Moses Was A War Criminal (The Bible Tells Us So)

by Carol A. Valentine, Webmaster

“If only Jews would return to the Law of Moses!

“Instead, they follow their secular, atheistic, and Zionist ways!”

So say some, expressing horror at the recent deliberate slaughter of Gazans, particularly the slaughter of women and children. The BBC article below (1) and many others tell the story.

Some critics, like Michael Hoffman, blame barbaric Jewish behavior on the Talmud (2). Others, like Henry Makow, blame secular Zionism (3).

But haven’t these folks ever read the Bible? Are they unaware of the influence of the Old Testament on Judaism?

Please, dear reader, open your Bible. Turn to the Old Testament. For the moment, focus your attention on the Book of Numbers.

You are about to learn that Moses, the great “law giver,” was a war criminal who ORDERED his followers to commit war crimes. The most heinous were crimes were committed against women and children. Moses ordered:

* The slaughter of non-combatant women prisoners.

* The slaughter of non-combatant young boy prisoners.

* The use of young girl prisoners as Israelite sex slaves.

Some strike at the branches of evil, some at the root. Why strike at secular Zionism, so-called, or the Talmud, and ignore the root of the evil, found in the Old Testament?

Let’s get some specifics on how Moses treated Gentile women and children.

Background: In Exodus Chapter 2, Moses flees Egypt because he has killed an Egyptian. He passes through the land of the Midianites, who befriend him. Moses lived among them for a while and “took to wife” a Midianite woman, Zipporah. Moses and Zipporah have a son, Gershom.

Sometime later, Moses develops in-law problems. By the time we reach Numbers Chapter 25, we know that the Israelites under Moses’ command are getting too friendly with the Midianites. A significant number of Israelites start cohabiting with Midianite girls and worshipping Midianite gods.

Moses orders the beheading of the Israelites who are encouraging the mix. For good measure, a plague — presumably sent by Jehovah — kills 24,000 of the offending Israelites. Chapter 25 ends with Jehovah urging his people to “vex” and “smite” or “harass” the Midianites. Why? What wrong did the Midianites do? No one forced the God’s Chosen People to party with the Midianite girls and worship their gods. Whatever . . .

Time passes. Jehovah and Moses spend Chapter 26 of Numbers organizing a huge census and Chapters 27, 28, 29 and 30 laying down various laws for the Israelites.

But by Numbers Chapter 31 — for reasons not explained — Jehovah’s attention becomes fastened once more on the Midianites. He orders Moses to kill them. Why? For what happened in Chapter 25.

Thus Jehovah orders an unprovoked attack on Moses’ in-laws. Not a problem. Moses sends off thousands of his troops to slay them.

The Israelites kill the five Midianite kings and all the other Midianite adult males. They loot the cities and burn them, and take the women and children in captivity.

But when they return, Moses is furious. “Have you kept all the women alive? These women caused the children of Israel to trespass against the Lord . . .” (New King James translation, Verses 15, 16).

Moses then orders:

1) all the non-virgin women captives to be killed

2) all the boy children captives to be killed

3) all the virgin girl captives to be saved for the use of the Israelite men.

Check out Numbers, Chapter 31, King James Version

(13) And Moses, and Eleazar the priest, and all the princes of the congregation, went forth to meet them without the camp.

(14) And Moses was wroth with the officers of the host, with the captains over thousands, and captains over hundreds, which came from the battle.

(15) And Moses said unto them, Have ye saved all the women alive?

(16) Behold, these caused the children of Israel, through the counsel of Balaam, to commit trespass against the LORD in the matter of Peor, and there was a plague among the congregation of the LORD.

(17) Now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him.

( 18 ) But all the women children, that have not known a man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves.

Here is the URL for Numbers Chapter 31, New Living Translation;&version=51;

(13) Moses, Eleazar the priest, and all the leaders of the community went to meet them outside the camp. (14) But Moses was furious with all the generals and captains [a] who had returned from the battle.

(15) “Why have you let all the women live?” he demanded.

(16) “These are the very ones who followed Balaam’s advice and caused the people of Israel to rebel against the Lord at Mount Peor. They are the ones who caused the plague to strike the Lord’s people.

(17) So kill all the boys and all the women who have had intercourse with a man.

( 18 )  Only the young girls who are virgins may live; you may keep them for yourselves.

The rest of Chapter 31 is concerned with distributing the Midianite plunder. Thirty-two thousand (32,000) virgin girls were counted in the booty (Verse 35). Thirty-two of these were given to “the Lord.” That is, 32 of these little girls were set aside for the Levities (heave offerings), to be used as concubines (Verses 40 and 41).

Yes, Numbers 31 says what it says. The Talmud sages used Numbers 31 to justify having sex with children. And since the Talmud sages, along with Christians, regard the Old Testament as “the word of God,” why beat up on the Talmud sages? Why not beat up on Jehovah and Moses, who set the standards?

For further discussion of Jewish teachings on sex with children, see the Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Yebamoth 60b, Soncino 1961 Edition, page 402. Discussion and links at

It’s true. Moses was a war criminal. The Bible tells you so. Should we be surprised at how women and children were treated in Gaza?


1) New Evidence of Gaza Child Deaths, BBC, 22 January, 2009

 (2) Michael Hoffman is author of “Judaism Discovered, A Study of the Anti-Biblical Religion of Racism, Self-Worship, Superstition and Deceit.” Mr. Hoffman calls Israel’s Gaza war crimes “‘Talmudic’ War Crimes” rather than “Old Testament” or “Mosaic” war crimes. .

(3) Henry Makow blames secular Zionism and the banksters for Jewish barbarity. See Henry Makow’s “The Worst Anti-semites Are Zionists” at: and

  1. #1 by Arthur Topham on 01/30/2009 - 9:34

    Some strike at the branches of evil, some at the root. Why strike at secular Zionism, so-called, or the Talmud, and ignore the root of the evil, found in the Old Testament?

    All sources contained in the Old Testament, especially the first 5 books called the Pentateuch represent what’s known as the Jewish Torah. It’s basically their way of weasling into the Bible and claiming ownership.

    All the negative sources and mountains more are contained in the Babylonian Talmud which is the root source for political Zionism. I suggest reading Douglas Reed’s book or the first few chapters even that explain this.

    See it online at

  2. #2 by Mantiq on 01/30/2009 - 9:34

    I have always been astounded at hour the horrible events in the Hebrew Bible are ignored by Christians or even justified by them. But anything that these same people consider a mistake made by Muhammad is magnified and turned into a great evil that requires that we have a clash of civilizations with people who mean us no harm. Thank you for posting this. I will most likely link to it.

  3. #3 by Sam Dudic on 01/30/2009 - 9:34

    Horrible, disgusting, abhorrent, perverted source of “Knowledge” which have been the Light to European and American nations for many ages through… teaching them to kill and hate others… I believe, Hitler also was the student of that Jewish Bible…

  4. #4 by Carol A. Valentine on 01/30/2009 - 9:34

    Mr. Topham is correct! Douglas Reed is a master. His “The Controversy of Zion” should be in every library.

    Reed recognizes that the Old Testament is the foundation work of plans for Jewish world domination. Reed states:

    “Deuteronomy is to formal Judaism and Zionism what the Communist Manifesto was to the destructive revolution of our century. It is the basis of the material of the Talmud, which again gave birth to those ‘commentaries’ and commentaries-on-commentaries which together constitute the Judaic ‘law.’

    “Therefore Deuteronomy is also the basis of the political programme, of worldly domination over nations despoiled and enslaved, which has been largely realized in the West during the Twentieth Century. Deuteronomy is of direct relevancy to the events of our day, and much of the confusion surrounding them disperses if they are studied in its light.”

    — Chapter 3, “The Levites and the Law,” pg. 13, The Controversy of Zion,” by Douglas Reed.

    By the way, has just made a more reader-friendly pdf version of Reed’s master work available. We reformatted and repaginated the work for a more pleasing appearance, added a functional Table of Contents, and rebuilt the Index.

    You can find it at:

  5. #5 by Richard Emmons on 01/31/2009 - 9:34

    The ugly and angry Jewish God is the centerpiece of the so-called “Judeo-Christian” people in America – a congress that is diametrically opposed . . . or is it?

  6. #6 by molecule on 01/31/2009 - 9:34

    from Joshua ch. 5.

    Joshua, who was Moses’ right-arm man, or capo, goes to God and demands that God make good on his promise.

    Joshua: Pay UP, God! Don’t forget, I got a contract on You … Make good on your promise, Now. We want our patch of dirt.

    (Note that God gave the entirety of the Universe to mankind, through the powers of choice and consciousness, and to his chosen, the talking snakes of the garden of Eden, He gave a patch of dirt. By any comparison to his gift to humanity, the only thing He gave His chosen was proper dis-inheritance.)

    God says: Hold up there, big boy. First, you gotta go down in that village there, and kill everybody. I am your God, and I command you, Kill EVERYBODY. After you have succeeded in doing that, then … I’ll pay up (keep my promise).

    Joshua: OK, God. No problem. We, your Chosen, lusting after Your promise of a patch of dirt, will go and, as you say, kill everybody.

    Joshua’s men affix their bayonets and sharpen their spears, and in the dark of night, sneak into the village and kill all the able bodied men.

    Joshua returns to God: OK, God! We’ve killed everybody, so now … Pay UP!

    God: Hold on their Joshua. I said kill everybody. You killed only the able bodied men. I am your God — Kill everybody!! then come and see me about your patch of dirt.

    The next night, Joshua and his Jewish men again sneaked into the village and killed all the women. And, they killed all the children, as an extra.

    Joshua returns to God and again makes his demand: OK God, pay UP. We, Your chosen, killed everybody, per your command. And so now, it’s your turn. Pay up. We want our patch of dirt.

    God reminds them that they didn’t kill everybody. They didn’t kill the toddlers, and the elderly. Joshua, and his Jewish men, who never tiring of affixing his bayonets and stabbing women and children with them, again affix their bayonets, sneak into the village like snakes in the dark of night, and stab all the toddlers and the elderly as well.

    Joshua returns, and again presses his demand on God.

    God says: Hold on a minute there, big boy. I told you to kill everybody. Don’t you know what that means! That means exterminate the Right of Return, as well. The Right of Return of village progeny who may be away visiting other ancestors, and they can still be recognized by their domesticated animals. So, Joshua, take your men and go down in the village again, and kill all the puppy dogs, and house cats, and horses, and milk cows, and pet turtles and rabbits.

    God continues: Then I want you to hang their bodies for three days in the Sun, like you would meat from branches of trees, (and if you can’t find enough trees, build crosses). Hang their naked carcasses in the Sun until their recognizable smell is gone, and their flesh is decomposed and unrecognizable. Then find a large cave, and pile their bones and carion-flesh in there, and then close the mouth of the cave with a large boulder, so that no one who may return to his village, can know that his village was ever there.

    So, Joshua and his tribe of nice Jewish men, sneak down into the village again, and they stab all the puppy dogs, and all the pet cats, and geese and chickens, and sheep and cows, and turtles and parakeets.

    Joshua returns to God, and again demands payment.

    God says, Nice job, Josh. Took you long enough, to figure out who I am. Now, you shall have your patch of dirt.

    Later, God would send His Son, and he would remove the boulder from the cave, and pronounce to the world endless Right of Return for humanity: “I’m back!” And they shall inherit the entirety of the Universe, and Joshua’s pissed off small-minded Jews are still struggling for their dis-inheritance, and their promise, for a patch of dirt.

  7. #7 by Daoud on 01/31/2009 - 9:34

    The earliest Gospel writings were called pericopes and were simply collections of Christ’s sayings, later collected under such eponyms as the “Gospel of St Thomas”, and, more important, “Q”. The narrative accounts linking such pericopes together came later, and scholarship has stated that they are probably not the work of the Disciples whose names they bear. And there have been subsequent ‘pious interpolations and emendations’ even to these: similarly with the Epistles of St Paul.

    Presumably similar processes were at work with the Old Testament. And worse. In the Quran it is pointed out that the Jews made up malicious stories and calumniated the Messengers and Prophets – even Abraham and Moses – and twisted their words and teachings to serve their own ends and ambitions. It is almost certain that the narrative contained in the OT is a product of this process. One should hesitate to take its authority whether as a legislative, historical, or biographical source. And the Talmuds – whether that of the contemporary Pharisees of Christ or the Babylonian Talmud that they use now – are further perversions of this process.

    So, I, like all Muslims, would consider Abraham, Isaac, Ishmael, Moses, Aaron, and others, to be true teachers and prophets of God, but it is those who refused to follow them who have written their biographies and written up their teachings. And it is these versions which have been preserved and presented as the Old Testament by the followers of the refuseniks: surely Christians should be following what Christ taught and not wallowing in the Old Testament?

  8. #8 by Mike on 01/31/2009 - 9:34

    Another “to close for comfort” expose’! Kudos! I’m trying to reconcile Jesus with “god” of the OT…an exercise in futility at times, but alas, impossible. Love your work Carol. 🙂

  9. #9 by Bonkers on 01/31/2009 - 9:34

    Muslims revere Moses as a great prophet and certainly do not believe that he issued those commands. Muslims are also commanded to believe in the Torah (Taurat) and the Bible (Injil) and that they are divine. Muslims also happen to believe that the Torah has been doctored by Pharisees and rabbis. In other words, the Torah is no longer the original Torah Muslims are commanded to believe in.

  10. #10 by Dirk Diggler on 01/31/2009 - 9:34

    There is no such thing as a war crime. It is a politically correct, radical liberal invention. The history of Man is one of violence, slaughter, and conquest. It’s what we do, it’s who we are. In war, the objective is to kill the enemy, there is no such thing as an innocent civilian. You slaughter everything that moves in the enemy nation, including their women and children, who should not be alowed to grow up and seek revenge. I revel in the slaughter being carried out against the prinmitive “Palestinian” savages. They are not much more than animals anyway, so it is not a great loss.
    –not from me, MG–here you see the jewish mindset in all its glory, bereft of any morality or humanity, as well as why Jews have been hated throughout history everywhere they have gone.

  11. #11 by Seeker on 01/31/2009 - 9:34

    The Misinterpretation of any Holy Scripture will always be an issue. Political forces and others just using holy texts as they need (lack of understanding). And because of that, conflicts in this world will not stop.

  12. #12 by northerntruthseeker on 01/31/2009 - 9:34

    I have always been astounded as to how a “select” group of people have perverted history for their own criminal gain. Their Hebrew Bible has always been a book of perversions, falsehoods, lies, racism, murders, etc. These “chosen people” have taken the words of this “holy testament” and twisted it into their own perversion called the “Talmud”. In doing so, they justify the slaughter and subjugation of billions of people, and the ritual murder of people especially children. It is so disgusting…
    Thanks Carol for bringing this matter to light. Few people are able to discuss this due to their control of the media, the press, television, radio, etc. You are making us proud!

  13. #13 by Patricia on 01/31/2009 - 9:34

    Please read my book “Jesus or Jehovah” available at Barnes and Noble website or and discover how the writers of the Bible wove the story of Jesus into the story of Jehovah which is what creates the confusion when one reads the Bible. The one who forgives and loves all becomea the same judgemental unholy god as Jehovah.

  14. #14 by 1lpha.om3ga on 02/01/2009 - 9:34

    the most christian nation in the west USA is completely enslaved by Jews, today even the pope with congregation of 1bilion souls groveling under their feet.
    Thanks to Christianity

  15. #15 by jd on 02/01/2009 - 9:34

    jews are the problem, who cares whether the root cause is the talmud or the old testament?

  16. #16 by Gerry on 02/01/2009 - 9:34

    So, folks, after thousands of years of jew terrorism and genocide against humanity here we are still confronted with the born evil, born terrorist, born psychotic, humanity hating, bloodsucking, inbred rodent, mass murdering jew gutter scum feces. Will we human beings ever wake up or will we continue to ignore thousands of years of history and pretend all is well and lay the foundation for our own slaughter at the blood soaked claws of these hooknosed vermin?

    And to “dirk diggler” (appropriate name for an inbred jew slime pedophile homosexual)-The final day for you parasiting plague of earth is coming. Amen.

    And shouldn`t you be having intercourse with your four clawed mother to keep your reptile “bloodline” intact? Or coming up with your next holyhoax fable and crime against humanity?

    You satanic jew feces have been kicked out of over 100 countries for a reason and if the American sheeple ever wake up and snap out of their zombified state and brainwashing this will be but one more country you parasiting, murdering scum will be expelled from. Hopefully all in bags.

  17. #17 by Jp on 02/01/2009 - 9:34

    Jesus did try to civilize Jews. But he failed.

  18. #18 by David Martin on 02/01/2009 - 9:34

    I would like to congratulate Carol Valentine for this very enlightening and perceptive article. I also agree with her and Mr. Topham that Douglas Reed’s “The Controversy of Zion” is a very valuable book. If I were to recommend one book for an understanding of what’s going on the world today, that would be it.

    Sharp as he was, though, even Reed was apparently gulled by the Zionist-controlled press and others about the assassination of the leading U.S. opponent of the creation of Israel, James Forrestal. This is from page 447:

    I first went to America early in 1949 and was perplexed by the venom of the attacks, in the press and radio, on one Mr. James Forrestal, Secretary for Defence. I knew nothing of him but his name, and the part he played in this affair (as above recorded) was then entirely unknown to the public. Nevertheless, they read or heard daily that he was insane, a coward who had left his wife to be attacked by a burglar, a tax defaulter, and all manner of other things. By chance I met a friend of his who told me that he had been so reduced by his persecution that those near to him were gravely alarmed. A few weeks later he threw himself from a high window, leaving in his room some copied verses from Greek tragedy which ended with the refrain, “Woe, woe! will be the cry…”

    The part about the press persecution is certainly right, but everything else is wrong. I don’t know who that “friend” was, but those closest to him noticed no such reduction in his aspect and we now know that the transcription he speaks of was written in a hand other than Forrestal’s. Go to and follow the links for full support of my assertions. James Forrestal did not throw himself out of that window.

    “Controversy of Zion” can be purchased used from Alibris or some of the other used book services online for about $20 plus shipping and handling.

  19. #19 by James on 02/03/2009 - 9:34

    “Jesus did try to civilize Jews. But he failed.”
    That is true, but sadly “Christians” excuse that failure by sticking to the “second coming” propaganda. These ME ideas should be abandoned totally cos they do not make sense and are criminal to say the least.

    At least Jews do realise that they “doctor” their Talmud. All jews will advice you to follow the new one if you even find one that is 3000 years old.

  20. #20 by ULTKIN on 02/11/2009 - 9:34

    The problem is not really Zionism – it’s Judaism. The problem is Christianity, which is Judaism for Gentiles. Christians cannot deal with Jews because they believe that Jews are “God’s Chosen People.” The Jews believe that they are God, and of course that’s ‘way beyond the comprehension of Christians. Any people that would hold itself up as somehow “chosen by God” is by definition insane, so that is a fundamental Jewish problem, especially when you read the Old Testament stories of the troubles old Yahweh had with his chosen ones.

    The US government grants total tax exemption to the Christian churches. Why? Because they serve the Jewish plan. Christianity is an off-shoot of Judaism and a public relations organization that always works for “interfaith” cooperation, meaning Jewish control of Gentile religious thinking. Can you imagine any rabbi allowing a priest or minister to set standards for Jews? It’s always the other way around. Jews complain about Christians but they secretly rejoice that the Goyim (“cattle”) are dumb enough to fall for their impossible fairy tales and absurd laws of conduct as found in the Sermon on the Mount. The Beatitudes are prescriptions for destruction at the hands of the crafters of that play. To become a Christian is to deny yourself your right of survival in the deadliest struggle on earth. Those whom the Jews destroy they first make Christian, because it assures the Jew that the enemy will not fight back.
    ——J.B Campbell

  21. #21 by Roland on 02/11/2009 - 9:34

    All religions are merely fairy tales for grownups. Some are more brutish, cruel, and primitive than others. Others are so benign they can cause you to live in a cave, meditate and pray all day. Still others are so caustic as to create division and hostility against the practitioners whenever and wherever they exist. We definitely see this later trait in all forms of Judaism. It is, at its roots, a separatist, racist, hostile practice against all outsiders. It is vile to the core. It is so vile that even a Caucasoid/Eurasian, Ashkenazi cult now believe that they are Semites, and are the chosen people of some god – and that morality only applies to members of their own cult – all others on the Earth’s surface are disposable to their whims.

    Lunacy – pure lunacy!

  22. #22 by Ed of St. Lou. on 02/16/2009 - 9:34

    Read this carefully as to how many children were murdered and wounded by the Israeli IDF in Gaza.

    “The Lancet” reveals horrendous Israeli war crimes
    Tags: ISRAEL
    The horrendous mortality and morbidity statistics revealed by the paper “The Wounds of Gaza”, just published in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet are truly shocking – 1,350 killed (60% children) and 5,450 severely wounded (40% children) in reprisals for zero (0) Israeli deaths from Gaza rockets in the preceding year. This demands International Criminal Court and intra-national prosecutions (e.g. in major Israeli military R & R destination countries Australia, the US, the UK and India) and Sanctions and Boycotts against Apartheid Israel by all decent Australians and indeed all decent people around the world.

  23. #23 by Dave from Massachusetts on 02/26/2009 - 9:34

    Yahweh is the Great Super-Satan’s impersonation, the God of this World. Yahweh is that Wicked One
    playing the role of God for His Wicked Chosen Ones, The True God’s Eternal Enemies!

    It’s either Yahweh or the Highway! No Way!!!

    Always remember that Jesus was conceived by the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Blessed Holy Spirit!

    Not the Wicked Yahweh! I repeat, Not the Wicked One!

  24. #24 by The Apostle of Mary on 03/20/2009 - 9:34

    I must say….that’s a most unsettling picture you’re using there. It certainly shocks the soul… if you know what I mean. JMJ

  25. #25 by The Apostle of Mary on 03/20/2009 - 9:34

    jd February 1, 2009 at 1:53 am

    jews are the problem, who cares whether the root cause is the talmud or the old testament?

    I suppose God does…for starters. Thus saith the Lord thy God, ” behold; I shall write my law upon the hearts of my people and upon their minds ”

    Do you think God just came along in the days of Moses? No! He has been with us ( as much as we have allowed Him to be ) since Adam and Eve.
    But many have left His council and have gone off to serve strange gods, and the Lord was patient with them; all the tribes of the children of Adam. But the people revolted time and time again, and God has dealt justly with their treachery, giving mercy to whom He will and death and judgment to those who oppose His Holy Will!
    But the Jews found favor with the Lord of Hosts, for they feared His Holy Name!And in the days of Sodom, that wicked city…the Lord’s wrath was kindled…and so shall it come again…upon this whole world.
    You, who seek to judge the Lord…how shall you escape the days of His indignation? Repent, and do penance! JMJ

  26. #26 by Enry on 10/11/2009 - 9:34

    Life was better when people were pagans.

  27. #27 by Rebecca on 10/16/2009 - 9:34

    Blessed virgin mary my ass. Is she ever existed she was a whore who raised a lying demon bastard. You people better pull your heads from your asses while you still can.

  28. #28 by aaaaaaaaaaaaamichelel on 05/26/2013 - 9:34

    War – is always territorial, over boundaries and driven by religious pious men. It started with 2 brothers (rather humans) of a different race. Cain and Able were not blood brothers, rather human, in nature.

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