The Ugly Truth Podcast Jan 2, 2010

At last! The talented and witty Mantiq from the website has surfaced at last on the airwaves. He is joined by me and Mark Dankof of as we discuss the past year’s more important events and what the next year looks like.

  1. #1 by RickB on 01/03/2010 - 9:34

    Fabulous show! Great to hear people with souls speaking from microphones versus the soulless ones we’ve become so accustomed to in our jewish MSM.

    I wonder if you could spell out in text for this podcast those israili recruiting programs [names and sites] that Mantiq mentioned.

    I predict that in 2010 Mark Glenn’s new media horse will pass up (in demand) the old (and tired) media horse that was taken away from him recently. I also predict that the name Mantiq will become a familiar name to many Americans…and that will really scare the zionist demons.

  2. #2 by Jalid on 01/04/2010 - 9:34

    I love mantiq. He makes absolute sense.

  3. #3 by Arabia-Felix on 01/05/2010 - 9:34

    I agree with Mantiq’s suggestions on finding an independent Society. Though he did not say that literally, i assume that
    is what he meant when he spoke of establishing your own business and citizen buy out of prominent media.

    I do not know how much Mantiq knows about how the Business world
    goes round, but i am sure he know something about Media.

    So, let us start with Media.

    Mantiq Al-Tayr suggested that good citizens should buy out loud
    Bull Horns such as Alex Johns’s.

    I think Mantiq is assuming that Alex bull horn is so loud due to
    what Alex does??. NOT SO.

    Alex bull horn is loud because of the “higher powers” behind it,
    not because of his vulger, disappointing , condescending,ignorent, “i did a research on that” cries.

    Alex has “friends in high places” that if you cross his line
    and the lines put by his friends they can come after you and ruin your livelihood in places like ICELAND.

    “let us create ONE GLOBAL SINGLE party” guy, remember Mr.Monchton
    of nights of Malta , yeah, that Globalist will unleash his Global
    goons on you.

    Alex numbers are jacked up, they are not real.

    If you Mr.Mantiq and guys like mr.Glenn recieve such numbers
    in the real world, it will covered up.

    Google et al will take care of it.

    Yes, Radio is powerful, more powrful than the NET, that gave Alex exposure, whether the listener likes it or not.

    Alex Johns’ TONE is meant to make you feel helpless.

    He is there to teach the masses that they are facing such
    a massive power that they can do nothing but to surrender.

    He tells hi listeners that the New World Order is ALREADY HERE.

    He mocks the people, puts them down, all the while crying-

    ” You love being sprayed poison by Chem trails”,

    “You love drinking Fouridited water”,

    “It is true what the elite says about you, you are a cattle and sheep”. “Hill billies, you know i am one too”.

    He is programming the masses that NWO is here and they are defeated, long ago ,and might as well accept it.

    BRIAN GERRISH ‘may he be blessed in this world and rewarded in hereafter) is the ONLY person who POLITELY and British Gentlemanly STOPPED ALEX JOHNS and reminded him—

    ” No Alex, they have not won yet, and there is much the people can do now to stop them; if they won already as you say, you and i wouldn’t be able to speak today”.

    Brian tried to show him how the public should be made aware of what the plot is and how to resist it Peacefully.

    That Show with Brian, of which i believe Alex was forced to
    bring Brian by listeners was the Shortest Show Alex ever held and had THE MOST “advert” INTERRUPTION.

    BRIAN GERRISH is thez best you have out there, that is geniunely
    and tirelessly educating people.

    Whether he is of a jewish extract or not iam not sure.

    Of whichever extract the man is, he is worthy praises.

    I hope Mark Glenn brings him over for an interview.

    Reagrding taking over businesses, follow next posting.

  4. #4 by Arabia-Felix on 01/05/2010 - 9:34

    Americans used to be self made people.

    Corporation came relatively medium sized,introduced something
    called Careers that all college graduates strife for,and there
    the spirit of American inginuity was lost.
    Corporations grew in size and wealth, all the trade laws favouring them, ever expanding and merging, supremely financed,
    they became the few sherrifs in town.

    No more reasonable, productive,worthwhile small businesses.

    Next in line were the Europeans, they fell into the trap as well, though one can argue that at least Europeans did not see the need to assign a corporation such Satanic STARBUCKS to boil their morning coffees for a hefty price.

    Corporation not only ruined most of medium and small sized businesses, they set the rule for whatever is lef of the first two.

    I give you an example of how they trik Medium ans small businesses with legal rules.

    Say you have a small business in the field of FOD and FLAVOUR
    industry. You obviously will need to trade with the rest of the world, to buy INGREDIENTS, right, so to produce your goods.

    VITAL ingredients for your indsutry of which without it products
    can never be produced.

    Say you need an ingredient found in the country of CAMEROON.

    They make you go to an organization under the U.N auspicies,
    there you obtain a license called CITES to make sure thet you
    the small business guy is not ruining the “environment”.

    You as an small business man, of course, will never obtain such a license, it is only offered to the big, massive corporations that “protect” the environment.

    If you think of this, you will know the plot ahead, to deny
    people equal access to natural raw materials.

    This plaot, by passed copenhagen agreemen, way before, it will do
    exactly what the Copenhagen agreement could not achieve.

    The rule has been there for some time and it is a success aleady,
    more to come and it is all done in a convincing way.

    Onlt Jewish owned corporations will have the privilage.

    Check the travesty called Coffee free trade.

    See how few Jewish corporations are enslaving both the coffee farmers in Ethiopia, Uganda,Kenya and Ruwanda,_ together with
    the coffee consumers in the devoloped world who pay excessive price for a cup of non-coffee.

    I say it is a non-coffee because they never give you pure coffee , do they? It is mostly chemical stuff that you drink.

    Yes, there is a window of opprtunity to compete with such thugs,
    but it requires public awareness first.

  5. #5 by Arabia-Felix on 01/05/2010 - 9:34

    You can start with yourself first.

    Do not shop at massive corporate stores.

    I personally do not remember how they look like, in earnest,
    i always shop at small, personal owned shops, even if i pay couple dollars more for my grocery.

    Besides, the whole concept of MALLS make me sick to my stomach.

    And it is going Global, everywhere there are malls popping up.

    After the U.S malls and such , DUBAI is the city i can’t stand
    the most. Faceless, charecterless jungle of malls.

    And idiot Obama thinks that Romantic,architectural marvel Yemen needs to be destroyed, so another Dubai can be raised theere!!!.

  6. #6 by Arabia-Felix on 01/05/2010 - 9:34

    I came on this site to post about Mr Muttalib the terrorist,
    the plot against Yemen and Somalia, the disappeared Somali
    needle and chem terorirst supposedly caught on a flight,and
    within 12 hours acquited by a “court”.

    I wanted to exchange views about the proposed by DHS,
    BHAVIOURIAL DETECTING MACHINES to be equipped at arrports.

    It seems no one is talking about that Behaviourial detecting machine. It sounded to me like the creation of–

    Well, one can find in U.S the only society that accepted and took it seriously another machine called the LIE DETECTOR machine
    previously. Why not one step forward, let you have the Department od precrime, because you are scared of little Abdul muttalib.

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