Like Overripe Fruit We Fall

The election is behind us now and the NWO, “bankster gangsters” got their long awaited Messiah and his mob of mesmerized devotes who, may or may not drink his cool aid. He will attempt to usher in a full fledged police state on America. This is perhaps the reason that gun sales are up by 50% around the country.


Some may remember as I do, Soviet Leader, Nikita Khrushchev on TV while he was visiting the UN, his famous hammering the shoe on the podium incident, exclaiming how the Communists would bury America without firing a shot, “Your children’s children will be living under communism.” This left me a bit shakin’ as I was very young and it has never left my memory. Then in a previous interview with the Sec. of Agriculture, Esra Taft Benson during the Eisenhower administration, Khrushchev said, “You Americans are so gullible. No, you won’t accept communism outright; but we’ll keep feeding you small doses of Socialism until you will finally wake up and find that you already have communism. We won’t have to fight you; we will so weaken your economy until you fall like overripe fruit into our hands.”


Some years after, Nikita Khrushchev and David Rockefeller met behind closed doors in Moscow for two and one half hours. It seems the name Rockefeller leaves its indelible print where ever it goes.


In 1973, David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Breznski founded the Trilateral Commission {TC} which controls both the Republican and Democratic Parties which may explain why both candidates, John McCain and Barack Obama, along with George W. Bush, promoted and voted for the bailout, the biggest heist perpetrated on the America people in the history of this Republic.


This is not a conspiracy theory like many in the media, including so called conservative talk show hosts, Rush Limbaugh and Sean Hannity, people who mention the TC or the CFR are mocked and called tinfoil hat wearers and black helicopter kooks. That would have to include Pope Pius X1, who believed a conspiracy was taken place when he wrote an encyclical in 1939 called Divini Redemptoris on Atheistic Communism where he refers to the silence of the press, “A third powerful factor in the diffusion of communism is the conspiracy of silence on the part of a large section of the non-catholic press of the world.,{today Catholics could be included, my emphasis} We say conspiracy, because it is impossible otherwise to explain how a press usually is so eager to exploit even the little daily incidences of life has been to remain silent for so long about the horrors perpetrated in Russia, in Mexico and even in parts of Spain that it should have relatively so little to say concerning a world organization as vast as Russian Communism. This silence is due in part to short-sighted political policy, and is favored by various occult forces which for a long time have been working for the overthrow of the Christian Social Order.” Was the Pope a prophet? This is profound because those of us who have been alive for awhile have watched are liberties erode over the decades, religion removed from our schools, and the public arena, society becoming blatantly more decadent as Alexander Solzhenitsyn, famed Russian author, pointed out in a speech while he was in America. On Monday, August 4th, Solzhenitzyn died at age 89. The Nobel Prize winning author exposed the secret history of the vast prison system that enslaved millions reported the AP. An article that says much in regards to the mainstream press if one were to read between the lines. I am relieved that there is still some respect for the dead, as they were much more respectful of this individual then they ever were when he was alive. The article for its unintentional admissions, do validate what the Pope said in his encyclical. It is an indictment of them in a peculiar way by stating that Solzhenitsyn’s work exposed the horrors of the gulag prison system, telling of the tyranny that was going on in Russia starting in 1917. They state that his “Gulag Archipelago” trilogy of the 1970s, shocked readers, by describing the savagery of the Soviet State under Josef Stalin. The press is admitting that they failed to report to the American people the atrocities and the wholesale slaughter of over 60 million people by the Bolsheviks during and after WW11, yet I remember seeing vivid pictures on television, year after year of the 6 million Jews supposedly killed in the Holocaust, though this is horrible, so is the silence regarding millions of Christians that were murdered in Russia during this same time. There is a review of a banned book written by Mr. Solzhenitsyn on Russian-Jewish relations and the Christian Holocaust, from the American Free Press.


Why did the mainstream press fail to report Barack Obama’s communist ties since the communists have even a worst record of barbarism then does Adolf Hitler? Like his close connections to Bill Ayers, the infamous former weatherman, and unrepentant college professor, who wrote a book, dedicated to Sirhan Sirhan, the man who assassinated Robert F. Kennedy. According to the Dakota Voice, In his book he described his group as a guerilla organization made up of Communist men and women, underground in the United States who was deeply affected by the historic events of “our time in the struggle against US Imperialism. Our intention is to disrupt for the expressed purpose of subverting the youth.”


Now the press is doing damage control for Obama with Professor Ayers’ cooperation. Reported from the AP on Nov 14th, 08 regarding an interview with ABC’s Good Morning America, the college professor disputed the contention that in the new afterword of a paperback edition of his 2001 memoirs “Fugitive Days” he describes himself and Obama as “family friends.” Are we to believe a man of such dubious character, a man who carried out bombings at the Capital and the Pentagon? And now “family friend” of an avowed communist, President Obama hopes to fulfill their communist collective dream of forcing their ideology on the rest of us by starting a million armed, civilian youth brigade, larger then our present military, in violation of the Posse Comitatus Act, which the Bush Administration tried to scrap, however the measure was repealed by the Congress, though the intent is still there, and being that the President has been granted more new sweeping powers to impose martial law, and declare a state of emergency for practically any reason, he can deploy troops anywhere in the US without consent of state governors in order to suppress public disorder, according to an article at Not surprising the information about the armed civilian youth brigade has mysteriously disappeared from the website,


People think that with Obama we will get change, no we will get more of the same but worse, since he has even more disdain for our Constitution then our former Pres. George W. Bush, who on camera stated that the Constitution was just another “G- – D – – -“ piece of paper. In an interview with Chicago Public Radio, Obama lamented that the Supreme Court, during the civil rights era, only granted black Americans the same rights as white Americans. It was a tragedy, he said, that it did not grant the gov’t the power to re-order society more fundamentally. He complained that the Supreme Court never ventured into the issues of redistribution of wealth. Does that not sound like Communism anyone and if you are in doubt look communism up in the dictionary. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, there is a good chance that it is a duck.


This may not be the hope that his devotes thought considering that it was a majority of so called Christians that got him elected and as for his new age supporters, if they think butterflies will replace guns after they are taken away from “we the citizens”, you are deplorably naïve and should restrict yourself from the public debate. He will preside in lock step with the ACLU, which if one were to do a little research could find that indeed they are an atheistic communist organization with an agenda, so we will have more baby killing through abortion and even though propositions were passed in three states to ban gay marriage, an ACLU lawyer has already filed a lawsuit against the state of California in hopes to overturn the will of the people just as they have here in the state of Oregon.


On Jun 30th, 1975, Alexander Solzhenitsyn delivered an address to two and one half thousand delegates of the AFL-CIO, America’s main trade organization, at the Hilton Hotel in Washington DC. He expressed great admiration for America and its people and he praised his fellow dissidents; though he was not happy with the American policy of détente, which he believed was a betrayal of his dissident friends in the Soviet Union and amounted to nothing less than a shameful compromise with evil. According to Joseph Pearce in his biography of Solzhenitsyn, a Soul in Exile, though his words were overall pro-American, he was not invited to the White House. It was widely suspected that Henry Kissinger, the US Secretary of State at that time, had blocked the invitation. According to an article in the Vail Daily, posted on the USAToday website, Henry Kissinger, along with David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brezinsky has played a dominant role in the CFR, the Bilderberg Group, and the TC with many others to “create a one world gov’t, one global economy with one monetary system, their New World Order, where the great masses will live under their version of Socialism, with the elites in control.” Could this explain why Solzhenitsyn was so rudely snubbed by our own government and our liberal press?


Simon Winchester, the Guardian’s Washington correspondent, praised Pres. Ford for his reality and integrity in denying a hearing to the ‘shaggy author’ “who had become the darling of the redneck population.” Also quoted in the book, Soul in Exile, A state department official remarked that “he’s just about a fascist.” Really? A man who spent 8 years in a slave labor camp in Russia because he made a comment about Stalin’s mustache in a letter and he’s just about a fascist?


On March 20th 1976, Solzhenitsyn was interviewed again on Spanish television and later that day he gave a press conference. He said the opposition between East and West was irrelevant, humanity was in crisis but the crisis was essentially spiritual and not political. Both East and West suffered from the same disease; ‘the ailment of materialism, the ailment of inadequate moral standards. It was precisely the absence of moral standards that led to the appearance of such a horrible dictatorship as the Soviet one, and of such a greedy consumer society as the West’s. He was not treated well by the Spanish press either.


And now, we the tax payer, are stuck with paying the tab of the greedy wall street bankers, courtesy of the bought off politicians and pressure from the White House to once again dismiss the will of the people for their friends, the cartel on Wall Street. John McCain could have easily won this election because of his pro-gun, anti abortion stand, however he missed his opportunity by voting with Barach Obama for the bailout. Too bad Mr. McCain that you chose to compromise with evil, you could have saved your country. You’ve been dubbed a maverick by the mainstream media, yet you went along with the status quo that is hell bent on destroying this great country.


Many comparisons are made between the fall of the Roman Empire and the US, But there is a profound difference, Rome was pagan but Christianity was on the rise, especially after Constantine allowed it to legally exist. It is the opposite situation today. Again the tin foiled hat, conspiracy buff Pope of the 1930s shared some insights in his other encyclical, Caritate Christi Compulsi, “The Sacred Heart and World Distress,” dated May 3rd, 1932 quoted recently in Catholic Family News, an excerpt, “From greed arises mutual distrust, that casts a blight on all human dealings; from greed arises hateful envy which makes a man consider the advantages of another as losses to himself; from greed arises narrow individualism which orders and subordinates everything to its own advantage without taking account of others, on the contrary cruelly trampling underfoot all rights of others. Hence the disorder and inequality from which arises the accumulation of the wealth of nations in the hands of a small group of individuals who manipulate the market of the world at their own caprice, to the immense harm of the masses. Profiting by so much economic distress and so much moral disorder, the enemies of all social order, be they called Communists, or any other name, boldly set about breaking through every restraint. This is the most dreadful evil of our times, for they destroy every bond of law, human or divine; they engage openly and in secret in a relentless struggle against Religion and against God himself; they carry out the diabolical program of wresting from the hearts of all, even children, all religious sentiment; for well they know that when once belief in God has been taken from the heart of mankind they will be entirely free to work out their will.”


May I refer once again to the article in the AP regarding Russian Author Solzhenitsyn, during the 1990s the press claims that because of his stalwart nationalist views, his devote orthodoxy, his disgust with the tycoons who bought Russian industries and resources cheaply following the Soviet collapse, were unfashionable so he faded from public view. Oh? What they really mean is that it was not a fashionable message for the wall street bankers and the media conglomerates that are controlled by them. So explains the media blackout of Ron Paul’s message that he also tried to convey to the American people.


So one may ask, what can be done to save ourselves in the mist of this present debacle? First we must educate ourselves and not expose ourselves to the mainstream media’s propaganda and lies, no matter how entertaining it all might be, for these are only distractions and will not help us to save our Republic, we must get to know our neighbors again and not be afraid to speak with them about what is happening to our country, exchange important books and information, pray and develop a true spiritual life, and most of all, put your prayers into action like our Lord did by running the money changers out of the Temple. As for Alexander Solzhenitsyn, may his soul rest in peace.



  1. #1 by joshua on 11/18/2008 - 9:34

    What do they all have in common ? They are all Khazars who submit to the Babylonian Talmud, invented out of THIN AIR by a bunch of Satanic Rabbis ! They Are Anti-Christ !

  2. #2 by sharon taylor on 11/18/2008 - 9:34

    Mark, thank you for submitting my article to your blog, I didn’t expect it but I’m happy that you did. God Bless, Sharon Taylor

  3. #3 by Ray O Hope on 11/20/2008 - 9:34

    It is online NOW.

    Thursday November 20, 2008

    Guest: Dr. Tatyana Koryagina

    Topic: Rebroadcast of Rick Wiles’ historic November 2001 interview with the Russian economist who predicted the 9/11 attacks

    Dr. Tatyana Koryagina is a RUSSIAN Economist and was an advisor to President Vladamir Putin.

    She PREDICTED in July 2001 that an attack would take place on the U.S. in August 2001.
    911 happened just weeks later.

    please pass this on.

  4. #4 by Judy on 11/20/2008 - 9:34

    Thank you, very informative. Glad to have read it.

  5. #5 by Joe on 12/30/2008 - 9:34

    Religion is insecurity. If not, why must YOUR religion be the ‘one true religion?’ Religion, like smoking and poor sanitation, should be discouraged.

    A paraphrase: ‘The bible should be kept under lock and key! It is very dangerous to the future of humanity.’ Someone, on one of these blogs, attributed that to George Bernard Shaw and I shouldn’t be surprised – he had a knack for keen insight. Shakespeare saw human nature and romanticized it. Shaw saw through human nature and smiled wryly.
    The continuation of exclusive religions like Christianity, Mohamedism, Judaism, and any other ‘Our way or to hell you go!’ religion should be outlawed as crimes against humanity, for what do they beget but war and destruction? Do you think we need religion to tell us right from wrong? Well, I have been over a good part of this world and seen good and bad people wherever I go, and I can tell you that some of the worst were those who used religion to gain material ends. I have heard ‘Christians’ on the carny circuit boasting of how many houses they had, and seen with my own eyes the 100,000 dollar motor homes they lived in while on the road. ‘Religion is good business,’ one even smirked at me. I have seen ‘devout’ Muslims sell drug paraphernalia and deadly knives to CHILDREN. They don’t care as this is not their culture/religion. At least that’s how they rationalize it.

    So, one day I’m at a fair in Dawson Creek. I’m selling shoes which I got for pennies on the dollar at a bankruptcy. I’m asking $5 a pair, and nobody is buying.
    I look over to my right, and there are some Arabs selling pot and crack pipes and knives. Making a killing! And I look over to my left and there is another Arab selling shirts and cowboy hats and doing as poorly as I am. So I went over to him and asked, ‘Why aren’t you selling knives and pipes?’ And he looked at me and said, ‘Why aren’t you?’ And I said, ‘Because I know who is buying them. Those are children. And they come here with their older friends who they hold in respect. And the older ‘friends’ egg them on to buy that shit and then they get trapped in ‘that life.’
    And this Arab, who was about my age (40) and a Muslim (from Saudi Arabia), replied, ‘Yes, and that’s exactly why I don’t sell that stuff.’
    And we talked about other things; business and this and that. But the fact is I saw him many times on the circuit and never saw him selling shit. So, the conclusion I drew was that although he was of the same religion as the other Arabs who were selling things which could only be detrimental to society, he eschewed the cheap profit from his own morality, and not from the ‘strictures’ of a religion as anachronistic as Christianity or Judaism.
    We don’t need religion to make us good; it is just another creed; closely related to racism, which as we evolve technologically, has come to imperil our planet.

  6. #6 by sharon taylor on 12/31/2008 - 9:34

    Joe, you sound like one of those who drank the cool aid. Good luck.

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