The Ugly Truth Podcast Jan 4, 2010

Russia–friend or foe of the New World Order? Come find out in a fascinating discussion with Dr. M Raphael Johnson

  1. #1 by Jim on 01/04/2010 - 9:34

    Rose colored lenses…..While I cant say I object to what was said I do think more challenging questions should have been asked given the flowery picture presented of Russia as a crusader against the NWO. I suspect the truth is somewhere between those who say Russia is a NWO stooge and those like Dr Johnson (Mark?) who portray its as some NWO bulkwark. if Russia were given equal seating at NWO as israel, US I dont doubt Russia would join in NWO but they are being assigned a 2nd tier position. I think Russia pursues its own interests but isnt willing to go as far as Mr. Johnson likes to think

    a) Russia allowed their client state Iraq to be rolled over without giving it any help
    b) they cant finish the Bushwer reactor after years of made up technical delays
    c) they are unwilling to deliver the S300 missles Iran needs
    d) they have voted for some sanctions on Iran
    e) their almost negative birthrate insures they have no future; lets not forget abortion is still legal in Russia
    f) Cultural war: unlike Hitlers germany, culturally they allow jew programming/music unimpeded, Ive met a lot of young Russians and they have the same crap in their heads as US youth. Their youth is as materialistic as US youth, please prove me wrong perhaps mine are anectodal but then show me proof thats not also anecdotal

    with Iran the proof will be this: if Iran is attacked and Russia does nothing and delivers no sophisticated weapons what Russia is should be clear: an opportunistic country willing to let Iran be another Iraq. Im sure if this happens however there will be some “strategic” explanation after the fact to excuse Russia (actually they would benefit from higher oil prices and maybe their end game).

    Furthermore Russia is NOT some economic powerhouse, you cant compare it to Hitlers revival or even to what happened in S korea, Putin still has an export dependent economy and when prices were soaring so was Russia now its in the crapper its infrastructure is 3rd world , China has had the good sense to develop its infrastructure to a degree Russia hasnt. I dont see the georgia thing as such a significant victory either, if russia couldnt beat that banana kibbutz called georgia with 15 times the population….

  2. #2 by Arabia-Felix on 01/05/2010 - 9:34

    He didn’t say it out loud, nonetheless, that is what i gathered
    from his talk. He was crawling in our subconscious to make us
    believe that Mr.PUTIN’s Russia is against NWO.

    Where is username JILL when you need him?!!.

    Dear Speaker, Russia is a super power to be reckoned with.

    If Russia decided that it’s against NWO in dawn, the NWO crooks
    will take note by Mid-day, they will scrambling to find a way out. This mind games that you are playing is outdated, organized Jewry had a long run with it, and shall you know that NOTHING lasts forever.

    Ben Gorion “predicted”, or was he speaking of script when he told
    that Russia will be “a mild democracy”, so to speak,-and US will
    become a Socialist, planned economy.

    PUTIN is a Jew, a member of the brotherhood of Goldstein.

    He is neither a saviour of Russia nor is he doing what he is doing for the embetterment of humanity.

  3. #3 by jack on 01/05/2010 - 9:34

    I don’t think Russia is on some pointless crusade to fight the NWO although since the collapse of the USSR the main focus has been to eliminate Russia as a bulwark of Russian domination of Central Asian oil and gas reserves Europe will be dependent on in the future hence the war in Afghanistan in 79 due to its strategic location and why the major push in Afghanistan today and the reason for wars in Afghanistan, Bosnia and Chechnya and insurgency in Russia’s other Southern republics. To create a Caspian oil and gas transit route from Russian held Dagestan which they want to annex through Kosovo into Europe and also the Bosnian connection as a transit and haven/base for militants in Europe to Russian and Central Asia to achieve this via Islamic proxy.
    It is all laid out in Brzezinski’s The Grand Chessboard.

    He made an error when he said Russia recognises Hamas. True they were invited to Moscow after there election but the Russian government officials never actually meet with them until they recognised that Israel as a state had a right to exist and took the tour guide when visiting Russia. Russian officials did however recognise and have contact with the moderate Palestinian government.

    And why should Russia support Hamas they are at the forefront of support and sponsoring ethnically linked Islamic militants in Bosnia and Chechnya and most of the prominent Jihadists other than the Saudis and Turks are Jordanian Palestinian groups like Abu Hafs and Zarqawi who lead foreign fighter from Hafs organisation into Iraq.


    Just ignore all the counter arguments like the colour revolutions, support of terrorism and organised crime in Russia and in Central Asia, China, NATO expansion, missile “shield”, financing groups and NGO’s trying to overthrow, at least half a dozen NATO exercises targeted towards Russia since Obama became president

    a) What would be the point of that? Russia still has Iraq oil development contracts.

    b) Due to foreign pressure and IAEA monitoring and Iranian actions.

    c) Heard it was a deal if Israel stopped

    d) If they don’t comply with IAEA regulations then why should they not. It is Iran’s fault not Russia

    e) Russian birth rates are on the rise.

    f) They have the same TV programmes/films as the rest of the world so what?

    Why would Russia intervene on Iran’s behalf that would insure war against Russia and its demise as a state?

    It is developing its infastructure projects with China in Siberia and and other projects.

    Georgia was a proxy war with billions of dollars in US weapons sales and arms shipped from various countries as well as private US military contractors like MPRI who are involved in Operation Storm in the Balkans and Israeli advisors which were intended to get Russia bogged down in Georgia in Guerrilla warfare and destabilise the whole Caucasus region.

  4. #4 by Arabia-Felix on 01/05/2010 - 9:34

    F.William egendahl recently wrote about the reasons behind Yemen invasion by Obama. Yemen behind Alqaeda scenarios is the tilte
    of his article.

    he cited all the reasons, including the massive undeclared Oil deposit and the BABEL AL MANDAB route.

    Plot of the isrealis to take over Babel Mandeb and “privatise” it
    started long ago with the Isreali run “Somali pirates”.

    Yemen is indeed a poor nation but never a land that knew Hunger.

    It is the nation that invented Dams, highly engineered Dams from ancient times. It is a nation that feeds itself,75% of the population are small to medium farmers.

    NWO is against self relience and independence of peoples,
    their sight is on Yemen now, to destroy it together with it’s
    farming tradition.

    War is on the region that has the most family owned Vineyards.

    Mr F.William says it is the region that sits on the most oil wealth. Yemenis don’t care for oil as much as they care for their farms, they know the folks will never walk out of their farms, so they have to be driven.

    Yemen is the nation that introduced to the world many products,
    coffee is the most famous that you know.

    the Coffee MOCHA carries the name of the port that first exported it to the world, a Yemeni town of Makha.

    the corrupt and poor to begin with government doesn’t build infrustructure, but the people are SELF-RELIENT, and that is a no no in the book of NWO.

    Family owned farms have to give way for the corporate to come.

    Family built traditional houses that are archituctural marvel have to be replaced by DUBAI look alike high rises.

    Yemeni father/son built traditional houses are environmentally
    friendly,- Cool in summer, warm in winter.

    Material used are local, always giving consideration to the surrounding environment without dictation from PHONY self serving so called environmentalists.

    Cultures should disappear and as Barak Obama conveys the world they want to come should be OUT OF MANY ONE.

    Every Jew promoting the destruction of Yemen by their ilitia the American army and merceneries world wide is talking about the danger of the growth of Yemeni population.

    They show their displeasure of Yemeni mothers having 6 children
    out in the open.

    I do not remember when was the last time those gave a Yemeni mother and her children a lunch.

    I do however remember when those Jews visit Yemen, they need not
    to rent hotel rooms, they can into the village and room and board provided by the mother,father and their six children FREE,
    and the Yemenis are happy to recieve them.

    That is a norm in so called tourism in Yemen, it is like recieving guests for the locals.

    Here is a jewess singing for yemen, on the other hand they want to nuke her anyway.

    They NWO folks say the Yemenis are armed, TRUE, the individual
    male Yemeni is always armed, but never an agressor.

    Yemen has THE LOWEST CRIME RATE in the Arab world.

    Mind you, the Arab world includes SAUDI ARABIA, a land that does
    CRIME per year the number California does in fortnight.

    Yemen has lower rate than that, yet, bearing arms by Yemenis bothers the NWO crowd.

    Here is the country NWO wants to be over with.

  5. #5 by Arabia-Felix on 01/05/2010 - 9:34

    I remember my late Granfather speaking of how his generation went to the Yemeni Islands when the bird migration arrives to the islands from the North of the world to collect the massive bird droppings and take them up to the mountains of the hinterland to fertelize it with the terreces for agriculture produce.

    All those productive terreces are man made, Cloud harvesting as well was a tradition of the locals.

    One thing F.Williams engdahl missed to mention is the rush for
    excavations in Yemen historical sites by organized Jewry.

    They couldn’t find the Temple of Solomon under Al-aqsa Mosque, now they suspect it is in Yemen.

    They are looking for ASMEDIUS, the chief Devil of the Devils the
    Solomon controlled.

    While war is waged against the people, archeological mission is there doing their work under protection.

  6. #6 by Arabia-Felix on 01/06/2010 - 9:34

    If you enjoy nature and mountains, DIVING in particular, this is the place to visit, of course, before the Americans mini nuke it.

    This below is the Island the Yemeni Island of Socotra, still speaks Hamiria, the mother of the Arabic laguage.

    Known as the Galabagos of the Indian Ocean, wild animals and birds will not run away from you. They still think humans are safe to be with. It will be different soon after they meet the American Tomahawks.

    Local legend has it that Socotra is where Adan and Even descended upon first, from Heaven.

    It has the rarest plants on earth, soon to be vanishing as planned by the brotherhood of hate .

  7. #7 by The Prodigal Son on 01/07/2010 - 9:34

    A Blessed New Year to you & your’s Mark, and Merry CHRISTmas to all of the Old Calendar Orthodox Christians out there ! (Today is Dec 25 on the Julian calendar.)

    FINALLY ! A truthful, factual, balanced report on Russia and the fact that she is NOT a part of the ‘Jewish’ banking NWO ! SO MANY in the West are stuck on the notion that Russia is our enemy… But WHO has told us that Russia is our enemy ?

    Russia is no longer the ‘Jewish’ run bolshevik communist Marxist counrtry she once was… but how many average Western citizens even know THAT much ?

    The ‘Jewish’ bolshevik run USSR murdered upwards of 50 MILLION Christians before they were done… and Russia knows about ALL of this better than we do !

    Mark Glenn said in his podcast,

    “I’ve run into a few people out there who CONSIDER THEMSELVES experts on the issue, and they’re saying, ‘Oh, well Russia don’t you know that they’re – that this is all a big act; that they’re conspiring w/ the Rockefellers & the Bilderbergers – & it’s all a big act and actually they’re going to be the ones to hand us over into slavery.’

    I’ve run into a lot of theories like that ladies & gentlemen, and so I just kind of nod my head and say, ‘O.K.’…

    But when I look at the news and I see the things that are going on right now – it sure doesn’t appear that Russia is anything except what she appears to be right now, which is: a nation ON THE RISE.

    Meaning: she understands the terribly dangerous situation that she & the rest of the world is placed in right now as a result of this horrible marriage between Israel & the United States.

    And Russia has – at least appeared to make it clear: she is NOT going to go the way of Iraq & Afghanistan & these other countries that have lost their sovereignty to this global super-state that Israel & the United States would like to see created.”

    Exactly ! Some would say, ‘The Proof is In the Pudding’, but that saying is likely based on this one:

    “Therefore by their fruits you will know them.”
    – Matthew 7:20

    Russia today is a predominately (80%) Orthodox Christian nation… we’re talking REAL Christians here (like Br. Nathanael Kapner from, not the feel-good, humanistic, false ‘Christianity’ of Europe & the West !

    So if we look at the world – keeping Matt 7:20 in mind…

    America also claims to be a predominately Christian country @ 76%. (This is down from 86% in 1990, and only 62% of those actually ever ATTEND a church. In the U.S. the Orthodox Christian population is only 3.6%.)

    America on the world stage is lying, stealing, and murdering MILLIONS of people who NEVER DID ANYTHING TO THEM ! (- Do you know that in Afghanistan – as far as I can tell – they are NOT EVEN COUNTING the dead ?) So called ‘enemy combatants’ being held prisoner (but DENIED ‘Prisoner of War’ legal status) – many of whom were NOT EVEN CAMBATANTS to begin with (women, children) are held without time-limit; without trial, raped & tortured with UNBELIEVABLE brutality. (Having been trained by Israel.)

    Now look at Russia – especially since the collapse of the communist ‘Jewish’ run Soviet Union…. What are THEY doing – worldwide ?

    They are operating calmly, diplomatically – forming friendships & HELPING nations (rather than destroying them) – clearly PROTECTING Iran by virtually putting their arm around Iran and wagging their finger Westward, saying, “Ah ah ah ah ! Not so fast ! Iran is our friend… You guys don’t want to mess around w/ our friends, now do you?”

    Russia (and to some extent China) are CLEARLY the only reason that Iran has not already been attacked. Perhaps more to the point: Russian weaponry is FAR superior !

    American missiles ARE defensible… but Russian ‘Sunburn’ missiles are largely INDEFENSIBLE… and it only takes ONE (1) Sunburn to make an entire U.S. aircraft carrier DISAPPEAR !

    12 Sunburn missiles… 12 aircraft carriers – GONE instantly.

    What happens to our nations depends on US ! Will we continue to be Israel’s slaves; ‘Jewry’s’ attack dogs ?

    Russia still clearly remembers the ‘Jewish’ financed & led bolshevik, Marxist communist revolution ALL TOO WELL ! THEY understand the issue of Talmudic ‘Jewry’ better than we do !(Protocols of Zion.) They remember the gulags !

    They’re hoping that WE wake up – they’re HELPING us to wake up to the ‘Jewish’ collar around our necks, and are actually the ones who can help us the most now, in order to ‘shake them off’.

    But we have to make an effort to communicate w/ them (many speak English)… we must not buy into the scare-tactics & fear-mongering which seeks to turn what should be our fellow Christians into our enemies – when they could be our best friends in all of this ! America, Canada & Russia UNITED TOGETHER UNDER JESUS CHRIST would be unstoppable, and Israel would then have no choice but to STOP KILLING INNOCENT PEOPLE !

  8. #8 by Jim on 01/07/2010 - 9:34

    more wishful fantasizing If Russia remembers “the ‘Jewish’ financed & led bolshevik, Marxist communist revolution ALL TOO WELL” why dont they go after those muredrous jews and put them on trial and execute them? In fact they do the opposite when a country like Estonia or Poland wants to commemorate these atrocities the putin or medved russian govt go ballistic accusing them of revisionism and nazism. Lets see some specific actions like a a few jew murders swinging from a lightpole

    that said while true that Russia is 20X better than our jew run government by no means are they our saviors (or their own saviors) look at their materialistic youth ajka jew TV programming-they have some of the worst abortion, alcoholism and heroin rates in the world all signs of of a decadent culture

  9. #9 by Arabia-Felix on 01/08/2010 - 9:34

    Prodigal son is giving us the good news,only if we could bank on it. Indeed Russia of today is different than that Gulag Russia of the Bolsheviks, but far from the picture our friend Prodigalson paints of her.

    “the faithful is never decieved from the same source twice” Prophet Mohamad (pbuh).

    The power of the organized jewry is conducted by stealth,jews are
    not known to be brave folks,or intelligent,neither are they productive.

    All the power and control they wield is built on deception,and conducted by stealth.

    Indeed a faithful person is never decieved twice from the same source,-that is because the faithful has principals to abide by and his/her questions are based on those principals.

    I am not interested as to how Today’s Putin/Medvedev Russia plays
    politics, i am interested as to what the Super Power that is Rusia stands for.

    Of course she will support Iran or whatever, indeed that is part of the GREAT CHESSBOARD game as Mr.Brizezniski calls it.

    That is how the Jews rule the world, playing one against the other,both players are on the same side against THE MIDDLE i.e
    the people.

    Putin came and did some reform, that part is correct.

    But how and why is the question you need to ask.

    How, when none of the looters of the great Russian wealth is
    dealt with the way username Jim described.

    And who controls today’s great russian wealth?? Good orthodox christians you might say!!.

    As to why the reform happened is the easiest question that you can answer. Average hard working, the natural born scientist and
    engineer Russian as most of them are were on the streets,naked,hngry,homeless.

    The people were so sick of those who have holes in their hearts,
    those who never get enough, the proverbial greedy jew.

    “Anti-semitism” went so bad in Russia that folks erected Swatikas
    with explosives in public areas.

    When they come to try and remove it ,the piece went off in their faces, of course the brotherhood took note and understood some
    superficial changes need be made.

    That a society is decadent , one needs to look at the Women-kind of that society. Look at what happened still happening to the Russian women. They are Pro*s*t*itutes in every nation, all the way to little monstrous Dubai.

    You wouldn’t see an American prostitute anywhere in the world, would you? Trust me Prodigalson when i tell you that i lived a life of a Nomad, i have been around. You wouldn’t find an American p*r*o*situte anywhere, at least not yet.

    Take forexample the U.S, Jews have a guy called RON PAUL for you ready, that is when you really get tired of the rest menacing.
    There will come your saviour.

    That is the core of the power of the jews, for the past 800 years. When balance tilts to one way, there is that bouncer of theirs,ever ready to throw the ball to their side.

    I agree, the average Russian person is a loving, compassionate person, intellegent and able.

    I do disagree with you that Putin is for the Russian people,
    and i leave “Brother Nathaniel” for you.

    Though i would like to ask him, what is the need you and other
    “convert” jews have to be in the forefront of the religions they supposedly adopt. Can’t they just sit in the back and pray for once.

  10. #10 by Arabia-Felix on 01/08/2010 - 9:34

    You don’t believe it as an article of faith, but i shall tell you anyway about the destiney of our cousins the jews.

    Firstly, i shall tell you what is mentioned in the Qur’an that
    turned out to be EXACTLY right.

    The Qur’an peaised the Christians, and told us Muslims that those who followed the massage of Christ are the most comapssionate of people. That said, the Qur’an spoke of how Christians ALWAYS will be subordinate of the Jews.

    You don’t have to believe that over 1400 years prediction, just look at the history, start with Knights templars which became
    the corner stone built upon the modern day jewry power.

    Even the closest of Christians, in blood and culture , the Maronites of Lebanon butchered Palestinians on behalf of the jews,-only to be dumped by their devilish masters later on.

    See today’s wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen,Somalia etc,etc,
    Christians are fulfiling the dreams of the jews,whilest they
    pee on the image of Christ.

    “Christianity is Judanized” KARL MARX.

    The second prediction of the Qura’an, regarding the destiney
    of the Jews goes like this (and i am conveying the massage for you, not direct translation)========

    It was written that jews to have world domination twice on earth.

    If you look at this, you will know that the first was the rule of
    Prophet (King) Solomon. That was a Divine, just rule.

    Second rule is the one we are living in, it started after the
    collapse of the Ottomon empire.

    When this one ends, IT ENDS.

    I will be suprised if it continues more than 4 decades to come.

  11. #11 by Arabia-Felix on 01/08/2010 - 9:34

    Correction.. It should read– The Qura’an PRAISED the Christians.

    Mind you, when the Qur’an spoke of the second jewish world domination, Jews were Beggers in the streets.

  12. #12 by jack on 01/08/2010 - 9:34

    “In fact they do the opposite when a country like Estonia or Poland wants to commemorate these atrocities the putin or medved russian govt go ballistic accusing them of revisionism and nazism.”

    Financed and supported by the US State Department.

    Why do you think that is?

    “that said while true that Russia is 20X better than our jew run government by no means are they our saviors (or their own saviors) look at their materialistic youth ajka jew TV programming-they have some of the worst abortion, alcoholism and heroin rates in the world all signs of of a decadent culture”

    Vodka is the national drink and heroin is due to drugs being smuggled into Russia from Afghanistan via Chechen/Central Asian networks.

    It is the Muslims that are advancing the cause of the NWO fighting there proxy wars.

  13. #13 by Arabia-Felix on 01/08/2010 - 9:34

    The correct pronounciation of the CHIEF DEVIL of Solomon is

    His Zodiac is AQUARIUS, the age the Kabbalists insist that we
    are in, between the months of january 30th and February 8th.

    they say Anwar al-awlaki is a terrorist, i don’t know whom did he
    personally terrorise, but he sure speaks of the Talmudists search
    of the Devil ASMODEUS.

    Anwar is a descedent of Yemenite TORAH Jews himself.

    Speaking of January-February, see the timing they chose for
    Yemen intervention.

  14. #14 by kenken on 01/08/2010 - 9:34

    Arabia Felix
    You said ‘ the Qur’an spoke of how Christians ALWAYS will be subordinate of the Jews.’

    but in fact the Quran tells that the Christians will be superior, forever, to the jews in more than one place;

    ” Behold! The Lord said: “O Jesus! I will take thee and raise thee to Myself and clear thee (of the falsehoods) of those who blaspheme; I will make those who follow thee SUPERIOR to those who reject you, to the Day of Resurrection: Then shall ye all return unto me, and I will judge between you of the matters wherein ye dispute.” (Quran 3:55)

    And again;
    ” ..As Jesus the son of Mary said to the Disciples,’Who will be my helpers to the work of Allah.’ The disciples said, ‘We will!’ Then a portion of the Children of Israel believed, and a portion disbelieved. But We gave POWER to those who believed, against their enemies, and they BECAME the ones that PREVAILED.” (Quran 61:14)
    5:78 Curses were pronounced on those among the Jews who rejected Faith, by the tongue of David and of Jesus the son of Mary: because they disobeyed and persisted in corruption.” (Quran 5:78)

  15. #15 by kenken on 01/08/2010 - 9:34

    Again Arabia Felix said the Jews will have world domination twice, but the correct word in the Quran is”corruption” not domination.

    17:4 And we made [this] known to the children of Israel through revelation: Twice, indeed, will you spread CORRUPTION on earth and will indeed become grossly overbearing! (Q 17:4)

    The Quran puts the prophatic stories in a jigsaw puzzle form, for the frequent reader to assemble and see the whole picture. Few monthes ago I rephrased the prophacy in the Quran about these two corruptions of the Jews on the Ugly Truth;

    The Lord said:
    And We gave clear warning to the Children of Israel in the Book, that twice will you do mischief on the earth and be elated with mighty arrogance, and twice will you be punished. When the first of the warnings came to pass, We sent against you Our servants given to terrible warfare: they entered the very inmost parts of your homes; and it was a warning completely fulfilled.[in 70 A.D.] And We said thereafter to the Children of Israel “Dwell securely in the earth, but when the second of the warnings came to pass, We gathered you [from around the earth; Russia, Europe, USA…] together in a mingled crowd in the Promised Land.
    So when the second of the warnings came to pass We shall permit your enemies to disfigure your faces, and to enter your Temple as they had entered it before and to visit with destruction all that fell into thier power. It may be that your Lord may yet show Mercy unto you; but if ye revert to your sins, We shall revert to Our punishments: and We have made Hell a prison for those who reject the truth.

    As a matter of fact, they converted more than 70 million American Christians to Zionist-Christian. But they will never be able to do that to their real eternal enemy; the 1.5 billion Muslims; the second fulfiller of the second warning.

    So, relax..

  16. #16 by jgalindes on 01/08/2010 - 9:34


    With all respect you all deserve, especially Prodigal Son and Arabia Felix,

    While we Roman Catholics all around the world may eventually acknowledge and understand Catholic Orthodoxy historical/theological/dogmatic reasons for not reconciling with us, not overlooking the apparent apathy or lack of good faith of the RCC leadership on changing its devious ways(getting more and more under control of the evil Jews and their Freemason fraternities),still we RC, are Christians and millions are good ones!

    Despite some of You, Orthodox Catholics, consider all us devils because we do not confess your highly accurate and ultra-precise theology and traditions!

    Not counting some really fringe Orthodox Super White Supremacist of sad remembrance, that openly consider the Gospel and it redeeming message an exclusive gift of God to the rosy cheek ,Caucasians, lost Ten Tribes that supposedly become Anglo-Saxon Europeans!

    So an inflexible positioning is, in my humble POV, doing the bidding of Machiavellic Jewry(juderia).Keep them separated, they are far weaker, they say.

    But the subject is Russia.

    Several weeks ago I posted a link in realzionistnews to an apparent innocent video on Youtube, “starring” “catedrático” Alexander Kapitsa, one of the three sons of world famous scientist Ptior Kapitsa, Novel prize for Physics (with much delay,1958) conducting an interview with a rather interesting and ‘mysterious’ guy whose name is ALEXANDER DUGIN.

    It happens that they were discussing religion in the context of the globalized times and this Dugin said a couple of things that caught my attention.

    Investigating through this wonderful tool that is , God save it as it is now, Internet, I came to discover that this guy is an extremely well connected Geopolitical Scientist, with an ultra-right nationalist POV.

    He is a Traditionalist and envisages a counter-block to the West and , as he (correctly)thinks, it decadent ways.

    The block should be, first and principally ,TIRANIC, with Russia, the mother ARCTOGAIA at the head of an Eurasian Empire.

    In principle his technical analysis is sound , but he takes a suspect ‘occult’ penchant which I suspect has many points of linkage with kabbalistic/gnostic systems…

    Problem is this gentleman has good friends among the Orthodox, Putin’s Government and academia and apparently some shadowy funding (several political parties, websites, associations, etc).

    I believe that Russians are working diplomatically and cunningly, avoiding any direct confrontation with the West, because they can’t overtly defy the enormous “golenic” monster without risking retaliations.

    I do not think there are working for the betterment of humanity either. Their strategic analysis point to a near future of high risk at the hands of the West, that’s to say organized Jewry and it vassal, USA).

    Unfortunately, a large confrontation in the region, triggered by the blood lusty Jew can lay the proper environment for a great Russian geo-politic movement.

    See, it seems absolutely impossible to elaborate an ideology that count with a brotherhood of mankind.


    Aleksandr Dugin’s Foundations of Geopolitics,a reviw by John B. Dunlop

    PARDES,An etude in Cabbala, By Israel Shamir
    (Spanish, I couldn’t find the English version anymore..)

  17. #17 by Jalid on 01/08/2010 - 9:34

    i dont care if the Koran praises the Christians or the Jews or not. What those two need to do is get the hell out of the middle east and Afghanistan.
    we dont need to “build bridges” with pirates.

  18. #18 by The Prodigal Son on 01/09/2010 - 9:34


    Did you even visit ?

    Maybe you should…

    — — —


    Hello sir. A happy New Year to you !

    It isn’t that Orthodox don’t wish to reconcile with Roman Catholics… R.C.s are received as converts into Orthodoxy all the time ! All are welcome in Christ’s Church ! Recently entire congregations of evangelicals have been received into Orthodoxy as well.

    What is however vitally important – is that we reconcile in truth and unite in that ‘faith once delivered’.
    There is only one truth jgalindes, I know you are a good man, and I know that you love and respect the truth… because to truly love Christ is to love truth – because Christ IS the Truth.

    Therefore, holding Jesus Christ: our Truth as Head of the Church in the world (NOT a man) – look OUTSIDE of what Rome has taught you… back to the original deposit of faith when East and West were yet ONE CHURCH! (I too was born into the R.C. church… If I can do it so can you.)

    Consider that – of the Churches of the original Pentarchy… Rome was only ONE out of those FIVE. Having no fear – especially of truth, and no allegiance but to Jesus Christ and to His ONE Church… examine the teachings of the NON-Roman Churches, and see what you think.

    God knows that millions of Roman Catholics are indeed good people, and it is certainly not our place to say individually or collectively who will be saved and who will not – this is only for God to judge, yes ?

    But Orthodoxy (and the Bible) teaches that Salvation is dependant on Baptism and the reception of the Holy Spirit. The power of the passage of the Holy Spirit is dependant on Apostolic Succession through an un-broken chain of TOUCH, through Chrismation by the laying-on of hands back to the 12 apostles themselves.

    (Each time a new batch of Holy Myron (Chrism) is made, it is mixed in w/ the remainder of the last batch – so there is still some of the original Chrism present in the mixture to this day.)

    But Apostolic Succession also depends on Apostolic Faith. Can it be shown that Roman Catholics – as a cohesive group have STRAYED from the Apostolic Faith ? The ‘filioque’ ALONE is a clear invention contrary to Scripture, and many others have followed.

    History shows that these inventions had a beginning which is NOT consonant with the beginning of the Church founded here on earth in 33 AD by Jesus Christ – so such teachings clearly are not apostolic in origin.

    Earnestly contending for the faith once delivered to the saints is an ongoing thing… A truth – once seen, cannot be UN-seen, nor ignored by anyone who loves Jesus more than the pope.

    PS – White supremacists (I.e. Fr. John) are not real Orthodox… I suspect their mission is to discredit Orthodoxy, and to turn people such as yourselves FROM the Orthodoxy. – “You shall know them by their fruits.”

    PPS – Orthodox do not consider R.C. laity to be ‘devils’… but LED by devils.

    With love,
    Your friend,


  19. #19 by jgalindes on 01/09/2010 - 9:34

    @ Prodigal Son

    Thanks a lot good friend,I wish the best for you and all our brothers here in the Ugly Truth during 2010!

    I understand all your points Sir.

    What we need is a coherent front to fight the evil jews,chances of success are getting close to zero for us.

    Important is that we love and believe our Christ Jesus and we do not in any way,in words or behavoir ,attept agains God’s order.

    The jew is against God,this we have to consider first.

    During the last 2000 years jews have been a reacting against christianity .

    Now things are pretty bad,because they triumphantly conquered the minds of humanity (white or otherwise,please),with a decadent,horrible way that just enhances perdition.

    See,the muslims are getting all the heat now,we must help them!.Not only pray,we must help materially them,even forcing our governments to receive those that want to emigrate.

    Galloway,for example is a prototype of a human being.We must do whatever is neccessary to help.To oppose satanic jews.


  20. #20 by Arabia-Felix on 01/10/2010 - 9:34


    Thank you for introducing to us Mr.Alexander Dugin.

    The links you gave were educational and informative.

    There is always a catch to what they do, right?!!.

    Even the mass “conversions”, i myself know “Catholics” Mass conversion to “Islam”,- Sufism, supposedly; only to find out that they were never Catholics to begin with, you know who they were, neither is “Naqashbandi” Islam.


    I meant to say that the Christians were always in aid of the Jews in massacring Muslims, i said it wrongly, thanks for the correction.

  21. #21 by Arabia-Felix on 01/10/2010 - 9:34


    Indeed it was a mischief, right after Solomon passed away, they adopted the Magic and sorcery of Babylon and attributed to Solomon.

    What i can not imagine is, how a living human being without Divine intervention is going to meet a Devil (Asmodeus) or Satan and force him to build a supposed Temple?!!.

    Those Kabbalist Rabbis acquired power and Money and fell to the ways of Satan, that part i understand.

    What i can not understand is,how they convince the Jewish masses
    that follow them!!.

    Are they Satanically mind controlled themselves??

    Could the Jewish masses be the ones that need be freed from the
    grib of those Kabbalists’ power house before anyone else??.

  22. #22 by Arabia-Felix on 01/11/2010 - 9:34

    Someone tell me please thay this is not Satanism,peak of -Kabbalism.

    “Pos-human” huh.

    I heard before how clonning is prevelent and practiced by Russian
    and Cuban scientist;someone said that Satanic science was one of the reason Cuba was kept secret. Secret as in denied access by those educated Americans who could discover what the hell was going in there.

    “Good christians”,- go ahead and avail your know-how selves to such people.

    What a sad bunch of sub-humans, the likes of Rabi Alexander Dugin.

    Kindly watch this, as he speaks of “post human”; and i was wondering as to how they can imagine finding and meeting with

    They are really MAaaaaaaaaad.

  23. #23 by Arabia-Felix on 01/11/2010 - 9:34

    Apologies for misspelling and grammer,i am infuriated as i write this. I meant to say CUBA was denied access so that educated
    Americans couldn’t discover what was going on under Jew Castro’s scientific satanism island republic.

    I hope Mr.prodigalson rethinks of this Putin saviour concept,
    concocted by Jewry world-wide.

  24. #24 by Arabia-Felix on 01/11/2010 - 9:34

    Just listen to the neurolinguistic Programming of his, the Kabbalistic double speak.

    While he is blaming the “west” on all evil, he is at the same time promoting “post-humanism” as if it is already an accepted
    practice. How Wonderful Mr Gudin.

    It is like Alex Jones,when he is pressured by his listeners to
    say something about good old lady Israel.

    He says something, very light, very FAST about Israel, he murmurs, proounciation of words are NOT STRESSED upon,as if he lost his ability to speak English, and OFF HE GOES,- to the so called GENTILES that are as evil.

    Who are those Gentiles??


    Now wait a minute. Wasn’t Dick the ninth Cousin of Mr. Baruch Obama?? Hey, it is not me saying it, it was CNN.

    The ninth Cousin!!.I believe that is cousinship through Baruch’s
    Jewish Mom, right,- because it can’t be that Dick has Black lineage!!.

    So,dear Alex, you are back to base ONE. It is the JEWS after all,no?!!.

  25. #25 by Arabia-Felix on 01/11/2010 - 9:34

    Firstly,this whole Dugin concept of Eurasia is from an old script, one that is meant to devide the world into two warring
    factions. Whenever i hear the term “Eurasia”,memory takes me to
    room 101 of Orwel’s 1984, when Winston reminds his torturer that
    they (the fascist west) do not control Eurasia.

    Empire within an Empire, the hidden hand, Jews are counting on
    Iran as a Proxy empire to deliver the Muslim world under that Eurasian empire. They are dreaming (will explain), but firstly,
    is Iran an Islamic republic as it is now??

    Who are the Iranian Mullahs btw, carrying those famous GIGANTIC
    Faces and massive foreheads that can only be burdened with Kohonim class of the Kabbalists?!!.

    An illiterate village boy once asked me a strange question.

    He wondered why is it that the Orientals’ (Japan,China,Koreas)
    leaders do not look like their people, All of them have some
    foreign features in them.

    That was a decade and half ago, at the time i could not imagine
    the whole concept of Crypto Jew. He was oblivius to the whole
    idea of Jewish control as well, he was not implying anything,just asking.

    When i went back and checked the faces of most of them, my villager friend was right, things are not adding up.

    MAO the massacre had that massive Kabbalist, Kohonim forehead that can be devided to four ethnic chinese to wear it,really.

    Most of Iranian Mullahs do not share looks with the people of Iran. Same Kabbalist,Kohonim massive foreheads and dead eyes.

    Something strange goes on in Iran , Unislamic thing,-
    Stem cell research and sex change with the blessings of the Mullahs,sorry,the Kabbalists.

    Going back as to how they are wrong on counting Iran to bring the
    Muslim world under that Eurasian empire, this is couple of reasons.

    Firstly, religiously it is impossible. Iran was forced to be a Shia sect relatively new, (Scholarly speaking, Iran was not
    Shia before).

    Shia’s when it is exagerated represent 10-12% of the Muslim population, the mother of which is Iran.

    Second reason Iran can not bring the Muslim world under that
    proposed Eursian empire is CULTURAL.

    The Arab culture is opposite of the Persian culture.

    A persian is a follower, he cherishes authority, respects it,
    obeys it willingly and proud of it.

    Persia historically was run by dynasties that were authoritarian.

    An Arab is opposit to that, you would be suprised but a real Arab
    is a free thinker, despises authority, has the need to be free from any domination from a given authority, RELIGIOUS or otherwise. Historically an Arab is a traveler,on his Camel he wants to be free out in the open.

    You will NEVER see Arabs beating their chest for a MULLAH as Persia did for Massive forehead Khomeini.

    Do you know what the core difference of Shia-Sunni is??

    Very little, nothing like Catholic vs Protestan vs Orthodox.

    Both Shia and Sunni read the same Qur’an, main difference is

    Persians believe in that rule of King philosopher of whatever that learned man say, the people must obey;just like in old Persia where emporers were obeyed.

    Sunnis do not believe that, they believe in people thinking for themselves. A learned man is just a learned man, not a half god

    BTW, all the Iranian Mullahs including Ahmadeinijad claim to be descendents of Prophet Mohamad (pbuh), LIERS.

    In the Arabian Penensula it is widely known that all who claim to
    be descendent of the Prophet (pbuh) are status seeking Jews.

    No known DIRECT descendents of the Prophet (PBUH) exist.

    My point is, Iran can not and will not deliver the Muslim world under that proposed Eurasia to Gudin,so the brotherhood can start another world war. NO WAY.

  26. #26 by jgalindes on 01/13/2010 - 9:34

    Arabia Felix,

    I’ve watched carefully the complex statements poured so fast by Mr.Dugin and I have got a quite different understanding of it.

    He correctly analyses modernity / post modernity in the West and its all encompasing effects on the world and especifically on Russia.

    He is absolutely against this obviously satanic modern byproducts,defending the roots of Russian traditionalism against an always advancing moral disintegration vis a vis with the West.

    He envision a certain destruction if Russians keep following the steps of the West.This is absolutely correct!.

    He recognises the satanic seed in all the past movements of Russian history,the mechanisism and relativisation of the human soul.

    He indeed recognises an ANTI-CHRIST being created,a Golemic force,by the West.

    What he does not say in this short video,is that he embraces in his theoretical Eurasian Empire project,the idea of INCORPORATING THE JEWS INTI IT!

    This is clear if you read ,”Pardes,an study of the kabbalah”,the reasons for doing that, are not clearly stated but have to do with the powerful influence the jew excerted in Russian history,not exactly it because of their wealth,:

    (Page 18,enlish version)

    “A somewhat similar position is taken by the communist historian Sergey Kara-Murza and
    the nationalist thinker Alexander Dugin. Neither is ready to give up on Jews; au contraire, they
    are united in their attempt to get Jews on the side of natives in the world confrontation. They
    remember the days of old when the Jews supported the Soviet Russia, when the Rosenberg
    couple was executed for their help to the Soviet Union; when every right-wing conspirologist
    from Winston Churchill to Douglas Reed viewed communism as a Jewish plot.
    Thus they also accept (without any attempt to clarify the reason) the concept of the
    Jewish importance to the world. However, this importance is not (or not only) due to the Jewish
    wealth: in Soviet Russia the Jews were not rich, but their influence was an important factor in the
    creation and in the collapse of the Soviet Union.”

    (page 32 EV)

    “Some traditionalists,
    notably Alexander Dugin, believe Yisrael is destroyed by modernity, too, and therefore Jews can
    be persuaded to give up their support for uprooting in their own interests. But fire also destroys
    the base of its existence by devouring wood. Still, it can’t be convinced to refrain from burning
    the forest down. The behaviour of Yisrael is equally unconditional, for there is no way one can
    reason with this higher persona. Like the Golem, it is doing things it was told to do in different
    circumstances, but is unable to stop.”

    So,my dear friend Arabia Felix,Dugin in realities is dangerous for whatever he does not say in this video.

    Look at his deep respect to the “occult”,his friendly talk to the Shabbataists,the satanist jews!.

    It happens,differently to whatever I particularly believe,Dugin fundamental ideas rests on a cultic tradionalism,where not only the cultural legacy of the past is important;its religion, literature,dance,tales,costumes,the deep roots with the land,we may call it theluric,down here in South America,etc,all those attributes or categoreis that conforms a PATRIOT,but he intermingles this extrange mystisism,this quasy agnostic/kabbalistic tendency that makes him so dammened suspect to me.

    If he pursues a Big Russian block with the Jews inside,well you can be assured where do rest his true colours.

  27. #27 by Arabia-Felix on 01/14/2010 - 9:34

    “Dugin in reality is dangerous for whatever he does NOT say in this Video” Jgalindes.

    How TRUE my dear friend Jgalindes.

    I am relieved to know that there are almost enough FAITHFUL in this world, for the “faithful can never be decieved twice from the same source” Prophet Mohamad.

    You said it right, and the person you described as Mystic/agnostic/Kabbalist,is the person i heard him speak.

    When he pretends to be attacking what he calls western “modernism and Post modernism”, i think he is attacking nothing but the industrialization of the west.

    It has nothing to do with the Satanic Science that is being devoloped in some western underground scientific institutions,
    cuba ,Russia and in his darling Iran.

    He is calling for Eurasia as an antithetical to what he calls
    Atalanticism, it is exactly what George Orwel knew that the Occult were up to achieving it in late twenieth century.

    They are bit behind and God willing never see it accomplished.

    Industrially destroyed, Orwelian states of the west,of which the good,obidient citizen is rewarded with razer blade for shaving-
    at war with Eurasia empire.

    Dugin is trying to give birth to that Eurasia of which Iran brings in the Islamic nations.

    I think together we see the man as he is, a KABBALIST/SATANIST.

    Perhaps you did not understand me well because i myself started
    talking like a Kabbalist due to my occult behaviour studying myself.:). It obviously affected my explanation of things,:).

    I just wanted to tell the man that Iran can not bring Islam for
    his Eurasia to come.


    I was shocked to learn what happens in Iran’s stem cell research labs. Firstly i thought what mostly Female scientists were disecting and harvesting genes and tissue from were rabbits.

    Only to find out that they were aborted human babies.

    Poor Iranian folks, a believer folk, they have been duped by

    Thanks for the new links Jagilandes, i will read them and perhaps come back to you to learn from you more.

  28. #28 by Arabia-Felix on 01/14/2010 - 9:34

    I want to hear what Prodigalson thinks of Putin as a client of

    It would also be interesting if our host Mark Glenn says something about it as well. If i didn’t misunderstand Mark
    spoke of Putin different than those who accuse him hidden agenda.

    Kindly , enrich the debate and tell us what you think.

    I suggest if you first give a look at the link given by Jgalindes
    of Gudin and the Sabbateans.

  29. #29 by Arabia-Felix on 01/14/2010 - 9:34


    Isael doesn’t threaten or attack nations in which they are not
    sure could win over any confrontation with.

    It is threatening Iran because they know Iran will be defeated
    in such confrontation not because of Israeli air power,but
    because of the HELP WITHIN IRAN for Israel.

    Israel by threatening Iran must know that she has friends in high
    places amongst the Ruling Mullahs of Iran.

    Same as they won in that 6 day war with Egypt,Jordan and Syria.

    Gamal abdel-Nasser was a crypto Jew,his wife a Bahai,another form of Kabbalism,-King Hussein, a super ZIONIST.

    They were sure the defeat of the Arabs will come from within.

    In 1973 War when Sadat was in charge, Israel had former Egyptian
    super president’s son-inlaw as a SPY who gave them the blue print of the war to israelis.

    Mossad killed him 2007 in London.

    Why are the TORAH JEWS silent of this Khazar Satanic onslaught
    to humanity and GOD??

    other religions will survive for the sheer numbers will save them, but Judaism (The real deal) will be the first to suffer from this Khazar deeds.

    I know they are small in number those Real Torah(Written Torah) jews,but their voice must be heard.

  30. #30 by jgalindes on 01/14/2010 - 9:34

    Dear Arabia Felix

    I think you are absolutely correct whence you claim to study more closely this fascinating Alexander Dugin.

    He is very charismatic,I believe he has “traction” among the Russians and,is considered the most influential political scientist of post-soviet Russia.

    The jewish question in his mind remains quite unclear to me.

    See,he started as a fascist(in the Internet) with his now defunct National-Bolsheviks Front website:

    But apparently has “softened” his POVs.

    Regarding the jews there is a very interesting article here:

    His reasoning is that exist two main jewish block and two anti-semitic blocks ,one for each other.

    The one that sustained soviet communism is an “oriental” leaning faction,with roots in the Russian traditons,with all the drive that was necessary to start revolution(I think this is the “good jewish block” in his mind)

    The other is merchantilistic,materialistic,Atlantisist Jew,the prominence of this one marked the definitive demise of USSR.

    Two sentences to remark:

    Page 11

    “It is important to stress a different aspect. Jewish orientalism is not an especially modern, exclusively soviet phenomenon. It is rooted in the depths of national history.” Probably behind it there is some terrible religious or racial secret.”

    Here ,this quite obscure sentence implies the jew is at the roots of the Russian history,ethnos?


    Page 12

    “But it is not necessary to despair. In the life of this people(the jews) there had been worse trials. It is important only to realize its choice, to interpret its place in history, to consistently find out its geopolitical and spiritual orientation. And from their side, obliged by their responsibility, and in the light of all this tragical historical experience, all consequent eurasists proclaim: there will always be a place for «jewish orientalism» in the ranks of the builders of Great Euroasian Empire, Last Empire.

    No comments here…It explains itself.

  31. #31 by jack on 01/15/2010 - 9:34

    The arrest of Lyudmila Alexeyeva (the women you were talking about Mark) on New Year’s Eve 2009 by Russian police works for the Moscow Helsinki Group which is supported by:

    -European Commission
    -Ford Foundation (USA)
    -MacArthur’s Foundation (USA)
    -MATRA (Netherlands)
    -National Endowment for Democracy (USA) (CIA)
    -Open Society Institute/Budapest (George Soros)
    -USAID (CIA)

  32. #32 by The Prodigal Son on 01/16/2010 - 9:34

    JGalindes, ArabiaFelix,

    My computer frapped out so I can’t view any video right now, but I’ll check out your links & get back to you.

    ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

    In the meantime, here are a couple of links for all of Russia’s detractors:

    “One of the casualties of the financial crisis which has gotten little notice in the US is Icleand, and it went down in a particularly ugly fashion. Gordon Brown, the UK’s fantastically unpopular Prime Minister, said that Icelandic banks had threatened to not honor obligations to British account holders, so he declared Iceland a terrorist country and seized the banks assets.

    This caused the banks to go under and the Icelandic economy to implode to the extent that if Russia hadn’t sent them billions of dollars, they would have literally starved, since they need to import food.

    Yes, they asked the US and their friends in the EU for money first, but apparently only Vladimir Putin cared enough about Iceland’s impending famine to do anything about it. It’s times like these when you find out who your friends are. I imagine the Icelanders are feeling a lot warmer towards Russia these days. Perhaps Putin would like a nice naval base there?”

    “Russia comes to the rescue as Norwegian gas supplies to Britain falter”

    ~~~ ~~~ ~~~

    ‘Therefore by their fruits you will know them.’

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