pilate to do it for them, perhaps with vague promises of a less violent occupation. Some say that is was not the “jews” but the Pharisees and the Saducess who killed Jesus. That’s true. But what about the “common” jews, the poor “hillpeople”, if you will, to whom Jesus was preaching and in whom Jesus had some confidence? Yes, the same dirt poor group to whom the Pharisees had intructed the Saducees to mislead. I suspect many were sodomites like the Pharisees and Saducees, but were just being very SSSHHHH about it. Jesus would not have known this because he was on a different channel. Anyway, the Saducees were absorbed into the Pharisees, and the jews all accepted Phariseeism, which made judaism the Talmudicaaly based beliefs and practices of sodomy that it is today.

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