Arrest of Israeli Spy Meant to Prevent Release of Pollard

In late April, Ben Ami Kadish, an engineer working at the U.S. Army Armament Research Development and Engineering Center at the Picatinny Arsenal in Dover, New Jersey was arrested by the FBI on charges he spied for Israel. According to the charges brought against him by the US Justice Department, Kadish (an American citizen who also fought in the Jewish Haganah in the early days of Israel’s beginnings) passed along top secret information to the Jewish state at approximately the same time Jonathan Pollard acted as a spy back in the 1980’s. In addition, Kadish’s handler is said to be Yosef Yagur, the same scientific attaché at the Israeli consulate in New York who handled Pollard.

As with all things dealing the truly ugly side of Israel’s organically-criminal nature, the story was reluctantly covered by the mainstream media in America that made more of the fact that the spying happened a long time ago and ‘isn’t it awful how mean old Uncle Sam is being so rough’ on such a kind, soft-spoken 84 year-old man who donated time and money to worthy Jewish causes. Op-Ed pieces appearing in Jewish-controlled opinion-making outlets accused the USDOJ of the usual business of anti-Semitism and of being pro-Arab while saying nothing of the fact that Kadish passed along nuclear weapons-related secrets to the same Jewish state that years ago sold America’s most sensitive national security information to her then mortal enemy, the Soviet Union.

As it appears however, there is more to the arrest of Kadish than meets the eye. The fact that the USDOJ has chosen to arrest Kadish now, some 20 years after the fact suggests it is a ‘shot across the bow’, meaning a deliberate attempt by rogue elements working in the USDOJ to prevent the release of another spy who stands to do even more damage to US national security than he already did, Jonathan Pollard.

In stories that made little (if any) news in the US, the theme of Pollard’s imminent release from the Butner, North Carolina prison cell where he justly rots away played an unmistakably prominent part of George Bush’s first presidential trip to Israel back in January. With great media fanfare, a section in downtown Jerusalem was renamed ‘Freedom for Jonathon Pollard Square’ a mere few days before Bush’s arrival. Upon landing at Ben Gurion airport he was then deluged with calls to release the convicted spy for Israel who did more damage to US national security than the Rosenbergs could have dreamed of doing if they had a thousand lifetimes. He was later greeted by prominent rabbis and other supporters who called upon him to ‘do God’s will’ by releasing Pollard and who then threatened ‘unpleasant consequences’ if their demands weren’t met. Later in his visit Bush met with Rafael Eitan, the spymaster who oversaw the entire 18 month operation during which Pollard passed over 800,000 pages of SCI (sensitive compartmented information) to the Jewish state. Eitan, knick-named ‘stinking Raffi’ has not stepped foot in the US since that time for fear of being arrested by the FBI, and yet, after the meeting where Bush personally shook his hand as if a deal had been made between the two, Eitan was quoted by the Israeli press saying ‘Pollard will be home soon’.

And all of these items–coupled with the fact George Bush is scheduled to return to Israel in May to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Israel’s return from the grave–indicates that indeed a deal was made for the American president to bring Pollard along with him as a nice fat birthday present to the same Jewish state that pulls Bush’s strings and has been seeking the release of the convicted spy for over a decade.

Those who understand how thoroughly-saturated the US government is by Zionist agents of influence will no doubt be scratching their heads over this one, asking out loud why Uncle Sam would do such a thing if (as is the case) America is truly a puppet to Jewish interests. Such persons will point to the fact that the war in Iraq and Afghanistan were (and are) being fought for Israel as well as the fact that in the days and weeks following 911 hundreds of spies working for Mossad were quietly sent back to Israel with little to any media overage.

The answer is simple. In the first case, every prostitute–regardless of the degrading way she earns her daily bread–has limits on what she is willing to endure. But even more important is the fact there are rogue elements working in the areas such as the USDOJ, military, and various intelligence agencies who recognize America is in more danger now than ever before in her history and who are working actively to circumvent Bush and Co from completing America’s present apocalyptic dance with the grim reaper. Proof these rogue elements exist was demonstrated loudly and boldly back in December of 2007 with the release of the National Intelligence Estimate that stated unequivocally Iran was not (and had not been for several years) trying to develop nuclear weapons. With the release of this document, what these rogue elements sought to do (and achieved) was to take yank the car keys away from a drunkard about to go on a killing spree for Israel’s benefit. The reader will recall the remarks of Admiral William Fallon, commander of CENTCOM (before being ‘retired’ and replaced with the slavish, servile and politically-ambitious Gen. David Petraeus) that ‘we’re trying to put the crazies back in the box’, the ‘crazies’ in this case being a recovering alcoholic-turned apocalyptic born-again Christian who thinks God tells him to go to war against Israel’s enemies, both in the Middle East and beyond. The fact that this report was released just a few days short of Dec 7–‘Pearl Harbor Day’–suggests it was done to preempt a planned US/Israeli false flag attack on a US ship stationed in the Persian Gulf that would naturally be blamed on Iran.

There are other practical reasons for the timing of this present spy scandal involving Ben Ami Kadish being released now as well. Ever since the days of the Reagan administration, counter-intelligence assets in the US have been searching for ‘Mega’ a code-named operative working for Israel at the highest levels of the US government acting as an uber-spy for all kinds of operations. From his (or her) high position, sayanim (Zionist spies) operating throughout the US defense and intelligence agencies have been directed to perform all sorts of tasks including the theft of industrial and national security secrets. The fact that Kadish was tasked with pilfering specifically-named documents means that someone high up in US national security circles knew of their existence. One such person suspected of being ‘Mega’ is former #3 man at the state department Marc Grossman who, as indicated by the testimony of former FBI translator Sibel Edmunds, arranged for high-level security clearances for Israeli spies working in sensitive areas of the US national security establishment. In short, the Kadish affair may be a way of preparing the American people for a soon-to-be unfolding scandal of–for lack of a better word, biblical proportions. As well, the release of Pollard from prison, in addition to giving the green light to otherwise-reluctant Zionist assets deeply-embedded in the US national security establishment–would initiate ‘Pt II’ of the nightmare that began some 20 years ago, since he is referred to as a ‘walking library’ of sensitive information, the release of which can still do substantial harm to the US.

While there is reason for hope there is also reason for caution in this latest development involving the spy Kadish. If Israel does not get her boy (Pollard) back this time around rest assured she will not give up. Neocons associated with a future President John McCain will no doubt achieve with him what they were not able to get with George Bush.

Besides, it’s not as if Bush is going to the birthday bash completely empty-handed, as California governor Arnold Shwarzenegger has just authorized the release of 30 Israeli felons (convicted of murder, drug running, money laundering, fraud and whatnot) from the prisons in his state so that they can make aliyah back to Israel.

2008 by Mark Glenn, Correspondent, American Free Press Newspaper

  1. #1 by John Knight on 05/09/2008 - 9:34


    Keep up the pressure, Mark. Could this be the straw that breaks the camel’s back?


    John Knight

  2. #2 by David Mende on 05/09/2008 - 9:34

    The US has murdered hundreds of thousands of Iraqi’s for israel. It comes as no surprise it would cut off it’s nose to spite it’s face. In fact, israel even kicked out America’s two front teeth on 911. In truth america is a slave state of israel.

  3. #3 by Deacon on 05/09/2008 - 9:34


    What became of that news report a couple of months ago, that Israel and U.S. missile defense systems would be fully integrated, which means – if the project goes forward – that Israel could take control of America’s arsenal?

    -a few related articles:;read=89717


  4. #4 by Joe Cortina on 05/09/2008 - 9:34

    Mark – timely article. WhatI have told the American people over and over and over again and again bear importance to be trashed around once more. The IsraHELL Jew HATES OUR GUTS! I saw this ugly truth while there with the intel community years ago. We foolish people still call IsraHell “or good ally” even as the paint is still wet from the endless stream of anti-American – PRO-Jew SPY TRAITOR grafitti seen everywhere in IsraHell. Everywhere – that is – except their little ‘Potempkin Village’ TelAviv showplace for stupid bloated pasty AmeriKan Baptist/Zionist traitors – where these morons can fawn over those little Jew ‘Hava-nagila dancing girls and literally worship the murderers of our sons fathers and brothers – murdered by them aboard the USS Liberty. This mega-crime of course pales in the light of the FACT of the TWENTY MILLIONS PLUS of our Christian brothers and sisters murdered by te Jew in Soviet Russia – THE REAL CHRISTIAN ‘SHOAH’ — NOW LIVING IN THEIR stolen refuge -of ISRAHELL as the children of Satan! If any substantial number of decent EDUCATED MORAL Americans – still loyal to THIS COUNTRY – had witnessed what I saw there with the intel community – we would have long ago bombed this MORTAL ENEMY and their shitty little Godless stolen country of prostitutes, criminals, child killers, spies, cheats. liars, drug dealers, hackers, porn kings, Marxists,terrorists and Christian haters into rubble – so ALL GODLY DECENT free people on earth could celebrate WORLD CLASS JUSTICE.

  5. #5 by Cherif anegyptian on 05/09/2008 - 9:34

    let us imagine for a while if this guy was called Mohamed, instead of Ben-Ami Kadish

    What do you think would have happened ??
    I myself know exactly what would have happened.

    All the governments of the western world, would have protested against such a vicious and incorrect act.
    All the Media owned by the Zionists would have emphasized the fact in the newspapers, the televisions, the cinemas, the theaters…calling it the crime of the century.
    For weeks and weeks
    They would have called the guy a spy who worked for El Qaeda, that he had relations and made many contacts with Ben Laden..
    They would have accused Islam and the Moslems of being traitors to the country the United states of America they were born and lived in.
    They would have send him to Guantanamo Bay for a just and democratic questioning.
    They would have showed us were he lived what he eat and who were his harem of course they would be all wearing the veil that hunts the West.
    Many would have burned Arab properties, including few Mosques…

    But the fact that this spy, criminal, and traitor is a Jewish with a most ugly name as Ben-Ami Kadish, then there is no problem, a Jew betraying his country America and the Americans? this is a routine and it is allowed as long as he betray them with the Zionist Israeli Jews, and not with China, or Iran or Syria etc.

    Now the fact that this “Jewish American “or “American Jewish” have betrayed his country the Unites states of America, reminds me of the Jews in Egypt who were born and lived in Egypt having a wonderful life, nevertheless they betrayed Egypt very cheaply.
    They betrayed Egypt that sheltered their ancestors when they were homeless

    The most important result we get from this is that it has proved what I have been saying since ages, that the Jews are :
    Traitors, Conspirers, Cheaters, Extortionist, and Liars.
    They can be very pleasant to you externally, but inside they hate you and wait for any opportunity to do harm to you.
    They have the soul of the devil.


  6. #6 by Lujean Rodgers on 05/10/2008 - 9:34

    The Egyptian speaks truthfully. Americans have been betrayed by Jewish spies for Israel for many years. Why would our government continue to send billions of American $ there. Probably due to Jewish lobbies and get-rich-quick charlatan fundamentalist preachers who have brainwashed their followers and line the pockets of our politicians, many who would rather have the money than show courage and integrity enough to protect America. The spies have dual citizenships and have allegiances and worship the hexagram. People with allegiances to a foreign country should not be allowed to hold government positions in the United States. Also to call Israel our only ally and a democracy is an insult to friendly Arab countries that are more our allies than Israel. There is no democracy in Israel except for Jews. It’s run on a communist-like system with government owned collective farms,and collective punishment against the indigenous rightful owners of the land. It’s illegal occupations and inhumane treatment of non-Jews are crimes for which other countries are hypocritically destroyed, i.e. Iraq as well as Palestine, all which contributed to the 9-11 attacks.

  7. #7 by Dennis Fetcho on 05/10/2008 - 9:34

    Exceptionally nice work here. I liked your line “‘isn’t it awful how mean old Uncle Sam is being so rough’ on such a kind, soft-spoken 84 year-old man who donated time and money to worthy Jewish causes.”

    Here we see the total hippocracy of Jewish culture.

    With quite malicious fanfare they arrest octogenarians and have them ripped from their country and families and then deported to face trial in Jewish arranged kangaroo courts so they can play out their “Nazi” maccabre fantasies, sometimes under wholly fraudulent and hence evil pretenses, here we see America’s Jews trying to gain sympathy when they are often too eager to prove to everyone how ruthless and vicious they can be when trying to create their own delusional realities.

    I like your work. It supports common sense and reason. It gives support to the “rogue elements” who understand that real enemy of the American people are those who are aligned with Israel, with they “secret societies” or overt attempts to divert American taxpayer funds to pay for what are organizations wholly beholden to a foreign power.

    I believe your article appeared at

    Keep up the good work. It takes thousands of you to counter the stranglehold Jews have on mainstream media and mainstream thought.

    People are waking up and starting to get it…

  8. #8 by Kike Me on 05/13/2008 - 9:34

    You low life Anti-Semitic American schmucks will get what you deserve. George Bush is a Hero. You forget that your true enemies are the Moslems who did 911. We Israelis and Jews in US are you best friends and ally. But still you Anti-Semites want to create trouble but no worries there are many true Americans whow would do our bidding because they realise we are the Chosen of God! Jesus is a Jew just like us and so we are the godly. You are just cattle created to serve the people of God with love. That is what your own bible taught you. So you are religiously obligated to die for Israel. We are the chosen people given the promised land by your and YOUR God!!! And because we are the chosen God has helped us to control your media, your schools, your banks, your courts, your corporations, your millitary and even the White house is our occupied territory, heck even your women are ours! Now we have you wrapped around our finger…Hahaha… no matter who you vote for your next President whether it is Mad McCain or the Closet Jewess HIllary or the Black Jew Obama it does not matter anymore… They will all do our bidding. The best part is that they are doing the good cop-bad cop on you and the Americunt public lapped it up!!! Hahahaha!!!

    So the only logical thing for you to do is to see through Armageddon and be on our good side so that we will tell God that you are not so bad. You have two choices to make – Either munch those nachos watching reality TV and Britney spears pussy and porn on the Internet OR get of your ass to fight IRAN and die for Israel. Those are the only choices you’ve got!

    I hate you flag-waving purple heart idiots. Make yourself useful and go kill a Moslem or us or you will face the consequences here as well as doomsday when the true Jewish messiah comes once we have establish Greater Israel! If you are not part of our solution you are a part of the problem that needs to be shut off. And we will do it with your money and your weapons and your own people too! You are all a bunch of idiots!

  9. #9 by seeketh on 07/31/2009 - 9:34

    God rejected you because He could not teach you anything over 1600 years. Christ gave you 40 years more to repent. You did not. That is why in year 70 Roman massacred about a milion of you in Jerusalem.History of you people proves that you still did not learn anything from it…

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