By Xanadu



“We, the Jewish people, control America, and the American people know it.”

—Ariel Sharon to Shimon Peres, as reported on Israel radio, 3 October 2001.


Ladies and Gentlemen,


Today I would like to present to you two exceptional individuals, both of them Zionists, and both of them doing their best to demonstrate how lucky we are in America to have such shining lights to illuminate our darkness: two remarkable men helping to mold the moral fabric of our country, both bringing to this great nation the finest values that the Jewish psyche has to offer.


Ladies and gentlemen, let me first present to you middle-aged porn producer, Mr Ira Isaacs, who is now facing an obscenity trial in a California court. Let me also present to you Mr Alex Kozinski, distinguished chief judge of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals, who is here to preside over the same court that is to try Mr Isaacs for his alleged crimes and misdemeanours, and to direct the jury as to Mr Isaacs’ guilt or innocence.


Did I say guilt? I shouldn’t have. How could a great artist and lover of free expression such as Mr Isaacs—one whose ancestors might well have died in sad circumstances at Auschwitz — possibly be guilty of anything? Perish the thought! Mr Isaacs, step forward! Tell me something about yourself, sir. What exactly are you being accused of?


Mr Isaacs (modestly) : Well, I’m just an ordinary guy. A 57-year-old Jew who owns an advertising agency in downtown Los Angeles. But an advertising agency isn’t enough for me. I need more from life. I gotta produce great art. You know, like Picasso? Only it’s gotta be really filthy and pornographic to give me the kind of satisfaction I crave. You understand?


—Sure I understand, Mr Isaacs. It all sounds very fascinating. So how would you describe the kind of “art” you produce?


Mr Isaacs : I guess you can call it hardcore fetish porn. You know the kind of thing . . . naked chicks hunkered down on their haunches, defecating in public. Or urinating on guys’ faces. Or women having sex with animals. Gross stuff like that. Hey, even my attorney, Joe Diamond, says it’s pretty disgusting stuff! So it’s gotta be good!


—It certainly sound different, Mr Isaacs. So you make a good living selling hardcore pornography, am I right? The filthier the better?


Mr Isaacs : That’s right. I advertise it on the internet. I sell maybe 1000 DVDs a week at $30 a pop. Enough to pay the rent on a swanky house in Beverly Hills. Hey, I even have a walk-on part in one of my own movies! Man, I ain’t gonna tell you what I actually get to do. You gotta buy the video to find out for yourself!


—So, Mr Isaacs, you’re making a killing on hardcore pornographic filth? The shekels are rolling in, right?


Mr Isaacs : Actually, sales have dropped a bit recently, now I’m on trail. It’s down to 700-800 videos a week from a high of 1000. But who knows . . . it could take off again. That is, if I’m acquitted. People in America need to get the message that filthy, scatological, gut-wrenchingly obscene porn is actually good for the soul. That it helps to smash to bits the crappy Christian values that are doing so much damage to our country right now. Let’s face it, it’s been said before — and I’ll say it again — Christianity sucks!


—Mr Isaacs, how do you justify producing all this morally repugnant garbage?


Mr Isaacs : Hey, go easy on me, buddy! Sex is just a marketing tool! The suckers who buy these videos buy it for the sex. That’s just the bait. What they don’t realize is that old Ira Isaacs is slipping in something else for free. Art! I’m giving them an aesthetic experience comparable to what they might get from a Beethoven symphony!


You see, buddy, I always wanted to do something extreme. Something downright dirty! Something that would make my mom and dad proud of me. Something that would give everyone else the goddam creeps. Including myself. Hey, I can’t even watch my own movies without barfing up! Five straight hours of it in a courthouse is gonna drive me nuts!


—So tell me, Mr Isaacs, how can you expect a jury to sit through five hours of filth without getting sick? Aren’t you being a bit inconsiderate trying to make other people vomit?


Mr Isaacs : Well, they don’t have to sit through it! The judge here, Mr Kozinski, screened a hundred of these guys the other day. Half of them were excused on compassionate grounds. I mean, they couldn’t take it. No moral stamina. No stomach for artistic filth. They actually got the crazy idea that watching all this hard porn was bad for the soul!


Twenty-six potential jurors were excused in the first hour. Of course twelve guys will eventually be chosen. The Twelve Survivors. A real hardcore bunch they’ll have to be, into porn big time! Able and willing to sit through five straight hours of unmitigated filth and unspeakable nastiness! Grisly, gruesome, disgustingly depraved hardcore sex doing its best to degrade women in the interests of art! Boy, those female jurors are gonna love it!


—And what if the jury decides to send you to prison, Mr Isaacs?


Mr Isaacs : I’ll go down as an artist, not as a criminal. I’m fighting for art. Art is on trial here.


—Thank you, Mr Isaacs. I wish you good luck. Judge Kozinski, step forward please!


May I say at once, sir, that I am absolutely bowled over by your credentials. I hear you’re a chief judge of the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals. One of the nation’s highest ranking judges! A possible candidate, I’m told, for the US Supreme Court. Gosh, how do you Jews do it? Ooops, sorry, I shouldn’t have said that! That’s anti-Semitic, isn’t it? A thousand apologies! Tell me, sir, how come you got assigned to this case?


Judge Kozinski : Pure chance. Coincidence. I was assigned to the case as part of a rotation in which I and a number of other appeal court judges occasionally oversee criminal trials. However, here I am, for better or worse. And I’m anxious to serve my country and see justice done.


—Most commendable, Judge, most commendable. If you don’t mind me asking, sir, what is your attitude to pornography? I mean, the really hardcore filthy fetish stuff . . . the kind produced by Mr Isaacs here. Naked women defecating on carpets, like they had something against carpets. Or animals copulating with girls who really ought to know better. I guess a sober and respectable judge like you finds it all a bit nauseating, am I right?


Judge Kozinski (stiffly) : Sorry, no comment. This is strictly a personal matter. It has nothing to do with jurisprudence.


—Huh? Say that again! Now listen, Judge Kozinski, I’m told you have some pretty liberal views on pornography. I read in the papers that you’re against censorship in any form. People are saying that Mr Isaacs here is one lucky Jew! He couldn’t have found a more sympathetic judge. A Jewish judge, too. Just fancy that!


Judge Kozinski : Be careful, sir. You are treading on dangerous ground. I am here to give Mr Isaacs a fair trial. I will do my utmost to see that justice is done. The artist must feel free to shock without fear of persecution. Pornography must be allowed to rear its ugly head in the interests of art. We live in a post-Christian, multicultural society. There’s been a revaluation of all values. God is dead. Remember that.


—Allow me to change the subject slightly, Judge. Tell me something about your own website. I mean, that porn site of yours that’s now the talk of the town.


Judge Kozinski (bridling) : How dare you, sir! My website is impeccable! It’s a purely private website. Just for me and my family and a few select Jewish friends. Any maybe my rabbi. No one else was expected to access it!


Okay, so some of the images that found their way onto the site were a bit inappropriate. A bit near the bone, let’s say, and not altogether flattering to the female sex. I apologize for that. Or rather, I don’t apologize! Why the hell should I? Hey, what is this? I’m not on trial here!


—I’m told your website has some pretty explicit material on it, Judge. Material that bears a striking resemblance to the material that Mr Isaacs here is standing trial for. In a courthouse where you, Mr Kozinski, just happen to be the presiding judge! I’m given to understand that some of the material on your website is pornographic in the extreme. There are pictures of people masturbating. Of public sex. Of contortionist sex. There’s even a slide show striptease act showing a transsexual letting it all hang out. And how about that folder containing photos showing women’s crotches in ridiculously tight underwear — all in closeup?


Judge Kozinski (blushing) : It looks bad, I admit, but it’s not as bad as you think. You’ve got to remember I’m one of the nation’s top judges. By definition, everything on my website can’t be all that bad. I get this sexy stuff sent to me all the time from my Jewish friends and my colleagues in the legal profession. Let’s face it, it’s got to be respectable and mainstream, or they wouldn’t send me the stuff, would they? I just upload it all onto my computer. Simple as that. Nothing wrong with a bit of artistic nudity, is there?


—I’m not so sure about that, Judge. There are two photos on your site I find particularly disturbing. There’s a photo of a young man sitting bent over in a chair, performing fellatio on himself. Talk about contortionist sex! There’s another photo showing two young women sitting in a cafe, their skirts hiked up so high you can see all their pubic hair. And behind them there’s a sign reading, “Bush for President!”


Judge Kozinski : (laughs) That’s meant to be funny! It’s a joke. I guess you don’t appreciate Jewish humor.


—A guy fellating himself is Jewish humor? And women flashing their private parts in a public place is your idea of a joke? Well, tell me now, Judge, what about those photos on your site showing these naked women on all fours, painted to look like cows? And what about that video of a half-naked man fooling around with a sexually aroused farm animal? Is that your idea of good clean fun?


Judge Kozinski : Honestly, I can’t remember uploading all that stuff. Maybe my son did it! Yeah, I reckon Yale did it without thinking. Stupid jerk! I’ll have to cut his allowance. But hey, give the boy a break, he’s only a goddam kid!


Now listen, it’s even possible I uploaded that stuff myself! Accidentally, of course, while meaning to upload something totally different! Errors like that happen. Ever heard of typos? Maybe I meant to upload something educational and elevating. Like Israeli soldiers, shooting Palestinian children armed with killer stones! Or our brave warriors in the Israeli Air Force, dropping three million cluster bombs on those cowardly terrorists in South Lebanon!


—One final question, Judge. You are on record as saying to potential jurors, whose job it will be to watch five hours of this pornographic filth, “I will be there watching with you. This is part of the job we are doing.” Tell me, Judge, why do you go out of your way to give the impression that watching porn is a big drag for you, a painful duty, when actually it turns you on? Viewing porn is just up your street, isn’t it?


Judge Kozinski : I refuse to respond to these sly innuendos that are so obviously anti-Semitic in tone. I guess I’ll have to postpone hearing this case. My superiors will have to decide if I’m the appropriate person to sit in judgement over Mr Isaacs.


—Thank you, Judge, you’ve been most helpful. May I wish you good luck in your future career as a Supreme Court judge. America is proud of you. Thank you for bringing your fine Talmudic values to our godforsaken Christian country.


Judge Kozinski : Don’t mention it, son. You know, if that guy Jesus Christ were around today, I’d have him crucified again! I’d have him packed off to Guantanamo Bay and water-boarded. Under strictly controlled conditions, of course, sanctioned by the Geneva Conventions!


—Thank you once again, Judge Kozinski, for giving us a glimpse into the fascinating recesses of the Jewish mind. America needs men like you. Any plans for retirement?


Judge Kozinski : Yes, I’m thinking of buying a farm in Eretz Israel. A few hundred acres. Trouble is, we’ve got to get rid of those darned Palestinians first! Tear up their olive trees, demolish their houses, and drive them off to Jordan and Syria like the goddam cattle the are! Hey, maybe I’ll head for Iran, once we’ve bombed the hell out of that country and grabbed its oil. Roll on the day!


Sings in a high piping voice:


On, onward Christian soldiers!

Fight, fight our Jewish wars!

Off with your clothes, you shiksas!

God damn you for cheap whores!

God smiles upon His Chosen—

And craps on you and yours!


Exeunt Isaacs and Kozinski, pornographer and pornophile judge, thumbing their noses at the goyim rabble.



  1. #1 by Dr David Green on 06/15/2008 - 9:34

    In Xanadu’s satirical article the following words are put into the mouth of Jewish pornographer Ira Isaacs:

    “People in America need to get the message that filthy, scatological, gut-wrenchingly obscene porn is actually good for the soul. That it helps to smash to bits the crappy Christian values that are doing so much damage to our country right now. Let’s face it, it’s been said before — and I’ll say it again — Christianity sucks!”

    I couldn’t believe at first that anyone could utter such a ridiculously extreme comment. Filth good for the soul? The best way to smash Christianity to pieces is to flood the world with porn? Christianity sucks?

    “C’mon Xanadu, you must be kidding!”

    That was my first reaction. A friend came to my rescue at ths point by handing me an article on pornography which convinced me that, far from exaggerating, Xanadu had done her research exceptionally well. Every allegation she makes here about the Jewish role in the dissemination of the foulest pornography is 100% true.

    The article I refer to is entitled “Triple-exthnics: Nathan Abrams on Jews in the American porn industry.” The author of the article, Nathan Abrams, is himself Jewish. He is Professor of American History at Aberdeen University in Scotland. The article is published in the winter 2004 edition of the Jewish Quarterly. Hardly a forum for anti-Semitism!

    You will learn from this authoritative article that — although the Jews comprise no more than 2.5% of the American population — they are behind at least 90% of the country’s pornography.

    If you think that Xanadu’s comment about porn being used as a weapon to undermine Christianity is a grotesque exaggeration, listen to what Al Goldstein, publisher of Screw Magazine, has to say on this subject: “The only reason that Jews are in pornography,” he tells us, “is that WE THINK THAT CHRIST SUCKS!”

    Pornography has become a way of defiling Christian culture. “Jewish involvement in porn,” Professor Nathan Abrams tells us, “is the result of an atavistic HATRED OF CHRISTIANITY.”

    Be warned, my friends. The Jews are doing their best to defile and poison your minds. Their aim is your systematic demoralisation. Not content with stealing your money, they long to steal your honor also.

  2. #2 by Linda Bennett on 06/15/2008 - 9:34

    Check out this quote from an article on the David Duke site entitled “JEWISH PROFESSOR SAYS PORN INDUSTRY IS A WEAPON USED BY JEWS AGAINST GENTILES”:

    “In 2000, a Jewish organized crime ring was uncovered that specialized in kidnapping Russian children, some as young as TWO YEARS OLD, from parks and orphanages and then subjecting them to rape, torture and murder, all on video tape.

    These tapes were sold to thousands of Jewish and Gentile perverts all over the world.

    When police in Italy were frustrated by lack of action by the authorities, they released some of the video footage to an Italian TV network which then showed some of the graphic images hoping to cause public outrage. Instead of outrage against the Jewish murderers, the TV producers suffered outrage for showing the disturbing images.

    In spite of the horror and obvious newsworthiness of this international Jewish child porn/murder operation, it received little coverage in the media in the United States. When Seth Bekenstein, the ring’s American distributor was arrested, there was little publicity, and in spite of being a part of one of the most horrific criminal activities imaginable, he was sentenced to ONLY 18 MONTHS IN PRISON…..”

    Try and understand the enormity of this crime.

    Children as young as two years old are raped, sodomized, tortured and killed by a gang of pedophile Russian Jews. All on videotape. The tapes are sold to perverts all over the world. When the Italian authorities try to obtain some publicity for these horrific events by releasing the tapes to Italian TV, they are roundly abused by the Jewish-owned media for, er, PROMOTING ANTI-SEMITISM!!!

    It’s beyond belief.

  3. #3 by Xanadu on 06/15/2008 - 9:34

    The previous comment alluded to the fact that the pedophile gang involved in the kidnapping and murder of young children consisted of Russian Jews. Here are some fascinating facts you need to know about Russian Jews:

    1. After 1989 vast numbers of Russian Jews were allowed to emigrate to Israel. Of Israel’s approximately 6 million Jews no fewer than one million are Russian Jews. These are by far the most troublesome Jews in Israel — the most amoral, irreligious and extremist in their political views. Many of the settlers in occupied Palestine, the ones guilty of the worst atrocities against Palestinians, happen to be Russian Jews.

    2. Some 20,000 of these Russian Jews — many of them scientists, writers, painters, journalists and academics — are chronically unemployed and need to be subsidized by the American taxpayer. Many of these Russian Jews, in order to eke out their inadequate incomes, become drug smugglers, pimps, gamblers, white slave traffickers, petty crooks, and, last but not least, internet pornographers.

    3. Pedophile porn sites are largely owned by Jews, probably Russian Jews operating out of Israel, Russia and the US. The purpose of these porn sites is not only moral subversion of the gentiles, but international blackmail.

    It is not only AIPAC that exerts pressure on American politicians. Working in cahoots with Jewish-owned porn sites, Mossad is almost certainly in the blackmail business, forcing American politicians who have been sufficiently indiscreet to serve the interests of Israel at all times.

    How many more wars is America going to be forced to fight for Israel because of sexually compromised American politicians who have been honeytrapped on pedophile porn sites?

  4. #4 by Gravitas on 06/23/2008 - 9:34

    Poor Xanadu. She has sex on the brain! Here’s one of her latest ravings from the website where we both post our comments:

    “From castrated lions to lemon incest. Lemon incest? That’s the title of a new song by French Jew Serge Gainsbourg (Ginsburg). Don’t miss it if you’re into incest and pedophilia big time.

    Courtesy of youtube, or, better still judicial biz., regale yourself with five minutes of delicious depravity by looking at bearded singer Serge romance his leggy 12-year-old daughter Charlotte on a king-size bed.

    Don’t get me wrong. This is all very tastefully done. One would have to be a “prude” to object to this ever-so-subtle invitation to savor the joys of incipient incest and pedophilia. Enjoy, enjoy.

    Thank you, Jew.
    Xanadu | 06.23.08 – 5:35 am | #

    If you’re wondering what the reference to “castrated lions” means, it’s about a recent work of art in the form of a heraldic emblem — in which a lion rampant was featured with genitals intact. A bunch of prudish women apparently objected to the genitals and insisted on their removal. So the artist was forced to “castrate” his own lion!

    Xanadu isn’t particularly bothered with the lion. It’s the youtube video that gets her blood boiling. She thinks it’s the Jews again, trying to lower Christian moral standards by trying to make incest and pedophilia acceptable and even trendy.

    Take a look at the video yourself and see what you think.

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