Killing The Messenger Before He Arrives–The Real Reason For Israel’s Latest Threat To Kidnap Ahmadinejhad

Less than 2 weeks before Iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejhad is scheduled to speak on the floor of the UN General Assembly, Israel–using as her personal mouthpiece one of the most important figures in the history of the Jewish state with regards to spying, assassination and Zionist intrigue, Rafael Eitan–has threatened that Israel may “kidnap him” and bring him to trial for ‘incitement to genocide’ regarding some of the inflammatory (but truthful) statements he has made in recent years concerning the great experiment in Jewish self-rule in the Middle East. In addition to this, the US–like some effeminate, limp-wristed yes-man always willing to debase itself for Israel’s benefit–is holding up Ahmadinejhad’s visa for entry into the US.

Those who think these recent developments are much ado about nothing should think twice. Eitan’s remarks are more than likely not the barking of some noisy little dog. In the first place, the threat of kidnapping did not come from some Zionist nobody or a tough-guy wannabe trying to grab as much of the limelight as possible to feed an overly-developed sense of self-worth. Rafael Eitan (“stinking Raffi” as he is referred to in underworld-fashion by his Zionist partners in crime) is and has been one of the “movers and shakers” in the Jewish state now for many decades. Former high-ranking Mossad chief now-turned Minister for Pensioner Affairs, Eitan was personally responsible for kidnapping Adolph Eichmann from Argentina in 1960, eventually resulting in the former high-ranking Nazi official being tried, convicted and executed for his activities during WWII. More recent and closer to home, Eitan oversaw the handling of convicted spy Jonathon Pollard, whose espionage on behalf of “America’s greatest friend in the Middle East”–Israel–resulted in some 800,000 pages of classified material marked “SCI” (the highest classification that exists) being passed to the Jewish state, who then passed it on to America’s enemies at that time, the Soviet Union. As a result of Pollard’s treason and Israel’s betrayal, some 1,400 American intelligence assets/agents working behind the Iron Curtain were either captured or killed. To this day Israel has neither returned any of the stolen documents nor apologized for what she did, but rather has on a repeated basis in her typical haughty and demanding demeanor, commanded that America’s most dangerous spy be released from prison. Furthermore, given that Israel does everything for effect means the former spy master would not have said what he said without the blessing of his superiors in Mossad.

And with regards to the report that the US is holding up Ahmadinejhad’s visa, one need do no more than consider briefly the following question that needs no answer for all its obviousness–would this have happened for any other world leader?

Those who shrug off this latest talk of kidnapping as just that of a gangster nation engaging in gangster talk have good grounds to say so to a certain degree. After all, kidnapping is one of the ‘can’t do withouts’ in the business of organized crime, and it is no conspiracy theory that Israel has become something of a headquarters to mob interests where drugs, illegal arms, forced prostitution, human trafficking, extortion and money laundering are as much a part of the daily grind as they were  during the days of Al Capone’s Chicago.

In this case however, a former high-ranking Mossad chief and the individual responsible for the infamous capture of Eichmann making such a statement must be looked at within the context of an iceberg where much more is unseen than seen. Moreover, it should be assumed it is neither typical Zionist rhetoric poking its ugly head out of Israel’s legendary sea of paranoia nor her seeming organic addiction to narcissistic behavior. No, the smart money says the timing of these latest developments is by no means accidental.

As noted, Ahmadinejhad is scheduled to speak at the UN General Assembly September 23, and the fact that certain elected members of Congress (and at least one university president) made perfect asses of themselves at this time last year trying to outdo each other in their slavish, slobbering devotion to Israel by calling for Ahmadinejhad’s arrest once he set foot in the US should not lead people to think this is merely a repeat of last year’s nauseating spectacle.

American Free Press has learned through contacts close to President Ahmadinejhad that ‘something big’ may be in the works with regards to his scheduled speech at the UN and that what is actually going on here is Israel wetting her paints in fear over it, to the point she is attempting to scare him away from coming to the US for fear of being kidnapped. Unable to divulge too much to AFP, (no doubt because of the sensitivity of the information involved) nevertheless the idea conveyed was the possibility of the Iranian president bringing forth information on the floor of the UN so embarrassing to the US and Israel that plans for their long-desired war against Iran (and beyond) would be shelved indefinitely.

Needless to say, Israel (who desperately needs this war against Judea’s ancient enemies in Persia to hold together what is an otherwise organically-fractured society) is no doubt in panic mode. The longer this modern-day re-enactment of the slaughter of 75,000 innocent Persian citizens as recounted in the book of Esther is delayed, the less likely it is to take place, to say nothing of the diminishing chances of its overall success. As former Dimona nuclear technician-turned peace apostle Mordechai Vanunu testified to AFP recently, Israel must have war ‘every ten years or so’ for her survival. For the Jewish state, war is like a drug to any addict, and the longer she goes without her ‘fix’ the more desperate and irrational she becomes. Considering what took place in August with Georgia’s crushing defeat by Russia and the fact that more than likely Israel–up to her eyeballs in arming and training Georgia–planned on “tying Russia up” with a drawn-out military campaign that would prevent any interference with an attack on Iran, Israel is getting desperate, and this latest threat to kidnap the leader of a sovereign state is proof of it.

Those who doubt Israel’s ability in gleaning sensitive information concerning President Ahmadinejhad’s speech to the UN should think twice.  Spying is something intrinsically woven into the paranoid culture of the Jewish state that sees nothing but enemies everywhere, beginning with the Old Testament story of the Israelite spies sent by Joshua who shacked up at the house of the prostitute Rahab (just prior to ‘God’s chosen people’ going on the rampage and slaughtering 31 Palestinian villages) to Esther sleeping her way into the court of king Xerxes (just prior to the slaughter of 75,000 innocent Persian citizens) to Judas Iscariot and his infamous crime. With a network of ‘sayanim’ scattered everywhere throughout the world (as described by ex-Mossad officer Victor Ostrovsky in his book ‘By Way Of Deception’) Israel literally has millions of eyes and ears, watching and listening to everything as it all pertains to the Jewish state. In a personal interview with American Free Press newspaper, a young man (US citizen of Palestinian heritage) who went to Gaza to visit family recently found himself detained and interrogated for 4 hours by Israel’s internal security service Shin Bet. During this interrogation, the young man (whose name will remain anonymous by his request) was grilled over phone calls he had made while in the US. By his own personal testimony, 6 years worth of his phone conversations had been recorded by Israeli intelligence, simply because of his Palestinian descent and despite the fact he was a medical school student and not involved in politics in any way. If Israel was willing to go to such lengths in keeping an eye on the personal life of one harmless American citizen of Palestinian descent, imagine the resources she is willing to expend in being a fly on the wall in any room where Ahmadinejhad’s business is being discussed.

Exactly what Ahmadinejhad may be planning to say on the floor of the UN only a handful of people actually know, but considering that it appears to have gotten the Jewish state’s underwear in a such knot means it must be fairly important. With two major events taking place in the last 7 months–the first being the release of the National Intelligence Report stating Iran does not have a nuclear weapons program and the second being Chairman of the Joint Chiefs Adm. Mike Mullen warning Israel in early July that there will be no ‘USS Liberty pt II’, the situation is not just slightly pregnant with implications, but ready to burst, and it is for this reason that an extremely watchful eye should be kept on the comings and goings of Israel and her supporters in the days to come.

(c) 2008 Mark Glenn

Correspondent, American Free Press Newspaper

  1. #1 by eileen fleming on 09/15/2008 - 9:34

    Something else that could be big news on Sept. 23 to get Israel’s underwear in knots is Vanunu’s return to court to learn if he goes to jail for 6 more months for speaking to foreign media in 2004.

    Vanunu has spoken on the LIBERTY HOUR in 2008 and i have been streaming 2005, 2006 and 2008 video interviews with him that Israel is well aware of.

    Sept. 23 should be a very interesting day indeed.

    Eileen Fleming, Reporter and Editor WAWA:
    Author “Keep Hope Alive” and “Memoirs of a Nice Irish American ‘Girl’s’ Life in Occupied Territory”
    Producer “30 Minutes With Vanunu” and “13 Minutes with Vanunu”

  2. #2 by Phil Tourney on 09/15/2008 - 9:34

    Very interesting!”That an extremely watchful eye should be kept on the comings and goings of Israel and her supporters in the days to come”
    I agree totaly with your assement and your words in this very impotant article it should be read by all Americans and taken to heart. As a survivor of the murderous attack on America”s ship the USS Liberty AGTR-5 I can tell you Israel will stop at nothing to get what she wants even if it means taking America to the depths of hell to get her way.You Mark Glen you Phillip Tourney and all others better watch you back cause Israel knows about you and we don”t like you or your words.
    Just pointing out the true facts of the real world!!!

    Phillip F Tourney
    Survivor USS Liberty June 8 1967
    Three time president USS Liberty Veterans
    Co Host the Liberty hour
    Saturday mornings 1100 EST

  3. #3 by Cherif Loutfi on 09/15/2008 - 9:34

    Israel represent now the best example for justice and for the development and progress that we should all follow, and must put into practice by kidnapping the Israeli leaders, and all the American administration, plus some foreign responsible that have made declarations we did not like similar to what happened with that noble Israeli minister.

    We must also confess that the successive Israelis governments have along the years surpassed the phases of declarations of abducting the leaders of other countries to the assassination and extermination of the Palestinians, like the Americans did in Iraq Afghanistan and Guantanamo. While we did nothing over the years because we did not know what is the right thing to be done according to international laws until we got that good example from Israel.

  4. #4 by John Knight on 09/16/2008 - 9:34

    Did you know that “Israel” [read: jews] openly admit [no, BRAG] that it was they who assassinated my fellow alumnus, George Patton?

    If they think they can and should be able to get away with that–then in spirit with Cherif’s post, we should at least THINK we can get away with assassinating just about anybody and everybody who had a hand in that, up to an including Donovan’s own family, descendants, friends, neighbors, etc.:

  5. #5 by Ed of St. Lou. on 09/16/2008 - 9:34

    If Israhell kidnaps Ahmadinejhad sooner or later God’s gonna cut you down!

    Johnny Cash – God’s gonna cut you down.

    If Israhell kidnaps Ahmadinejhad – God will use Russia, and China to avenge your evil act, sooner or later God’s gonna cut you down.

    Even our own military has warned Israhell – about avoiding another Liberty type false flag attack. The top U.S. General has stated not to attack Iran. And I’m sure that he will not be pleased with the kidnapping of that nation’s leader , because he can see the dire consequences, and he knows that you chicken ass bastards will not be fighting Iran, but it will be more American blood being shed. So go ahead and kidnap Ahmadinejhad, for sooner or later God will use the U.S. Military to cut you down.

    A few years ago I talked to Donn De Grand Pre on the phone for about an hour or more, and he told me that there are many at the Pentagon who realize who Amerika’s true enemies are. And he bluntly told me that sooner or later that God will cut you ( Israhell ) down. He also said that there would come a day when the true Americans will wake up and hunt each and everyone of the IDF and the Mossad down, for as Joe points out clearly, you are nothing but sons of the Devil, and the sooner mankind rids itself of your kind, the better off we will be.

    Go ahead and attempt to kidnap Ahmadinejhad, we dare you, for your demise will come ever sooner! Sooner or later Gods gonna hunt you down.

    If it is found out that anyone is gone after by your kind in this country, and if something happens to them, this will bring about the next Revolution faster than Michael Phelps can swim a lap! American’s have almost a billion fire arms. The rednecks in my neighborhood have whole arsenals of weapons. If someone messed with anyone in this neighborhood, that person would be fired upon within seconds. So go ahead and mess with the rednecks in Amerika. The black neighborhoods are even worse for firearms. I’ll bet you would never go into their neighborhoods and harass them. The police won’t even go into half of the black neighborhoods. It’s so bad that a black alderman last month requested that the national guard patrol these area’s. All I’m saying is you have no idea how the shit will hit the fan, if you keep messing with the people in Amerika , and with world leader’s like Ahmadinejhad.

    Sooner or later God’s gonna hunt you down ISRAHELL!

  6. #6 by karen_j66 on 09/16/2008 - 9:34

    and the plot thickens.

  7. #7 by Sam Dudic on 09/16/2008 - 9:34

    May those self-elected bastards try, and they get what they deserve… Israeli Nazis and terrorists play with Fire, people of the world are sick and tired of them, the real paranoids and devil’s disciples, parasites, exploiters and killers… They know no limits of their hutzpa, no sense of measure, and understand only direct force, like Hitler, the founder of Israel…

  8. #8 by farang on 09/16/2008 - 9:34

    The American “worm” ( John Q. Public) may just be turning: I read with interest yesterday an analysis of how McCain wanted to place LIEberman as his running mate, but the Republican “PTB” told him no, the American public is getting fed up with doing Israel’s bidding. And LIEberman is too open about his zeal for aiding Israel’s desires over America’s best interests.

    I know of more than one die-hard Republican that is sick and tired of the Zionist nonsense. The “PTB” desperately need to keep these voters. So, they placed a stealth Zionist instead, named Palin. Grandfather a Lithuanian Jew. Proudly displays her Israeli flag in her office. Can you say Sayanim? I thought you could.

    Like Biden, an avowed Zionist.

  9. #9 by George on 09/21/2008 - 9:34

    Exactly the same tactics as they used against Putins visit to Iran.

  10. #10 by business intelligence on 09/27/2008 - 9:34

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    This is a cool website.

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