Iran, the UN and the USS Liberty–Why Israel Is Preventing Ahmadinejhad from Speaking At The World Body

Well folks, it is time to finally let the cat out of the bag. My co-host of the Liberty Hour radio program (found at USS Liberty survivor Phil Tourney and I want this story out there just in case anything untoward happens to either (or both) of us as well as making sure that the record is set straight in the event President Ahmadinejhad of Iran is not allowed to speak on the floor of the UN General assembly.

Earlier this week, I released a piece I wrote entitled ‘Killing The Messenger Before He Arrives–The Real Reason For Israel’s Latest Threat To Kidnap Ahmadinejhad’ in which I put forth the theory that the reason Israel is threatening to kidnap Ahmadinejhad and why the US has (at least as of this moment) denied him an entry visa into the US is because he might ‘possibly’ be planning on divulging information ‘so embarrassing’ to Israel and the US that it would prevent them from launching an attack on Iran.

Well the truth of the matter is, we know a lot more about this than the article suggests and the wordcraft I used in the article was me ‘playing dumb’ until I had a better handle on what Israel and the US were planning to do with regards to Ahmadinejhad being allowed to come to the UN. Now, just a few days before he is scheduled to speak he is not being given the opportunity and therefore Phil and I have decided that it is time to strike out with the truth.

The fact is this–There was the very good likelihood Ahmadinejhad was going to discuss Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty on the floor of the UN General Assembly or (per our request) even that he would yield 3 minutes of his time to give USS Liberty survivor Phil Tourney an opportunity to tell the world what Israel did to him and his shipmates 41 years ago.

Phil and I have no doubt that in the 2 months we were putting this thing together that our conversations regarding this were being monitored as well as our emails. As soon as we got word from our contact in Iran (who works closely with the president) that he was very positively disposed towards our request and that he had ordered his staff to assemble as much information on the USS Liberty possible, BOOM!!!–Israel threatens to kidnap him. This, coupled with the US preventing his visa into the US when the request was made months ago cannot be mere coincidence, and anyone who believes Israel is not listening in on every conversation going in and out of Iran needs to come into the 21st century.

Our hope was that by mentioning the unmentionable topic of Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty 41 years ago (as well as the subsequent cover-up by the US government) that it would start a chain reaction of awareness–not only in the US, but all over the world–that would in essence draw a big red circle around Israel, where her past, present and future proclivity towards false flag operations would come under intense scrutiny, thus precluding her ability to launch another made-to-order event that would lead to the war to end all wars.


Now, just as it was 41 years ago, dark, treacherous and treasonous elements operating within the highest levels of power in the two countries conspired to sink the ship in order to bring the US into Israel’s wars and now, just as they did 41 years ago, they are attempting to hide the truth from the American people. DO NOT LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT AGAIN. THIS MAY BE THE LAST CHANCE WE HAVE OF SAVING OUR COUNTRY. TELL EVERYONE YOU KNOW THAT IT IS ISRAEL’S ATTACK ON THE USS LIBERTY THAT IS KEEPING AHMADINEJHAD OUT OF THE US!!!

Mark Glenn
Phil Tourney
The Liberty Hour Radio Program

archived show discussing this topic–

  1. #1 by Greg Bacon on 09/20/2008 - 9:34

    If Ahmadinejhad had made it to the US without his plane developing trouble and crashing, the same elements behind 9/11, the MOSSAD and CIA, might take a chance to let loose with one of their truck bombs at the UN, to kill the messenger or the message.

    Of course, like 9/11, there would be plenty of evidence left around that pointed the blame back at Iran and off we’d go, fighting another war for that SLC, Israel.

    Until that bastard nation is brought to heel and made to answer for numerous crimes agaiinst humanity, the world will not be safe.

  2. #2 by eileen fleming on 09/20/2008 - 9:34

    I so LOVE you brothers and all that you do in pursuit of LIBERTY + FREEDOM OF SPEECH, and all those connected with the USS LIBERTY and all ALL USA CITIZENS, especially those who are clueless to the truth of that other day in infamy when Israel got away with targeting and MURDERING USA citizens!

    BTW, The oft repeated comment ascribed to President Ahmadinejad, that “Israel must be wiped off the map,” was addressed by Virginia Tilley, Professor of political science who wrote:

    “In his October 2005 speech, Mr. Ahmadinejad never used the word “map” or the term “wiped off”. According to Farsi-language experts like Juan Cole and even right-wing services like MEMRI, what he actually said was “this regime that is occupying Jerusalem must vanish from the page of time.”

    “In this speech to an annual anti-Zionist conference, Mr. Ahmadinejad was being prophetic, not threatening. He was citing Imam Khomeini, who said this line in the 1980s (a period when Israel was actually selling arms to Iran, so apparently it was not viewed as so ghastly then). Mr. Ahmadinejad had just reminded his audience that the Shah’s regime, the Soviet Union, and Saddam Hussein had all seemed enormously powerful and immovable, yet the first two had vanished almost beyond recall and the third now languished in prison. So, too, the “occupying regime” in Jerusalem would someday be gone. His message was, in essence, “This too shall pass.”

    What also needs to pass is USA blind and dumb allegiance to the ETHNOCRACY of Israel which has been spun as a democracy and is incredible BS!

    “Israel is a not a democracy but is an Ethnocracy, meaning a country run and controlled by a national group with some democratic elements but set up with Jews in control and structured to keep them in control.”-Jeff Halper, American-Israeli, Founder and Coordinator of ICAHD/Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions and a Noble Peace Prize Nominee for 2006.-excerpted from “Memoirs of a Nice Irish-American ‘Girl’s’ Life in Occupied Territory” page 15 by eileen fleming.

  3. #3 by Ray Goodwin on 09/20/2008 - 9:34

    This is sad – but not really a surprise. The Evil Ones use all thier arsenal to keep any ray of truth from possibly illuminating the blind masses. Years ago, when my children were small, I took them to see a movie that I thought was just a kid’s show, primarily because it was made by Jim Henson of “muppet” fame. How wrong I was! If you are able, I urge you to try and find “The Dark Chrystal” and watch it. It describes so very well the state of affairs today regarding our nation, even our race.

  4. #4 by Bill W on 09/20/2008 - 9:34

    True American Patriots..God Bless you both

  5. #5 by Ron on 09/20/2008 - 9:34

    The only chance we seem to have is to spread the word via the internet. Hopefully
    it will be enough.

  6. #6 by John Knight on 09/20/2008 - 9:34

    Wouldn’t it be great if Ahmadinejhad were allowed to address this UN meeting by video telecast, where he could also remind everyone there that the reason he’s not there in person are the threats to his life, the threats to kidnap him, our complicity in preventing him from speaking and why, not to mention the opportunity to make a public record of our [read: our government’s] complicity in the destruction of the USS Liberty?

  7. #7 by 5-Pillar Scribe on 09/20/2008 - 9:34

    While it sounds like this would have grave repercussions to Israel. I am not convinced that even if this were the case, the world would do anything about it. It would be nice…but I would not hold my breath.

  8. #8 by A.Peasant on 09/20/2008 - 9:34

    In case you missed it, Admadinejhad gave an interview to Press TV recently in which he said many interesting things.

    This very question was raised again. Here is part of his answer, making much sense:

    My message to the people of the United States is very clear as well. It is a message to all world nations… We believe that the relations that prevail in the world today are cruel relations. There are gaps and distance between nations. Through propaganda, gaps are created in order to fill the pockets of wealthy people and capitalists with more money and power. We oppose these cruel and brutal relationships.

    We want friendship for all world nations. We have respect for all nations and we believe that this minority, this bullying minority… If they step aside and give the affairs of the world to the nations of the world, people can live together in peace and will not have so many problems. We are friends of all world nations.

    The people of the United States do not have any problem with the people of Iran. Of course, there is a one-sided propaganda network that is putting a lot of pressure on the people of the US to make things very difficult. It does not allow the people of the United States to express their views and to prevail; we hope these pressures will be removed.

    Today the image, the personality and the resources of the people of the United States are being used to support criminal elements, those who occupy other countries. We do not believe that the people of the United States are satisfied with the sorts of things that are taking place.

    No nation wants to support the killers. The Zionist regime is a regime that will disappear. The reason and philosophy of their existence no longer exists. This regime is based on a wrong foundation and with the passage of time and by themselves… their personality is becoming clear – they are not just. The regime will not gain legitimacy with the passage of time. They themselves know this.

  9. #9 by Lasha Darkmoon on 09/20/2008 - 9:34

    It would seem that President Ahmadinejad of Iran may be prevented from speaking on the floor of the UN. According to Mark Glenn’s excellent article, this is because Ahmadinejad is likely to prove a severe embarrassment to Israel — and to the U.S. — by bringing up the awkward subject of Israel’s attack on the USS Liberty 41 years ago. I should like to add that there are several other compelling reasons for making sure Ahmadinejad is forced to keep silent.

    Ahmadinejad has recently softened his stance towards Israel by explaining that he had no hostility to the Israeli people, only to the Zionist regime. His vice president for tourism, Esfandiar Rahim Mashai, recently created waves in Iran when he said that Iran was a friend of the Israeli people. Ahmadinejad supported him fully in this statement, addng that “no one wanted to drive the Israelis into the sea.”

    The object of this softly-softly approach is, of course, to reverse the effect of Ahmadinejad’s previously misquoted phrase that he wanted to “wipe Israel off the map.” This reversal of sentiment cannot be allowed to happen. It is absolutely necessary for people to go on believing that Iran has plans to nuke Israel into oblivion. After all, it is this imaginary threat from Iran that is the one and only pretext Israel has right now for a pre-emptive strike on Iran.

    Ahmadinejad also made a speech recently in which he said that “the people of the region” must be allowed to decide what sort of regime they wanted in Israel/Palestine. Some commentators take this as a hint that what Iran would like to see is a one-state solution to the Arab-Israeli problem. The one-state solution, as we all know, is anathema to the Zionists. What, share their stolen land with the Palestinians? Live in peace with their fellow Arabs? Perish the thought!

    So Ahmadinejad must at all costs be prevented from speaking because anything the man says is likely to be acutely embarrasing to Israel. Why, he could even deny the Holocaust on the floor of the UN! No way can he be allowed to do that.

  10. #10 by bert on 09/20/2008 - 9:34

    The more I learn about the history of Third International, its fake “dissolution” at the Yalta conference, and Trotsky’s advocacy of state-sponsored terrorism, and the creation of the Pentagon and CIA as the official headquarters for the Trotskyite (“It is not unlawful for the state to sponsor terrorism, as long as the goals of the state are in accord with ‘the Program.'”) faction of International Marxism, the more I become convinced that Israel was created from thin air, at the same time that the CIA and Pentagon were created, solely to advance the agenda of International Communism.

    Much as CIA was conceptualized concurrent with the Yalta conference, and populated by Truman with supra-national communists, to infect the idea of lawful representative (and accoutable) government with the cancerour ideas of government by secrecies, and much as the Pentagon and its ultra-secret E-ring was also conceptualized at the same time, the Yalta conference, and also populated by Truman, with supra-national Trotskyites, to implement the military goals of the Communist International, by covert acts of escalating violence executed through so-called “special forces” operations (now generally recognized as Pentagon-sponsored terrorism), so also was the idea of Isreal conceptualized, as a faked-up “nation state,” concurrent with the Yalta conference, and later given official recognition by Truman, as an utterly faked-up nation state. It is apparent that Israel was intended to be, and has effectively become, a hand-granade pressed into the belly of western civilization, which has flourished on the principle of the general welfare, which can be protected only by a lawful nation state, and which belly of civilization the Israeli-CIA-Pentagon Marxists have mutually pledged each other to destroy.

    As Truman was terror-bombing the only two cities in a defeated and prostrate Japan that had been allowed to have Christian churches in their cities (during war, western churches are famous for running intelligence operations), and thus signaling to Stalin and Mao that they shoud begin their equivalent unified pogroms against Christianity, by exterminations of the families of hundreds of millions of Christian intelligencia, what sweet irony it must be, to this enemy of mankind, and to the sweet belly of Liberty, that Israel, as a communist hand granade shoved into the belly of humanity, should call for mass extermination, a virtual pushing out to sea, of the last remnant of the original Christians … who we now generally know as … the Palestianians.

    What sweet irony, against God, these unrepentant Trotskyite terrorists must imagine they savor. It is pointless to remind them that God’s love, however patient it might seem, is however never unjust.


    Although referred to as a “nation” by readers in their comments, Israel is in fact not, and cannot be, a nation … for one simple and easily admitted fact.

    The Israeli government will not declare where its borders are. If a “citizen” of Israel is standing at ground coordinate X,Y,Z, how is that citizen to know whether or not it can vote, when his nation will not say where its borders are? How can anyone have a vote, when this so-called “nation” will not say outloud for all to hear where its borders are?

    Because it will not say where its borders are, no one can say whether or not they have citizenship and a vote. For this reason alone, Israel cannot call itself a nation.

    If perchance Ahmadinejhad gets to speak, I hope he raises this small issue in a footnote as well. Of course, the main point is the willingness of this non-nation to attack the United States.

    On that point, I hope he brings up the fact that Israel has now six(?) Dolphin class submarines, which are the most modern class of submarines in the oceans today. Each is listed as armed with 25 nuclear tipped cruise missiles, which can be launched while underway from their “illegally oversized ” horizontal launch tubes. This mobile launching capability is more advanced than that used by any American submarines! Israel’s submarines are thus among the most powerful and stealthy submarines in the oceans today — and thanks to the Israeli spy, and scientifically clueless file clerk, Jonathan Pollard, and his dual-passport Trotskyite protectors in the Pentagon, and his scientifically informed inside controller, “Megah,” this Wolfpack of Israeli submarines were specifically designed and built, for the purpose of evaded U.S. Naval sonar defenses and attacking the United States.

    Israel’s air force may be a threat to Iran, but Israel’s fleet of nuclear-armed submarines are a far greater threat to the largely Christian U.S. populations than are any ICBMs coming from Russia. As a tool of Trotskyite-fascists in the CIA and Pentagon, Israel has already announced to the world, her intention of destroying the United States, by every means possible. Not only is she capable, but she has shown her willingness, to launch a missile attack against the United States, launching125 of her nuclear-armed radar-evading cruise missiles to wipe out our largest cities and state capitols, all in a “Operation Total Katrina” sneak attack, from hostile submarines which at this very moment are quietly waiting for the command only a few miles from our shorelines.

    Thank you, Jonathan Pollard. And, thank you, Pentagon “citizen” Trotskyites! Have yourselves a great sex party, using Abramov’s little children.

  11. #11 by Maggie on 09/21/2008 - 9:34

    Long live the moqawama (reistance). Long live Ahmadinijad. Long live Nasrallah.

    Let Israel disappear from the pages of time forever. And may the Jews be free of their attachment to the horrors of Israelpolitik.

    Go get ’em!

  12. #12 by captainjohnus on 09/21/2008 - 9:34

    America: The Melting Pot: The Scum There Of Arose To The Top, And Became The Government Of The United States. The Government of the United States, and the vile man appointed state of Israel, are following;
    and host of Belial; the god of this world: they are a diabolical wicked family of “selfish,
    gluttonous, filthy murderers, and liars, hypocrites! with a fist of wickedness directing their
    diabolic conspiracy against the Anointed Son, and my Heavenly Father; and my Brothers and
    Sisters; with their wicked plots; and acts of Terrorism, False Flag Attacks, strife, wrath, anger,
    malice, hatred, murder and war. They are of their father the devil, and the lusts of their father
    they will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there
    is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the
    father of it. Wherefore understand and know, that wherewithal a man or Nations sinneth, by
    the same also shall be likewise punished, and with their own abominations will they be
    tormented; And so to, to Jerusalem and her idols. We are to follow Christ’s teachings and doctrine! “Christ did not say to equip ourself with
    weapons and enter into a state of violent action of war! ‘Christ says, if you take up a sword,
    you shill die by it!” “Christ says, arm yourself with truth and righteousness! We are to
    endure/suffer without yielding unto evil, just as Christ Jesus endured the cross! so are we to
    endure until His re appearing. Now the just shall live by faith: So that we may boldly say, The
    Lord is my helper, and I will not fear what man shall do unto me. Whosoever is born of God
    doth not commit sin; for his seed remaineth in him: and he cannot sin, because he is born of
    God. In this the children of God are manifest, and the children of the devil: whosoever doeth
    not righteousness is not of God, neither he that loveth not his brother. For this is the message
    that ye heard from the beginning, that we should love one another. Not as Cain, who was of
    that wicked one, and slew his brother. And wherefore slew he him? Because his own works
    were evil, and his brother’s righteous. Marvel not, my brethren, if the world hate you. We
    know that we have passed from death unto life, because we love the brethren. He that loveth
    not his brother abideth in death. Whosoever hateth his brother is a murderer: and ye know
    that no murderer hath eternal life abiding in him. Hereby perceive we the love of God, because
    he laid down his life for us: and we ought to lay down our lives for the brethren. But whoso
    hath this world’s good, and seeth his brother have need, and shutteth up his bowels of
    compassion from him, how dwelleth the love of God in him? My little children, let us not love
    in word, neither in tongue; but in deed and in truth. And hereby we know that we are of the
    truth, and shall assure our hearts before him; until His gracious Promise be fulfilled. For where envying and strife is, there is confusion and every evil work. But the wisdom that
    is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and
    good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy. And the fruit of righteousness is sown
    in peace of them that make peace. From whence come wars and fightings among you? come
    they not hence, even of your lusts that war in your members? Ye lust, and have not: ye kill,
    and desire to have, and cannot obtain: ye fight and war, yet ye have not, because ye ask not.
    Ye ask, and receive not, because ye ask amiss, that ye may consume it upon your lusts. Ye
    adulterers and adulteresses, know ye not that the friendship of the world is enmity with
    God? whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God. Do ye think that
    the scripture saith in vain, The spirit that dwelleth in us lusteth to envy? But he giveth more
    grace. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.
    Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Draw nigh to
    God, and he will draw nigh to you. Cleanse your hands, ye sinners; and purify your hearts, ye
    double minded. Be afflicted, and mourn, and weep: let your laughter be turned to mourning,
    and your joy to heaviness.

  13. #13 by Joe Tittiger on 09/21/2008 - 9:34

    Thanks for helping to open my eyes as to what Israel is really all about. Any country that feels the need to criminalize the discussion of historical facts (Holocaust denial laws) IS HIDING SOMETHING no 2 ways about it.

    In Liberty,
    Joe Tittiger

  14. #14 by Lamarr on 09/21/2008 - 9:34

    Hmmm… an anti-Israel head of state would find the USS Liberty to be a very rich and tempting topic. My impression of Ahmadinejhad from a few interviews is that he is a thoughtful guy who is willing to say things that make Westerners uncomfortable.

    I bet Chavez would be up to talking about the USS Liberty if he were introduced to it. So are you guys going to try to contact his people and see if he gets denied entry, too?

    Even if you could get a head of state to ask about the USS Liberty at the U.N., you can bet credits to Navy beans that the US mainstream media would pull a blackout. The foreign and alternative medias would have a field day with it, however.

    The USS Liberty incident pained me rather deeply when I first found out about it, and even today I’m still astounded that they did not manage to sink that ship or kill everybody on board. I can’t quite chalk it up to Devine Intervention, but if they couldn’t sink an intelligence ship after two or more hours of pounding, then it makes me wonder if they successfully sank any ships up to that time (1967).

  15. #15 by LeoQ on 09/21/2008 - 9:34

    Just one major problem. Pres Ahmedinejad is speaking on Tuesday morning to the UN Gen Assembly as planned, and having a press conference in conference room 2 at the UN for all interested reporters at 5:30pm the same day. And on Thursday evening he is a guest of the World Council of Churches at a private affair. He has not been denied a visa or any right to speak.
    The truth speaks for itself- and this aint it. It would take other than the USS Liberty to cause this big an uproar. Most dont know what USS Liberty is about, and anything Ahmedinejad says will be easily ignored by our fascist press.

    No- the kidnapping threat is not about past, ancient Israeli history. It is more about future US-Iran ties. THAT holds real terror for Israel.

    note from me, MG-if indeed he has been given the visa, then Thank God

  16. #16 by Hank on 09/21/2008 - 9:34

    This is all about Free Speech. After all, censorship is becoming America’s favorite past-time. The US gov’t (and their corporate friends), already place protesters in fenced-in cages, ban books like “America Deceived” from Wikipedia, Amazon and Facebook, and shut down Ron Paul. Free Speech forever (let him speak). God bless the USS Liberty.
    Last link (before Google Books caves to pressure and drops the title):

  17. #17 by who knows on 09/21/2008 - 9:34

    Well whats stopping him from having a you tube acct to speak his mind???If there is any truth to any of this he would get it out no matter what the cost..slaves rise up enough of the dictaters ruling the world.

  18. #18 by Lasha Darkmoon on 09/21/2008 - 9:34

    “Just one major problem. Pres Ahmedinejad is speaking on Tuesday morning to the UN Gen Assembly as planned…”
    — Leo Q

    This is an intelligent post. It tends to cut away the ground from all the previous posters, including myself, who were under the impression that Ahmadinejad had been muzzled and prevented from speaking at the U.N. Mindful of the possibility that this “silencing” of Ahmadinejad was no more than wishful thinking, I had started my own post above (20 September, 11,13 pm) with the words: “It would SEEM that President Ahmadinejad of Iran MAY BE PREVENTED from speaking on the floor of the UN. ”

    Which ever you look at it, two things are likely to occur at the U.N. conference next week:
    (1) Ahmadnejad will say something controversial which will get Israel and America squirming.
    (2) His controversial remarks, if reported at all, will be pooh-poohed as the ravings of an anti-Semitc crackpot who wants to “wipe Israel off the map.”

    “Pay no attention to this crank,” the Zionist media will sneer. “He’s just an Islamofascist nutter.”

  19. #19 by profnasty on 09/21/2008 - 9:34

    Why so seldom do I see the obvious comparison between USS Liberty and 911? Is this not obvious to you as it is to me?//As per the USandA “Charity to all, Tribute to none.”

  20. #20 by Paul Graniere on 09/21/2008 - 9:34

    Don’t you guys think that the other straw that would really break the camel’s back is
    “The Unspeakable Truth of 9/11”

  21. #21 by Linda Klassen on 09/21/2008 - 9:34

    I believe it would benefit all to broaden the scope of vision to see the puppet masters behind the players putting on the act to con us all. According to Jesus, (Revelation 2:9 and 3:9) there are ‘false Jews’, which He names as the ‘synagogue of satan’. These are the vermin who centuries ago penned the plot against us all, including the genuine flesh descendants of Abraham, ‘The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion’.

    These false Jews have manipulated and infiltrated all nations and their governments, staged most, if not all major military conflicts, financing both sides, creating crippling debt for those states which then became their ‘political whores’, which are by now thoroughly infested with the false Jews who are poised to stage the worst global conflict of all in order to create sufficient terror and material lack to manipulate the world’s population into not merely accepting their ‘one-world tyranny’ but to actually ‘beg’ them to rule over them all.

    Genuine Jews are content to blend into the nations to which they have been scattered and have no desire to reclaim the Land the Lord promised to Abraham and his descendants, since they remember that it was the Lord Who banished them from the Land because of their long history of rebellion and idolatries. These ‘Jews’ have been exploited by the false Jews, used as bait, sacrificed to the slaughter, in order to raise an outcry and a plea that the ‘Jews’ have their Land restored to them, not so the real ‘Jews’ would have a homeland, but so the false Jews, the synagogue of satan, could gain possession of the Land.

    Anyone who has read Revelation realizes the intent: To rule the world as god from the temple in Jerusalem, a weak and demonic attempt to imitate the arrangement the Lord God had with Israel under the Old Covenant.

    The return of the true Hebrews to the Land at this time would be an act of rebellion against the Lord. Building another temple which the Lord has condemned, would be committing abomination against the Lord. Reinstituting the animal blood sacrifices would be abomination against the blood of Christ.

    It is clear by these diabolical intentions of the false Jews that they are none other than the devil’s seed, mimicking the true Hebrews, deceiving the whole world, and regrettably, most Christians, and even garnering their moral, political and financial support to carry off their wicked plot against the Lord and His Christ.

    So it is not ‘Israel’ that is the culprit, but the false Jews who have stolen it to carry out satan’s wicked plot against the Lord. It is not the U.S. but the false Jews who have infiltrated and now control not only Congress, the Senate, the Whitehouse and Pentagon, but the majority of poltical offices and influences in all the States and practically all media for nearly the last 100 years.

    Henry Ford did a series of articles in his short lived newspaper, in which he exposed the evidence of his day revealing which principles in the Protocols were being carried out and how. Of course, he was painted ‘anti-Semitic’, but he responded that one cannot be ‘anti-Semitic’ unless there exists such a thing as ‘Semitic’ in the first place. Ford went on to explain that the ‘Semite’/False Jews were in fact a ‘nation within a nation’ in every country they ‘infested’, with no loyalty to any but their own ‘Jewish/Semitic state’; that they were expelled from one nation after another because they were caught trying to covertly destroy the governments and economies of those nations.

    Finally, the false Jews made the U.S. A. their ‘headquarters’ and Henry Ford witnessed the means and methods they employed to do the same in America as they had done in every other nation they had been in Europe, and he tried to awaken Americans to the very real threat these false Jews posed to the survival of their nation. It is apparent that the people of the U.S. chose to hear the voices of the lying wonders instead.

    While such information is still accessible on the internet, we would all benefit from reading what Ford had to say about these ‘false Jews’ and how he identified the way they worked to bring about the end of America. We can see how they got there big foot in the door very early on and see how it is that they have gained so much control over all the nations today. Here is the link to Henry Ford’s expose on the Protocols and ‘the Jewish Problem’:

    Most importantly, I would implore all who are born again, surrendered to Jesus, Christians, to take up the Sword of spiritual warfare and exercise the authority of Christ over the demonic spirits, including those indwelling mortal flesh, and FORBID them from carrying out the works of the devil, which Jesus commissioned us to destroy in His Name. Take dominion over all things in Jesus’ Name. Declare His decrees against the works of the devil and guard your mouths from perpetuating his lies and deceptions by repeating ‘evil reports’. Refrain from diminishing the power of Christ in the earth by breaking up declarations of His Truth by parrotting the devil’s lies. This is how he has engaged Christ’s own body in helping him carry out his diabolical plot against Christ and against ourselves.

    Notice that in Revelation 18: right after Jesus calls us all to ‘Come out of her my people…’, He tells us to reward that Babyonian harlot double what she did to our brethren whom she slaughered; to cause her double the sufferring she caused us; to utterly destroy her. It’s time we obeyed both the call to ‘Come out of her’ and the command to bring satan’s whore (economic-political-religious) system down. Let’s be about learning from the Lord what He wants us to do and how He wants it done.

    In order not to be deceived, we must make time alone with the Lord our chief priority. Nothing else we spend these last days on is going to matter and it will matter even less if we squander our attention on them to the neglect of the Lord and what He would like to do in, and then through, us to overthrow satan’s rebellion.

    Jesus Christ is the Only Man Who has the right and wisdom and power to rule over all mankind. Let the people of earth know that we have a King and He welcomes all to enter His Kingdom through repentance and surrender to Him as the Saviour and Lord of all.

    All glory and praise and honour to Jesus Christ, King of kings and Lord of lords. Amen.

  22. #22 by Lasha Darkmoon on 09/21/2008 - 9:34


    I salute you for your brilliant post. Your comments go straight to my heart and iluminate the dark corners of my mind.

  23. #23 by Dave on 09/22/2008 - 9:34

    We have not advanced much as compared to the middle ages and thought/speech codes of the horrid Inquisition.
    We may think we have,but we haven’t.
    Think about it,when anyone only wishes to establish more accuracy or even challenge the contemporary claims of the death toll of the “holocaust”,they are sent to jail(in Europe and Canada).
    This can only be the work of scoundrels who have something big to hide,all other groups that have been victimized over time cry out for more scrutiny,but the Jews wish to have everyone swallow whatever they claim regarding the “holohoax”.
    The truth can bear scrutiny, only lies and liars need government laws to enforce “truths” on a populace.

  24. #24 by Ruth Bernstein on 09/22/2008 - 9:34

    “Think about it,when anyone only wishes to establish more accuracy or even challenge the contemporary claims of the death toll of the “holocaust”,they are sent to jail (in Europe and Canada). This can only be the work of scoundrels who have something big to hide…”
    — Dave

    Sorry, scumbag, such anti-Semitic comments like the above will not be tolerated on a respectable website like this. Not by me, the daughter of Holocaust Survivors. Every fool knows that six million Jews died in the Holocaust — and that’s just a conservative estimate. It’s exactly for this reason that it should be against the law to question this catastrophic event. Because it took place — AND IT’S TRAGIC, get it? Fucking imbecile.

    Irving and Zundel and Faurisson, and other intellectual terrorists like them, deserve the death penanty for spreading their poisonous lies! One day, with any luck, even people like you will be sent to Guantanamo Bay and your fingernails torn out for talking about a “Holohoax”. Damn you to hell, evil entity.

  25. #25 by hANOVER fIST on 09/22/2008 - 9:34

    The attack on the U.S.S. Liberty is a sore point with me…especially when confronted with shite such as the discussion here:

    You can’t resolve issues when one refuses to take responsibility for one’s actions. Hail to the unsung heroes of the U.S.S. Liberty!

  26. #26 by Patrick M. Griffin on 09/22/2008 - 9:34

    Can they do a satellite video link to the UN for Ahmadinejhad, and then Phil could still speak on the floor? I’m not very confident Ahmadinejhad would be safe. He should easily get a VISA, though.

    United Nations General Assembly should review the revokation of Resolution 3379, adopted on November 10, 1975 by a vote of 72 to 35 (with 32 abstentions), that “determine[d] that Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination”, by Resolution 46/86 on December 16, 1991. It was very strange, there was no discussion of the revokation, just a speech by George H. W. Bush.

  27. #27 by Mike on 09/22/2008 - 9:34


    with all due respect, challenging “facts” is our right. Finding the truth is our right. One cannot condemn for asking questions, even if they are to discuss tragic events. Only truth should matter and not the one that the victors write. The absolute truth is all that counts.


  28. #28 by Bertiz Benhamid on 09/22/2008 - 9:34

    If we are not careful the Holocaust survivors will put us in the ovens.

  29. #29 by Ed of St. Lou. on 09/22/2008 - 9:34

    There are many interesting comments thus far. I love the comments where we should be sent to Guantanamo Bay for giving our opinion as an American. And also that people should be put to death for number estimates. A few years ago the ADL had a number of 5 million plus for a certain event. I was shocked that they had on their web
    site 5 million plus for this certain event. But if one doesn’t believe in a number slightly higher than that – that person should be put to death. If we went by this logic Foxman and his co worker’s according to this sweet lady, should have to be eliminated.

    We’re lucky that African Americans don’t go crazy about certain numbers. It is estimated by some that 30-40 million died in a type of Holocaust – on the way to America.

    Number of Africans deported to the Americas by the Europeans: about 10-15 million (about 30-40 million died before reaching the Americas).

    And what about the 66 million butchered in Russia, or the 100 plus million butchered in China. If we say 65 million in Russia, or 99 million in China should we also be put in Guantanamo Bay, or even be put to death for our numerical errors according to some?

    What is so great about this web-site is that the Mobster Jews hate us for being an American. We can express our first amendment rights, until they have their Jewish New World Order. The purpose of this Order is exactly as this sweet woman expresses herself – and that is to enslave us, and put us to death for disagreeing with their lies. And one of their biggest lies is that Israel didn’t attack our sailors on the U.S.S. Liberty, in June of 1967. Anyone who even dares to tell the world about this evil act should be stopped at all costs! And this sweet woman would dare to stop all of us in expressing our first amendment rights. This is the opposite of being an American, this is promoting Jewish Communism to mankind as a beacon to the world.

    The problem is that they better enslave us soon, because the truth of 9/11, and those behind it, are also the same people who are behind our money disastor’s. When we arrest one group of crooks, we are killing two birds with one stone. So watch out, your trials will be here sooner, than later. The bottom line is stop protecting the Jewish Mafia, and stop threatening us with your silly numbers game. You are just exposing yourself, and you may end up in Guantanamo Bay, or one of the hundred plus secret prisons of the Jewish Bush administration. The difference is that honest people are not committing treason, but dishonest people who protect the Jewish mob, and who work for the criminal state of Israel, and pretend to be Americans, are committing treason. People like the Bushes, Maurice Greenberg, Larry Silverstein, Michael Chertoff, Michael Mukasey, all are traitor’s to our country, and have committed treason, and a real jury trial would prove this, for their involvement in 9/11, and the money crisis.

  30. #30 by Mahmoud El-Yousseph on 09/23/2008 - 9:34

    Mark, Thank you for such earth shaking investigating report. You and PhilTourney are true red, white, and blue. It will take more than harming the two of you to silence the voices of dissent in America. To paraphrase what Lincoln once said, ” … the right to dissent is the highest form of patriotism. Those who wish the turn America- the beacon of democracy into dictatorship are the true enemy of freedom from with in. Keep up the pressure. There is always a light at the end of the tunnel!

    In solidarity,
    Mahmoud El-YoussephTSG/USAF [Ret.]

  31. #31 by gladius_veritatis on 09/23/2008 - 9:34

    Excellent article and comments. One point about the “horrid Inquisition”: I would not be too sure that the presently-available history books give an accurate or true account. If Judaics can rewrite the history of WW2 to include the non-existent Holocaust, they can certainly falsify accounts about events from age long since passed – especially one that concerns the real mortal enemy of the Judaics; Holy Church. God speed. Pray the Rosary.

  32. #32 by captainjohnus on 09/23/2008 - 9:34

    Again America the one who need to see and see fast! where they are! Men that are known as Bonesmen, members of the Skull & Bones, have infiltrated every branch of the Government of the United States. These men are members of the Freemason or other secret societies. They are members of most of the organizations of the Roundtable. The majority of Bonesmen are from old-line Puritan families. They include the following families: Whitney, Lord, Phelps. Wadsworth, Allen, Bundy, Adams, Stimson, Taft, Gilman and Perkins. A second group of families in the Skull & Bones are: Harriman, Rockefeller, Payne, Davison, Pillsbury and Weyerhauser. The Order of Skull and Bones was once called the “Brotherhood of Death”. There are three secret societies that were started at different Universities in the United States and have infiltrated into the government of the United States. The (Cecil Rhodes) Group was founded at All Souls College, The Illuminati was founded at (the) University of Ingolstadt, Oxford University in England, and the Order, Skull& Bones, was founded at Yale University in the United States. The three secret society groups that men have come out of and intend to control the world are: President George Bush not only belong to the occult of Skull & Bones but he also belongs to at least one organization of the Roundtable.

    The Illuminati was in other countries before it came to the United States. Freemasonry started in Israel. Masonry was founded by King Herod Agrippa with eight other Jewish Founders. Everything that involves Masonry is about the rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple. The Jews desire more than anything to be restored to the glory that Jewry had under the reign of King Solomon. The reign of Solomon was a reign of peace through the wisdom that God gave unto Solomon. However Solomon, in his old age, turned from God and started to worship Ashtoreth. The Illuminati was in other countries before it came to the United States. Freemasonry started in Israel. Masonry was founded by King Herod Agrippa with eight other Jewish Founders. Everything that involves Masonry is about the rebuilding of Solomon’s Temple. The Jews desire more than anything to be restored to the glory that Jewry had under the reign of King Solomon. The reign of Solomon was a reign of peace through the wisdom that God gave unto Solomon. However Solomon, in his old age, turned from God and started to worship Ashtoreth.

    (1 Ki 11:5 KJV) For Solomon went after Ashtoreth the goddess of the Zidonians, and after Milcom the abomination of the Ammonites.

    It is very important that we get to the root of the sorcery that has and will deceive all nations to accept the Antichrist. First notice that all nations and all people are deceived into accepting Antichrist this deceit has been since the days of Jesus. It is the number of a man, which is the old Adam, the beast, and man trying to build another way to heaven through the Kabbalah Tree of Life, or sorcery.

    (Rev 9:21 KJV) Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts. (Rev 18:23 KJV) And the light of a candle shall shine no more at all in thee; and the voice of the bridegroom and of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee: for thy merchants were the great men of the earth; for by thy sorceries were all nations deceived.

    The men that belong to these secret societies worship the old man and the things of this world. They are murderers that manipulate mankind for their own material gain. They are shady characters that do things in the shadows and in secret places. The men of these secret societies manipulate wars and create much misery in many areas of the world. You AMERICA THE HELL BOUND TRAIN! “The engine with murderous blood was damp, and was brilliantly lit with a
    brimstone lamp;”
    An imp, for fuel, was shoveling bones, while the furnace rang with a
    thousand groans.
    The boiler was filled with lager beer, and Belial the devil himself was the
    The passengers a most motley crew -soothsayer, Church member,
    atheist, Gentile and Jew,
    Rich men in broadcloth, beggars in rags, handsome young ladies, and
    withered old bags,
    Yellow and black men, red, brown and white, all chained together — Woe!
    Woe!, what a sight!
    While the train rushed on at an awful pace — the sulfurous fumes scorched
    their hands and face;
    Wider and wider the country grew, as faster and faster the engine flew.
    Louder and louder the thunder crashed and brighter and brighter the
    lightning flashed;
    Hotter and hotter the air became, till the clothes were burned from each
    quivering frame.
    And out of the distance there arose a yell, “Ha, ha,” said Belial the devil,
    “we’re nearing hell!”
    Then oh, how the passengers all shrieked with pain, and begged Belial to
    stop the train.
    But he capered about and danced for glee, and laughed and joked at their
    “My faithful friends, you have done the work, and Belial the devil never can
    a payday shirk.
    “You’ve bullied the weak, you’ve robbed the poor, the starving brother
    you’ve turned from the
    door; You’ve laid up gold where canker rust, and have given free vent to
    your beastly lust.
    “You’ve justice scorned, and corruption sown, and trampled the laws of
    nature down.
    You have drunk, rioted, cheated, plundered, and lied, and mocked at God
    in your hell-born pride.
    “You’ve paid full fare, so I’ll carry you through, for it’s only right you should
    have your due.
    Why, the laborer always expects his hire, so I’ll land you save in the lake
    of fire,
    “Where your flesh will waste in the flames that roar, and my imps torment
    you forevermore.” Jeremiah ch 51 is America The Pyramid on
    the Dollar represents Babel The god that is referred to on the Dollar is Belial Which is their god

  33. #33 by hANOVER fIST on 09/26/2008 - 9:34

    “Every fool knows that six million Jews died in the Holocaust” – exactly…every FOOL.

    Go to and take the challenge, Ruth.

    If you can’t, learn to say scumbag only when peering into a mirror.

    The old canard of “aniSemitism” is a dog with no legs that you’ve sent out to hunt.

  34. #34 by g.strauch on 09/29/2008 - 9:34

    A further eye opener to the above read the BOOK——-The Synagogue of Satan —-by Andrew Hitchcock .This BOOK will fill in the VOID . G. St.

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