Another One Bites the Dust–Mark Glenn Banned From Republic Broadcasting Network

Well folks, as much as I hate bringing my business into your lives, nevertheless, here we go again…

I was notified today by none other than John Stadtmiller at Republic Broadcasting Network that I have been permanently banned from the network.

Those of you familiar with my work will recognize Stadtmiller as the individual who cancelled the radio program of 18 months hosted by me and USS Liberty survivor Phil Tourney entitled “The Liberty Hour“. Stadtmiller’s justification for cancelling one of the more-listened to programs on his network (by his own personal admission to me) was that the attack on the USS Liberty–an act of war resulting in the deaths of 34 Americans and almost resulted in WWIII–was “ancient history” and that “enough of it had been said” on RBN.

The present situation with me being banned from RBN culminated in the following manner–

Approximately 2 days ago, Phil Tourney was contacted by a 3rd party who said he was working “behind the scenes” to get Phil “back on RBN“. This individual took it upon himself to contact John Stadtmiller and to try and arrange a “rapproachement” between the two. According to this individual, Stadtmiller was immediately enthusiastic about the idea, as it would give Phil the opportunity to “apologize” on Stadtmiller’s show for comments Phil made about Stadtmiller in the aftermath of our show being cancelled the previous September.

For obvious reasons, Phil was not in the least bit interested in coming on Stadtmiller’s show to do anything, much less apologize for things he said (and which were deserved) concerning John Stadtmiller’s cancelling of the show.

Nevertheless, word got around to some of the other Liberty survivors that indeed Phil was going to apologize to Stadtmiller on the air. The other survivors, some of whom had been instrumental in helping put together and maintain the program when it was on RBN were not pleased with this development at all, as they felt betrayed by Stadtmiller’s cancelling of the program for no reason.

Seeing that this was building into yet ANOTHER controversy that in the end only succeeds in frustrating any productive work we are trying to accomplish and after being personally asked to do so by Phil Tourney, I personally contacted this individual who was trying to mediate between Stadtmiller and Phil Tourney and made it clear Phil would have nothing whatsoever to do with Stadtmiller, RBN or any “apology” Stadtmiller wanted on Phil’s behalf, explaining that in the aftermath of the way Phil and I were treated by Stadtmiller we wouldn’t come back on RBN under any circumstances.

{Some are no doubt puzzled at such a statement on my part, given the fact I co-host a 2-hour program Saturday afternoons with my good friend Hesham Tillawi as well as the fact that I often guest-host for another good friend, Mike Piper. The reasons for this are simple–I do not leave my friends in a lurch. If they need my help, I help them. That is the way I am. Nevertheless, every minute I have had to spend on RBN in the aftermath of the way Stadtmiller cancelled our show has been like bitter bile in my mouth. Indeed, in the aftermath of the Liberty Hour’s cancellation, when both of my friends talked seriously about quitting their shows, I encouraged them to stay on board, as I felt their work towards the cause of rescuing our country was invaluable and I would never in any way want to be art of them quitting their important work.}

In the email to this individual, I made clear my disdain for RBN, not only due to the fact that Stadtmiller threw us under the bus for reasons unknown (!) but as well for the fact that he carries programs hosted by individuals who are nothing but neo-con, pro-Israel, pro-Zionist mouthpieces who advocate continuing the present disastrous war–both in the Middle East and against our freedoms–that is destroying America.

This email made its way to Stadtmiller who then informed me I was never to appear on his network again.

To say his declaration was (is) a relief is an understatement. As I said, the only reason I have remained “attached”, if such a word can be used, to him and his “business” is because I do not say no to friends when they ask for my help.

What I believe to be at issue here is Phil Tourney’s new book. It is about to go to the printers within the week and we have shared its manuscript to a few persons and it is generating discussion.

Towards the end of the book, there is a chapter dedicated to discussing how John Stadtmiller dealt with us in cancelling our program.

Stadtmiller, notoriously paranoid, has doubtless got word about his being in the book and is panicked over its contents. Obviously then, having Phil Tourney on his show, where Phil “apologizes” for what he said about Stadtmiller in the aftermath of the Liberty Hour’s cancellation would go a long way towards Phil putting his foot in his mouth viz a viz the section of the new book dealing with Stadtmiller‘s treachery and betrayal.

When it became known that no such “apology” was to take place, the next step was obvious, which was preventing me, co-author of the book, access to RBN’s listeners who–eventually having read the book and the section dealing with Stadtmiller–would obviously have some interesting and uncomfortable things to say about it.

As I said, I am relieved to be free of John Stadtmiller and anything involving him. He is the kind of guy you don’t want to be in the same room with for fear you’ll get a shank in your back and for no reason. Besides what was done to me and Phil in the cancellation of our program, things he has said and done of a very underhanded, personal and calumnious nature concerning some of my friends have caused my blood to boil numerous times.

Mark Dankof, who hosted a 3-hour a day program on RBN quit his previous employment in order to accept the job offered him by Stadtmiller as a host. A few months into it and without ANY WARNING WHATSOEVER Stadtmiller calls Mark Dankof (but only after Mark Dankof finished his Friday show) to announce he would not be paid for the previous week’s broadcasts or any further broadcasts. This was at a time when Mark’s wife was having serious medical problems and the two of them had no other source of income. Stadtmiller, rather than letting Mark know this before the week began, decided to get a week’s worth of free broadcasts out of him first before throwing him under the bus.

Besides Mark Dankof, Stadtmiller has (in a very scurrilous and public way) made the accusation that Mike Piper, who for the last 4 years (and without being compensated) has hosted one of the more popular (and for Stadtmiller, lucrative) programs is gay.

Rest assured Phil and I will continue producing our own programs that can be heard on

Mark Glenn

post script–I have been contacted by people who seem to be under the impression I am upset or outraged over these developments, so let me clear things up a bit.

I am NOT– Believe me when I say I am relieved to not have to be associated with any of John Stadtmiller’s business any longer. The last 5 months I have remained in an auxilliary fashion for my 2 friends Mike Piper and Hesham Tillawi I felt dirty and disloyal, considering the aftermath of what Stadtmiller did to my other good friend, Phil Tourney.

My reason for letting this thing be known are several fold–

In the first place, John Stadtmiller is infamous for bending the truth when it comes to blow-ups involving him and I didn’t want any fallacies floating around out there as this pertains to me.

Next, the business we are all involved in here is dangerous and we need to know what kind of ‘leaders” we have making decisions. In this case, people need to know we have someone in a leadership capacity known as John Stadtmiller who doesn’t give a damn about those on his team and will sacrifice anyone at a moment’s notice if somehow it results in him getting ahead.

And lastly, this is about unfinished business, namely what has transpired in the last 5 months ever since he cancelled the Liberty Hour radio progam with no warning. He lied about his reasons for doing it and even when the situation blew up in his face he did not try to rectify it. What this again shows is that as a leader he is reckless and does not grasp that actions have consequences and that if we are truly to make in progress in this battle he needs to make sure that when there are grinding noises under the hood they have to be tended to as soon as possible, otherwise you’re going to find yourself out in the middle of the desert with a broken down vehicle.

In short, this is about how Stadtmiller treats people, something I tried to make clear to him in an exchange of emails this weekend, where I told him that if he didn’t change the way he dealt with people that the only one who would be at his funeral would be the guy digging his grave.

I sincerely hope that this will in some way result in John Stadtmiller adopting a new policy when it comes to dealing with people where he thinks before he acts and in the event things blow up, that he cares enough about the cause and those working for it that he at least makes the effort at repairing the damage done by his own hands.


–note from me–Mike Piper is NOT gay, which makes Stadtmiller’s accusation all the uglier. Mike likes the ladies as much as any regular man and for Stadtmiller to say such a thing (and particularly as it came from none less than Jim Tucker at AFP) to me means both JS and JT deserve all the derision they have earned from so many as of late.

Please check out the brand new book detailing Israel’s deliberate attack on the USS LIBERTY here

  1. #1 by Ron on 02/15/2010 - 9:34

    I do not know Mr. Stadtmiller personally and I have watched this all from afar. I have but
    one comment for this man. You know not the power with which you are dealing. This power
    saved the USS Liberty from going to the bottom on June 8, 1967 and I would say to you the
    same thing I wish I could have said to Robert McNamara before he took the truth of this
    to the grave with him. “Mr. McNamara you are now taking this to a much higher court, and
    may God have mercy on your soul”. Both of you will be in my prayers.

    Time and time again men have made a declaration of truth and asked God for his mercy before
    their time was up on this earth. I have seen it over and over again. God help us all that
    this great nation that I love so much has turned its back on the one source that has kept
    it alive and well for over two hundred years.

    Your humble servant

  2. #2 by Matt E. on 02/15/2010 - 9:34

    Stadtmiller is in deed promoting some very strange people and opinions.

  3. #3 by Sam on 02/15/2010 - 9:34

    It is their loss. No-one can permanently prevent the truth from being aired.

  4. #4 by Ray Goodwin on 02/15/2010 - 9:34

    Mark – when I was no longer needed by the college as a history instructor, many people told me it was the college’s loss, much more so than mine. Same hold true here – your absence is RBN’s loss – not yours.
    What counts is, you are still in the fight – and that is appreciated by all of us.

  5. #5 by chris paul fan on 02/15/2010 - 9:34

    mark and phil are standup great guys … The Stat man has shown his belligerence many times …. Listen to and support Mark’s shows, they are always 10s!!

  6. #6 by jackie cox on 02/15/2010 - 9:34

    jews, a disease denaturing the earth, having abandoned nature, replaced it with law and fashion, control the newsmedia and have deleted freedom of speech where possible are out to destroy thr USA of goyims

  7. #7 by The Prodigal Son on 02/15/2010 - 9:34

    Did I miss something ?

    I thought ‘podbean’ had cancelled The Liberty Hour…


    –‘prodigal’, the site was hacked into and shut down by a 3rd party. Once I made podbean aware of it they fixed it.

  8. #8 by spktruth on 02/15/2010 - 9:34

    So…..the Coverup continues. I praise you guys as hero’s for the truth. When America finally wakes up to who was really responsible for the attack on the Liberty, and WHO is responsible for much of the black ops, psyops and other crimes against the US and its allies, we can only hope that the perpetrators of the attack are brought to justice but are made to pay reparations to the families of sailors who died, AND to those who are living with the awful truth, stressed and distressed by their own governments failure to punish the guilty party. Keep calling into to CSPAN sailors the word is getting out.

  9. #9 by chumbucket on 02/15/2010 - 9:34

    I’m still dying to hear what you thought were the reasons or motivating factors for Stadtmiller canceling the Liberty Hour. You and Phil had hinted that there was something nefarious that led Stadtmiller to the decision. Is that revealed in Phil’s book?

  10. #10 by Frances Robinson on 02/15/2010 - 9:34

    I’m so sorry to hear about this situation. I have really enjoyed your injection of humor and insight on Hesham & Mike’s programs and look forward to hearing you again on the liberty hour.
    All the best.

  11. #11 by Tom in GA on 02/15/2010 - 9:34

    I was angry at JS for Liberty show being cancelled. I wrote him a harsh email and he wrote me one back. I’ve moved on.

    Mark’s writing and knowledge and constant putting things in logical order are a great asset to the cause. But besides the heat, I still JS is as well. He spent 3 days last week mostly focusing on the Jew Zionist issue and so far, doesn’t avoid dealing with it like others on his own network. Some give the same bullsh*t that Alex Jones spews – rambling about the ‘black nobility’ or worse the Jesuits and the Vatican are about to take over the world. Dumd idiots – an embarrassment.

    Anyway, I will continue to listen and support both. The in-fighting sucks and only hurts us in the end. Probably the only thing we’ll agree with. Jew zionists win again … and we ALL have only our selves to blame. And I mean that’s all of us. To spite the nose, off with the face.

  12. #12 by Tom in GA on 02/15/2010 - 9:34

    Also, to my knowledge, I don’t know of any other networks that have had as many openly anti-zionist hosts on their network. As JS said in his email – how come he doesn’t get any credit for that? He should get some credit – a lot of credit for that. JS talks about it openly, so does Robbie Noel, Piper, Rick Adams and a few others. Why he cancelled the Liberty I don’t know. Having a real life survivor was an advantage to me.

    And Mark Glenn is one of the best interviewers of all the hosts in my opinion. And his knowledge and take on it all is superb. I know if I ran RBN he’d have his own show without a doubt.

    I’m one to usually pick sides but not on this one. This is another win for the zionist racists.

    I’m curious – I believe the intermediary was the guy who was on JS’s show this past Thu or Fri on the 2nd hour. JS let him have a half hour and he brought up something I wanted to ask Mark and Phil. Did Israel have tens of thousands Egyptian / Arab POW’s at the time of the attack? I had never heard that before.

    –Hi Tom, and thank you for the good words.

    My knowledge concerning the Egyptian POWs was that there were several hundred (not tens of thousands) who were subsequently gunned down in what was an obvious war crime.

  13. #13 by RickB on 02/15/2010 - 9:34

    Thanks for courageously standing up and making a difference, and exposing the shabez goyim traitors.

  14. #14 by coolio on 02/15/2010 - 9:34

    oooh so that must be why rick adams’ show is going down the tubes.
    …hmm…yeah rbn is going to become

  15. #15 by Amerikagulag on 02/15/2010 - 9:34


    Both sorry and glad to hear of this little disagreement. Some mention that it is the loss of RBN that you are no longer on the air, however, I would always caution, that regardless of whether the ‘quality’ is maintained on these radio programs, regardless of whether you are on the progrwm, the pro-Zio message will continue trumpeting its propaganda. These noe-zio-cons will have the floor and the truth will NOT be heard. So in that vein, I’m saddened by this news. It is a loss for truth for not being able to continue exposing facts to a live audience in whatever venue possible. “They” never sleep. Evil will have the megaphone completely to itself.

    It’s not surprising this development though as those who are puppets of the Rothchild world government will always squirm, wriggle and bite with their venom every time their cornered. It’s the nature of the beast. Something we must learn to expect.

    All the best in your continued journey toward the truth.

  16. #16 by Tom in GA on 02/15/2010 - 9:34

    Hey Mark, thanks for the answer. The number given from the caller didn’t sound right, but your number sounds more plausible.

    Great show with Mike and Jeff. And that he was moved enough to come on your show. Hopefully they will be prepared go into AIPAC and other realities of the jewish control over our gov’t. especially since they are on regular radio.

    People don’t know the truth and the real revolution is an information one – just like Jeff Gates talks about. And getting on these shows and getting outside of the movement to post links, blog, etc. is the least we all can do.

    I wish I could be a fly on the wall, or in someone’s car in LV who waslistening during the show to get some BIG FAT TRUTH blasted in their ear! All thos jaw dropping moments.

    Like Jeff Gates says: just tell people the facts, they WILL figure out the rest.

    NEVER AGAIN. Don’t forget the Liberty.

  17. #17 by Doug on 02/15/2010 - 9:34

    Censorship is failing. Major Media outlets are going bankrupt. Tell the truth and they will come.

  18. #18 by Editor on 02/15/2010 - 9:34

    Mark –

    The Tea Party has morphed into a disgusting Neocon waste product, much to my and other patriots’ chagrin. It is still receiving kudos by and large from AFP. MCP has recently alluded to the fact that if AFP dumps him he will likely lose his spot at RBN. Perhaps there is a nexus here that we should explore? After all, isn’t AFP editor Jim Tucker pro-Palin and none too happy about articles that name Zionists and Neocons for the Jews they are?

    I came upon RBN when I found GCN lacking. As I explored the hosts over time it became obvious to me that John liked his cake and was eating it too with you, MCP and Rick Adams on one hand and some of the other hosts who were pro-Neocon and pro-Israel. Not very consistent (except to prove he was willing to take on diverse opinions…ha). I always held some trepidation about John though in regards to his affiliation with Bob Chapman, who is also a regular on Alex Jones’ show and Bob’s noticeable reluctance to discuss Zionism in particular and Jews in general. Yes indeed, John very much likes to have his cake and eat it too.

    I suspect that in his desire to sell gold (also controlled by the Jews) John has latched onto the Tea Party version of Neoconism (along with AFP and Jim Tucker) and throw those of us with principles under the bus.

    As of late I have followed YOUR podcasts and enjoyed turning to Voice of Reason, especially in the wake of RBN’s continuing “problem” with podcasts since about Christmas. As much as I miss MCP and Rick Adams when I cannot listen live, VOR and solo acts such as yours and Darryl Bradford Smith continue to enlighten. It has also given me cause to search out older examples of patriotism such as Dr. Revilo Oliver.

    PS – I don’t really care if MCP is gay or not. MCP remains consistent in his outlook on the situation.

    –note from me–Mike Piper is NOT gay, which makes Stadtmiller’s accusation all the uglier. Mike likes the ladies as much as any regular man and for Stadtmiller to say such a thing (and particularly as it came from none less than Jim Tucker at AFP) to me means both JS and JT deserve all the derision they have earned from so many as of late.

  19. #19 by badbear on 02/16/2010 - 9:34

    Thanks for standing up for what you believe in albeit expected from you two. Your honor is already well known and Phil’s intestinal fortitude is legendary at this point.
    As for Stadtmiller… I won’t say it… we all know what he is… it’s understood.

  20. #20 by The Prodigal Son on 02/16/2010 - 9:34

    Thanks Mark,

    Gee, I wonder WHO would hack podbean?

    Much like ‘Holocaustianity’ – their only option now is to shut people up.

    However – this tactic backfires because it makes it obvious that they MUST have something to hide!

    The more they pile on, trying to cover something up – the bigger and more obvious the pile becomes. This creates a situation where people who ordinarily would not have noticed what they were trying to cover up – instead notice the HUGE PILE and say:

    ‘I wonder what’s under that HUGE PILE?’

    Even more telling is when they begin to throw people in jail just for wondering what’s under the pile.

    — — —

    Ruth Bernstein – we don’t hear from you anymore… have you moved to Israel or something?

    Those lawyers shut you up for good or what? The comments section here’s not the same w/out you!

  21. #21 by Suzanne on 02/16/2010 - 9:34

    A questions for anybody who cares or knows to answer?

    2) Does any body know what happend to “George the Hungarian’s show?I wrote to Stadtmiller a few weeks ago to forward a letter to George but I never heard from either of these gentlemen .. George’s show seems to have been pulled off the air .George used to have nothing but high praise for Stadmiller?

    –Suzanne, it is my understanding (and I could be wrong) that Stadtmiller threw George under the bus–surprise surprise.

  22. #22 by Amerikagulag on 02/16/2010 - 9:34

    Just another little bit of truth being blasted about the net via Rense.

    Absolute Proof More Modern Jews Not Biblical Israelites

    “…..their ancestors came not from the Jordan but from the Volga; not from Canaan but from the Caucasus, once believed to be the cradle of the Aryan race; and that GENETICALLY THEY ARE MORE RELATED TO THE HUN, UIGUR, AND MAGYAR TRIBES THAN TO THE SEED OF ABRAHAM, ISAAC, AND JACOB…”

  23. #23 by Joe Cortina on 02/16/2010 - 9:34

    That puke scum-bag Stadtmillerstein needs some ‘free endorsements’ – and I’m just the right guy to ‘help him out’. I’ve experienced some rotten human scum in my life – but it doesn’t get any lower than when some demonic Jew ass kissing dickwad like Stadtmillerstein has to resort to mockery of the suffering of decent men and their families – like the USS Liberty crew. I’m going to help make you ‘famous’ – Stadtmillerstein. I’m going to try to see that you become one of the most despised men in America.

    “Ancient history’? ” Enough of it has been said”? I’ll bet that is your SAME TYPICAL JEW attitude toward the crusifixion of Christ – isn’t it, scumbag.

    This bastard apparently gets his rocks off by adding insult to innocent human misery. Gee John – did you like to pull the wings off butterflies when you were a kid? I’l’ bet you got your kicks from tying cans to puppy dog’s tails and watch them being terrorized.

    You WILL get yours – you sadistic treasonous Jew loving asshole. Sooner or later – and I want to be there to relish the justice. My ‘job’ is now to inform every Naval Veteran in America of WHO your are and WHAT you stand for. When I get through exposing the TRUTH about you – there won’t be a hole deep enough or dark enough to hide your worthless carcass from the RIGHTEOUS anger of decent patriotic men.

    Joe Cortina

  24. #24 by TSGordon on 02/17/2010 - 9:34

    Stadtmiller’s problem is that he never learned the meaning of protocol, aka: when to speak-up and when to put-up. This issue has been at the heart of every story we heard after this idiot put his foot in his mouth–permanently loosing customers in the process.

    By now, I would have expected him to have met the same fate as these Branch Dividians, or maybe his having been elevated to the role of ‘right-wing martyr,’ now serving life, like Leonard Peltier, for (ostensibly) “killing a cop” at some Alex Jones-style gun show!

    FYI: Lately, “Free Statmiller” -bumper stickers have been going over like a lead balloon.

  25. #25 by 正教会の智 on 02/18/2010 - 9:34

  26. #26 by 正教会の智 on 02/18/2010 - 9:34

    Re: “Stadtmiller’s problem is that he never learned the meaning of protocol”

    Come on! I’m sure he knows very well the meaning of Protocols!

  27. #27 by katman on 02/19/2010 - 9:34


    you have been around this guy and this station for a while? could you please tell me just how he stays afloat? where does he get the money? i mean surely the money does not come from this littany of silly adverstisements he has on that network. Adverstisements to buy and use products and services that either don’t work , or are junk, or are scams. I can go into detail on this for I have researched much of what is adverstised on that network. Also Mark, I have to ask you this. what is the connection between RBN and AFP? And one more put you on the spot question is this. Why is it AFP continues allowing this bozo, jim tucker, the one trick pony to work at AFP, as a boss, much less a reporter of sorts? He has made a living off of discussion and reporting on, the sham of a organization, known as the bilderberger group, which is just one of many jewish inspired and controlled umbrella organizations, and has no power on its own. All of them are puppets on strings and the reporting of such news about the bilderbergers is the stuff of alex jones and his ilk. in the end it means nothing and is unimportant. jim tucker is one of alex jones allies. i find it strange that this man is allowed to stay at AFP. If anything he is a misguided fool……remember, he was the one that got you fired there for talking too much about jews……..

    ps I think it is very funny that the book in question , will talk about stadtmiller. this guy is off of his rocker. Been too long in the saddle. He said one time he was going to get off of the air and let someone else do it. but he hasn’t yet. i figure he never will. he can’t stand it. he has to be center of the attention. it is all he is. it is all he has. afterall, let us not forget the real reason he came down to texas. by his own words, alex jones told him he could come down here and make a killing in the patriot business. so he moved down here at the behest of alex jones and when he got here, alex jones stabbed him in the back and left him hanging and he got a job at GCN before he got fired there. So he started up RBN. The whole sordid story is on the web for all to see.

  28. #28 by Kurt on 02/20/2010 - 9:34

    ALL I can say is,,, Congratulations, Being ousted by John or Alex only shows that you have what it takes and they don’t want you around taking any of their light.


    Hope to hear you there soon.

  29. #29 by katman on 02/24/2010 - 9:34

    stadtmiller was on the radio talking today about how he has this opportunity to purchase
    a 50,000 watt clear channel radio station in texas. i wonder which one it is. he said he
    could get it if someone would give him one million. i think the dream is incredible. a patriot station blasting out the truth and covering a large area in texas. but the fact is, just how much truth would be allowed on a station like this? the jews control the FCC, there is no doubt. They would be all over him like a cheap suit. if he ever so much as stubbed his toe on air, he would be fined big time, and perhaps shut down. a 50,000 watt patriot radio station
    would be incredible ,or so it would appear. but the realities of the situation, would preclude any truth coming out on such a station. could we for a minute just imagine, the liberty hour at 50,000 watts in texas. what a nice dream that would be? ha ha

  30. #30 by woesofsharon on 02/24/2010 - 9:34

    Hi Mark, I am sorry to hear about all this because I will miss you on Hesham’s show and MCP’s. I have supported RBN {though only with a widow’s mite because that’s all I can do} mainly because MCP had suggested we do, which was understandable in lite of him being on the air. I am also hugely disappointed like Suzanne that Hungerian George got pulled. If you can find him he’d be a good guy to interview on your program. I feel really bad about this whole thing. I listen to your podcasts when I can. I’m on dialup so it takes awhile. I usually do it at night.
    Anyway, my prayers are with you-you’re doing good work.
    P.S That was a horrible thing for JS to say about Piper. I didn’t hear it and I’m glad I didn’t. I hold Piper up almost to the same esteem as I do you.

    –note from me, MG–Thank you for the kind words Sharon. Yes, this thing Stadtmiller said about MCP ‘being gay’ as well as referring to him as an ‘unreliable drunkard’ warrants a good butt-whoopin’ in my opinion. But then, this is typical Stadtmiller behavior–the people he should be supporting the most he instead throws under the bus while those–such as Dave Champion and others who for all intents and purposes are working in the interests of America’s enemies’ he rolls out the red carpet for them and then people wonder why we can’t secure a victory when we have ‘leaders’ like Stadtmiller around.

  31. #31 by Tom in GA on 02/28/2010 - 9:34


    This is second week in row Hesham’s show isn’t on. I guess Hesham siad he quit with you not being on the air with him?

  32. #32 by UAZ on 03/08/2010 - 9:34

    Stadtmiller is a difficult individual, for sure, but why not swallow your pride just a little bit and try to work with him? If he was truly willing to bring back the Liberty Hour, why not give him another chance?

    As for the Muslim-bashing kosher clowns on RBN, I don’t like it either, but I realize that Statdmiller has a business to run, and if RBN is to grow, he has to pander to a kosher conservative audience as well. There are a few liberal types on RBN too (like Stephen Lendman, great guy), for another piece of the market.

    Stadtmiller also has to fill in all the slots on the network. If there are more kosher konservative klowns than anti-Zionists willing to do radio, what can he do?

    So you’re saying it was Stadtmiller who called Mike Piper an “unreliable drunkard”? Piper said on his RBN show that it was an (unidentified) individual who “claims to be a supporter of RBN.” And are you sure that the false accusation that Piper is gay came from Jim Tucker and not Christopher Bollyn (who made this claim in 2006)?

    Anyway, not to excuse Stadtmiller’s reprehensible behavior, but if you put your ego first, like he does, you will only help produce yet more infighting. If MCP is able to do it, so could you. And please don’t tell me that Hesham Tillawi has now quit RBN (like the poster above alludes to)…

    –note from me, MG–there is no ‘ego’ involved in any of this on my part. If this were the case I would have told Stadtmiller where to go a LONG time ago. I did not do this, despite the fact I (as well as many others) have never liked him.

    Yes, it was indeed Stadtmiller who referred to Piper as an ‘unreliable drunkard’ and alleged that Piper was gay. In the aftermath of the blow-up with me and Stadtmiller back in September, JS got rather cozy with Jim Tucker, (neither of whom know each other) hoping that since Tucker and I had issues with each other that somehow Stadtmiller might be able to find ‘common cause’ with JT and possibly dig up some kind of dirt on me, which indeed he DID try to do in his subsequent discussions with the greasy, oily, scaley Jim Tucker. MCP did not mention the fact that it was Stadtmiller who said these things about him (for reasons we won’t go into here) on his show even though he knows this to be the fact. As far as Hehsam leaving RBN, he was disposed towards that very decision but which I counciled him not to. Dittoes with MCP.

    If it truly were about ‘ego’ as you allege, wouldn’t I have encouraged both of them to quit?What it boils down to is 2 words–JOHN STADTMILLER. He is universally disliked for good reasons, and anyone who has dealt with him in any capacity can give you an earful about what a headcase he truly is.

  33. #33 by Jeannon Kralj on 05/16/2010 - 9:34

    There is some kind of special connection between AFP and RBN. One pure speculation on my part is that JS’s wife goes by the name Sandra Anderson. The host of the RBN show When World’s Collide show is Mark Anderson, who is with AFP. Could they be siblings?

    Mark Anderson writes the articles on the RBN site, but often does not put his name on them. He told me he is told by JS to make them very provocative or interesting to RBN’s readers/audience, which I guess he considers to be like the readers of Inquirer tabloid.

    RBN recently stopped allowing comment posting about these articles and he erased all the hundreds and hundreds of comments made about these articles. So I won’t even read them anymore because they are basically rehashed summaries of articles I hear about on Rense or World Affairs Brief. I used to find the comments interesting, but they were certainly no place to try to have a reasonable balanced discussion, as I had mistakenly thought.

    I have always thought Jim Tucker was so boring and such a poor radio guest. He basically says almost nothing. Have listened to and read a bunch of his stuff and it is totally weak and empty. Alex Jones always makes a big deal out of this guy, but all Jim Tucker does is make me think the Bilderberger talk is just some kind of cover or distracting nonsense.

    Am curious about that Clear Channel 50,000 Watt station. Clear Channel is selling one of their large stations? I would not give JS money for that as it will be some kind of money making scheme for himself and would NOT turn out to be “liberty” radio. Sounds like a good way to drum up lots of donations.

    Am going to have to try and find Mark Glenn’s book(s).

  34. #34 by Jean on 04/05/2014 - 9:34

    This is April 5 of 2014. I am listening to the Liberty Hour on RBN as I type this message. In fighting
    does nothing for the cause of the Patriot community. Be careful what you say because you may
    have to eat your words so keep them sweet. They go down better that way.

    ed note–

    And the relevance of this is???

    I was banned from RBN years ago, so I do not see your point in mentioning today’s date and the fact that you are listening to a program which I did many many years ago.

    And as far as in-fighting is concerned, I could not agree more, which is why people such as John Stadtmiller who heads RBN need to be recognized for the problematic elements that they are.

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