The Smoke

 By AJ Romanov

The Jews have been true-to-form since Moses brought them out of Egypt. The same demon possesses them en masse in every generation and who assists them along their sinister way. Sell your soul to Satan and enjoy his fighter escort whither you go. Become a soldier in his army and wallow in his temporary material rewards. Judaism is Satanism (a form of self-worship). Much like the Hindu swami who tells you that “you are God.”‘

Hence the Jews getting on so well with the Hindus and Buddhists. And hence Eastern witchcraft “religions” being touted as “The New Age” one-world religion. The New Age is a bandwagon that they want you all to hop on these days. Call it something else and it will stink to high heaven also. Call a leopard something else, and the spots remain the same. Just like a rose by any other name.

God affixes to everything a signature smell on earth and likewise in the spirit world. It is why “the demonic,” as Malachi Martin called them, smell like carrion in the spirit. And those of God smell like flowers. Such has been my experience. I’m not ashamed of the truth, nor of my fear of and humility towards God. I have my own reasons to believe what I believe. That of which is confirmed in writing by others spanning the centuries.

Of particular note are the books of the Catholic exorcists. The Jews would love to have you not believe any of that and to label me a wacko. You can call me whatever you want, but I challenge you to prove me wrong with physical evidence. As I cite one of the Jews’ TV shows so popular today: “People sometimes lie — but the evidence never does.” They painted themselves into a corner with that one.

In the 1960’s the Jews managed to muscle the Vatican into submission. According to Malachi Martin’s The Jesuits, Marxism infiltrated the Church of St. Peter at that time. Malachi called it “the smoke of Satan” that had entered his church. Vatican II was born. Fr. Martin took off his robes and left the Order of the Jesuits. He was of course calumniated by the Jews.

Vatican II was none other than Jewish corruption of the Catholic Church which now bows and genuflects to them. Cardinals make sure to tuck in their crucifixes when entering Sin-a-gogues according to Michael Hoffman’s widely-banned Judaism Discovered. The Jews now seem to rule most of Christendom. They have done the same to the Protestant side of the House. Those who cling to God’s Word and dare to preach it are financially punished by the Jews.

What are so many Jews doing in policy-making positions in Christian churches? To me it looks like they are working busily to divide, confuse and corrupt the place. Jews lord over the Sunday School curriculums and messages that are taught from pulpits. Nobody preaches any more who knows where his bread is buttered. That’s why the “successful” churches are luke-warm, politically-correct, eclectic and “tolerant.” They water-down the Law of God with tepid swill. They are instead social clubs to which one pays membership dues. They are pacifiers and mental hygiene for the “troubled working classes.”

Today’s Centrist Christian Regime banks heavily on the hope that nobody will read their books. And thanks to Zondervan Publishing, they are written so badly that nobody wants to read them.

As for the Eastern texts — they are written in best Jewish tradition — a mixture of truth and lies. A convoluted quagmire of disinformation. I should know — having steeped myself in Hindu and Buddhist “teachings” for years. They take what a charismatic knows from his spiritual “road-rubber” and attempt to strip these experiences of God’s Word. They replace the Law of God with an ocean of occultist mumbo-jumbo governing the ways of the spirit world.

What they call enlightenment, the Jewish psychiatrist calls schizophrenia when it happens to Christians or Muslims. We get called “wacko’s” for seeking the face of God. The Buddhist and Hindu are exalted and revered for what they do. Don’t get me started on their Tantra-so-twisted. We get stigmatized and labeled for fearing God. Our flag officers are forced into early retirement for “being too religious.” But they are celebrated for their witchcraft, these “monks, priests, kaulas, viras, yogis and swamis.” And Voodoo is a respected religion. The reason for this is because Eastern religions and all forms of witchcraft are Jew-approved. They splash around in the same spiritual kiddy-pool. It is why Israel is training Indian fighter pilots to help harass and attack their common enemies in the Middle East.

There is a thing called road-rubber. Once you test-drive something and put your hands on the stick — you can feel the engine of a thing. The engine will speak to you volumes. The empirical, whether physical or spiritual, is the road-rubber. That’s why nothing teaches like experience. And why engineers make the big bucks. They take a mathematical algorithm and turn it into road-rubber (at sea, on the road, or in air and space). In the Hindu yogi’s case, he does the same thing via spiritual practice.

Witchcraft is spiritual engineering. It is the use of mental focus to make something happen. To make something occur in the physical world that was engineered in the spiritual world is witchcraft. Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism and Voodoo all use witchcraft. Sorcery is often accompanied by the assistance of familiar spirits (low-echelon demons known as imps and their more powerful cousins). So you have a human being calling upon the dark forces of Satan’s arsenal. Judaism has gone about this for thousands of years.

The Qu’ran and Holy Bible both condemn witchcraft. There is the reason why Jews hate Muslims and Christians. Judaism clashes with the Word of God. As well it should. God forbids witchcraft. Because witchcraft says “my will be done.” And God’s Word says, “Thy will be done — on earth as it is in heaven.”

Christians and Muslims pray to God for guidance and deliverance. They defer to Divine Judgment whereas witches try to play God. Which brings us back to Eden. Satan said to Eve that he would make her like God, promising omnipotence in exchange for her rebellion. Well he lied.

  1. #1 by Arabia-Felix on 11/16/2009 - 9:34

    Dear Romanov,

    An ispiring and revealing piece you wrote.

    As a muslim,i congratulate you for trying to RETRIEVE your
    church and religion.

    Good luck.

    There exists no JUDAISM, Judaism is DEAD long ago.

    Sorcery and Satanic work,and the obsession of fulfilling
    prophesies has replaced the original Judaism.

    Fulfilling prophesies of ANYONE no matter who, had replaced
    Judaism. The more SATANIC the prophesy,the better.

    But i can share with you ONE good PROMISE dear Romanov,from
    Untill the END of this earth, there will be walking on it
    those who believe in CHRIST pbuh. Whether they will be big in number or small doesn’t matter.

    Whether those believers be Christians or Muslims or BOTH, that
    is the PROMISE.

  2. #2 by Doug on 11/16/2009 - 9:34

    AJ Romanov,

    This struck a chord within my soul that is even now vibrating to the highest parts of Heaven. Therefore; I know it to be true.

  3. #3 by Arabia-Felix on 11/16/2009 - 9:34

    The public must be educated the role of THEOSOPHISTS, aka SATINISTS in establishing the united nations.

    Their involvment in every and each department of it.

  4. #4 by Long Beach California on 11/17/2009 - 9:34

    Some quick thoughts from a Sufi. Classical Taoism is simply a philosophy of the natural order that man cannot improve upon. Nothing heretical in its classical form. Classical Buddhism likewise was a philosophy of liberation from desires and the suffering they cause. Reincarnation was an internal truth that took place in this life – are you the same person you were 15 years ago? Your past lives are both your genetic inheritance and your astrological archetypes. Again, not defending this, but laying it out as classically intended. Hinduism was the pantheistic revelation of the Human prophet Krishna whose words would form the earliest Upanishads. Classical Hinduism does not say you are God, but we are a part of God. Each classical faith was warped over time by evil. So have the western faiths. Sunni Muslims and most Christians should ask if a similar classical vs modern paradigm exists within their own faiths. I love all ummas, but we need to extend Tawhid to them on their own terms and within the context of the continuity of their own individual cultures – the assimilation/elimination of which is zionism’s chief goal. Fighting zionism is the goal, the rest of humanity can be enlightened later – for as a child weened of its mother’s breast, so too are many kafirs with regard to their shirk. Such a heterodox approach may disappoint the orthodox, but I support whatever works and Ar Rahman i Raheem will do injustice to none. Salaam wa Haq one and all.

  5. #5 by 2live4truth on 11/17/2009 - 9:34

    You are so right about the smoke of Satan having entered the church. It will take the us, the remnant to retrieve it back from the devil. Our Ladies Immaculate Heart will triumph in the end-Praise be to our Blessed Lord.

  6. #6 by Kneel before Zog on 11/17/2009 - 9:34

    Mr Romanov, the reason you slander Hinduism and Buddhism as “satanism” is the same theological reason the Jews condemned and crucified the Christ in Jerusalem, and the muslims crucified Al Hallaj in Bagdad.

    Christ’s and Hallaj’s mystical self-identification with the deity was considered utter heresy respectively by Jews and Muslims, and for that reason they were crucified.
    In the tightly-nit family of Abrahmic religions, it seems, only a rather materialistic view of God can be accepted as valid.

    Following your low-flying theological logic, I am confident you would be a fervent accuser and executioner of Christ dared he endeavour a second coming today.

    Finally, your need to misrepresent and slander traditions as old as Buddhism and Hinduism to validade your attack on Judaism betrays your poor grasp of the big concepts you recklessly bandy about. Although I agree with the writers views on Vatican II, the text as a whole is inane.

    Ad Mark Glenn, I read your deconstruciton of the jewish Hasbarat on your other post and was enthused. The quality of this Romanov post has dampened my enthusiasm though as it is clearly beneath your literary dignity.

    –note from me, MG–Whie I may not agree with what the writer here attritbutes to hinuism and buddhism as being ‘satanic’ religions, at the same time I feel it is important people be given the opportunity to voice their thoughts, provided of course it leads to a producive discussion, which has clearly taken place here.

  7. #7 by rehmat1 on 11/17/2009 - 9:34

    Jewish hatred toward Christianity is part of their religion (Talmud) – while Jewish hatred toward Muslims is mostly political – for the survival of Zionist entity in once a Muslim-majority Palestine.

    Historically, European Jews took refuge in Muslim lands to escape persecution by the Church for their anti-Christ ideology and disloyalty to lands they lived in.

    American-Indian-Israeli Axis

  8. #8 by Arabia-Felix on 11/17/2009 - 9:34


    You guys NEVER get it do you??.


    No more TRICKS you can pull to lead people ASTRAY,
    and to promote SATANIC doctoines.

    And by the way Al-hallaj et al were YAZIDS to begin with.

    YAZIDIES of IRAQ believe in SATANISM, from perverting what
    angels HARUT AND MARUT taught to the people og Babylon.

    Christians call them FALLEN ANGELS.

    From perverting that science Harut and Marut taught,with their
    warning not to pervert it IGNORED , arised SATANISM,SORCERY and
    the MAGIC that replaced the original Judaism.

    That is what is called KABBALAH today, a perverted teaching of
    the science those angels taught to the people of Babylon.

    There exists NO ORIGINAL Judaism anymore.

    ONLY SORCERY and superstition.

    That is the point of view of Islam.

    Yes, Jews were PROTECTED under Islamic rule,like everyone else.

    They will be again if they QUIT God hating doctrines,WARS and
    destruction of all that is good,particularly and MAINLY,this
    HATE you have for Jesus Christ pbuh.

  9. #9 by Arabia-Felix on 11/17/2009 - 9:34

    And as Mr.Romanov points out, you did not get enough of following
    the Babylonian sorcery and superstition.

    You incorporated it with much of Eastern PAGANISM.

    There ARISED the School of thought of TEOSOPHY that is wrecking
    the world havok, to the extent that they are promoting CULLING
    the world population through United Nation’s programs,disguised as “humane innitiatives” .

  10. #10 by Arabia-Felix on 11/17/2009 - 9:34

    And when i say “quit this hate you have for Jesus pbuh”,
    i am talking to DEAF,DUMB and BLIND; ain’t i ??.

  11. #11 by Long Beach California on 11/17/2009 - 9:34

    Felix, what are you talking about? I love Isa (pbuh)! What satanic doctrines? I just said what the pre-corrupted versions of those faiths were about, I even said I wasn’t defending their claims. Don’t assume. Also, if you really do want to speak on satanic doctrines, I think you’ll find that the “converted” Babylonian jews of the Abbasid era added plenty of them to the sunna.Your confrontational style of angry Dawa will and has driven many from the deen – for this those like you will be held accountable to Allah. Suras 107 and 109 tell us who a true believer in God(of any faith) is and how Dawa is to be done. Please consider these words of Allah before replying with the words of your fiq and sheiks.

  12. #12 by Baba on 11/17/2009 - 9:34

    The twisted view of Esau and Jacob, from a Jew perspective….


    for complete text….

    “….However, Rebekah, the mother of these two brothers and, importantly, reared as the sister of Laban, (as emphasized in the second verse of the parashah), knew that such a partnership was impossible. She understood that Jacob needed both blessings–to combine spiritual strength with mastery over the physical world–in order to be the father of the Jewish nation.

    Accordingly, she orchestrated the “theft” of the physical blessing in a context wherein Jacob would be introduced to his destiny–to be a person with kol Yaakov (the voice of Jacob) but also with yedei Eisav (the hands of Esau).

    She thus wanted Jacob to undergo an apprenticeship with her brother, Laban, the master trickster, so that he would know how to combine these traits. He achieved mastery over the physical world, the Keli Yakar (17th century commentator), points out (Genesis: 31:1) when he surpasses Laban’s ability to beguile his adversaries.

    After this “education,” the fully developed Jacob is commanded by God to return to Canaan, whereupon he wrestles with Esau’s angel and is given a new name: Yisrael. This new name demonstrates his completed evolution, a name by which we, his descendants, are called: Benei Yisrael (the Children of Israel).

    Jacob with the yedei Esau…..”

  13. #13 by Arabia-Felix on 11/17/2009 - 9:34

    I said TIME IS UP for you to DECIEVE and lead people Astray.

    But you NEVER learn when to stop, do you??

  14. #14 by Frustrated Christian on 11/18/2009 - 9:34

    RE: “The Jews have been true-to-form since Moses brought them out of Egypt.”

    Have to take issue with this comment.

    Not a single Jew was in Egypt, not a single Jew left Egypt. (Moses wasn’t a Jew either, even thos the Joo-deos mistranslated it into the Living Bible). It was over a 1,000 more years down the road before the first Jew popped into the pages of history when they came back from Babylon with their Talmudic oral traditions that is Judaism. The Levite, Moses, practiced Hebrewism, as did Jesus Christ. (Keep reading I’ll prove it.)

    That is how the Jews told Jesus they were Abraham’s descendants (Edomites) yet hadn’t been in bondage.

    They answered him, “We are Abraham’s descendants and have never been slaves of anyone. (parlez-vous they weren’t in Egypt? F.C.) How can you say that we shall be set free?” –John 8 (NIV)

    “The return from Babylon, and the adoption of the Babylonian Talmud, marks the end of Hebrewism, and the beginning of Judaism.” –Rabbi Stephen S. Wise, Chief Rabbi of the United States


    RE: “Judaism is Satanism”

    You nailed that right on the head. WHAP!!!!!

    Capital J” “Joo little “d’ deo-Christian” is actually “Talmudic-Christian” which is another hyphenated word for Satanic-Christian.” No thanks…I’ll stick with “Christian.”

    Oi vey, da Joos are imposters! Jesus said so; Rev.2:9 and 3:9. He isn’t G_d – he’s God, the Almighty, the Alpha and Omega, the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords. Stay away from those Joos or He’ll be mad at you. You don’t want Him mad at you…you want him mad at those Joos.

  15. #15 by Long Beach California on 11/18/2009 - 9:34

    Felix, I’m not whoever on this blog you think I am. I’m new here and not looking for fitna. Your walk in the deen every bit as valid as mine or any others. I don’t disagree with the Sunnis, I just put the Quran first and have a very real fear that many Sunnis are in danger of being exposed to talmudic concepts in some of the weaker ahadith. I apologize for my tone, but when you say I’m a satanic jew for being a sufi, I take that personally. I am glad that there are other sufis out there resisting zionism – and if you research your histoty you will see that many of Islam’s greatest jurist – like Al Gjazali, and mant of Islam’s greatest generals – like Saladin. I will not argue with you in the future – but I will ALWAYS take offense at such remarks!!

  16. #16 by Truth Seeker on 11/18/2009 - 9:34

    Long Beach Calif.,

    Be very proud of yourself. I wish more moslems practiced their faith in the same light as yours. Your way is the universal way of seeking Truth, and thru that journey comes to you the source of all Truth: God. Such belief is unshakable. Bless you.

    P.S. You are correct about perverted Hadith written by crypto-jews, and some Sunnis unfortunately take those above the Book (Quran).

  17. #17 by Arabia-Felix on 11/19/2009 - 9:34

    Long Beach California and his/her cheer leader,

    You are not talking to some modern,westernized,superficial person.

    You aare talking to a person from an ancient land.

    When you want to play games with me, upgrade it to HIGH STANDARD.

    I,see, you already know that i am a “sunni”.

    How lovely and thoughtful person you are, i don’t think i shared
    such information with you.

    And you are a Muslim huh?? Equating Jesus pbuh with that Satanic Al-halaj?

    Do you know the punishment you get from such blasphemy in
    any muslim country?

    No you don’t. You are jew and smart, didn’t need to find out
    before you did that STUPID mistake.

    You thought i wil fall for your Allah,Deen and D’awa.

    I tell you what, you jews can TAKE ALL the wealth of the Muslim
    world, you can HIRE all the armies of CHRISTIANDOM and unleash
    them on us with their nukes and such; both of you already did…

    BUT NEVER WILL YOU BE ABLE TO TAKE OVER OUR RELIGION ISLAM, as you did with christianity,sadly.


  18. #18 by Arabia-Felix on 11/19/2009 - 9:34

    You,kneel before Zog and the new cheerleader are the same
    person or three who agred to play tricks on us.

    Let me tell you something you will not like.

    The BOOK of Islam is called QUR’AN,translation.-RECITABLE.

    A 10 year old memorises it by heart, there is nothing a jew
    can write that ADDS or SUBTRACTS anything from it, like you
    did with other holy books before.

  19. #19 by Arabia-Felix on 11/19/2009 - 9:34

    BTW, recitable ONLY in Arabic.

    Did you “smart jew boy” know that??

    Did you know that copies of “translated” Qur’an that you have
    is not considered Qur’an?

    I bet the camel ranch you didn’t.

    RECITE ONLY IN ARABIC,then and ONLY then it is Qur’an.

  20. #20 by Arabia-Felix on 11/19/2009 - 9:34


    So now he is distancing one of his doubles,and i should
    dicuss with him about a jew called khalifa and his numbers;
    mind you folks,that is because our Long beach said “saw”,
    translated PBUH in Arabic and Shirk,wich is idol worship.

    fabolous, you convinced me my “muslim” brother.

  21. #21 by Long Beach California on 11/19/2009 - 9:34

    I’m not trying to convince you of anything, I’m trying to defend my beliefs against lies. You also forgot to mention that it was the SUFI grandmaster and Sunni jurist Junaid who handed Al Hallaj his death sentence. Why is it that you forgot to mention that? Is it because your dishonest and want to slander Sufis who have been among the most honorable of shahids? Is it because you think only you are willing to defend the Shariah? What is wrong with promoting the love and self-purification that leads us to those actions the shariah rewards and leads us away from that which it punishes? Do you like to see people in Islamic nations sin and commit shirk just so that you can watch them receive the Shariah’s strict justice? Why would you do that? You also never looked up my IP address. Go on, do it, or ask Mark to. I have NOTHING to hide!

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