Fear of the Jews–The Last Remnant of the Apostolic Succession?



Indeed these are strange days as they say, strange days indeed. As a “Trad” these last 15 years, I never envisioned the day I would pick up a pamphlet containing an essay written by one of my priests where he is found engaging in the same kind of character assassination against one of his own brothers in the Trad priesthood using the same kind of language regularly employed by powerful Jewish groups such as the ADL.

But alas, it has happened nonetheless. As I said, not only strange days, but sad ones as well, and a development that does not bode well for the future I’m afraid.

Before getting into this mess however, there are two items that need addressing.

The first is that I must say up front I am not in the least bit comfortable doing this, meaning challenging a priest. I am of the old school that says the man in the collar is the big cheese and you defer to him and his opinion in 11 out of 10 cases.

However, as I said earlier, these are strange days, strange days indeed, where bashing and trashing our religious field commanders–be they priests, bishops, archbishops, cardinals and–lest we forget, even the pope himself–is now the norm.

This trend of course was set by our own priests decades ago and now, being institutionalized within our movement, it is now ‘tradition’ within the traditional movement to tear to pieces anyone–religious or not–when they say or do something we find anathema. Whether such persons are in Rome, the SSPX, SSPV, CMRI–whatever or whoever, they are fair game. I actually heard one priest years ago–not important who–in one of his sermons from the pulpit asking God to “strike JPII dead” as a result of the damage he was doing to the faith.

Rest assured however I have no intention of “going there,” as they say. My position is to let facts, reason, and (hopefully) brilliantly-executed arguments do their magic–if indeed such is possible–and leave the death sentences to God alone. Suffice it to say that this is a case of “chickens coming home to roost” in that what I am about to do here is just the logical extension of a policy begun within the trad movement many, many moons ago, in effect, a manifestation of that old saying–“When in Rome, do as the Romans do”.

Next is the fact that I am in a somewhat unique position here. Not to toot my own horn, nevertheless by virtue of what it is I do in providing a meager living for my wife and 10 children (meaning as a journalist for a scrappy, Washington DC-based newspaper known as American Free Press) I regularly ‘hob-knob’ with some interesting and important folks who are in a much better position to know what in Hades is going on with regards to some of the things we will be discussing here (including but not limited to the various “conspiracy theories” swirling around 9/11 and other related items) than the Most Reverend Donald Sanborn. These are professional people whose job is to watch the horizon and figure out the who, what, where, when, why, and how of everything these days, meaning folks in the CIA, National Security Agency, ex-diplomats and ambassadors, Federal Law Enforcement officers, and college professors specializing in all sorts of fields related to matters of national security. Believe it or not, one of the people I speak with in my line of work on a semi-regular basis was a career CIA analyst whose job was to brief the President of the United States every morning concerning the previous night’s events in what’s called the Presidential Daily Briefing. And–believe it or not yet again–even world leaders ladies and gents. Yes folks, imagine that, lil’ old me, being personally invited to fly to Iran and interview the President of that country in the interests of him setting the record straight with regards to what the Jewish press was saying in their mad desire to get YET ANOTHER disastrous Middle East war started. As I said, strange days, strange days indeed.

These things having been said then, let us begin with the discussion of the most recent essay entitled Logical Chickens Coming Home To Roost…A Commentary on Recent Events in the Society of St. Pius X by the Most Reverend Donald Sanborn, hereafter referred to as “TMRDS” for the sake of my fingers and the reader’s attention span. In it he weighs in on the recent events surrounding the reconciliation between the SSPX and the Vatican and launches into what can only be seen as a very personal attack on Bp. Richard Williamson (BRW) focusing on some of the political opinions BRW expressed that caused Jewish interests worldwide to get their collective underwear in a knot.

In his piece, TMRDS paints the picture of Bp. Williamson (and those who think like him) as mentally-deranged and who should be locked up in a padded cell where he/they can do no harm to themselves or anyone else. In the interest of casting Bp. Williamson and his fellow travelers in the “proper” light–meaning bordering on the lunatic fringe–TMRDS associates Williamson’s statements about Jewish issues with “geo-centrists, natural food fanatics, and homeopaths”.

OK, fair enough. I can certainly understand TMRDS’s skepticism or outright aversion to all the business involving “geo-centrists, natural food fanatics and homeopaths”. As far as “geo-centrism” is concerned, that matter was settled a long time ago by men such as Copernicus, Galileo, et al. Regarding “healthy food,” personally I like my food to be as unhealthy as possible for the simple reason that it tastes better. The “homeopathic” business has produced some real whoppers over the years, including someone I once knew who used to drink her own urine because someone told her of its “anti-biotic properties”.

Where he crosses the line however is when he throws into the mix “Jew-haters,” “conspiracy theorists,” “right-wing political activists” “half sane”, “fringy”, “anti-government fanatics” whose ideas are nothing but “outlandish concoctions” and “bizarre, lunatic utterances” by persons who can “type much better than they can think”. He goes further in saying these folks are “obsessed with Jews, and “blame Jews for every single evil event in the world,” and who see a “web of Jewish conspiracy everywhere…They cannot take their minds off of it.”

Before getting into the meat of the matter, the first thing that deserves noting is the double-speak and hypocrisy in this. If there were ever persons “obsessed”, who see “conspiracy everywhere” and who “cannot take their minds off it”, it is the sedevacant community which includes the Most Reverend Donald Sanborn. There isn’t an event or utterance coming out of Rome they do not seize upon and scrutinize from both the pulpit and in their pamphlets. By TMRDS’s admission, Vatican II and all its terrible devastation is the focal point of their existence and is rivaled only by their “pope denial”–meaning their sedevacantsm–which they have elevated to a dogmatic position, so much so that they stipulate that to attend an SSPX chapel would be a mortal sin.

Next, associating the aforementioned “geo-centrists, health fanatics and homeopaths” with “Jewish issues” is as fair (and warranted) as those with an axe to grind against the Catholic Church associating today’s trad priests with the sex abuse scandals that have rocked the church in recent years. It is a slight of hand, and a very clever one that is effective in propagandizing non-critical thinkers and those easily-seduced with emotionally-laden/political ideas.

To be sure, it is as much a “fringe” theory that there are powerful Jewish interests working feverishly to destroy Christian culture as it is a ‘theory” that the world is round rather than flat. It is a “no-brainer” as they say, and all one need do is look at the cast of characters bringing us everything from abortion to pornography to the militant gay agenda to just about every other cultural/moral poison and see that their names are neither Irish/Catholic, Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist or anything but Jewish. Recognizing that the annihilation of Christian culture is a “Jewish thing” is like recognizing (and acknowledging) that La Cosa Nostra was and is “an Italian thing”.

And we should not make the mistake of marginalizing or downplaying this agenda. We are not talking about a small group of Gremlins huddled together on Mars plotting the downfall of civilization but with no means of doing  it. This agenda possesses the wealth of the world, unimaginable military might, media control and every other power known (and unknown) to man in bringing it about. It is–despite TMRDS’s attempt at minimalizing its prevalence and prominence–EVERYWHERE, on our TV’s, radios, newspapers, shopping malls, grocery store check out lanes, schools, the White House, Halls of Congress and, more importantly, given our trad “sensitivities,” throughout Vatican II. TMRDS’s assertion that Jewish interests played a small part in VII and that the real stinkers were the ‘modernists’ is in my opinion another argumentative slight of hand. It is like saying eating rat poison “might endanger your health”. While not being blatantly dishonest, nevertheless through clever placement of words it downplays the scope and seriousness of it. All one need do is look at the screeching that has taken place over the course of the last year by organized Jewish groups such as the ADL over Benedict XVI’s renewal of the Latin Mass and Good Friday Prayer for the conversion of the Jews and how it is all a violation of the Nostra Aetate section of VII for proof that VII was “their baby”. Yes, it is true that other characters played a role at VII, just as there were pickpockets and drunk drivers during the time of Al Capone’s Chicago, but we would not equivocate their petty crimes with those of the infamous head of Murder Inc who ran the city and her political systems as his private rug joint.

Furthermore, as pertains the whole 9/11 thing and TMRDS’s intimation that no “monkey business” was associated with it that should lead us to conclude anything other than that it happened exactly the way the Jewish media told us it did, the fact is that–much to the contrary of TMRDS’s conspiracy theory pooh-poohing–it WAS an inside job, orchestrated by Jews desperate to get Armageddon started between the Christian and Islamic worlds, and you don’t need to have contacts with some of the aforementioned persons in-the-know in arriving at this conclusion. The “information” Bp. Williamson propagates with regards to this fact (and that TMRDS refers to in a snide, sneering manner in his piece) is not shrouded in mystery. Thanks to the internet, a blind man could find it in a minute, as stories originating with mainstream news are still accessible detailing the hundreds of Israeli spies arrested on 9/11, some cheering as the towers were coming down and others driving around New York City in explosives-laden vans while wearing Arab clothing.

Secondly, the “Jewish issue” and dealing with it as previously worded is INTRINSIC to the Catholic faith. The entire struggle of Jesus with these people, a struggle that led to His crucifixion and the persecution of His followers was the womb in which the Catholic faith was born. Furthermore, the history of the last 2,000 years of–not just Catholicism, but of the culture which it created, meaning Christendom, is peppered with various sayings, writings, essays, encyclicals, bulls, laws and ordinances handed down by church doctors, saints, popes, and all-around-good guys, so much so that were all of this “anti-Semitism” to be suddenly ripped from the tapestry of Catholic life that it would leave a huge gaping hole in it through which you could drive a car.

Furthermore, some of the things Bp. Williamson is quoted saying with regards to those designated the “eternal enemies” of the faith pale in comparison to some of the things said by the very saints and doctors we Catholics celebrate as our spiritual Founding Fathers. St. John Chrysostom, St. Augustine, St, Gerome, St. Thomas Aquinas, dozens of popes and many, many others have gone on record saying things–not only about the collective character of Jews, but as well how they should be dealt with in real, practical terms–that make Bp. Williamson’s remarks appear tame. The writings of St. Chrysostom alone would have landed this esteemed saint (mentioned specifically in the mass) in prison for his “Jew-hatred” and “fringe” conspiracy theories. In our own relative time frame, we had persons such as Fr. Coughlin and his radio program, broadcast in America and heard by millions–Catholics and not–dealing with the same material as Bp. Williamson. Lest we forget as well the inimitable Fr. Fahey and his series of books and pamphlets on the Jewish question that were anything but “conciliatory”.

So therefore, if we are to take TMRDS’s comments to heart, and particularly his “That clergy, and especially a bishop, publicly espouse revisionist theses or conspiracy theories which give even the common impression of hatred of Jews does serious harm to the Catholic Church” means we must therefore consign the aforementioned saints, doctors of the church, popes, great thinkers and all-around good guys to the same category, meaning “Jew-haters,” “conspiracy theorists,” “right-wing political activists” “half sane”, “fringy”, “anti-government fanatics” whose ideas are nothing but “outlandish concoctions” and “bizarre, lunatic utterances” by persons who can “type much better than they can think”, who are “obsessed” with Jews, and “blame Jews for every single evil event in the world,” and see a “web of Jewish conspiracy everywhere.”

Volunteers, anyone? I thought not.

Now some of course will (without much success) try and make the argument that these great saints and doctors were dealing with “spiritual issues” involving the Jews and for that reason their comments were acceptable, as opposed to Bp. Williamson’s comments, which were purely political in nature.

Bull Biscuits…

At one time the church was not just slightly, but VERY political. It passed laws requiring segregation of Jews, forbade Christians from being employed by them and when it could not get these ‘political’ laws passed, it pressed governments to pass them. Things dealing with commerce, societal/cultural issues, the acceptable amount of influence Jews were allowed to possess in Christian society and whatnot were as much a part of the church’s domain as the ‘spiritual’, because the church observed (rightly) that the two go hand in hand. There can be no Kingship of Christ without Christian involvement in politics, and it was for this reason that the Church was at times up to its eyeballs in political issues dealing with the Jews.

So my point is, when it comes to this topic of the Jewish question and how it all figures into our world today, the Most Reverend Donald Sanborn–at least according to the thesis of his most recent essay–is off in left field, and BIG time. The fact of the matter is that by dismissing in toto what persons such as Bp. Williamson are saying with regards to the Jewish question and how it all figures with our world today, he holds unenviable membership in the flat earth society.

What’s worse is who he is keeping company with. Go to the website of the ADL–probably the most powerful and best organized enemy of the Church and you will find the exact same language used.

For those not familiar with the ADL, it is the most powerful Jewish organization in the world, the infamous Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith“, a branch of freemasonry exclusive to Jews only whose stated mission is to ‘fight bigotry” and foster “tolerance”. They were formed after Leo Frank (a Jew convicted of raping and murdering 12 year old Mary Fegin) was lynched after the governor of that state granted him life in prison rather than the death sentence that had been imposed.

In truth however it is a spy agency working closely with Israel’s intelligence service Mossad that keep tabs on persons all around the world, including the movers and shakers within the Trad movement. No doubt many of you out there saw the director of this agency’s big mug on the TV NIGHT AFTER NIGHT AFTER NIGHT in the run up to the release of Mel Gibson’s movie the Passion as he predicted that a new holocaust was going to take place as a result of this movie.

There is little doubt that the ADL through its many operatives has kept tabs on all our various churches and chapels. Whether posing as someone who just happened to “walk in” because they were curious or even posing as a devout member of the parish, every bulletin, every sermon, every thing that has been said by these priests sits in a file somewhere in an office in New York City. The moment these priests became members of the SSPX decades ago–a group formed in opposition to Vatican II–they became targets of ADL spying and character assassination. Those surprised to hear such a thing should keep in mind the following–this is what Jews do, spying on people and ruining the reputation of those they perceive as inimical to their agenda, something even Our Lord and His cousin John had to endure.

So the notion that the Most Reverend Donald Sanborn (or any other Trad priest for that matter) can somehow avoid getting on the ADL’s ‘hit list’ by remaining silent on the Jewish issue, by condemning the comments of the great Holocaust Heretic Bp. Williamson or otherwise creating distance between the Trad movement and “Jew hatred” is a joke. It is way past that time. It’s like finding out you have terminal lung cancer and then deciding that day to quit smoking in the hopes you might be able to reverse the process.

It is highly unlikely (and that it putting it mildly) given the Most Reverend Donald Sanborn’s education as a priest that even a microbe of any of this is news to him, which brings us to our next point (and the most unpleasant and uncomfortable for yours truly) which is an honest discussion of the “why“ to all of it.

Remember again, these are the words of none other than the Most Reverend Donald Sanborn. He put them out there for our consumption and evaluation. No one put a gun to his head and said “WRITE THIS”, and given the fact that it is the norm now within the Trad movement to scrutinize anything and everything that comes out of the mouth, pen or word processor of one of our religious leaders, what this means is that–as the old saying goes–“All’s fair in love and war”, as well as that old saying concerning sauce for the goose and the gander.

It is the section appearing prominently at the very beginning of his section dealing with Bp. Williamson that is probably the most telling, when he asserts that Bishop Williamson “did everyone great harm, including ourselves“ with his comments.

The obvious implication is that if Bp. Williamson’s comments had the opposite effect and if by talking about Jewish interests in the way he did that it struck a chord with a sizable number of people and as a result, not only was there no typical wailing and gnashing of teeth on the part of the Jewish community, but conversely that attendance at the Most Reverend Donald Sanborn’s church doubled, tripled or quadrupled, Bp. Williamson would then be hailed as a great hero for the faith rather than being a conspiracy-theorist nut job. The ugly truth we are left to conclude is that TMRDS recognizes that there are liabilities associated with Bp. Williamson’s remarks–liabilities that through their organic ripple-effect may wind up at the front stoop of the Most Reverend Donald Sanborn’s church–and that this is what has him disturbed and chatty.

And now for the part I dislike the most–bringing it all home…

His thesis that priests, as “agents of the church” must be careful not to do anything that might cause waves for the church can be summed up thus–“horse cookies”. Our Lord was an extremist in the clearest sense of the terms. He made it clear how He felt about mealy-mouthed cowards, comparing them to vomit. The church was built by the martyrdom of those (and by no coincidence, by the same Jewish thugs now causing so much mayhem in the world) whose motto was “damn the torpedoes, full steam ahead”. Had the early Christians worried about getting sideways with the Jews and had tempered their remarks accordingly, there would be no church today.

Sadly, what we are left to conclude is that–after all the fancy verbiage and rhetoric–what it all boils down to is that nasty, 4-letter “f” word so much a part of our sick society today, meaning “fear”, and more specifically, “fear of the Jews”. Like a virus, just as it plagued the early Apostles during the time of Our Lord’s ministry when they actually had the gall to chide Him for His ‘intemperate’ remarks towards the Pharisees, from there it migrated like a sickness to their actions on the night of Jesus’ arrest when the Apostles–the very same who swore they would never cut tail and run–fled like rabbits in the face of the fearsome, vicious nature of Jewish power. Sadly, it seems that the only thing left of the Apostolic succession between the first priests and those today is this–fear of the Jews.

The idea that we have no business ‘dabbling’ in understanding this “Jewish thing” is so ridiculous on its face as to be mind-boggling. As Catholics (and particularly for us parents) not only do we have a reason and the right to know what these people are up to, but a responsibility. We need to know what kind of wolves are prowling about, waiting for any opportunity to snatch our little ones, drag them off and destroy them. We need to know who is responsible for the destruction of our society at large, and simply blaming it on “modernists” does not cut it. That’s like saying “germs” are to blame for a plague that threatens all our lives. It is too vague and deliberately non-specific. Knowing that the water coming from the town’s well is bad is not enough, and particularly when we have photos of guys sneaking in at night and dumping poison in it for a specific, easy-to-understand and identifiable agenda. And for those who snicker, roll their eyes and turn their nose up at all of this while smugly asserting they are more concerned with “higher” principles of the faith and that all this tawdry, tedious, tangential discussion of the Jewish problem is way beneath their “more spiritually-oriented“ interests, well, I’ll remind you that you said that when as a result of us standing by and allowing the Jews to tear the place apart, you find yourself jobless, penniless, homeless, and kissing little Johnnie (or little Joanna) goodbye as he or she goes marching off to fight the Jews’ wars in the Middle East. I’m sure there were people who believed the same way when “nut cases” similar in their outlook to Bp. Williamson were warning of impending disasters of Jewish intrigue such as the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, and, last but not least, Vatican II, meaning they were marginalized and ignored, only to be vindicated later when those left to deal with the aftermath shook their heads embarrassingly and said “Boy, sure didn’t see that one coming”.

Therefore in critically weighing the comments of TMRDS and his assertion that in the face of the most devastating assault on Christianity in its history, (the exception of course being the crucifixion itself) that we are to remain silent or at best remain as ambiguous as possible in our speech by using terms such as “modernists” rather than naming names and saying ‘Jews’, what we are left to conclude is that this is but an attempt on his part to circumvent the very same thing happening to him as recently took place with Bp. Williamson. Understandably, TMRDS does not relish the idea of having the Jewish press at his church, taking photos, sticking microphones in his face and in the faces of his parishioners, being front page news for weeks on end and having everything he worked for put at risk. He does not like the idea that he could be kicked out of his own country as Bp. Williamson was and that he might face being extradited to another country so he can stand trial for offending the Jews.

Having said that however, nevertheless, he (and we) need to remember that as members of the “Church Militant” (as we like to call ourselves) that these are hazards of the workplace, and if the prospect of getting hurt is enough an incentive to prevent us from doing battle against the enemies of the faith, then perhaps we need to find another one less demanding and dangerous.

But then, perhaps the Most Reverend Donald Sanborn is right in a certain sense. Maybe discussion of the problems associated with the modern day ‘Jewish question” really are outside the domain of some of today’s trad priests, and that they should just keep quiet about the matter. I certainly would endorse such a plan as far as he is concerned. Let him stick with his Latin mass and his “obsession” with Vatican II and pope denial while the rest of us–who not only want, but indeed NEED to know what the Hades is going on in our world and how we as Catholic parents and citizens should deal with it all will seek the council of the Jew hating/conspiracy-theorist/right-wing-political-activist/half-sane/fringy/anti-government fanatic Bp. Williamson, whose ideas are but “outlandish concoctions” and “bizarre, lunatic utterances” by someone who can “type much better than he can think”, who is “obsessed with Jews”, who “blames Jews for every single evil event in the world,” and who sees a “web of Jewish conspiracy everywhere“.

In these strange days, strange days indeed, it seems to me he is the kind of priest we need, rather than those who find themselves parroting the same kind of ideas propagated by Jewish groups such as the ADL.

(c) 2009 Mark Glenn

Correspondent, American Free Press Newspaper




  1. #1 by Kerry on 03/09/2009 - 9:34

    The agenda is much farther along than I thought. As His Excellency says, we need to pray and plant potatoes: http://dinoscopus.blogspot.com/

    At least I’m not the only one who thinks the SSPX priests are running scared, “for fear of the Jews.”

  2. #2 by J.F. on 03/09/2009 - 9:34

    Fantastic piece, Mark. Bishop Sanborn is sounding more and more like Bishop Fellay in his remarks lately, something I know he would hate to hear, since he dumped the SSPX (like an ingrate). Interesting that he remains obsessed with the SSPX too, isn’t it?

    It’s a shame that almost all the priests in the traditional Catholic movement are quaking in their boots for fear of the Jews. I know they’d hate to hear this, but they might as well have just become diocesan priests in the Novus Ordo if they’re not going to stand up to those who caused the destruction of Vatican II in the first place.

  3. #3 by Lasha Darkmoon on 03/09/2009 - 9:34

    Excellent article, Mark. I don’t think you should have allowed the Rev Sanborn to wind you up to such an extent though! He doesn’t speak for anyone but himself and a narrow segment of the Catholic church. He displays nothing but narrowmindedness and a numbing ignorance of world affairs.

    One Catholic who does speak for me is the scholarly historian E. Michael Jones, author of the the monumental The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit and its Impact on World History (1200 pages). Dr Jones has come up with his own highly original definition of what a JEW is. According to him, a Jew is <“anyone who rejects Christ and the Logos.”

    Dr Jones can therefore cheerfully repudiate any suggestion that he is antisemitic by riposting, “No, I’m not antisemitic, I’m just anti-jewish.”

    He would hasten to add that it is perfectly reasonable for a Christian to dislike anyone who says bad things about Christ and the Logos. Since most Jews are constantly saying bad things about Christ — calling for him to be boiled in hot excrement, for example, and spitting on Christians in contemporary Palestine — it follows that it is perfectly reasonable for Christians to hold such Jews in utter odium. Nothing antisemitic about it. Just anti-Jewish!

    Fanatical Zionists like George W. Bush, Tony Blair, Condoleeza Rice, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld and John Bolton can be regarded as “spiritual Jews”. They have become infected with “Jewish values”, and they can therefore be regarded as honorary Jews, or Jews in all but name.

    Basically, you are Jew if you think and feel like a Jew. If you have the acculturation and moral values of a Jew. The mindset of a Jew. Men like Finkelstein, Israel Shamir and Gilad Azmon are NOT Jews. They renounced their “Jewishness” long ago. Like St Paul, they ceased to be Jewish when they became “self-haters”.

    The above statements, far from being antisemitic, are actually philosemitic. They give the Jews hope. All the Jews need to do to be accepted into the community of nations is to renounce their Jewishness and embrace the Logos.

    If you are willing to see the Palestinians driven from their ancestral homelands and killed like fish in a barrel, then you are a Jew. If you are willing to see Christianity systematically underminded and eroded by abortion, pornography and rampant feminism, then you are a Jew. You are a Jew if you are against the Logos, i.e., the traditional moral order and the principles of restraint and decency.

    If you wish to learn more about Michael Jones and his fascinating philosophy, read Strange Bedfellows. E.Michael Jones and Israel Shamir: “A Report from Planet Mammon.”


  4. #4 by Lalara Pandora on 03/09/2009 - 9:34

    Here is Israel Shamir, quoted in the above article mentioned by my sister Lasha Darkmoon. (Reverend Donald Sanborn, pay attention!)

    “When the Church is subjugated, Jews triumph and when Jews triumph, mankind suffers. The Jewish universe is good for Jews. It is a curse for others. In Eastern Europe, times of Jewish dominance were the worst experienced by ordinary people. A good time for the Jews is not a good time for mankind. The blessing of the Jews is a curse for others. The regimes that are “good for Jews” are rarely good for anybody else.

    [Israel Shamir].

    Did a Jew write that? No. A former Jew. Israel Shamir now considers himself a a Palestinian Christian.

  5. #5 by Doug on 03/10/2009 - 9:34

    That was a great article. Thank you Mark.

  6. #6 by Theroseofsharon on 03/10/2009 - 9:34

    Mark, this is one of the best articles I think you have ever written. Thanks

  7. #7 by Xanadu on 03/10/2009 - 9:34

    Those of you who have enjoyed Mark Glenn’s excellent article may be interested to read Confessions of an Anti-Zionist Journalist by Brother Nathanael Kapner. An extra bonus awaits you, dear reader: a superb photo of our anti-Zionist guru himself, Mark Glenn, and words of praise from Br Nathanael for the help he received in the early part of his career from MG and Jeff Rense.

    Br Nathanael writes:

    “I WAS BORN A JEW and I hope to die a Christian. Although I was raised in a religious Jewish home, when I reached the age of twenty-one, I repudiated Judaism and embraced Jesus Christ and Christianity. Eventually, I was baptized in the Russian Orthodox Church.

    In my adult years as an Orthodox Christian, I came to understand that nearly 50 million Russian Orthodox Christians were murdered by Bolshevik Jews during the communist takeover of Czarist Russia and subsequently under both Lenin & Stalin. I was also to learn later that this massive slaughter of Christians was aided, abetted and financed by Wall Street Jews and the international Zionist money machine.

    In the face of my many disappointments and after months of harassment, censorship and frustration, two fine men dedicated to the truth and anti-Zionism came to my rescue: Jeff Rense, the world-renowned host of the Rense.com website, and Mark Glenn of the American Free Press.

    Both of these courageous Internet publicists began publishing Real Jew News articles on their sites and doing radio interviews with me, permitting me my right to freedom of speech on the

    For Brother Nathanael’s article in full, click on:


  8. #8 by Xanadu on 03/10/2009 - 9:34

    I notice Brother Nathanael has no time for Alex Jones. He denounces him as a “crypto-Zionist”. Mark, I would be grateful for your input on this matter. Is Alex Jones a crypto-Zionist in your opinion? Also, are there any other ostensibly anti-Zionist commentators whom you would regard with grave suspicion?

  9. #9 by LP Pandora on 03/10/2009 - 9:34

    U.S. choice for top intelligence analyst withdraws


    Oh dear, that’s bad news for us all. (Chas Freeman gone). No one to stop Dennis Ross now. Iran, watch out! — the nutters are now in full control.

  10. #10 by Xanadu on 03/13/2009 - 9:34

    Vatican envoy: Holocaust deniers can’t be considered Catholic,

    by Nir Hasson, Haaretz Correspondent.

    “The Vatican’s envoy to Israel asserted on Monday that Holocaust deniers could not be considered Catholic, in an apparent bid to temper tensions ahead of a papal visit in May…”


    Looks like good Catholics who question the magic six million figure can no longer be considered Catholic. By papal fiat, we have now been effectively excommunicated.

  11. #11 by LP Pandora on 03/13/2009 - 9:34

    One of the best accounts, proving the impossibility of the six million figure, is this 4-page article by Michael Collins Piper:

    Auschwitz — The Final Count.


  12. #12 by Demoiselle D'Avignon on 03/13/2009 - 9:34

    I would lie to offer these these devastating quotations from a recent article in Haaretz by Gideon Levy. (“Has anyone asked why the Swedes hate us?”) These are surprisingly frank words about Israel which you will never hear in The New York Times:

    “Thousands demonstrated there [in Sweden] against Israel. Did anyone in Israel even ask why it was considered a pariah in Sweden? No one dared question whether the war in the Gaza Strip was worth the price we’re paying now, from Ankara to Malmo. It’s enough to recall that the Swedes were always against us. The fact that there were times when they were awash in love for Israel was erased from our consciousness.

    One need only recall the surreal scene at the height of the brutal assault on Gaza, when the heads of the European Union came to Israel and dined with the prime minister in a show of unilateral support for the side wreaking the killing and destruction. They didn’t give a thought to visiting Gaza, and uttered nary a word of criticism against Israel. That is official Europe.

    The growing concern that the new U.S. administration may be about to change the rules of the game vis-a-vis Israel could also prove to be unfounded: Barack Obama’s new America has already pledged to clean up after Israel, as usual. The $900 million the administration has pledged to contribute to rebuild Gaza – without a word of criticism about who caused the destruction there, as if it were a natural disaster and not the work of an unrestrained army – is a bad sign for anyone hoping for change. Israel wrecked Gaza with U.S. weapons, and America and Europe step in to fix things, not for the first time or for the last.

    What was, is what will be: Israel will continue to destroy, and America will continue to mop up after it, without a word.” [My emphasis].

  13. #13 by Demoiselle D'Avignon on 03/13/2009 - 9:34

    Gideon Levy quotes continued:

    “The bleak prophecies about a change in America’s attitude toward Israel are as old as the country itself. Whenever there’s a change of administration in the U.S., anxiety spikes. But from president to president, our strength only grows: When George W. Bush was elected, we were told to be wary of the Texan, a friend of the Arabs and of oil. And what did we get? Never was there a president more “sympathetic to Israel,” who gave it such a blank check for all its settlements, targeted assassinations and occupation activities. Obama is scary, too: He’s already talking with Iran and with the Taliban. Most likely, fears surrounding this will also prove to be overblown, once he gets around to dealing with Israel.

    For decades now, the world has been buying the Zionist narrative almost in full. The occupation and settlements have been going on for more than 40 years with no serious impediment. Except for some international grumblings and resolutions no one has any serious intention of implementing, Israel continues to belong to the camp of the “good guys”; the Arabs are the “bad guys.” The new atmosphere in the West against Islam is reinforcing this trend and Israel is benefiting yet again.”

  14. #14 by Demoiselle D'Avignon on 03/13/2009 - 9:34

    Gideon Levy quotes continued:

    “A Swedish journalist was recently laid off from her newspaper because she sided with the Palestinian position in the conflict. It’s hard to imagine her editors acting the same way if it were a Jewish reporter who had written in support of Israel.

    When I was interviewed once by a reporter from the France 1 channel, a commercial channel, at the doorway of a house in Gaza – where the army had killed the only daughter of a paralyzed mother – and I said that it was these sorts of moments that made me feel ashamed to be an Israeli, my words were not broadcast. The reporter phoned me the next day and told me his editors had decided not to include the quote, for fear of viewer response.

    When I once published an article in the German paper Die Welt, which is part of the publishing group of Axel Springer, where all writers had to sign a pledge that they would never cast doubt on the State of Israel’s right to exist, the editor told me: “If this critical article about the occupation had been written by a German journalist, we would not have published it.”

  15. #15 by Demoiselle D'Avignon on 03/13/2009 - 9:34

    Gideon Levy quotes continued:

    “Despite mounting criticism of Israel, Europe is still very cautious. With Europe’s Holocaust guilt, its anxiety in the face of Islam and its readiness to blindly follow the United States anywhere, Israel still enjoys preferential status in the world. Very preferential.

    But perhaps this will not always be the case. Perhaps the worse our actions become, the harsher the criticism will be. Meanwhile, two pointless wars in two years were not enough to achieve this. Maybe the time will indeed come when the world will get fed up with this aggression and violence of ours, which endanger world peace, and will say at long last: No more occupation, no more wars perpetrated by Israel for which the world has to pay.”

    (My emphasis throughout; quotations concluded).

    For the article in full, see:


  16. #16 by anonymous on 03/14/2009 - 9:34

    As much as one doesn’t like to address the issue of how many did really die or the true causes for the death of so many during WWII, some muster the courage to do so and Bishop Williamson must be congratulated for questioning one aspect that has been elevated to the status of dogma: The Jewish Holocaust. Another unpleasant task is try to identify why we live in such a corrupted world and in which Jews or Zionists, call them whatever you want, play front stage roles. One has to tackle the issue even against his own will and you’re constantly hammering the point home Mark which shows your dedication reminiscent of an apostle’s endeavor.

    Reverend Donald Sanborn dismisses the reality for reasons only he knows and your reply serves a timely reminder. Before he discards your arguments as old-timed history let us remind him of the constant attack on the god-given right for a quiet livelihood that all of us have to put up with today. An everyday fight for the sake of one’s sanity is quite real and its perpetrators would not stop at tampering with the number of dead here and there either in the past or at present to attain their non-avowable goal.

    In a ABC Good Morning America interview on March 10 about the financial crisis, they brought up the host of Britain’s “The Apprentice” to weigh in. The last question as to: “How bad is it going to get here in the UK?” here was the answer.

    Sir Alan Sugar

    “I don’t know whether we are at the bottom of the pit. My personal corollary is this: is that we NEED to solve the banks out. The priority is is for everybody to get confidence back in the banks; that they’re still going to be here. And I’m not talking about this for business, I’m talking about for the average guy, the man in the street. The truck driver and his wife needs to be confident that he puts his or her money in the bank and it’s still gonna be there.“

    Sugar is totaly disingenuous in supporting the banks with the worn out cop out of the little guys. Truckdrivers have no money to stash in the banks, their business has long been rationalized with cutthroat rates from deregulations. This comment makes one wonder why he would be called on for advice. A little search explains everything.

    The name Sugar is very intriguing and the knighthood title to top it off spikes the interest furthermore. From modest origins, he made his fortune in the electronic business, has been entangled in fights with Robert Maxwell, another dubious fellow and he has been the host of The Apprentice on BBC for four years, a British upshot of Donald Trump’s show. He is also the biological uncle of English-Jewish actress, singer and model Rita Simons. She was added to the daily British soap opera EastEnders and she’s most popular with fellow actress Samantha Janus. They appeared together on a British talk show for which a clip was posted on Youtube where the screencaps above were taken from.

    As the video and the screencaps show, Simons puts oneupmanship appearance over Janus, the latter the most popular of the two. Except for Simons’ mannerisms made more obvious besides Janus (to the right on screencap 4) more subdued presence, one is hard-pressed to know that she is Jewish. That accounts for the Jews ingrained, centuries long integration into the British fiber. This explains for a more under the radar trendsetting that makes it harder to withstand.

    Sugar seems a more recent implant, perhaps from the 1900 Bolshevik wave that brought so many to America. Like them, he copycats what originates from others and appropriates it (Hollywood was created from Jews fleeing the East Coast facing lawsuits against using copyrights for the infant cinema industry) and goes so far as to criticize the originator. “Sugar has criticized the US version of The Apprentice because “they’ve made the fatal error of trying to change things just for the sake of it and it backfired.”” (Wikipedia). How obnoxious can one get? And this is what sets the trends that one must adopt if one is to get ahead. That’s how pernicious this is all is.

    And yes this in time, unbridled greed, narcissism, leads to the economic downfall of the “unchosen many”. But the situation is so dire right now and it is getting worse by the day. Could there be some undercurrents, underlying forces that contrive to unspoken plans? What’s all these wars and calls for more? As much as one is unwilling, one has to find answers in unchartered waters. And the refusal to acknowledge the full spectrum of the root causes fit beautifully into the plans of the conjurers. Not believing in something doesn’t make it nonexistent. It doesn’t mean that some, even only a few in position of power do believe in convoluted matters and that they have existed for milleniums.

    If Reverend Sanborn is still unconvinced, let’s see if he will give more credence to religious, if more esoteric beliefs. The shortest path to wealth and domination, nowadays more so than ever, is thru deceit and treachery. When this is pushed to the extreme, it brings forth the situations that we’re living through today. Clyde Lewis of the Ground Zero Lounge has assembled a series of observations that put together outline a coherent pattern.

    Blood cement: the hard baptism of abraham, obama & osama [feb9]

    Lewis explains the Abrahamic ritual called “Dusting of the feet”. Dusting off is a ritual of making over from old to entirely new or leaving for destruction, death; plague and drought. Those are the rituals of hard baptism, blood cement and “dusting of ones feet” is used today as in the Babylonian times “to strike a City or a Country”? There are powers that are set into motion that cause fear in the populace. The question is: is this fear used to create an excuse for more control and more draconian laws? Is the future being made by design through trauma based ritual?

    Israel had planned a blitzkrieg on southern Irak called “Operation Shekhinah” in early October 2001, less than one month before there was the 911 attack. Invoking the name of Shakhinah (wrath of God) is part of a very powerful Tamuldic spell. It was blamed on Osama Bin laden. Osama is a powerful name in the texts of the Talmud and the Koran and invoking Osama is literally calling down the spirit of the warrior son of Mohammed. It is the calling out to the Djinn and allowing them to make war. This could be why we resurrect his name even though he is most certainly dead. Every mention of Osama is a powerful mean that triggers war.

    SHOCK AND AWE was a play on words, an operation carried against Irak on March 22, 2003. That is the first day of Aries, the sign of the Ram, the Abrahamic symbol of the sacrifice provided at the altar where Isaac’s son was to be sacrificed to God. On August 22nd 2005 the last of the Jewish settlements in Gaza were sent packing. The hard-liners were shocked. Rabbi Avraham Shmuel Lewin (dir. Rabbinic Congress for Peace) stated that hurricane Katrina was the direct result of a ritual that was performed after America urged and encouraged the pullout of Jews from the Gaza Strip.

    In his inauguration speech Obama said “We must pick ourselves off, dust ourselves off and begin again with the work of remaking America”. “Notice the phrase “Dust yourself off” […]. America is a country that has been “struck”, the feet have been dusted off. America will have to be repaired and remade.” The same can be said of Britain. Haven’t Persia, Spain, France, Germany or Russia been brought down and obliged to be remade in the past?

    “Obama was also compared to Abraham Lincoln and also used Abraham Lincoln’s bible for his swearing in ceremony. Allegedly invoking the name of Abraham and the sacrificial rite to the Ram or Aries.” Abraham is the father of the Jewish faith and invoking his name sets into play the winning conditions in the execution of the Tamuldic Ram.

    “Has America been ritualized in accepting Obama as a savior? And with the turmoil that is bubbling are we taunting the idea of catastrophe with the invocation of spirit ritual? Not knowing of the names we utter or chant, unaware that these are powerful words that are meant to put minds under spell?” There’s a reason why they chant the name Obama as with Oprah Winfrey or Stevie Wonder. The photo with a halo around Obama’s head is no accident and was released in February. It is clear what they’re doing; it’s a magical spell.

    “Dick Cheney and Joe Biden have both said that there shall come another trauma. That this trauma will result in the deaths of untold thousands of people. Is this part of the ritual? It appears to be a declaration of death. If this continues it will take rest and we as Americans will face another hard baptism into the New World Order. Some will be sacrificed for the “cause”.” The American people are not going to fight against these powers. If they were going to, they would have done it a long time ago. They won’t until it strike at the door and then it will be too late because then the spell has already kicked in and the forces have already taken over. The new boss is the old boss. And they say they won’t get fool again.

    “Overt criminality by leaders and passive, unclear thinking by the proletariat has become the norm in The United States. The two go together, creating a symbiotic ecosystem of tyranny. Fraud, theft, and murder have become widespread, just as the amount of lies told and believed have reached new heights, irresponsibility has become socialized while people in the honest pursuit of good get thwarted. The transition from one form of government to another will be negligible because of forces we can not and will not fight against.“

    “Who and what is in a position to overthrow an invisible force? And this is precisely what our force is.” — The Priory of Zion” — Group of men that want to put an heretic on the throne. Call them whatever you want, anti-christ, but they are establishing a new oecumenical order and they are putting it together. You don’t know who is a part of it. You only have what they tell you, what they feed you and what you’re willing or can manage to believe.

    To finish off which is more than time to do, let’s just say that it is not so much whether a majority believes in supranatural powers because most people clearly don’t. That some do is beyond question and the more wicked the merrier. Satanists do exist. Combined with a myriad of other people, they contrive within their own means and capacity to making things happen. They do not bow down before god, they are god… of darkness. What they end up doing is purely human of a debased instinct but they conjure up great powers. Treachery is the fastest if not the only path to achieving power. Let us just hope that all man of good faith unite to combat to the death these evil powers even though we would just rather enjoy life with all its offerings. Thank you all for your time and your implication, more specifically to you Mark.

  17. #17 by Stephen Hand on 03/14/2009 - 9:34

    Anonymous wrote, “Dick Cheney and Joe Biden have both said that there shall come another trauma. That this trauma will result in the deaths of untold thousands of people…”

    I recall the prediction. Did they say it will result in the deaths of untold thousands of people? I must have missed that part. Do you have a reference to jog my memory?
    –note from me, MG–SH, I do not remember that specific reference to thousands of people dying, only that Obama would be ‘tested’ but will look it up and let you know if I find anything.

  18. #18 by SomeGoodNewsInDarkTimes! on 03/14/2009 - 9:34

    Zionist Jews need to be stopped and sent to prison, including all the hypocritical Jews in all but name through-out the Catholic Vatican II.

    They call everyone else “anti-christains” or want them out of the church, if they defy and upset the Jewish leadership.

    I’m frankly sick and tired of these venomous lying vipers.

    God got fed up with them and so do we!!!

    ZIONIST Jews need to be prosecuted and put in their place, even if Israel goes down!!

    Enough about the HOLOCAUST!!! Talk about all the senseless murders going on DAILY thanks to the Zionists, who cares about an event over 3 decades old where NOTHING was ever verified or proven beyond reasonable doubt of who died!!

  19. #19 by Xanadu on 03/14/2009 - 9:34

    “ZIONIST Jews need to be prosecuted and put in their place, even if Israel goes down!!”
    — SomeGoodNewsInDarkTimes!
    March 14, 2009 at 7:21 am

    Even if Israel goes down? Do you think it would be a cause for regret if the state of Israel should “go down”? The dissolution of the state of Israel is an event to be prayed for and passionately desired. This is a country built entirely on stolen land. It ought not to have been founded in the first place.

  20. #20 by Xanadu on 03/14/2009 - 9:34

    Interestingly, the Reverend Donald Sanborn has written another article on his website called Genuflecting to the Jews. I haven’t read it yet, but I’m sure Obama has!

  21. #21 by Montecristo on 03/15/2009 - 9:34

    Netanyahu envisions ‘major’ war in coming months

    Amid lingering talks of war on Iran, Israel’s prime minister-designate has raised the alarm about a major military conflict in the coming months. The soon-to-be prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu believes that “a national emergency” such as Israel’s involvement in a major war would help him in his frantic attempts to form a new ruling coalition. So here is a guy who is thinking of starting a war just so that he can form a viable unity government!

    BTW, Netanyahu is known as “Mr. Iran” in Israeli circles. He is believed to have close links to Mossad. What Bibi doesn’t know more about 9-11, through insider knowledge, probably isn’t worth knowing!

    Israeli officials claim that considering the pace at which Iran is moving ahead with its nuclear program it would become a nuclear power by the end of 2009. They argue that a military attack is a legitimate option for taking out the country’s nuclear infrastructure.

    However, it all depends on Russia.

    If Russia decides to supply Iran with a sophisticated new air defense system — the S-300 — the Israelis will have to think twice about attacking Iran.

    Like the United States and its valiant little ally Britain, Israel only attacks weak and defenceless countries.


  22. #22 by Demoiselle D'Avignon on 03/15/2009 - 9:34

    Madoff appeals for bail and reveals wife’s huge fortune

    “After barely 24 hours in prison, the Wall Street fraudster Bernard Madoff has launched an attempt to return to his Manhattan penthouse through an appeal for bail.

    Madoff and his wife, Ruth, have assets worth between $823m and $826m, including four homes, four boats, a share in a private jet and a Steinway piano. To maintain their properties, they are burning through cash at a rate of $346,757 a month.

    The couple’s Manhattan flat is valued at $4m. A house in the millionaires’ playground of the Hamptons is worth $1.58m. A Palm Beach getaway has a price tag of $2.46m and a property in the French resort of Antibes is pegged at $900,000. They own a $7m yacht named Bull on the Côte d’Azur. Another boat, Sitting Bull, is worth $320,000 while a vessel in Florida described as a “Rybovich fishing boat” is valued at $2.2m.

    Much debate has centred around what Madoff’s wife can legitimately keep. Most of the property is in her name and despite her husband’s change of fortunes, she continues to lease a BMW, has jewellery worth $2.6m and plays a $39,000 piano.”

    For full story, see:


    Madoff’s loot is now estimated at $65 billion. It is said to be safely invested in Israel. According to financial experts, Madoff’s scam has led to an enormous transfer of wealth from non-Jews to Jews.

    Meanwhile, while millions of Americans are suffering from poverty and homelessness, Obama has confirmed that America will continue to give Israel billions of dollars every year in military aid and loan guarantees.

    It makes you want to weep.

  23. #23 by Stephen Hand on 03/15/2009 - 9:34

    “With all due respect to everyone here, I finally got around to reading bishop Sanborn’s long statement today, and in context does it really appear to have been an entirely one-sided slugfest against bishop Williamson? I mean Sanborn did say

    “It is indeed strange that in an age which touts
    freedom of thought and freedom of speech,
    Bishop Williamson should be burned at the stake
    for merely having expressed an opinion. Did he
    say that he agreed with the Nazi extermination of
    Jews? No. Did he urge that Jews be gassed or
    killed? No. He merely expressed an opinion, an
    idea, that the number of those who were killed is
    highly exaggerated, and that the manner in which
    they died was different from what is popularly

    “The outrage over this, prompting the Chancellor-
    ess of Germany to intervene, and abortion loving
    members of Congress to write letters to
    Ratzinger calling for severe measures against
    Bishop Williamson, is proof of the fact that ideas
    rule the world, and that bad ideas can be very dangerous.
    It is for this precise reason that the Church
    has always been against freedom of thought and
    freedom of speech with regard to anything which
    contradicted Catholic doctrine, even indirectly.

    “Millions suffered and died in Nazi Germany,
    Stalinist Russia, and communist China as a result
    of ideas, namely of Nazism and communism.
    Many others died on battlefields for these ideas,
    some of which have become passé. Countless
    Japanese soldiers died in World War II for a crazy
    idea: Japanese militarism and the Samurai code.
    Many heads were detached from their bodies in
    the French Revolution for the mere sin of having
    the wrong ideas.

    “The Inquisition to which Bishop Williamson
    was subjected, and his subsequent burning at the
    stake, imprudent though his comments were, is
    proof of the utter hypocrisy of the modern world.
    Where is freedom of thought? Where is freedom
    of speech? Why does not Bishop Williamson enjoy
    these things? What happened to Voltaire’s famous
    statement: I may disagree with what you say, but I will
    defend to the death your right to say it? The truth is that
    freedom of thought and freedom of speech were
    concocted by eighteenth-century anti-Catholics in
    order to destroy the establishment of the Catholic
    Church in their respective countries, and to replace
    it with a set of dogmas of their own. Once these
    dogmas were set in place, as they are now in all
    Western nations, ideas which contradict the dogmas
    of the free-thinkers have been proscribed.

    “If Bishop Williamson had exaggerated the
    “victims” of the Inquisition, he would have been
    applauded. If he had denied God’s creation by
    declaring himself a Darwinist, he would have been
    considered enlightened. But because he denied
    something that has dogma status in the modern
    world, he must be punished by an international
    uproar that touches even the highest levels of government.

    “No freedom of thought or speech for
    him. What brazen hypocrisy!

    “Oddly, it is precisely in matters such as these,
    i.e., historical facts or even revisionism, that there
    should be a free exchange of ideas, provided that
    there is no contradiction of the Catholic Faith.
    That historical ideas are challenged by those who
    deny them can be profitable for truth, since it
    sharpens the arguments of truth against the deniers.
    But the modern world turns it upside down:
    where there should be repression of false ideas,
    there is freedom; where there should be free exchange
    of ideas, there is repression. For what is
    there to fear from a denier of historical fact, if the
    evidence for the truth is incontestable?”

    In fairness, one need not agree with bishop Sanborn’s every assertion to see that he gave bishop Williamson more than a bone here; and bishop Williamson himself confessed to a certain imprudence in making comments on Swedish television since the effect of it may have been worse than the good in expressing what he believed is the truth of the matter.

    It is all very sad. I have sympathy for all Trads in all this, a difficult matter, especially as all are being baited by the powers of this world, and especially the ruthless Lobby.


    –note from me, MG–Sadly, it WAS a slugfest against Bp. Williamson. Sanborn all but calls him a ranting lunatic. As far as the comments that follow, where he appears to be lending credence to some of the things BW says, I believe it to be a case of damage control, as Sanborn no doubt knows that many Trads have acquainted themselves with the likes of Maurice Piney, Fr. Fahey et al.

    Not wanting to assume the worst

  24. #24 by Boris Popovitch on 03/16/2009 - 9:34

    Christianity is now being replaced by a new world religion called Holocaustism. The wicked Christian heretic, Bishop Williamson, is merely one of the new religion’s most recent victims.

    Michael Hoffman has proposed a credo for the H-church:

    “I believe in one Holocaust, conceived in Hollywood, born of the New York media: and in Six Million Judaics, who suffered under Adolf Hitler and were gassed, made into lampshades and cremated. In the 21st century they arose again, to haunt the living and the dead. I believe in Elie Wiesel and the geysers of blood, and Arnold Friedman and the color-coded crematory smoke, the holy Shoah biz Church, the communist saints, no forgiveness of German sins, the resurrection of lies, and the shelf-life everlasting of the Auschwitz gas chamber stories. Amen.


  25. #25 by Doug on 03/17/2009 - 9:34

    I was very shocked indeed by Brother Nathanael’s remark about Alex Jones. I don’t believe it. Why would Alex yell at the Bildebergers through a bull horn like he does? To throw us off the real culprits?
    And about Is-it-real, (Israel). Israel is an illegal state used to launder the worlds pillaged riches and a swindlers hide out. But that is fine. The final show down is comming. The final battle between Good and evil. It has to be if we are to ever be free. Many are going to die but hey, some day we all die.

  26. #26 by Stephen Hand on 03/17/2009 - 9:34

    Jones traces very many troubles and woes among the nations to the Rothschilds and Rockefellers as Fr. Fahey and so many others rightly have. That clearly shows Jones is no shill for Jews as some of those YouTube people say.

    Jones simply does not to be derailed from the main message of gathering wide resistance. He has many evangelical friends who would be put off by any over-emphasis on a single note. He rightly sees the problem more like a geopolitical chord or complex of nasty chords, and not only one (powerful) note.


  27. #27 by The Apostle of Mary on 03/20/2009 - 9:34

    Doug March 17, 2009 at 4:01 am

    ……” The final show down is comming. The final battle between Good and evil. It has to be if we are to ever be free. Many are going to die but hey, some day we all die.”

    Very true, Doug. As for death, it is just a threshold to a new beginning…called eternity. How we spend that eternity is something we choose here and now. As for the final battle that is coming, many ( including myself ) already know who wins that battle. The when is up to our Lord and the Holy Father in Rome. When the time comes, the trumpet will be sounded and then shall the Pope; together with all the bishops of the Catholic Church, consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary…and there will be many conversions to the one, true, Catholic church, and a period of peace shall be granted to mankind and many souls shall find their way to our Father and His Kingdom.

  28. #28 by Stephen Hand on 03/20/2009 - 9:34

    Has anyone seen this?

    It is interesting, whatever position one takes:


    I simply find it hard to assess the back and forth, not being an historian. I wonder if Bishop Williamson would not to see it as a point of interest abd one part in his ongoing review of the matter, not that it’s decisive.

  29. #29 by Stephen Hand on 03/20/2009 - 9:34

    Oops…meant to say

    It is interesting, whatever position one takes:


    I simply find it hard to assess the back and forth, not being an historian. I wonder if Bishop Williamson would not want to see it as a point of interest and one part in his ongoing review of the matter, not that it’s decisive.

  30. #30 by Lasha on 03/22/2009 - 9:34

    L’affaire Williamson: The Church and Holocaust Denial

    by E. Michael Jones.

    MG, I would like to draw the above article to your attention in case you’ve missed it. A fact-filled and scholarly 13-page article which requires printing out if it is to be properly appreciated.


  31. #31 by Dolorosa on 04/05/2009 - 9:34

    I support Bishop Williamson and ask those who do to sign the petition for him at : http://petitions.tigweb.org/FSSPX

    Our Lady of Fatima, ora pro nobis

  32. #32 by Doug on 04/12/2009 - 9:34

    I support Bishop Williamson and I signed the petition.
    Thank you for submitting that!

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