Book Burnings in the Holy Land are Considered ‘Kosher’ Provided the Books are Christian

A group of religious fanatics in a Middle Eastern country burning several hundred copies of the New Testament under government orders immediately following George Bush’s birthday bash in Israel should have been headline news for days in America. According to the standards immediately set following the attacks on 9/11, there should have been minute-by-minute updates along with a steady stream of commentary from all the Neocon regulars hell-bent on shystering American parents into sending their beloved children off to fight and die in defense of the Jewish state. There should have been the obligatory ‘we told you so’ business by the Jewish press in America and how ‘right on the money’ George Bush was in bombing the hell out of Iraq and–more importantly–how ‘right on the money’ bombing the hell out of Iran, Syria and elsewhere will be. All the typical buzzwords–‘intolerance’, ‘bigotry’, ‘jihad’ and of course, lest we forget–‘Islamo-Fascism’–should have been brought to bear in describing this recent event that had as its precedent the infamous book burnings by the eeeeeeeeeeeeevil. hated Nazis of the Third Reich.

And indeed all this would have been the case were it not for a few minor facts complicating the matter, not the least of which is that it took place in the one country said to be America’s ‘only ally’ in the Middle East–Israel–and was not perpetrated by turban-wearing/sword-wielding/Koran-quoting/Islamo-Fascists but rather by those said to be Christianity’s greatest friends in the world, meaning Jews.

Upon hearing that missionaries had been in the area passing out copies of the New Testament (that he referred to as ‘propaganda’) deputy Mayor Uzi Aharon of Or Yehuda went up and down the streets of the town, ordering the inhabitants through his bullhorn to bring out the ‘offensive material’. Working in tandem with the deputy Mayor were Jewish religious students who went door to door collecting the religious contraband. Once assembled the books were then dumped into a pile, doused with gasoline and set on fire in a parking lot near a synagogue.

The initial news stories concerning this raw display of anti-Christian bigotry originally featured a recalcitrant, unrepentant, self-righteous and haughty deputy Mayor saying it was a ‘commandment’ for Jews to burn such materials, adding that he did not denounce the burning of the books, but rather those who dared distribute such material within the ‘Jewish state.’ Later however as the story began to grow legs in foreign media outlets, the formerly bold and brash deputy Mayor was doing the typical ‘Jewish 2-step,’ meaning he was backtracking, stuttering and stammering his way out of an otherwise embarrassing situation by saying he ‘respects the New Testament’ and ‘would not do what has been done to the Jews in the past’ meaning the burning of Jewish books by the Nazis.

Predictable as a lawyer at the scene of a gruesome car accident, the Jewish press in America all but yawned at the incident with its typical run-of-the-mill ‘nothing to report here,…go about your lives citizens’ attitude. Among Israel’s ‘Amen Corner’ in America’s Christian churches, not a peep from any of the ‘heavy’ hitters, meaning Pastor John Hagee, Rod Parsley or the ‘reverend’ Pat Robertson. Calls and emails by American Free Press newspaper to their offices asking for their opinions on this outrage were not returned.

What is most interesting in this latest incident–besides the blatant hypocrisy and double standard maintained throughout–is the fact that it serves as prime facie evidence vindicating what critics of Judaism have alleged for years–that at its core the Jewish religion is inherently anti-Christian in its composition and that it neither seeks nor tolerates any kind of ‘peaceful coexistence’ with the teachings of the hated Jesus of Nazareth who dared oppose the Rabbis of His day. These same critics who allege that passages within Judaism’s most holy book–the Talmud–(in addition to depicting Jesus as a sorcerer and His mother as a prostitute) command the burning of Christian books have basically been proven correct with the few, incautious comments of the waffling deputy Mayor who ordered the books burned.

As of this moment the government of Israel is doing nothing, saying it is a ‘local matter’, (meaning something to be handled by the very same government entity responsible for the act in the first place) despite the fact there are laws forbidding the destruction or desecration of any religious item a particular group holds sacred. In addition, no formal apologies have been offered to the world’s Christians by Israel or any of her spokespersons as would have been demanded by the Jewish state had a similar event transpired where Jewish books were burned in a Christian or Muslim country.

This–meaning anti-Christian bigotry in Israel–is by no means something new. From its embryonic days Christianity and its followers were considered persona non grata in the Jewish state as evidenced by the murder of Jesus of Nazareth by the Sanhedrin as well as the warnings issued against his disciples ‘not to teach in His name’. St. Stephen was stoned to death for being a Christian. Peter, Paul and the others suffered harassment, floggings, arrest, imprisonment and had contracts put out on their lives for abandoning the traditions of ‘their people’ and leaders. When the Jewish state was resurrected from its 2,000 year old grave during the 20th century and Zionist/Marxist Jews went on the rampage in Palestinian villages, Christians and their churches were firebombed and treated with the same kind of visceral hatred as took place in Soviet Russia. When the Christian patriarch complained about Jewish abuse of the Christians of Palestine in the name of then-Pope Paul VI, Israel (through one of her intermediaries) responded with “Your Pope is a foolish man. If the Pope has an army, let him send it’, a mirrored reflection of Stalin’s notorious question from decades past, “How many divisions has the Pope?” Recently a Christian teenager in Israel was almost killed when a package sent to his home by Jewish extremists associated with terrorist groups ‘Kach’ and the ‘Jewish Defense League’ exploded. In 2007 Jewish terrorists set a Christian church on fire in Jerusalem, the same city of Jesus’ sham trial and crucifixion by His political enemies in the Sanhedrin. In March 2006, a Jewish couple–pretending to be Christian pilgrims, entered the Church of the Annunciation in Nazareth, (Jesus’ hometown) pushing a baby carriage filled with explosives with the obvious intention of killing scores of Christians. They were attacked and subdued by the church goers before they could carry out their plans. Although hundreds of similar evens have been chronicled, little (if any) attention is paid to it by the Jewish press in America for fear of losing American support for the Jewish state,

The Anti-Defamation League of B‘Nai B’rith (whose activities include spying on Americans critical of Israel and in passing along that information to Israel‘s spy agency Mossad) reluctantly issued a statement condemning the book burning incident for fear of having its organically anti-Christian agenda exposed. Despite the fact that it publicly called for ‘respect for the sacred texts of all faiths’ the ADL has been the most active organization in the world in seeing laws antithetical to Christianity passed in various countries, in addition to referring to the New Testament as ‘classical anti-Semitism’ and the cause of all Jewish persecution these last 2,000 years,

This latest incident involving the burning of several hundred copies of the New Testament, while being a shock to some, should not be to those paying attention, as brave voices have warned of this situation for some time. Israeli writer Israel Shamir once wrote–

“I still remember old Jews spitting while passing by a church, and cursing the dead while passing by a Christian cemetery. Last year in Jerusalem, a Jew decided to refresh the tradition. He spat at the Holy Cross carried in the procession along the city.’

Former concentration camp victim and anti-Zionist activist Israel Shahak wrote in his book ‘Jewish History Jewish Religion’ that–

“Dishonoring Christian religious symbols is an old religious duty in Judaism. Spitting on the cross, and especially on the Crucifix, and spitting when a Jew passes a church, have been obligatory from around AD 200 for pious Jews. The increasing strength of the Jewish state has caused these customs to become more open again. This barbarous attitude of contempt and hate for Christian religious symbols has grown in Israel. In the 1950’s Israel issued a series of stamps representing pictures of Israeli cities. In the picture of Nazareth, there was a church and on its top a cross -almost invisible, perhaps the size of a millimeter. Nevertheless, the religious parties made a scandal and the stamps were quickly withdrawn and replaced by an almost identical series from which the microscopic cross was withdrawn.”

But perhaps Jewish contempt for Christians was best expressed in the words of Rami Rozen writing for one of Israel‘s biggest newspapers, Haaretz, who wrote–

“Jews feel towards Jesus today what they felt in the 4th century or in the Middle Ages. For centuries, Jews concealed from Christians their hatred towards Jesus, and this tradition continues even now. Jesus is revolting and repulsive, and this repulsion passed from the observant Jews to the general Israeli public.”

Jesus of Nazareth–the greatest of all anti-Zionist/anti-Talmudic activists throughout history–in warning His followers about what they would endure at the hands of His Jewish enemies for going against what was the New World Order of His own day said ‘Do not be afraid of them, for there is nothing concealed that shall not be revealed nor hidden that will not be made known.’ Indeed, good to His word, with every passing day the wolves are finding it more and more difficult to maintain their sheep-like disguises and are revealing themselves for the anti-Christian, anti-human beasts they truly are.

© 2008 Mark Glenn

American Free Press Newspaper

  1. #1 by Greg Bacon on 06/07/2008 - 9:34

    JA, VE were just using the banned Ch****ian bible to whet our appetite for burning heretics at the stake, like you Ch****ians.

    VE are the Chosen Ones, see, it says so right here, in our most holy book, the Talmud.

    Soon, you VILL be joining your pseudo-gawd, Jesue, in a burning lake of excrement and VE VILL be most happy.

    Since that means that our G-d, Satan, has taken over the world.

  2. #2 by Bertiz Benhamid on 06/07/2008 - 9:34

    On planet earth nothing last’s forever and Israel will not be here for a long period of time because: ‘The signs are written all over the wall.’

    Book burning were practiced by psychopaths in Hitlers Germany and the tradition is kept alive by the latter-day Nazis in occupied Palestine to this day by no other than the Zionist Entity ( Israel )…heard any outcries from the Christian Community lately? Shame on you!

  3. #3 by DL on 06/07/2008 - 9:34

    For a Biblical view of this issue, the Talmud believers and their connection (Biblically and historically) to the Pharisees Jesus denounced, follow this link:

  4. #4 by Kent L on 06/07/2008 - 9:34

    It’s not just Israel that censors. After all, censorship is also becoming America’s favorite past-time. The US gov’t (and their corporate friends), already detain protesters, ban books like “America Deceived” from Amazon and shut down Ron Paul. Free Speech forever.
    Last link (before Google Books caves to pressure and drops the title):

  5. #5 by john, London on 06/07/2008 - 9:34

    Excellent reporting. How so many of us were conned by propaganda previously.

  6. #6 by Paul Relgne on 06/07/2008 - 9:34

    Yes, Benjamin Freedman was right all along. The Anti-Christ(s) (against the anointed One(s) is(are) alive and well! But, take heart: Greater is He in us, than he that is in this world!

  7. #7 by Maurice Pinay on 06/07/2008 - 9:34

    Orthodox Judaism commands the burning of Christian books in Babylonian Talmud Gittin 45b and Tosefta Shabbat 13:5 among other passages.


  8. #8 by Jolly Roger on 06/07/2008 - 9:34

    When are we going to wake up and stop crying that something “should have been headline news in America”? Anyone who still thinks that mainstream “news” outlets are striving to keep Americans informed is either an idiot, or too afraid to face the realities of our present situation. Forget what’s in the mainstream media, remember what their real purpose is, and most importantly, stop funding the enemy by buying their newspapers. Every patriot should be boycotting the mainstream news, every product advertised by them, and explaining this to the advertisers in a short letter, so they’ll stop funding them too.
    Piss on the NY Times and Washington post because they do nothing but lie to you, and instead re-new your subscription to the American Free Press, or send a few bucks donation to the people who spend their own time and money bringing us the truth.
    Pass out the DVD’s that have done wonders to educate Americans as to the real state of the Union. Start doing your part in this fight by recognizing the enemy and treating them accordingly.

  9. #9 by alvin on 06/07/2008 - 9:34

    Mark Glenn is right on in this subject
    their is a book called their Hollow Inheritance (their reffers to christians ) by michael drazin , you can view that book online here
    that book was distriubuted among all israelis to equip them with arguments in the event if an evangelizer approach them with message about christianity
    read that book and see what do jews really think of jesus , his mother , his message and the whole christian faith , wake up from your slumber and stop watching CNN and Jewish owned propaganda machines , do your own investigating and see….

    thank you Mark for good article

  10. #10 by Ed of St.Lou on 06/08/2008 - 9:34

    In Luke 12:11…Douay-Rheims Bible
    And when they shall bring you into the synagogues, and to magistrates and powers, be not solicitous how or what you shall answer, or what you shall say.

    The time is near that Jewish fanatics like the Lubavitchers will enact their Noahide laws, and Christians and others will be brought before their law courts as Luke mentions above.

    I’ve spent the weekend listening to programs on RBN.
    The one with Joe Cortina was very powerful. He was on the first hour with Mark. I hope he is interviewed again soon. One of the callers on a show brought up the Jesuit Conspiracy with Mark. Eric Jon Phelps who is a Jew has really done a Job on trying to convince people that this is really a Catholic Jesuit Conspiracy. There is no Jesuit Conspiracy. But in the late 1800’s the Jesuit’s showed that there is a Jewish Conspiracy. The Jews have tried to make them pay for this expose ever since.
    Mark, you want to know why the Jews spend so much time attacking the Jesuits?
    Read the following:

    1806: A French Jesuit Priest, Abbe Barruel, had written a treatise blaming the Masonic Order for the French Revolution. He later issued a letter alleging that Jews, not the Masons were the guilty party. This triggered a belief in an international Jewish conspiracy in Germany, Poland and some other European countries later in the 19th century.

    At first he believed that it was the Masons, but with more study found out that it was the Jews.

    The Jesuits exoposed the Jews in 1890.

    This explains just about everything.

    The Alliance is neither French, nor German, nor English; it is Jewish, and it is universal. This universality is exactly the reason for its prosperity and for the felicitous success it achieves.

    The Alliance Attacks the Jesuits [Society of Jesus]

    Now the Jesuits since Vatican Two are not part of a Jesuit Conspiracy to take over the world. The problem with them is that they have adopted philosophies that are Marxist in nature, like Liberation Theology. These Liberation Theologies were condemned by the very man who poses as the Pope. For most part the Jesuits of today have simply lost the FAITH. They pose no threat to anyone except a Catholic Parent who wants to raise his children in the Catholic Faith. Jesuits today are merely a real threat to real Catholics.
    The article also reminds me of what I wrote before of a bus load of Jewish students singing anti-Christian songs. My bus driver friend said that the hatred displayed on that bus ride towards Christians really shook his soul. Yes they really do hate Christians! And they really do hate Jesuit’s. But the Jesuit’s of today could no more prove that they are Catholic than Ted Kennedy on Judgment Day. So in that sense they are no threat to the Jewish trouble makers.

  11. #11 by mike knapp on 06/24/2008 - 9:34

    Jewsuits were created by the sabbateans in order to control the zealous Christian warrior-priest. They came out of the Los Alumbrados gang from spain. The JEWsuits have been a controlled asset from the beginning, much like the Birchers here in Amerika who cant say JEW if their life depended on it.

    Phelps happens to lay out in his sad hit piece called the vatican ASSasins, the complete history and timeline of the actual losers/traitors against Christ. Funny how this POS happens to know all of the conspirators.

    Could it be that the satanic seedline of the Phelps family have provided many generational minions useful to Ha-Satan. Eric is just the latest dolt

    That there are over 13 Phelps family members that have been in the Order of the Skull and Boners at Yale

    That the Phelps family name is on the Plaque to the Great White Brotherhood found on the pyramid at the Rosicrucian Temple in Quakertown PA. There are only a dozen and a half names so far. Phelps is early and prominently displayed.

    Phelps, I heard Mike Piper eat you for dinner last year in an interview. Dont know much about the kennedys and the khazars who hate them.

  12. #12 by Jellrallgople on 02/24/2010 - 9:34

    you have a wonderful site!

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