J*ffrey R*th–Secret Shin Bet Agent Strikes Again

Just a short intrusion here folks.

First off, I have received the following ‘threat’ from our friend who decided he couldn’t stand the heat anymore–


I suggest you re-edit your posts and remove my last name from them. The rules of WordPress prevent you from posting personal information about the participants. I will check back in about an hour to see that my personal information has been removed. If it is not, I will forward the copied posts where you have included my last name and I will ask WordPress to deal with it. For now, it is in your hands. Lets see how smart you are.”

Therefore, in accomodating the cowardly weasel, I humbly ask everyone to forget this person’s name who henceforth shall be referred to as as follows–

“J*ffrey R*th.”

Ok, now on to business–

Since I have gotten so many emails from people who have thoroughly enjoyed the little tete a’ tete between me and J*ffrey “I was a Jew but now I’m a Christian and think the Muslims and Arabs are curry-smelling Sand monkeys” R*th I wanted to let you know that J*ffrey, the supposed “former Shin Bet agent” has struck again, and quite embarrassingly, might I add.

Now, those of you who know me know I am not the type to pat myself on the back. However, that being said, what I can say is that I have developed a keen nose when it comes to ferreting out creatures such as these, and, once again, my “nose knows”.

Last evening we at theuglytruth.wordpress.com started getting comments sent to the blog from someone claiming to be “Colleen” who was a “high school history teacher” and a “Catholic from Scotland”. “Colleen” immediately ran to J*ffrey’s defense, including his assertion about the Muslims and Arabs being sand monkeys. “She” then went into attack mode over the whole ’Khazar’ discussion we were having, saying it was total bunk and used Bernard Lewis as a citation for “her” theories.


“Colleen” then went into attack mode saying that no one had the kinds of college degrees ‘she’ had and therefore was not qualified to discuss the matter.

Now, I began to smell a rat here and suspected that this was actually R*th pretending to be her. Again, I have honed my sense of smell to the point where I can smell these creatures no matter how much perfume they put on and no matter how much they doll themselves up.

Well, as it turns out folks, I was right. “Colleen” is actually the transvestite J*ffrey R*th. You see, R*th, being the supremacist-minded Jew that he is thinks we are all too stupid to figure out his magic tricks he learned as a supposed former “Shin Bet” operative.

J*ffrey, J*ffrey, haven’t you heard that old statement about ‘pride precedeth the fall?’

You see, J*ff, there are these things known as “IP addresses” that are logged on to ALL sites–including mine–irrespective of your pathetic attempt to play the secret Shin Bet agent. Your IP address and that of your transvestite alter-ego “Colleen” are the same.


So J*ffrey, that ‘superior’ Jewish intellect has failed you, yet again. Will you NEVER give up?

But then, why do I bother asking such a question, since after all “a leopard does not change its spots”.

Ooops, there I go AGAIN, misquoting the bible and taking it out of context!

Mercy, mercy!

Mark Glenn

–UPDATE–“Colleen” has called back and says she “works’ in J*ff’s legal office as a “legal nurse consultant” or something like that, along with all the typical insults about how all of us are stupid and she and her ‘team’ are so smart.

Well, wait a minute now here “Colleen”, didn’t you say you were a High School History teacher? How can you be in two places at the same time?

Man, this just keeps getting better and better.

  1. #1 by Greta Berlin on 11/18/2009 - 9:34

    I love it when you catch the bastards out in such bald-faced lies

    –Folks, please make sure to check out Greta’s important work at http://www.freegaza.org. She was on one of the boats bringing much needed humanitarian supplies to Gaza recently and is one of the bravest people I know. Also, please consider donating a few dollars to the Free Gaza project in the interests of alleviating the suffering of these poor people being oppressed by the Zionist AntiChrist Jews.

  2. #2 by Baba on 11/18/2009 - 9:34

    Made my day to hear about the transvestite being caught

  3. #3 by Baba on 11/18/2009 - 9:34

    IP locator
    Hostname Country Code Country Name Region Region Name City Postal Code Latitude Longitude ISP Organization Metro Code Area Code US United States PA Pennsylvania Pittsburgh 15221 40.4345 -79.8661 Comcast Cable Comcast Cable 508 412

  4. #4 by Ron on 11/18/2009 - 9:34

    Greta is absolutely correct. I may never meet you Greta but
    want you to know that as one of the USS Liberty survivors we
    love you and the people who are still standing in Gaza. We were
    there over forty years ago when we were meant to go to the bottom when they thought we had caught them red handed. LBJ
    even said he didn’t care if we went down. One thing he forgot,
    God didn’t want it, and so it didn’t happen. If some of the IDF pilots happen to read this I wish them well in their effort to find peace with the Liberty survivors. We know you are looking back now and wondering how the Liberty stayed afloat. It was God
    my friends it was God who kept the Liberty afloat. I am sure
    the pilots are not wanting to take this known fact out of this world with them without making peace with their maker. If I were them I would do the same. I have seen several people who didn’t want to take what they know to the grave without making peace with their maker, and I find it intersting how they strive in every way to do just that. Many know that they don’t want to take this to a higher court, and there is one you know. THINK
    ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. #5 by Mahmoud El-Yousseph on 11/18/2009 - 9:34

    Mark: You are brilliant! First you hit that bastard and foreign agent between they eyes. Then he came back under a false name trying to deceive everyone, by creating the impression that others agree with his filthy, racist attitude. Then you managed to smoke him. He reminds me of our Ruth, when is cornered, she is either silent or resorts to their typical “by way of deception”.

    RIP Jeffery!
    Ruth: Give it up–Jeff is a dead meat. You can not help him or bring him back to life. No, you can not perform miracles. You are NO JESUS [pbuh]. It is time for you to surrender. Can’t you see, it is hopeless for you. A brain is precious thing to waste. I hate to see you the bitch of every one on this site. Even you lesbian stalker will not come to your aid.

    –note from me–“Brilliant”? Naaah…
    Devilishly good-looking? Well, my mother seems to think so, so who knows? Maybe.

  6. #6 by Joe Cortina on 11/18/2009 - 9:34

    Well – lets see now. Mr. Rothsteinfishfinklefart has not only exposed himself as a Christ hating filthy Jew but a racist hate monger. NOW he adds to his list of sins by slandering Catholics.

    So once again – you jew prick – thanks from the bottom of my heart for showing the world what educated people have know for three thousand years – that ALL of your filthy jew scum are liars deceivers frauds egomaniacs and essentially ALL thoroughgoing bastards.

    So – what are we Americans waiting for? Lets give this arrogant chosenite a one way ticket to his beloved STOLEN home for jew demons in IsraHELL where you can torture defenseless children and rape innocent little girls to your blackhearted content – since it makes you cowardly pigs feel BIG and POWERFUL. I’ll chip in for his plane fare.

    BTW – being raised as a Catholic Christian – I take offense at your attempt to slander my fellow believers. If there are any REAL Catholics left out there – you might want to send this arrogant bed-wetting lying fruad your sentiments for his attempt to mock our faith.

    Good grief man – how many times do you have to ‘soil yourself’ in public and further degrade your filthy race of demonic pigs before you ‘get it’. YOU JEWS ARE NOT WELCOME HERE – or ANYWHERE ON THE PLANET – AMONG DECENT HUMAN BEINGS. It’s not just your shit phony hate cult of death and Satan worship you call a ‘religion’ that is universally offensive – it IS your RANCID CRIMINAL EVERYDAY CONDUCT – stupid!


  7. #7 by Sam on 11/18/2009 - 9:34

    It looks like Jeffrey has a split personality, a sort of Jekyll and Hyde of the Zionist variety, i.e. both evil!

  8. #8 by Long Beach California on 11/18/2009 - 9:34

    Awesome! Total ownage!
    But to be fair, when your whole culture and community defines intelligence as malicious deceit, how can they honestly consider themselves to be anything less than the earth’s most brilliant?

  9. #9 by RickB on 11/18/2009 - 9:34

    Debating jewish supremacists in broad day light is great sport. They always make asses of themselves… or show themselves to be asses.

  10. #10 by skulz fontaine on 11/18/2009 - 9:34

    Transvestite Jew? WTF? So would that be like ‘anti-transvestite’ or what? You know, cause of all that “anti-semite” crap. Transvestitism and anti-transvestitism and semitism and aunty-semitism and dang, one can get confused in a real quick blink. “Malicious deceitism?” Anti-deceitism? Sorry, I wax on the verbose side of annoying.
    So would this Roth guy be a Rothite or aunty-Rothite? Sort of seems like a needle-dick for sure. And his ‘Colleen’ persona. Aunty-Colleenite?

  11. #11 by paulsheldonfoote on 11/18/2009 - 9:34

    Crypto-Jews Duping Christians to Hate Muslims
    Paul Sheldon Foote

    November 18, 2009

    “I was a Jew but now I’m a Christian and think the Muslims and Arabs are curry-smelling Sand monkeys”


    Mark Glenn, at “The Ugly Truth” and at “Crescent & Cross”, has been doing an excellent job exposing techniques used to dupe Christians into hating Muslims.


    Regardless of whether those who post such hateful comments are Crypto-Jews, Christian Zionists, Zionists, neo-conservatives (neo-Trotskyites), communists, or are from other dishonest groups, the use of this technique has been very successful. Unfortunately, there are large numbers of persons who call themselves Christians, Muslims, Republicans, Conservatives, or members of other groups who are capable of being duped.

    Useful Idiots

    A supporter of Lenin has noted that even the neo-conservatives (neo-Trotskyites) are using the term useful idiots to describe the technique of communists duping Western useful idiots who call themselves liberals or progressives.

    There is a very long history of the successful use of the Crypto-Jew technique. Jews have pretended to convert from Judaism to Christianity and to Islam. There is even an association of Crypto-Jews.

    Jewish Hatred of Christians

    Currently, Crypto-Jews, Jews, Christian Zionists, Zionists, neo-conservatives (neo-Trotskyites), and others are attempting to convince Christians to hate Muslims. How many Christian soldiers have died in Iraq and in Afghanistan to advance the sick, totalitarian dreams of the admirers of Trotsky?
    Patrick Buchanan’s “Whose War?” should be required reading before any Christian enlists in the American military.

    Michael Hoffman’s 1,102-page book, Judaism Discovered, should be studied by all Christians.


    Some examples of Jewish sacred teachings of hatred for Christians have been posted at:



    Crypto-Jews Murdering Christians and Muslims to Steal Palestine

    The history of Turkey provides an excellent case study of the success of Crypto-Jews. The Ottoman Empire accumulated large debts before it collapsed. For a history of who financed the debts and of the Young Turks who pretended to become Muslims (including going on the Haj!), read How Jews snatched Palestine?
    Then, read about the Armenian genocide in the free book online:
    By Christopher Jon Bjerknes
    Enlarged Second Edition
    Complete 575 page book is available
    by clicking here for the free PDF file (3.8 MB)

  12. #12 by Curt Maynard on 11/18/2009 - 9:34

    Any chance it’s just another manifestation of the BEAJ?

  13. #13 by Susie on 11/18/2009 - 9:34

    Too funny. What J*ffrey lacks in imagination, he makes up for with stupidity.

  14. #14 by Arabia-Felix on 11/18/2009 - 9:34

    Mark, Since you teach them many lessons, i think it is time
    for you to teach them DECENCY.

    If he/she requested to remove the name,i suggest you should do it. Show him/her how to respect each other, even though he/she
    was a CHEAT, and caught red handed big time.

    Second reason is, the IP might belong to totaly different person
    who is innocent of the whole affair, it is possible that it is not his/her IP.

    Regarding the issue of Khazars and Semites.

    I asked if the jews know what it means to be a Semite in another
    thread. After reading colleen’s response of how ASHKANIZIS
    have similar “semitic” features and that they can be identified from a crowd,tells me even more that she doesn’t know Semitic features.

    Ashkanizis inded have distinct features, they look mix of unmixable creatures (no offense intended,just observation),
    an ashkanizi man’s voice gives away his identity, no matter what
    language he speaks, some Separdic are the same; kind of donkey voice (again,no offense intended) :-).

    The features of a Semite is something you displayed you know
    NOTHING about. I can tell you a little about it, you are going to need to pay for details..

    It is all in the FOREHEAD, in between eyes and the CHEEK BONES.

    The Original Solomonic jews of my homeland are Semites.

    They have been taken to Israel in early years of stealing Palistine, they were EUGENICISED, LIQUIDITED, and their original
    Torah school of thought DESTROYED.

    OFRA HAZA, the famous Yeminite singer talked about it, many Yemenite jews talk abut it informally.

    They did not meet the Idea Ashkaniziz had about how a semite should look like. They were dark brow. Many of their kids were
    given away for adoption, they were stolen from their parents,
    rest interbred with others.

    I can give you a look Jeff/colleen and tell you if you have
    a Semitic root;not by looking at you colour at all.

    I tell you my freind, many of the Ashkaniziz do not have
    Semitic features as you assumed, they have weird features,but not semitic.

  15. #15 by Frustrated Christian on 11/18/2009 - 9:34

    Even tho’ the Mossad’s motto is “By way of deception…,” it doesn’t mean the real people of God won’t be able to see through it. Not with a few of our special eyes and ears on the ground.

    One of our more bold apostles, St. Mark (above), won’t let these Jewish deceivers pickpocket our minds. Joo, Shoo. Pfff.

    My money’s on St. Mark, typing with one arm tied behind his back.

    The angels protecting him are writing all the Mossad, Shin Bet and Talmudic sins down – and they are many. When they separate them thar tares from we wheat (the real rapture) I just have to see the look on J*ffrey R*th’s face. Wonder if he’ll get plucked before his loyal backup Colleen? –Or are they one and the same?

    The plot/thought thickens. Don’t you just love a good mystery?

    Geez, wha da yah kno, Ruth is a guy? I guess I have to withdraw my comment about her being a nice gal deep down inside. Whoa, is it sexist if you treat a guy, that acting like a girl, like a girl? These sexual identities are getting so complex how does a self admitted normal person keep up?

    Help! Mark! How much wood, could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

  16. #16 by Arabia-Felix on 11/18/2009 - 9:34

    Regarding CURRY and MASALA,no, they are not Arab Spices.

    Though i am certain once you take over INDIA, as you
    are getting ready for it no; you Jews will claim it
    to be YOUR OWN.

    Once their commercial value discovered by you, you
    will be writing books about it of their “jewishness”,
    and professors are ever ready to LIE about it.

  17. #17 by Arabia-Felix on 11/18/2009 - 9:34

    Some white christian Europeans are of semitic roots.

    In italy,spain,france and switzerlan you can find some.

    Dark people who are of the same root are Highlander Ethiopian
    christians of the FIRST church in christianity.

    My Muslim homeland of brown people is a home to semites,
    as are many Arab nations,though lots of mixtures happened in
    rest of Arab lands .

    My point is, geneology is different than what you ASHKANAZIZ
    assume it to be.

    Pashtuns of Afghanistan are of the same geneology of Germans.

    Colour is the last thing that plays a role in geneology.

  18. #18 by kqy597 on 11/18/2009 - 9:34

    Israel Cyber-soldiers make sure
    criticism of Israel not allowed.

    Israel is only for the jew.
    All others need not apply.
    This is an excerpt taken
    directly from
    “The Declaration of the
    Establishment of the State
    of Israel, May 14, 1948.”

    ERETZ-ISRAEL (Palestine)
    …Hereby declare the
    establishment of
    JEWISH STATE to be known as
    the State of Israel…


    Freedom of Speech not allowed.
    “One must be at least a jew to
    tell the goyim how they may or
    may not talk about Israel”
    –Bret Stephens, editor of
    the Jerusalem Post.
    excerpt from Page 174,
    “The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy”
    John J. Mearsheimer and Sterphen M,
    Walt, authors. Published by Farrar,
    Straus and Giroux, New York, New York, USA.


  19. #19 by kenken on 11/19/2009 - 9:34

    Q- Do you know why the Jews and Jeff Rottenth hate the Muslims and the Arabs?

    Islam was first to expose the Jews as the killers of Prophets, and prophasied the mastery of Chistendom over Satanic Judaism: 61:14 O ye who believe! Be ye helpers of God. As said Jesus the son of Mary to the Disciples, “Who will be my helpers to (the work of) God.” Said the disciples, “We are God’s helpers!” then a portion of the Children of Israel believed, and a portion disbelieved. But We gave power to those who believed, against their enemies,(the Jews) and they became the ones that PREVAILED.

    The Christiens and the Muslims are hundreds of thousands of millions, while you can count the jews on one foot’s toes.

    A2: Jews bite the hand that feeds them; the Arab Muslims took the Jews and gave them safe sanctuary, when the Europeans expelled them form Europe in the 18th and 19th centuries, and when the Nazis burned them in the 20th century, they stole a Muslim land, and massacred its people on daily bases, and till now.

    A3: The Jews know that they can fool the whole world, but not the Mslims and the Arabs who have a Quran that says:
    Because of the wrongdoing of the Jews We forbade them good things which were made lawful unto them, and because of their much hindering from God’s way, And of their taking usury when they were forbidden it, and of their devouring people’s wealth by false pretences, We have prepared for those of them who disbelieve a painful doom.
    3:112 “Shame is pitched over them (Like a tent) wherever they are found”.
    Can’t J. Rottenth and his fellow Jews ask themselves; Why they are the only race throgh out hitory that have been shamed and hated?

  20. #20 by Jenifer on 11/19/2009 - 9:34


    I have forgotten all about J-ffrey R-th, thank G-d.

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