Wars And Rumors of War

‘Israel on high alert as end of Mughniyeh mourning period draws near…’

‘Rabbis call on Jews to avenge yeshiva killings…’

‘Israeli attack on Syria possible…’

‘Israel threatens Lebanon with war…’

‘Israel, U.S. commanders test ‘extreme’ scenarios in joint drill…’

‘Israel to hold massive emergency drill…’

‘Israeli warship violates Lebanese waters…’

‘Israeli fighters violate Lebanese airspace…’

To any average person, the above headlines seem like business as usual in the Middle East, as there has never been a period since 1948 where the once Holy Land was not a cauldron of violence and conflict. To those who understand the deeper reasons behind the recent (and not so recent) bloody history however–meaning Israel’s seeming addiction to the shedding of blood–what it indicates is that there’s more to all of this recent business than merely noise. The fact is, Israel’s war party is planning a hell of a bash, big enough to die for, and not just in the thousands but possibly in the millions.

No one should be particularly surprised, as war, theft and conquest have always been inextricably woven into the fabric of Israel’s character. And not just since the 20th century when former Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Dayan said ‘…Above all, let us hope for a new war with the Arab countries, so that we may finally get rid of our troubles and acquire space…” but indeed going ‘all the way back to the beginning,’ as they say. One first encounters this fact when reading in the Old Testament where Jacob (‘the deceiver’ who defrauded his brother Esau out of his inheritance) is renamed ‘Israel,’ the meaning of which given in the book of Genesis is ‘He who fights against God and man.’ Not long afterwards are the plagues and the slaughter of the first-born in Egypt, followed by the Israelite invasion of the Levant and the destruction of the various indigenous peoples there, including (but not limited to) the Amalekites, Canaanites and Philistines. It is also most likely not mere coincidence (based upon which particular spelling used–Israil, Izrael or Azrail) that it is also happens to be the name given to the angel of death.

More practical and down to earth though there is the history of the last 60 years proving beyond any reasonable doubt that Israel cannot exist without war. Her entire 20th (and now 21st) century history–rather than revolving around plowshares, peace and productivity has instead been wrapped up in her old bad habits of conflict, conquest and theft. Theodore Herzl, considered the founding father of the Jewish state remarked gloatingly on the issue of strife between Jew and gentile when he wrote in his diary “The anti-Semites will become our most loyal friends…the anti-Semitic nations will become our allies.”

In short, warfare–in all its forms–is and always has been the glue holding the Jewish state together. It is its reason for being and the foundation upon which it is built. It is the ‘us vs. them’ mentality, the ceaseless sparring between chosen and non-chosen that forces the ‘most persecuted group in human history’ to huddle-in closely and achieve what would otherwise be impossible amongst such an organically-fractured group–cohesiveness and singularity of purpose.

This being the case, war is–for lack of better word–a ‘necessary’ evil when it comes to the health of the Jewish state. It is the fuel that feeds the beast and keeps it alive and without it the great experiment in Jewish self-rule would disintegrate in short order. In a recent interview on the Republic Broadcasting Network, (www.republicbroadcasting.org) former Israeli nuclear technician turned anti-Zionist apostle of peace Mordechai Vanunu laid it out in the clearest of terms–Israel MUST have war at least every ten years (or thereabouts) in order to bring the myriad of Jewish factions together. Without war the Jewish state would be rudderless and without purpose.

And a quick look at the wars of last century proves Vanunu to be right–1948, 1956, 1967, 1973, the war in Lebanon in the 1980’s, etc. More so, what this list shows is that Israel is long overdue for her regular feeding, and like all spoiled, petulant, undisciplined children who haven’t had their regular snack between meals, she is irrational, grouchy, and willing to ingest just about anything in order to fill that void within her. Making matters worse is the fact that in the summer of 2006, when she tried getting her fix by launching a war against Lebanon she was run out with her tail between her legs. For nearly a month the world watched in awe–first at the photos of those ‘nice Jewish girls’ autographing warheads before they were launched on for-the-most-part Christian villages with messages such as ‘From Israel, with Love,’ followed by the photos of Israeli soldiers weeping in defeat like whipped children. Following this was the scathing Winograd report recently released that all but declared Israel and her 1st rate military to have been defeated by a guerilla force led by one swarthy, bearded Muslim cleric named Hassan Nasrallah.

With this in mind then, all circumstantial evidence today indicates that in her desperation and hunger for strife she is setting the stage for a whopper of a war buffet, one that will include Lebanon, Syria and Iran. And as is typical with Israel’s history of warmongering, she is setting the stage so that it appears her enemies threw the first punch against an innocent/minding-their-own-business/pure-as-the-wind driven-snow nation of peace-loving people when in actuality the enemies of the Jewish state will only have struck back against her initial blows.

Besides all the pro-war rhetoric coming out of the Jewish state for the last few years, in September there were the air-to-ground missile attacks against Syria, said to have targeted a nuclear weapons production facility. Not long after was the blockading of Gaza and the interdiction of the most basic staples for life desperately needed in what is now the world’s largest concentration camp lasting several months. Contraband items included food, fuel, medicine, clothing, even paper and books for school children. No fuel means no running electrical generators which means no running water and no sewage treatment. As a result, sewage was literally running down the street and into people’s homes. No electricity also meant no water treatment which led to scores of water-born sicknesses. Dozens of people needing medical treatment were denied entry out of Gaza even to go to the West Bank and as a result over 100 deaths from lack of proper medical care resulted, ranging from the very young to the very old.

Of course, all this was done merely to enflame resistance elements in Gaza as a precursor to the launching of the ‘deadly’ Qassam rockets (as they are dramatically described in the Zionist media) into Israel that have to date resulted in 12 deaths over the course of 12 years. Once the rockets started flying, Israel had her casus belli and announced that a holocaust was on the way for Gaza which she gladly delivered, killing over 160 people, most of whom were innocent women and children.

Change locations now to Syria, (high on Israel’s hit list) where in early February high-ranking Hezbollah leader Imad Mughniyeh is assassinated in Damascus. Israel officially does not claim responsibility but through her various media outlets makes it clear that indeed she did the deed. Hezbollah vows revenge and threatens to take the war outside Israel’s boundary. Israel’s response is all-too predictable, given what she really wants–that any attack by Hezbollah will result in total war against Lebanon and Syria. A few weeks later, a ‘lone gunman’ enters a Jerusalem yeshiva and opens fire, killing 8 Jews. Immediately Israel links the assassin to Hamas, Hezbollah, Iran and Syria. Warnings are issued in Israel that the world should prepare to see something spectacular take place after the 40-day period of mourning Islamic militants traditionally observe before taking revenge. The end of the mourning period just so happens to land on the very same weekend as Jews worldwide begin the celebration of Purim, where they commemorate in drunken lawlessness the slaughter of 75,000 innocent Persian (re, Iranian) civilians at the hands of Jewish thugs thousands of years ago while munching on pastries made in the shape of a human ear, said to be that of Haman, an enemy of the Jews.

Of course, what will make this next bloodfest different from others in Israel’s history is that now she has fancy new toys and powerful new friends she never had before, meaning the military might and political cooperation (subservience) of a United States of America willing to bow to her every demand. Israel wanted Iraq destroyed, and it was destroyed with no questions asked. Israel wants Iran destroyed, and the recovering alcoholic-turned-born again apocalyptic Christian President drools like a rabid dog over the prospect of proving his moxie to his masters in Tel Aviv, and even when his own military men and intelligence agencies are promising unprecedented disaster in its wake. As of this moment 4 US carrier groups are sitting right off the coast of Iran, and the one man who stood in the way of an attack on Iran, Admiral William Fox Fallon, ‘resigned’ after pressure was put on the Bush White House to remove him. Besides the 4 carrier groups, A US strike group has moved off the coast of Lebanon and the anti-missile destroyer USS San Jacinta stands at the ready–cocked and locked–in the Israeli port of Haifa. George Bush on his most recent visit to the Jewish state promised US military support if Israel is attacked and Vice President Dick Cheney also made sure to echo those promises in the unlikely event that Israel happened to forget.

Indeed, what the sum total of these (and many other pieces of information) seem to indicate is that the very Armageddon for which unstable Christian Zionists wait in anticipation may indeed be closer to fruition than some imagine. As the book of Revelations (the very same book used as a road map by these same war-hungry Christians in guiding them through these dangerous days) prophesizes, ‘Men cry ‘peace, peace, but there is no peace’. Oh if only these same Christians paid better mind to the fact that one of the clues revealing the identity of the ravaging beast described in the end-times book is said to be the name of a man, and that name more than likely is ‘Israel,’ meaning ‘he who wars against God and man’.

© 2008 by Mark Glenn, Contributing Editor, American Free Press Newspaper


  1. #1 by Mick L on 03/24/2008 - 9:34

    Only Israel benefits from these endless Middle East wars. Iraq is the beginning. As we commit war-crimes in Baghdad, the US gov’t commits treason at home by opening mail, eliminating habeas corpus, using the judiciary to steal private lands, banning books like “America Deceived” from Amazon and Wikipedia, conducting warrantless wiretaps and engaging in illegal wars on behalf of AIPAC’s ‘money-men’. Soon, another US false-flag operation will occur (sinking of an Aircraft Carrier by Mossad) and the US will invade Iran.. Then we’ll invade Syria, then Saudi Arabia, then Lebanon (again) then ….
    Final link (before Google Books bends to gov’t demands and censors the title):

  2. #2 by One Love on 03/24/2008 - 9:34

    So I ask, what can we Americans do? Many of us now know, mossad assisted on 9/11 and that the justifications for Iraq and Afghanistan are fabricated.
    The same people are planning to put us in camps and declare martial law.

    Are we supposed to think that we should launch a bloody, violent resistance in the USA? I spoke to someone with years of experience resisting the policies of the USA and he indicated armed resitance was insane and hopeless.

    I listen to Air America, I read blogs like what really happened dot com, I am well versed in the nature of the problems.

    What are the solutions?!!!!
    What do we do about it?!!!!

    Lets get organized people, stop crying foul and engage in a plan. what is it..? what is the plan?

    If someone can give me an answer, I’d be happy to lay down my life going after it..but what the hell is the answer?

    mail me commandercasual@hotmail.com

  3. #3 by Masher1 on 03/24/2008 - 9:34

    The ugly Truth is America and israel are both sowing a long term radioactive death to most land with oil under it. In fact the number of how many sorties each land flies over your home is a pretty good indication of just how bad the coming attempts at getting pregnant and not having a deformed or dead child will be. A sort of ‘Area denial weapon’ of long term and deadly scope for All life.

  4. #4 by Sam Dudic on 03/24/2008 - 9:34

    It seems, the very word “Israel” meant from the beginning “that who struggled against God”…
    The stiff-necked folk posing themselves to be isolated from the whole humanity due to megalomania, egoism and greed…

  5. #5 by Edwin Richard Mulhearn on 03/24/2008 - 9:34

    The modern day Jew is about as much a Judahite, Hebrew or ancient Israeli as the ticks on a dog’s back.

    He is the mongrel fruit of Ashkenaz and Esau; nothing more, nothing less.

  6. #6 by One Love on 03/24/2008 - 9:34

    Ok so it’s easy to throw stones at people or impugn a country how about some solutions folks..?


  7. #7 by eileen fleming on 03/24/2008 - 9:34


    Marko-PLEASE GIVE US THE LINK to the archived Vanunu Radio Show.
    –as follows

    [audio src="" /]

    [audio src="" /]

  8. #8 by antizionist on 03/24/2008 - 9:34

    The “solution” is very very simple: stop being a ridiculous american scumbag.

    Voting is not an option.

    Demonstrating is not an option.

    Non-violent civil disobedience is an option, but the groups that would control it (aka pacifist liars) would simply line you up for a polite arrest, and nothing will change. Besides, americans are entirely too selfish, lazy, and overfed to actually *do* something.

    Joining groups is not an option. Having open meetings is not an option.

    What it all boils down to is this: are you a human being? or just a piece of scum trash worth less than a turd?

    If you are a human being, you will stop this society from functioning until all the wars are over. If you are a human being, you will insist that the tanks roll down YOUR streets rather than the streets of Iraq.

    In short, if you are a human being you will BRING THE WAR HOME.

    I won’t hold my breath however. Given the total lack of values held by americans of nearly all political stripes, the more likely scenario is that your society will implode into widespread misery. You know what? You deserve it, too.

  9. #9 by Otred Wall on 03/24/2008 - 9:34

    OneL, There is only one solution for those of us without power. Allowance without fear. The author truthfully writes; that that (heh!) country cannot survive without conflict. Therefore; no type of conflict against what is can be effective. We must fearlessly let it happen. If the dogs of war find no outside conflict, there is nothing left for them but to chew one another. NO ONE KNOWS what the days ahead hold for any of us. Despite the super-planning of the super-minds with their super-weapons, they don’t know.

  10. #10 by R.P. Flagg on 03/24/2008 - 9:34

    A worldwide guerilla war against all organized Jewry would be a good start.

  11. #11 by One Love on 03/24/2008 - 9:34

    To antizionist,
    your lack of respect and name calling does nothing to impress me, and the solutions you offer crumble under the weight of your lack of enlightenment, or reason.

    In time maybe you will stop being so angry, regardless, you seem to be part of the same “violence is the answer paradigm”, and thus, meaningless to me.

    You show a true lack of understanding for American culture, and the depth of the American soul.

    Blaming us, being angry at us, is not going to bring you one step closer to liberating the world from the tyranny which has darkened our world. People like me will not give up, so be confident, that in time, we will find a way.

    Ridiculous American Scumbags for peace…


  12. #12 by lovenut jewish on 03/25/2008 - 9:34


  13. #13 by Rabbit Chaser on 03/25/2008 - 9:34

    Hey One Love — my suggestion, although unknown how ferasible…


    There are several long posts by me, Rabbit Chaser, at about the bottom fifth of above page — the above link takes you directly to one possible answer to your question… my 5 or 6 submissions at this board start at the following link… or you simply scroll up the page on prior link.

    Fair warning: This is a link to Hal Turner Show (white supremecist) — I am not a ‘fan’ and only stumbled on his site and his 3/19/08 show because of a mass email that was linked back to his show — thankfully I did, as I was able to pass this messege onto them before the $#!T hits the fan. Hopefully it gets thru. Kudos to their moderator for actually posting all of them.


  14. #14 by Enlightened on 03/25/2008 - 9:34

    People, the Mountains of Israel, tribe of Judah, and Zion in the Bible refer to the USA. Amos and Ezekiel tell it the best. All of them describe a country that can not be any other than the USA. The gist of it is that when bush attacks Iran or nukes a US city to start a war with Iran, the USA will be invaded by the King of the North. That is Putin, who has repeatedly told us that he will use nukes preemptively to protect Iran. He has also put in place the hardware to do it with. China is coming with him (an ancient and mighty nation). Theres nothing anyone can do at this point, leave maybe.

  15. #15 by Robert M. Stockmann on 03/25/2008 - 9:34

    Brilliant analysis,

    Now Mark … Get it printed inside the New York Times, Washingtonpost, etc.
    Owww won’t work huh? … We’ll have to outnumber the readership of
    these “News” papers then? How about waking up all peoples from their
    American Dream? Ahh you are working on that then? Waking up people is
    best done by robbing their wallet. What? That’s also at hand as we
    speak? Who’s robbing then? Are you crazy? The same people who are war
    mongering are robbing peoples purses?


  16. #16 by humble being on 03/25/2008 - 9:34

    The question is are you ready to die?
    Because dying you will.
    You people are forgetting something even if a guerillia does take place the UN will kick in.
    And even if by some miracle you defeated the UN troops they could simply spray the resitant area’s with deadly deseases via chemtrail.
    So you see the question is how do you die, and here they are only 2 possibilities
    1 You die while fighting on the streets
    2 You die in a fema concentration camps (palestinian style die off)

    It’s up to you to decide but it’s clear that we will all pay for decades of ignorance….

  17. #17 by webmatex on 03/25/2008 - 9:34

    Thanks for a refreshingly clear article stating the truth and logic of the entire middle east problem.

    I pray and have waited all my life for lasting peace in the world and in the middle east.

    There is an evil and dangerous beast in the world and it continues to ignore human wishes for a better and more just system.

    We humans have little time left to wait for the stragglers – time is short and those who cannot find the route will be left behind and forgotten forever.

    Onward to light or back into darkness – these are the only choices.

    Peace and love – WebmateX

  18. #18 by William Wallace on 03/25/2008 - 9:34


    The answer is simple. And it can be found in the resistance being waged by the Iraqis. They are winning and will be successful in running us out soon. We need to engage in a domestic insurgency. That is the only type of military operation the U.S. military is unable to fight. A nameless, faceless guerilla insurgency that strikes at strategic times and places. A mortar here, an IED there and we strike targets the people can get behind, the IRS, the Federal Reserve Banks, the jew-controlled media outlets, and the people will get behind us, then its only a matter of time that the military rank and file get behind us, then we win.

  19. #19 by Bob on 03/25/2008 - 9:34

    You are right about “Israel’s character” but missing the big picture framing it. I have written this before, it seems apropos:

    There’s provocation, but Israel is the tool, not the reason.

    War on Iran is about world currency domination (an Iranian oil bourse is a threat), and crushing ‘tribal’ cultures for world homogenization.

    Israel is pure CFR and was always just a beachhead for triggering the necessary WWIII to accomplish world government. Israel’s real security is completely destroyed by CFR ‘leaders’ as Barry Chamish keeps explaining.

    Thinking this Rothschild/Vatican WWIII staging base is anything but a device of war, or that Christian Zionists run America, not the occult Bush-Clinton-Rockefeller mob, is just falling for their agitprop and cover id’s.

    How Jewish is this building:

    Recent FOX News had some transparent agitation. A U.S.F.B.I. agent went missing on the island home of Iran’s new oil bourse. What is a federal agent doing on that island with war so imminent, one may ask. Planting bugs? C4? It ties into the U.S. Navy cutting undersea cables in the area. They do NOT want that oil bourse functioning any length of time.

    The FOX story had a clear purpose, to get Americans incensed that one of their own is “lost” in “enemy territory” and needs “rescue.” Give me a break please.

  20. #20 by Kermit on 03/25/2008 - 9:34

    To One Love

    I do indeed agree with you in your reply to antizionist, he is far too angry, but I feel the need to balance it a bit…

    I am a scandinavian who just love to visit the US, I have so far been in your country 7 times. And I DO have a liking for the American people. Still have not done Hwy 1 down the west coast, so I’ll come again 🙂

    But… May it be that YOU- yes you One Love- are not representing your average Joe American..??? I have met Joe numerous times, and I have to play the role of the sniffy european here- I must tell you that Joe is NOT very reflective.

    I have met him in Immigration Control at Newark, where he actually believe I would STAY in the US..! (that girl have to be veeeery nice, and I am single-who knows) I have met him at a roadside diner where he tells me with commanding voice, that I am sooo privileged to be visiting the US, and I should take the impulses back home to make my country a better place…!! What utter insult!

    I am sorry, Joe American do indeed show a consistent lack of culture, a total ignorance of history and a very shallow soul. I know you are tired of this One Love, you have heard it before- I know.

    One perspective.

    (very condensed, this is a real living guy in scandinavia)

    American man serving in scandinavia, meets nice blond girl, hanky panky, get child, does his part and stays with nice woman and kid in scandinavia.

    After 20 year thinks “maybe I can just cease to be American, get foreign passport and be with nice woman forever?”

    He have written a very long and funny piece about the whole process. It took him 4 full years to finish it. And the point is- the scandinavians where quite happy to get a new citizen, but the Americans???

    Oh no!!! They resisted, and slowed down and downright sabotaged from start to finish. The US embassy could not produce any paper relevant for the issue! The mere consept of someone NOT wanting to be American was totally foreign! It all ended with the final moment when all was cleared out, and when he handed his US passport at the embassy, the people at the embassy was shouting at him, trowing verbal abuse and the like..!!

    His conclusion?

    “To be American” is a religion. The religion of Americanism. You either are a true believer, OR you are comitting true heresy. And as all true religions, “Americanism” are hell-bent on converting ALL the planets people to its faith. The problem is- the rest of the planet do NOT want “Americanism”. Scandinavia included. They resist with any means, and so the bombs of “Americanism” are falling from the sky. And so the resistance hardens- of course- and the bombs gets bigger and bigger. And so on and on and on……….

    So True Love, you ask what you can do? You ask for possible ways to go? One of many things to do is:

    Become a heretic! I do NOT mean to surrender your passport, I mean stop being a member of the religion Americanism.

    I can further guess that you One Love, and you know- people like you- are already heretics. And STILL love your country!

    But Joe?

    He is stumbling and mumbling helplessly in his deluded religious believe in “Americanism”. He actually believe his country is “chosen”, he actually believe that the rest of the planet want him go missioning.

    He need help. And since we are not there to help, maybe YOU are closer One Love?

    I bet he will never never listen to an european heretic scumbag, but he may, just may- listen to an American heretic scumbag.

    (this is getting faaaar too long, I’ll end is here)


  21. #21 by Ken on 03/25/2008 - 9:34

    Solution, you have to leave the system, don’t vote, don’t pay taxes, and don’t work for any employer. Take your cash in silver and gold, get with like-minded people and create a new life. Don’t hate anyone, help everyone you can. Become a better stronger person, love and support your family, support groups that help and advance mankind by actual statistics and decry all oppression. And if night falls again on our civilisation and all hope is lost sell your life dearly and take a least 1 elite scumbag with you.

  22. #22 by Steve on 03/25/2008 - 9:34

    If good tries to defeat evil through force it must become more evil to defeat it. So what can we do? First we must expose the rot. There is no democracy so don’t vote. If all of America voted for Ron Paul he would still loose because the game is rigged. So don’t legitimize the system and don’t vote for anyone. This will reveal the system for what it is, a dictatorship. Then stop being consumers, and become as self reliant as possible. Begin by forming cohesive family units and community groups that help one another. Start creating informal parallel institutions. Shun and resist being co-opted in any wars. No solders, no wars. If they institute a draft then it’s time to fight, because you will know who the enemy is. Starve them of money. Become as self sufficient as possible and use barter whenever you can. Whenever they want you to do something resist in any way you can, thus you will deny them power over you. They want you to vote? Resist them, take back your power. You the people will be saying to all the politicians, you are not good enough for me, by not voting.

  23. #23 by humanity on 03/25/2008 - 9:34

    its sad to read all you peace loving people cries for help from the devils spawn(zionist jews) who have totally destroyed your religion,politics and prosperity.the things your forefathers fought for and died believing in were based on lies by these devils in your governments. we muslims are the nemesis of the jew foretold by our prophet,you christians should align yourselves with us to achieve the peace the world needs, we are not a threat to you or your countrys in anyway. those who mean you harm are hiding behind christian names in your governments to enslave you slowly and turn you away from the worship of god to that of sex,money,material things transitory and idol-worship. come back to the message of moses,jesus and mohammed for your salvation!!

  24. #24 by JACK D. on 03/25/2008 - 9:34

    I think the term is Gaia(?)
    It means that that the earth itself is an intelligent
    being, quite aware of what is happening within her bosom. Her time,historically,is not our time.Many people
    are pointing to the year 2012 as a turning point.
    The famous psychic Edgar Cayce spoke of pole shift in
    this current time period,mainly due to our incessant
    inhumanity.You only get so many chances,kids.The matter
    could soon be taken out of our hands.The American people
    are STILL too busy watching TV to care.Hopefully many
    more of us,learning all we have learned online,will get
    thru to our fellows in the US, that there be a sea change here,and with the help of(your concept of)God,
    we may rid our country of these Satanists masquerading
    as Christians, and their supporters in Congress.Do what
    we can in the material world,but seeking the intervention of those in the Spirit Realms should not be forsaken.In other words,people,PRAY !

  25. #25 by ShadowDancer on 03/25/2008 - 9:34

    Enlightend’s view of Prophecy coinsides with the Native Tribal prophecy of the White Snake, Red Snake, and Black Snake in the USA. The Red Snake will attack the White Snake with the Red Snake possibly being Russia & China. The White Snake possibly being the USA & E.U. The Black Snake will join in the fighting against the White Snake. The Black Snake may be the portion non-whites who hate the white people or South American Nations.

    The Native peoples (Indians) are not to join this fighting but to take to the hilly ground. (mountains) They will be joined by those of other Races who eyes have been opened & will not join in this fighting.

    The Hopi prophecy of man made fire pretty much burning all of the USA also lines up with the prophecy of Mystery Babylon. The Book of Revelation talks about many Beast Kingdoms/Nations, Mystery Babylon, and The Beast that may be the Globalist Beast Kingdom built by Mystery Babylon as most all of the Nations become Beast Kingdoms. To love & worship any Beast Kingdom/Nation or Mystery Babylon is to worship the Beast & Image of the Beast. God as already cast his judgment on any who worship the Beast & the Image of the Beast.

  26. #26 by LC on 03/25/2008 - 9:34

    How about for a change the Truth take on a character of beauty. EVERY story dealing with Adm. Fallon HAS NOT SPOKEN TO ONE OF YOU, yet you “know” the Adm. stood in the way of an attack on Iran.
    For the record, Adm. Fallon is the genius who set up the entire attack on Iran. That means it is his naval battle plan which stands to attack Iran while the Army was securing Iraq and Afghanistan. (See the Canadian commanding General’s report to Parliment stating they are willing to serve into next year as victory has come with al Qaeda in northern Iraq stating what they stated a year ago in the south that they have lost completely).
    So for the facts, Adm. Fallon stood in the way of nothing in planning this and it is every bit as vital to understand that Operation Torch was not run by those who planned it, but Gen. Patton.
    Adm. Fallon is planning and not suited to Operational Command. So before one continues this martyr account without proof GET ADM. FALLON ON HERE TO BACK UP THE CLAIM YOU AND OTHERS MAKE.

    Furthermore, get your facts straight instead of maligning “unstable Christian Zionists” in waiting for Armageddon. Christian Zionist await the return of the Christ not a war……..and if you knew anything about the war of Armageddon as in Har Megiddo being the location, it is not a Middle East conflagration, but a world routed conflagration. The state of Judah and not Israel being the key with Jews even coming against Jerusalem.
    Before one attributes things to Adm. Fallon talk to him and before one starts quoting Biblical events and maligning any Christians take the years to understand exactly what is being stated in the Word of God, instead of slapping some label on it to fit a situation you are trying to mould it into.
    God bless you.
    note from me, MG–as far as Fallon goes, we have his own words that have appeared in news stories over the course of the last year, as well as the most recent one in Esquire magazine that appeared the very week he was sacked. So much for me ‘making it up’. A far as the rest involving Christian Zionists and their anticipation of Armageddon, I have seen enough tv featuring John Hagee and the rest to entertain any notions to the contrary. What planet are you living on?

  27. #27 by Fallon's Heros on 03/25/2008 - 9:34

    How do you kill a snake?

    I am truly amazed at how the ‘spirit’ of bloggers has so progressed over the past year. There is much here that could be termed negative, But, have you ever read the writings of those involved in declaring the colonies independence from England? Noting the negative is part of the process. The key is recognizing the ‘positive’, if you will; the zeitgeist which incorporates sincere action, will-in-motion.

    ‘One Love’, Eileen F., R.P. Flagg, Ken, and ‘WilliamWallace’, have all voiced strong dissent. Some which is technically strong enough to be potentially construed as meeting the min. standard under R.I.C.O., particular Patriot Act provisions, or some other such code/statute that would enable the powers that be grounds of pursuit.

    Hot dang! That’s the stuff of Liberty!

    You have rejuvenated enough of my own personal spirit, that I will share with you a very small, third hand, wasn’t to be repeated, short story of ultimate irony.

    Old Uncle Sam, probably, as suggested, strong armed by cousin Goldstein, enlists the aid of one John Patriot and friends. After dressing them in camo and investing millions in training, sends them into the sand for the real ‘history’ lesson, where there are not enough ‘insurgent’ heads for all the rounds provided. And, as we have always done, John and friends get bored shooting sitting ducks, and take a break to discuss religion, politics, and why we can’t be home in bed with our wives for 13 months. Uncle Sam didn’t count on one of John’s buddies being a quietly self-educated man of higher learning, and the nightly campfire sessions in the desert turn more into history and social study lessons. John and the rest of the fella’s actually start reading. In fact, John’s buddy, Rolly, reads all of and finishes, (w/ appropriate group fanfare) his first book over 200 pages. Soon, in the hearts of the men of steel, the seeds of understanding have blossomed into a full blown Liberty Tree. Rolly goes so far as to carrying a copy of the constitution and bill of rights under his chicken armor! (closer to his heart?)

    And then, we lost one of our own.

    Now, I’m not saying the indig’s didn’t pay. But, their blood just didn’t satisfy. Perhaps, we had all come too far over the mental Rubicon to blame the locals for something done thousands of miles away inside the beltway, where, side note, we had all done some time in prior lives on the Virginian countryside. (Boo!)

    Now, we’ve all, but one, rotated state-side. And, I am compelled to warn that even Rolly, still wearing that sweat stained copy of our ‘holy writ’, harbors extreme prejudice and ill will in general for those who actually caused the loss of the one we loved and has been honing those million dollar skills Uncle Sam taught so well.

    The likes of Archduke Franz Ferdinand teach some swell lessons about the ramifications of allowing the right tool to fall in the hands of just one free thinker. The corpse knows how to train their own… remember Oswald?

    They think we don’t know who they are. They think we’ll confuse Lil’ bush or Darth Cheney for them. Not this time.

    Top of the list?

    They walk through the naked air, under full sun, from Limo or POV to the doors and halls of the Fed’s Temple.

    They have been ranged. They have been weighed and found wanting. They will not be names most have ever heard.

    Just know, it will be the work of your own sons. You paid to train us. And, had the wisdom to have us swear allegiance to the constitution – to protect it from all enemies, foreign and DOMESTIC.

    The real irony? It’ll be more fun than Iraq. No sand!

    How do you kill a snake?

  28. #28 by dave on 03/25/2008 - 9:34

    “Lets stand together to fight the unholy Armageddon so when the man comes there will be no doom .
    There ain’t no hiding from the father of creation.”

    America under Satan ,God damn America.

    Christians in America are deceived ,they are not in the service of the Father.

    Americans have spread deadly radiation all over Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan.
    Even Hawaii is contaminated ,While mainland USA is so toxic from the 1200 nuclear bombs that the maniacs exploded that most Americans are born retarded to varying degree.

    Hey Bubba is these nuclear bomb triggers whats they call batteries for helicopters,I’se been axed to ship them out .Them thar new fangled thingymabobs are a fixin to get my brain hog tied. Gee Golly I dunno what to do with them thar 6 nuclear bombs mabe we can ship them thar nuclear bombs to Iraq y’all wanna halp me with them thar bombs fellas

    America doomed from the radiation of those 1200 nuclear bombs they set off
    the effects of which are degenerative meaning hereditary defects .Born retarded from the the effects your off spring will be retarded

    D O O M E D

    google Laurin Moret for full information on radiation effects in America

    Americans! If you are not affected it is a miracle.

  29. #29 by dave on 03/25/2008 - 9:34

    If you try to cop out of the system and start a coop
    farm or a coop commune .They will kill you WACO style.

  30. #30 by dave on 03/25/2008 - 9:34

    The admiral stood in the way of attack but was it because he wanted to spare Iran . Or that he knew that
    attacking Iran would destroy the American military.

    you all do know that 70,000+ Americans died in IRaq
    and that the equipment is all worn out from duty in Iraq.
    No one wants to lend any more money to America ,So forget about replacing it.

    The NWO can not proceed to their earthly throne until
    America is wasted away.
    American economy, religion,Armed services,reputation ,constitution , bill of rights and all the pillars of power must be swept away . Only then can the NWO proceed.
    Look for a North American Union with America playing only 1/3 of the music.

  31. #31 by omen on 03/25/2008 - 9:34

    to kermit: being an american that has had the pleasure of seeing your world i would kindly take issue on some points. just like your people we have idiots and genuis.i admit our preponderance of the unaware,but that can’t always be laid to their charge. We are probably the most controlled and manipulted society since the third riech. as an american, i sincerly apologize and am heartsore for the atrocities done in our names. all i know feel the same. all we are left to conclude is that we are merely drones feeding the machine -no way out or in- and so we are left only to survive.the wise pray to be shown the way out of this disaster.

  32. #32 by eureka on 03/26/2008 - 9:34

    I think that one of the greatest weapons against the evil oppressive system is ‘exposure’. The evil ones cannot stand the light of day. Someone here said that americans watch too much tv and to some extent that is true.

    However, every indivdual who is awakened (not just americans, but people everywhere) must take some responsibility for awakening others. Yes, there will be persons who prefer to remain asleep. That is entirely up to them, but at least you know that you would have done your part in trying to alert them to the impending catastrophe.

    If you knew that a violent storm was coming and you didn’t try to alert the nextdoor neighbour, anything bad happening to him, you would bear some karmic responsibility for.

    Finally, you have to assume that you are under big brother’s microscope and consequently, your names and identities are all known to the criminal authorities; irrespective of whether it is so or not. It should be clear to all and sundry that the government spy agencies monitor all of these websites on a 24/7 basis. Therefore, should any escalation to the war in the middle east takes place, be prepared to be either harrassed by or detained or even killed by the secret police.

    A section of the Holy Book says: “he who trys to save his life shall lose it but he loses his life for my sake, the same shall save it”.

    I interpret that to mean that if you join the criminals in their persecution of the masses, you will eventually be killed by them; because they will only be using you in the process of eliminating others like you. However, if you lose your life in the pursuit of helping the masses, then you will experience true liberation.

    Moral of the story: there is no guarantee that you will live through the coming world events but take heart; stay on the right side.

  33. #33 by robert on 03/26/2008 - 9:34

    Escape to the papua new guinea island or close islands. The plans for war cannot be changed. Save yourself. Go to where it is the safest at low cost, no technology no oil necessary to survive. Escape before martial law starts and flights are cancelled and currency is useless. This is the “survival zone” for the “meek”, the pore indians, aboriginies the “in” croud. The winds of the northern hemisphere and the southern do not mix. The radiation fallout and the wars will be in the north. Go and reserve me a spot also. I am a world survivalist. Research done.

  34. #34 by Vance on 03/26/2008 - 9:34

    “Nothing on the face of this Earth — and I do mean nothing — is half so dangerous as a children’s story that happens to be real, and you and I are wandering blindfolded through a myth devised by a maniac.”

    Master Li Kao (T`ang Dynasty)

  35. #35 by jo on 03/26/2008 - 9:34

    jesus told us the answer. he said pouring love on your enemies is more effective than pouring hot coals over his head. some of you laugh that that could be effective, however has any of the other ways worked? what has protesting done? PRAYER is the answer. pray for yourself and pray for your enemies, pray that they are gifted the light of god and repent. this is a spiritual war, pick up spiritual tools to fight it.
    note from me, MG–actually it was St. Paul who said to kill your enemies with kindness. And yes, Jesus did tell us to pray for our enemies, which we should do, but at the same time, He got in their faces and exposed them for their evil ways. He did not hide away in a cave somewhere like some quiet little church mouse. He called them vipers and children of the devil and He lost His life for it, and since He told His followers that no student is above the teacher, we are expected to do the same.

  36. #36 by farmer on 03/27/2008 - 9:34

    hmm…lets see: Jesus is the King of Israel, and the Son of God, And the Messiah of Israel. Israel means ‘he who wars against God and man’. Mark Glenn is supposed to be a Christian.

    So… Mark Glenn the Christian worships Jesus the Messiah Son of God King of those who war against God and man. The Son of God wars against God? Israel is bad because Israel is good: my mind is already washed by the contradictions. Classic double-think.

    Must be that “other Jesus” we heard about…from the withered drifters, blown about by the wind, preaching “another gospel, another christ”

    Who was it, that 1st born perfect son who warred against God and was cast down to Earth? Oh Yeah, thats-


    note from me, mg–don’t argue with me about it. It is in the book of genesis in black and white. If you don’t like it, take it up with whoever wrote the Old Testament.

    Oh, and by the way, Jesus was neither King of the Jews nor King of Israel, as he plainly said ‘My Kingdom is not of this world, for if it were I would be surrounded by legions of angels’, as well as by the fact that the Jews woould have nothing to do with his message of piety, humility, fairness, justice etc, and why they CONTINUE to refuse to be part of His ‘kingdom’…nice try though.

  37. #37 by Charles on 03/29/2008 - 9:34

    What is this non-sense about the so-called meaning of the word Israel?

    It means, The Champion of God.

    The counterfeit-state in the land of Israel, is named falsely so, to deceive the people to support it, and to abuse their fear of God.
    Note from me, MG–Genesis chapter 32:28 ‘Your name shall no longer be Jacob, but Israel, because you have struggled with God and with men and have overcome’

  38. #38 by Muddy on 04/01/2008 - 9:34

    The old proverb “Money is the root of all evil” is ‘Fiat Money’ the money created out of debt and thin air by the Federal Reserve system.
    With the upcoming presidential elections only one man stands out and that is Congressman Ron Paul who advocates the Constitution and the abandonment of the Federal Reserve system.
    As our International banking Elite were the architects of the Fed and are now mostly Jews these policies would be considered anarchy and one would need to fear for the life of Ron Paul should he ever rise to power.
    These elite families of financial bankers have been responsible for all our wars and the now conflicts in the Middle East.
    Without this federal reserve out of thin Fiat money this rogue state of Israel could not do its bloody deeds; nor could the financed terrorist groups of brainwashed and Mossad trained nut-cases expedite their evil craft and remain protected by the State.
    If Gore gets in and he will have the support of the Jew press and dollar then nothing will change… ‘money will remain the root of all evil…..WW3 is looming….. thats what the Jew elite really want as these troubles now are merely the entree to the slaughter they have on the menu…..Muddy

  39. #39 by colt on 04/04/2008 - 9:34

    The only one thing seems going on, and assured, is that America will come to a point that it cannot sustain its insatiable appetite for control and servitude toward the Zionist master and commander of this juggernaut, which is in full acceleration steamrolling towards a suicidal self demise-(empires are always tired, even a surrogate ones).

    As far as ‘Israel’ is concerned, forget it-America is wasting it self on a dead end-it’s simply on borrowed time-remember, nations don’t come into being by collecting a bunch of mongrels from all corners of the globe (who call themselves “Israelite”, Jews, Falasha or whoever) and stuff them in the middle of an Islamic ocean; it won’t survive. The Mid-East had many, and even much more bizarre, nations whom went and gone within couple of centuries at best, and they were from the same yoke and fabric-they disappeared with oblivion. It takes hundreds of years for a nation to form. ‘Israel’ is just a bad joke, a temporarily one, plus religions don’t make nations-leave ‘Israelis’ on an isolated island and watch what happens! People in a fifty odd years will look back and laugh with disgust at the freak that was ‘Israel’.

    The question is: can America proceed on such self destructive path for…, well until there will be no American left to even contemplate the gravity of the situation- an existential threat, not to the dying- anyway- ‘Israel’, but to the USA? It all depends on the Americans who make up the 61% of the population, and it seems, sadly enough, the Zionists in power are doing their best to decimate and control what left of the self-serving patriotic America sixty ‘firsters’.

    The Zionists are using and milking America to the last drop and breath until they fulfill their aims, prophecies, or whatever that may be. Until then, they’ll discard, or worst still, have an absolute and total control of the hetro-homogenized masses along with all its nukes, industries and the gullible sub-servants all for ‘Israeli firsetrs’.

  40. #40 by Victor Mace on 09/01/2009 - 9:34

    Dear, dear, dear me, pacifism, non violence, what has poor old America become. You have to realise that the present position we now find ourselves in has come about by subversion of the very morals and principles the constitution set up for us. Damn outright theft of our hard earned money to make richer the thieves who would rob us of our lives blood, and murder of anybody who even gets near the truth and dares speak it. ( youtube the speech that got Kennedy killed . The current bailout of the corrupt financial institutions ( and we all know who owns these ) is the theft of the food and care for our children that we work so hard for. We blindly go to fight wars for what ? Can anyone actually tell me why we are fighting in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and soon to be Iran and Syria and Lebanon. The only thing this government really fears is the threat of people rising up against it armed or otherwise. The only thing this government understands is force and the use of force in what ever form this force may manifest itself. The American people have to realise that they are going very shortly have to stand up and change things. Look and see what the government fear most and act on it!!!!!!!

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  2. Wars And Rumors of War « Mathew Kane
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