To Jesus On His Birthday…

For this your mother sweated in the cold…

For this ye bled upon the bitter tree…

A yard of tinsel ribbon, bought and sold

A paper wreathe, a day at home for me

The merry bells ring out, the people kneel,

Up goes the man of God before the crowd

With voice of honey and eyes of steel

He drones your humble gospel to the crowd

Nobody listens.

Less than the wind that blows are all your words to us you died to save

Oh Prince of peace, oh Sharon’s dewy rose

How mute you lie within your vaulted grave

The stone the angel rolled away with tears

Is back upon your mouth these thousand years…

–Edna St. Vincent Millay



  1. #1 by Joe Cortina on 05/19/2008 - 9:34

    Every year more I live is testimony to the emnity of the AmeriKan people (people satisfied to be living in an occupied country) for the Lord. We mock Him in way so diversly cruel as to leave no doubt of the efficiancy of our ‘handlers’. This is the jubilee of evil – the zenith of the heyday of the false prophets who now bring us death, deception, hatred, wars, blasphemies, ignorance and hopelessness. These demons of Satan: Hagee – Parsley – Graham – Robertson et al COULD have used their influence for good instead of evil – but they OF THEIR FREE WILLS – have elected to follow a path of evil. Those few of courage and pure heart who would do the work of our Lord and bring LIFE – TRUTH – LOVE – PEACE – REVERENCE – WISDOM and HOPE will be silenced by the Satan loving Jew AND HIS SYCOPHANTS – like the Jew Bush and his cabal of demons. The evil that surrounds us in thid doomed country is so thick that even the blind can ‘smell’ brimstone.

  2. #2 by Ed of St.Lou on 05/20/2008 - 9:34

    The goal of the Jewish leadership has always been to destroy goodness itself. They accomplished this goal the first time around when they killed GOODNESS ITSELF. When their leadership murdered Jesus Christ the God-man. Jesus was God, and goodness comes from the word GOD. Jesus Christ the GOD-MAN was GOODNESS in the flesh. He even said that no one can be called GOOD except for GOD HIMSELF.
    This destruction of goodness is the main goal of the Jewish leaders. Today they mainly use the movies and T.V. to accomplish this goal. I’m old enough to remember that Hollywood movie’s often had a Christian theme. Bing Crosby often played a Priest. And this Priest wasn’t a child molester. Even Frank Sinatra portrayed a Priest in one of his movie’s. But today the only time Hollywood portray’s a Priest or a Minister is as an evil person. And even these portrayal’s are to take away the innocence of the young. Almost all women movie star’s have done nude scenes. And when someone’s appeal wear’s off today the movie star or entertainer will do anything to make the headlines. Paris, Britney, and other’s publicly show their vagina’s to get some attention. And almost every female has a hidden porn video. On T.V. there’s an up and coming series called ” Swinger’s.” I said to my wife ” I guess the Jewish Leadership wants to normalize Swinging.” They plant these idea’s in our heads and people accept them, and act on them. As the above article says ” Nobody Listen’s to Jesus.” But most seem to listen to the Jews who own and control Hollywood, and T.V.

  3. #3 by Dr David Green on 05/26/2008 - 9:34

    I hope that the publication of an occasional poem on this site will continue. I should like to urge on Mark Glenn the need, however, to publish more anti-Zionist verse by contemporary poets which engage more with the present situation in regard to the sinister machinations of international Jewry. The above poem fails to do this.

    Edna St Vincent Millay, moreover, had she been alive today, would almost certainly have been a vociferous supporter of the state of Israel. Why do I say this? Because if had dared to write a single line in defence of the Palestinians or in criticism of the Jews, no publisher would have touched her poems. She would have been made a pariah.

    Xanadu’s recent poem “One Thousand Years of Bondage and Spiritual Darkness”, published on this site a couple of weeks ago, engaged my sympathies much more and was far more relevant to the contemporary situation. It’s poems like I would like to see more of. So let’s have more verse from the talented Xanadu.

  4. #4 by blue on 06/07/2008 - 9:34

    evil has the seeds of its own destruction within it…’stand not in the way of evil’

    let the adversary go.

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