The Liberty Hour Podcast, Feb 14, 2010

We’re back! Tonight Phil and I interview Jeff Sawin, co-host of the “Keeping It Real With Mike and Jeff” radio program heard on KNUU, am 970, Las Vegas about the Liberty issue and what it all protends for today’s world, as well as addressing the recent decision on the part of John Stadtmiller to permanently ban Mark Glenn from The Republic Broadcasting Network.

ps–much thanks to USS Liberty survivor John Gidusko for bringing about this “meeting of the minds”.

  1. #1 by RickB on 02/16/2010 - 9:34

    Here’s a little secret, there was massive popular resistance to invading Iraq to begin with, reflected in approximately a million people protesting just before the invasion in New York city. Popular resistance was so evident that “our” Jewish MSM had to acknowlege it. Of course in their acknowledging it, they demonized it as being lead by disconnected Hollywood liberals. The popular resistance was so pervasive and evident that “our” jewish MSM began organizing fake pro-war, “support-the-troop” rallies to be able to point to and pretend that the country was divided on the matter. Now that it’s completely evident that the majority of Americans are against these wars for Israel, “our” jewish MSM no longer asks Americans they feel about the war. They just make up support for it out of thin air.

  2. #2 by DianeS on 02/16/2010 - 9:34

    Mark and Phil–You have a new, dedicated fan. The bad news is it was by default…first by way of Alex J., then RBN. By the way, JohnS. showed his true colors, in my opinion, when he criticized and ranted on air about a listener complaining that she had to scroll down to get to the current on-air show. Did he know if this person was elderly or maybe she had a big check in her hand for the station. Anyhow, he screamed that the gold and silver ads were a way for his program to make a few measley $$$$. What an insult to the audience.

    Anyhow, I decided to listen to all of RBN’s programs. After retirement I got involved in a local issue in my hometown, had my own 5 page website (& did not like to scroll down either) & learned firsthand about politics. I intuitively knew on 9/11 something was very wrong and started to attend meetings on 9/11 truth and went to NYC 1 yr after the attack. When I came to The Liberty Hour, I admit I knew nothing, clueless about anything with military, etc. And the good news is I could not stop listening to your show this past year…ABSOLUTELY fascinating. I understand everything you say. You are clear, well spoken and thank goodness polite. This IS fact as presented and powerful as noted in your statement…it cannot be refuted. This is what the enemy does not want…the TRUTH. And Phil, you are superb in your passion and truth. I know & felt it when you wrote that you Looked into the Eyes of EVIL (a great title for a book) & gave them your fighting spirit. For me that was the most powerful & moving passage. I imagined your surprise when you found out WHOOO the enemy was. And then I thought about all of the people over time who died surprised when the mask was pulled back suddenly and evil was revealed. And more should be mad…all of us. But too many are blind and fooled by the mask and deception of evil. It comes dressed in a pretty package, slick as a whistle and tempting with everything but the Truth.

    I would like to read both books. Will you sign copies? I only see 2 places, AFP and Wingtv for Ship Without a Country. Can you advertise these on your sites & sign copies. I also do not see the book on the vetern’s page.

    Thanks for returning MARK & PHIL. You are heroes…and IT IS A FIGHT FOR THE TRUTH MUST BE SPOKEN. LOUD & CLEAR. Your newest fighting fan–although retired–never defeated!

    –note from me, MG–Dianne, your experience with Stadtmiller is not in the least surprising. As a person he is as pleasant as a cup of vinegar poured on your pancakes in the morning.

    Please check out the podcast Phil and I do now at I will email you personally and give you the info on how to get the books.

  3. #3 by Tom in GA on 02/16/2010 - 9:34

    Hey Mark and Phil, Question after listening to Jeff’s show a second time …

    Why was the Liberty alone? It was not an attack ship, and I wonder why it was alone during the 6 day war. Was it just that you were in international waters and that was determined to be safe or was it that you believe you were intentionally set off alone by our knowing gov’t (Johnson, McNamara, McCain, etc. just like the sitting ducks at Pearl Harbor) who knew and wanted you to be sunk and that would mean true conspiracy between both gov’ts and not just Israel alone?

    I’ve been under the impression that maybe our gov’t didn’t know but covered up after the fact. But want to know you’re opinion.


    –Tom, knowing they were headed into a war zone, the Liberty requested an armed escort and was denied it. In addition, command of the Liberty was removed from Coomander in Chief of Europeean Naval Forces and instead put in the hands of the Joint Chiefs–UNPRECEDENTED. This, as well as other pieces of evidence, prove that elements within the USGOV cooperated with setting the Liberty up to be sunk, the final nail in the coffin being Johnson’s order to recall rescue aircraft sent to engage those attacking the Liberty, saying “I will not embarass an ally”. He said this, knowing it was Israel when even the men onboard the Liberty had yet to find out who was attacking them.

  4. #4 by Tom in GA on 02/17/2010 - 9:34

    Thanks Mark. Wow, I did not know that. Given those facts, there’s probably no doubt as to conspiracy with our gov’t before the fact. Hhmmm… I had always thought we just covered up after the fact but this is worse than I thought. Very much like a Pearl Harbor. I wonder if same situation with 911 or if just coverup afterwards. I’ve always wondered if our gov’t knew 911 before Mossad did it or just after the fact.

    Either way, it just shows the manipulation and control of zionists within our gov’t to be willing to fulfill their global and regional agenda.

    Tom, you can get copies of the e-books that you can read on the computer from me if you like @10.00 a piece or both for $15.00. Just email me at and we walk through the steps.

    Where do we buy the book? AFP?

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