J*ffrey R*th, former Shin Bet Agent Departs From The Ugly Truth

I have just gotten word that our former Shin Bet agent, J*ffrey R*th has decided to depart from further discussion on this blog. However, before leaving he made sure to let us all know what a rotten deal we were getting by his absence, as well as getting in one last dig on the Arabs/Muslims, the true Semites of the world–

“Good luck in your hopeless endeavor. Your blog only had the life it enjoyed because of me. There was never anything of any interest to begin with. Have fun delusional one. And may the children of Allah be your friend. hahaha”

And so, ladies and gents, let us now bow our heads in true sorrow that the divine presence calling himself J*ffrey R*th, proud atheist Jew pretending to be a Christian and former Shin Bet operative has decided to move on to greener pastures.

Hopefully it has been a valuable lesson to everyone as to how these people think and how to spar with them as they engage in their “logic” that, for lack of better phraseology can be accurately called “Jew-Jitsu”.


  1. #1 by Long Beach California on 11/19/2009 - 9:34

    Hamdulilah! Good riddance to rat face rubbish! Too bad he didn’t stick around (like sh** on a shoe)and get a dose of his own Jew-do!

  2. #2 by Greg Bacon on 11/19/2009 - 9:34

    Your blog only had the life it enjoyed because of me.

    OMG!!! He’s/She’s gone? I tremble at the thought. How can we possibly continue to live, denied his royal presence?

    It will probably return with a different IP number and name or sic one of the Jewish Internet Defense Forces gang on this blog.

    If your blog isn’t getting threats and the “Sons of Israel” aren’t calling you names and accusing you of incest and bestially, then you aren’t exposing enough truths about a certain SLC.

  3. #3 by unes latib on 11/19/2009 - 9:34

    Israel, thy name is Double Standards, or maybe Multiple Standards! I’m certain it has its basis in an assumption of racial/cultural superiority. Ironic, isn’t it, that Jews complain about being victims of the Nazi doctrine of Aryan superiority, and yet mould their state on a doctrine of Jewish racial superiority? Full cycle ..

    As to the Shin Bet agent .. good riddance.

  4. #4 by Arabia-Felix on 11/19/2009 - 9:34

    Children of AllAH say to the synagogue of SATAN:

    If you depart from all the corners of the world,-
    where you pit peoples against each other and loot them endlessly, if you disappear and let your sorcerer Rabbies –
    -hocus pocus and fly you to another planet; the Mark Gllens of this world would be going FISHING.

    Mr.Gllen himself would be educating people about something else instead of running a website to EXPOSING your limitless crimes against humanity.

    He would have instead be running a website about cultures,languages,sciences,innovations,Arts etc.

    Do you not see, you child of SATAN R’th,that you hindered all
    that from the good people of the earth to discuss about with each other

    WILL YOU ALL DEPART from the real world please,and find your kind
    in other planets. Is it not one of your own who talks about
    XENU or whatever in that Satanic church of yours Scientology??

    Seek help from him to help you all reach the planets he
    talks about.

    I am sure you will all get a discount from him, you will be charged LESS than the “gentiles”, as the Talmud orders.

    But then again i am not so sure if the Jewish story will

    we the people of the earth might find ALIENS descending
    upon us, killing us wholesale,all because you LIED to them
    about the people of the earth, you concocted FALSE FLAGS for
    them and showed them how a DANGER we are to them,and how they
    should eradicate earthy peoples.

    HOLES IN YOUR HEARTS, you will only rest after you meet GOD,
    you restless criminals.

  5. #5 by Long Beach California on 11/19/2009 - 9:34

    @ Greg Bacon: What’s an SLC? Like SPLC? How many acronyms do the jews have for things?

  6. #6 by kqy597 on 11/20/2009 - 9:34

    I hope and pray that JR has become a sex slave in Israel.

    “In the majority of the brothels in Tel Aviv,” says Meir Cohen, Head of Investigations for the Israeli National Police, “there is no question that most of the women there are trafficked.”


  7. #7 by kqy597 on 11/20/2009 - 9:34

  8. #8 by anonymous on 11/21/2009 - 9:34

    @ Long Beach California
    (November 19, 2009 at 11:25 pm)

    SLC = Shitty Litle Country.

    History and conventional wisdom attribute the term to the French Ambassador to London during a dinner party at the home of Conrad Black. The FAtL was seated next to Black’s wife (a columnist on one of Black’s papers) and she blew the whistle on him in her column the next day.
    The version of the story I recall says that after the storm created by Mrs Black’s column had broken the FAtL refused to apologise and his refusal gave the term instant street cred. It also resulted in his banishment from Britain. Upon his return to Paris the French Prez declined to compel him undiplomatic diplomat to apologise, further enhancing the term’s crediblity.

    Btw, this story tends to verify the undeniable truth’s revealed in the current UK Channel 4 documentary exposing the power of the UK chapter/branch/coven/ratsnest of the Pro-Israel Lobby. It is one of the earliest examples of the Lobby’s insidious ability to impose its will on matters with a political flavour. Haven’t seen it yet but I’m interested to see if Channel 4 raised the SLC issue.

  9. #9 by anonymous on 11/21/2009 - 9:34

    French Ambassador to London Conrad Black
    will reveal a cornucopia of articles from which to assemble one’s own preferred version of events.

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