Phone Call Hoax From India to Pakistan–Yet Another Mossad Operation?

At the height of the 60-hour siege in the Indian financial capital of Mumbai last month a phone call was placed to Pakistan’s President, Asif Ali Zardari. The caller, claiming to be the Indian Foreign Minister Pranab Mukherjee, threatened war against Pakistan in retaliation for the terrorist attacks that killed almost 200 persons in Mumbai.

As a result of the phone call, Pakistan scrambled fighter jets–fully armed–and sent them screaming towards the Indian border. The Pakistani Prime Minister was contacted and ordered to report in the middle of the night. The Foreign Minister was shuffled onto a plane and flown to Islamabad. Pakistan was put on a war footing and all the major players needed for fighting a war were assembled in quick order. Preparations were made to divert thousands of troops from the western border with Afghanistan where Pakistan is currently assisting NATO forces in fighting terrorists.

In sum, for 24 hours the two nuclear powers were a hair’s trigger away from war. The United States–having very close (and increasingly closer) ties to India was contacted by Zardari who informed the State Department about the increasingly dangerous situation. Sec. of State Condoleeza Rice contacted her Indian counterpart who informed her that no such call had been made.

For her part, Pakistan maintains that indeed the call originated from a recognized phone number within the Indian government’s Foreign Ministry, and while some protocols were not followed in terms of verification that it had all the earmarking of being “the real deal”.

Some will no doubt simply shrug this off as a prank call made by someone from within the Indian government angry at the terrorist attacks in Mumbai. However, there are other more troubling explanations that must be considered as well, one of which is that the call was a deliberate attempt on the part of certain unseen players in the whole scenario who want to see a war started between the two nations, and as it turns out, surprise, surprise, the most likely culprit for such an act happens to be Israel.

Using false flag operations in order to get two nations at each other’s throats is nothing new for the Jewish state. In 1954 Israel attempted to bomb American interests in Egypt for the purpose of destroying any growing rapprochement between the two countries in what became known as the Lavon Affair. In 1967 Israel attacked and attempted to sink the USS Liberty, again to be blamed on Egypt in order to start a war between the US and the Soviet Union. During the Reagan administration, a Mossad team broadcast messages from a remote location in Libya (termed Operation Trojan Horse) implicating the Arab country in a series of yet-unsolved terror attacks that resulted in the United States bombing the home of Muhammar Kaddafi, Libya’s president. In 1983, Israel learned of and refused to warn the US about a plot to bomb the American embassy in Beirut and its accompanying Marine Barracks that resulted in the deaths of close to 250 Americans. In 1995, immediately following the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City, Israeli spies and provocateurs working in American media tried pinning the attack on Iraq. And of course, there is the mother of them all, 9/11, the worst terrorist attack to take place on American soil that was used as the pretext for invading and destroying Iraq.

Therefore, Israel–with very close ties to India–has everything to gain by starting a war between the for-the-most-part Hindu nation of over a billion people and its Muslim neighbor to the west that has always been a thorn in the side of the Jewish state’s agenda.

Besides anomalies surrounding the attacks themselves (such as the blond haired/blue eyed assassins as they were described by witnesses) that resulted in close to 200 deaths, there are other perfectly reasonable reasons to assume Israel has her bloody hand in the entire event for her own far-reaching agenda. Given that India is one of Israel’s biggest buyers of her armaments, a sustained war between Pakistan and India would be a boon for the Jewish state, both in terms of sales and product testing. The weapons systems Israel is planning to use in her much-dreamed of war against Iran would get their “dry run” on the battlefield between India and Pakistan.

Next of course is the “clash of civilizations” Israel has worked tirelessly to create, a situation in which the rest of the world (and in particular, the Muslim Middle East and Christian West) wipes each other out, leaving the Jewish state unimpeded in imposing her “chosen people’ agenda upon what is left of humanity. What was (the day before the Mumbai attacks) a war between a billion Muslims and a billion Christians has now been expanded to include billion Hindus, the total sum of which encompasses over half the world’s population.

As far as the mechanics of the operation go, again Israel is the most likely of all the players in terms of means. In his most recent book “The Shadow Factory” former National Security Officer James Bamford details the depth to which the Jewish state has invested herself in the telecommunications industry and the capacity she now possesses in tapping into any phone line or internet connection worldwide. Through companies such as Verint and Narus, a redline with Mossad headquarters in Tel Aviv now exists for listening in on every conversation throughout the entire world, which must include players as important to the survival of the Jewish state as India and Pakistan. Therefore, placing a call to the office of the Pakistani president and manipulating the logarithms of the telecommunication software to have it appear the call originated from within the Indian Ministry of Foreign affairs would be as easy to achieve as any of the special effects regularly seen in any production originating out of Jewish Hollywood.

It is highly likely, given the events taking place at that time, that had Zardari not contacted Sec of State Rice the world would be a much different and more dangerous place than it already is. Having Pakistani jets screaming towards India, a nation that had just suffered a series of deadly attacks by terrorists said to be of Pakistani origin would have resulted in India assuming another attack was underway, resulting in India “jumping the gun” so to speak, sending her jets and troops westward towards Pakistan with guns a-blazing. In the hysteria and confusion of it all, the situation between the two countries (that have always been a hair trigger away from war with each other anyway) would have escalated and gotten out of control in no time. Israel for her part would no doubt take advantage of the event to attack Iran while the attention of her military, political and intelligence apparatus was looking at and concentrating on events taking place eastward. Israel would then have the war she desperately needs against her ancient nemesis Persia in order to re-consolidate the social cohesion necessary to hold the Zionist state together in what is an organically fractured Jewish society.

The situation between Pakistan and India is by no means over. As former US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Thomas Moorer once said, “What Israel wants, Israel gets”, and indeed if this latest attempt to start a war between the two nations fails, that indicates that another way will be found, and no doubt operating under the motto of Israel’s intelligence service Mossad, “By way of deception, thou shalt do war.’

Correspondent, American Free Press Newspaper

  1. #1 by Joe Cortina on 12/09/2008 - 9:34

    As per usual Mark – a brilliant analysis for ANYONE that understands the geo-political intrigues that have surrounded the Jews in the past – AND their proclivity to ANYTHING unethical and duplicitous to satisfy their demonic lust for power and greed.

    However your story will probably never see the light of day in our Judiazed IsraHELL controlled media of putty brained imbeciles. It is the NFL season and tailgate parties WILL take precident over even bombs falling on ‘River city USA’ – such is the impotent neanderthal midset of the average dumbed – down Obamanized Joe-sixpak.

    Wisdom has becone a six letter dirty word in our new improved Judiazed AmeriKa. I will teach my son that people like you are the only REALLY patriotic types left in America – but what else can we do?

    We are up against the greatest enemies we have ever faced

    Ignorance which is curable – Greed which is semi-curable and stupidity which is INCURABLE and ALWAYS 100% fatal!

    It ISN’T that the jews are such mentally superior cunning brilliant schemers.
    It is simply that we are just so dazzlingly STUPID!

    AmeriKans could learn a LOT from the ‘death wish’ rationale of lemmings.


  2. #2 by Sami on 12/09/2008 - 9:34

    Exposing unadulterated evil is a service to humanity. Let us hope others are listening and will wake up to the reality of the Frankenstein state they helped create.

  3. #3 by Rick on 12/09/2008 - 9:34

    Great article! Compare it to Justin Raimundo’s obsfuscating and avoiding the most important truth of the matter in his article on the same topic, with a similar title: The Case of the Telltale Hoax, Who was behind the Mumbai massacre?

    Raimundo suggests the call could have been made by Al-Qaeda (comparing it to the phone call to the secret service on 9/11 threatening Air Force One) or that it’s feasible that indeed the call could’ve been made by India’s minister of external affairs, Pranab Mukherjee, suggesting that the minister could indeed be that crazy. He goes on to use that “craziness” factor of players in the region for Obama to avoid getting imbedded in war there.

    Hey Justin! The crazies are in the white house. The crazies are the zionist jews.

  4. #4 by sharon taylor on 12/09/2008 - 9:34

    Mark, thank you for the work you do, it has taken quite awhile for me to wake up in regards to Israel because we have been fed so much propaganda regarding the holocaust since the 1950s, all the pictures on TV you name it so its hard for people to believe until they become willing to expand their world view. It happened for me when I turned off my TV set and starting reading like a vengence about the bankers, the masons and the NWO, simply because I want to know the truth.

  5. #5 by Ray O Hope on 12/09/2008 - 9:34

    the war dogs at the main stream media, you know those whores that would sell their mom for a dollar, and would help kill millions of people for a new car, you see those f*ckers on ABCNBCCBSCNNBBC and FOX , all are owned by zionist who loves their goym lifestock to bleed and die for the greatness of the jewish master race and their great kingdom of the anti-christ israhell .
    and we must give credit to the rest of humanty’s shit that is the UN and most of this world governments, that have sold out to this evil, PAKISTAN AND INDIAN GOVERNMENTS ARE INCLUDED in this ZIONIST game of DOG EAT DOG.

  6. #6 by Phil Tourney on 12/09/2008 - 9:34

    I read your outstanding article serveal times and I wounder how much longer the good old USA can take this path to total ruin. We must get the truth out to the mass and you are doing your very best, keep it up. Your Liberty hour and the story behind the MURDER of the crew aboard the USS Liberty will save this country if the truth be told.I am very proud to call you my friend.
    Phillip F Tourney
    USS Liberty Survivor
    Co Host the Liberty hour
    Saturdays 11 o clock EST

  7. #7 by s fida hussain on 12/12/2008 - 9:34

    Its well researched paper and I agree with the finding as I am of the same opinion. American and Jews can do anthing to achiev rheir goal

  8. #8 by ernest on 12/14/2008 - 9:34

    According to Ralph Forbes, a freelance writer for the
    American Free Press, forensic evidence points to the
    state of Israel in the bombing of the US Marine barracks
    in Lebanon.

    This article does not appear on the AFP website however, so I
    emailed Ralph Forbes the following letter:

    Dear Mr. Forbes

    Did you write the article at:


    “CSI Forensics Proves Who Killed US Marines”

    If so then why is it not on the AFP website?

    I found your article

    “Saddams Exile Deal Could Have Saved $6 Trillion”

    through reading the article about the CSI forensics.

    Considering that the wife of Saddam Hussein
    said that the “Saddam” who was on trial
    was not her husband but a double

    “This is not my husband but his double. Where is my
    husband? Take me to my husband…You think I do
    not know my husband? I was married to the man for
    more than twenty-five years!”

    -Sajida Hussein

    Reported in Pravda and other newspapers
    according to Joe Vialls.

    and considering that pictures of the Saddam
    on trial show him to have had an under-bite
    and low cheek bones while pictures of
    the Saddam we know from the Gulf War
    show him to have had an overbite and
    high cheek bones is it not possible that
    Saddam’s wife was telling the truth and
    that Saddam took that $1 billion deal?

    Is it not possible Saddam was
    working for the US and Israel
    all along and that the real reason
    for the invasion was because he
    was losing his grip on power?

    So they had to come in and rescue him?

    Indeed, might not this have been
    the real reason why Saddam invaded
    Kuwait, in the first place?

    So the Iraq War was not against Saddam
    but against the Iraqi people?

    It seems to me that this must have been
    the case. Why else would the US have
    gone through such a ridiculous charade
    of putting Hussein’s double on trial?

    Could not Saddam’s war against Iran
    have been a proxy war for Israel and the US
    with the aim of moving Iraq’s border over a
    few miles to include the Iranian oil fields?

    The same objective which Israel is
    pushing now with its claim that Iran is
    trying to develop nuclear weapons?

    Ralph Forbes Email address is
    in case anyone wishes to question him about
    this bombshell of an article.

  9. #9 by Phonk on 12/14/2008 - 9:34

    This kind of news hasn’t been on major media outlets.
    As long as it stays muffled that means the west is still under the spell of Israhell.

  10. #10 by Phonk on 12/14/2008 - 9:34

    The Iraqi war bankrupted USA and OBL must be grateful to Israhell.
    After all OBL hated Saddam.

  11. #11 by indiasigns on 12/15/2008 - 9:34

    Good Job Sir for exposing . Though I wondered for reasons for the the pakistan’s talk of WAR during this height of crisis, No answer from public media. Shamefully india has fallen slowly , after initial resistance to axis of evil’s agenda . Now they have FBI like security agency , then spies, counter spies, layers of spies, there lies the Beast at the top .

  12. #12 by Patrick M. Griffin on 12/18/2008 - 9:34

    “Next of course is the “clash of civilizations” Israel has worked tirelessly to create, a situation in which the rest of the world (and in particular, the Muslim Middle East and Christian West) wipes each other out, leaving the Jewish state unimpeded in imposing her “chosen people’ agenda upon what is left of humanity. What was (the day before the Mumbai attacks) a war between a billion Muslims and a billion Christians has now been expanded to include billion Hindus, the total sum of which encompasses over half the world’s population.”

    Thanks for correctly pointing out the neocon Evan Haney-Francis Fukuyama-homosexual-Allan David Bloom-Ravelstein-46/86-RU-486-HIV/AIDS-Ari Fleisher-Condoleezza Rice-Barack and Michelle Obama-terrorist-press-scret-tear-y-of-state-of-israel.

    The Bush “administration” of the Julia-Luis Dreyfus terrorist state-of-israel affirs of state, including the recent end of the beginning Fleisher-Obama “press” “surge”: 9/11, Iraq, Afghanistan, Katrina, Lebanon, Somalia, Syria, Iran and Georgia-to set up a later war with Russia, and now Pakistan. Don’t forget early attempts to demonize China, and no doubt some involvement in Darfur.

    Why do the neocons seek a war by India against Pakistan? The jews hate those of Hinduism – remember the post-colonial Hindu-Islamic violence that the jews orchestrated – and hallucinate, with the Coprophagiac Russell Edward Brand-Bertrand Arthur William Russell, 3rd Earl Russell “principia”, and Primu and Georgia Patzius, some sick strange revenge against Paki.

    The son of sam telos is the rendering of the Earth into a “lost world” of jaws and jurassic park terror and horror. The Babel jibberish/nonsense “logic” of “organized” chaos is the “Fortran” of terrorism.

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