Pack of Hyenas Laughing Their Way to Power



Like a blood thirsty pack of Hyenas encircling their weak prey, ready for the kill, the Jewish NeoCons and their Zionist Partners, are preparing their own packs for the kill, this time in Iran.

Viewing themselves as a formidable foe and with their customary arrogant smirk, this hungry pack of hyenas gets set for yet another Muslim prey, while the rest of the ‘animal’ kingdom, the world community, holds back and just looks on indifferently, accepting it as yet another normal progression of the rules of the jungle- the survival of the fittest and to hell with the rest so long as “I’m alright Jack’. But one begs the question- since when do we Human Beings need to reduce ourselves to the savagery of the animal kingdom, with an inexplicable, insatiable hunger for blood? When will this hunger be contained, when will their bellies be too full to consume anymore prey?? Is there no limit or must they continue to get fatter on the carcasses of the dead and dying? How many more must be sacrificed, put out as easy prey to these carnivorous predators?We have already witnessed their deadly attacks in Pakistan, more Muslims sacrificed to USSRAEL’S created war on terror. What’s few thousand more dead Muslims for these Vultures and their pecking order, who have also created a blood lust scenario in the Yemen and in Sudan and Somalia and recently in Nigeria too, between the perverted Baptist/Evangelical Christians and Muslims; stoking up racist unrest in Kenya too where the Government apparently has sought help from Israel to fight off the non existent “Islamicist terrorist threat” there!!

Are 60 million dead Russians not enough for the Russian Jewish led Bolsheviks, or the millions sacrificed in both WW1 and WW2, costing the lives of people of all nations and cultures, to bring about the Pagan Temple State of Israel, or the near 2 million dead Iraqis, Egyptians, Lebanese and Palestinians not sufficient to stem their hunger? Palestinians for example have been suffering for the last painful tortuous 60 odd years! Must their attackers now be permitted to quench their thirst with possibly a few million more Muslims in Iran this time, or the rest of the Palestinian refugee population in the artificially manufactured State of Jordan and then who will be next, maybe Syria?

Or is this scenario an actual injustice to the real animal kingdom where the creatures only kill to fill their hunger and that of their young- where their killing is not perpetual but done out of necessity for survival- the stronger and faster the animal, the greater its chances of survival. But it does not crave a kill for the sheer thrill of it, unlike the mankind version of the ‘mammal world, where the Beasts, in packs, hunt every corner of the world in order to satisfy their avarice for blood thus ensuring their might!!!

Throughout mankind’s miserable history, through various ‘civilizations’, a certain Pack of people have chosen to wage wars in order to gain power, prestige, and enhance their wealth by forcible seizure of rich resources extracted from other Nations to whom they justly belong. Rich resources compromising a multitude of assets that enrich and strengthen their power and dominance- land, oil, gas resources, water, gems- occupation and oppression of other Nations’ indigenous Peoples in order to subjugate and enslave them while the Packs sit up high on their thrones.

When one examines the perpetrators throughout history, the most uncanny conclusion hits you like a bolt of lightning- sharp, severe, burning, painful discovery that they have always been part of the same Pack of Beasts, a peculiar Breed, that have ravaged our world, picking out its prey one by one and leaving behind a trail of blood and disaster in their tracks!! They jump from one victim to the other, throwing the sanctity of life into the gutter but choosing to hide behind their safe bushes that they so hypocritically define as their protection of democracy, Western values and freedom, justifying their endless ‘wars on terror’ which ironically they themselves commit on an unbelievably massive scale.

Like werewolves in the hours of darkness, they covertly scheme and plot and eye their next targets that they know will be weaker than them, decimating their numbers slowly but surely, because their victims do not have the same deadly nuclear inspired resources at their disposal. They wait quietly, patiently, stirring up an atmosphere of fear, dread, uncertainties and subsequent insecurities that rattle their opponents and their own citizens who, in many cases, unwittingly, blindly, fund their blood thirsty escapades.

Using propaganda as their greatest psychological tool, they manipulate facts, figures and distort the truth and history, in order to deceive members of the sheeple amongst us, who more often than not, prefer to stay in their self inflicted comatose state of ignorance and mind controlled stupor!

Why are so many willing to live within this false matrix world where peoples lives are planned out for them by the Controllers, the manipulators- the Bankers, World Leaders, corrupt Politicians who all work for the same infamous foe and predator- the Chief of the Pack. What will it take to revive their sanity, to stir their inertia, to open their eyes to the painful realities of war, plunder, oppression- the true horrors of Terrorist domination by a pack of thugs, bully boys, criminal gangsters that feed off our fears and deprive so many of us of our lives, our dreams, hopes and aspirations, indeed, denying us our rightful future to live in peace and at harmony with our beautiful world that they are destroying and contaminating with their poison.

In Biblical times, they chose to devour Christ, to destroy the structure of Christ’s true Church.

“Christ lumped the Pharisees and the Sadducees together as a ‘broad of vipers (Matthew 3:7-8)”

And the Apostle Paul warned the people that the leaders of Judaism “both killed the Lord Jesus and their own prophets, and have persecuted us; and they please not God, and are contrary to all men”

“They also chose to turn their backs on their Creator and all His Prophets, through their arrogance and hunger for riches, placing far more importance on material wealth than on the teachings that God wished them to abide and live by. Bestowing the title of Chosen Ones upon themselves, they deemed it their privilege to conquer the rest of the world and turn its Gentile Communities into servitude, to do their every bidding through their blood sweat and tears while they became the Golden fatted Calf that had to be worshipped and adored, adorned in gold as any Pagan Idol would be.

Not content with Christ’s persecution, they decided to target others whom they deemed were not as ‘special’ as they were as they deluded themselves with the myth that they were the sole Divine Chosen Ones, following the doctrines and twisted dogmas of each of their dominant and successive Rabbis who changed and corrupted their own original ‘faith’ chosen for them by none other than God. Their interpretation of faith though has become reliant not on God’s Teachings but that of the rabbinical ‘Seven laws of Noah’ which blaspheme by declaring: “God studies the Talmud and that God admits that the rabbis have defeated Him in debate”

Indeed it appears therefore that this Pack of Hyenas, or more aptly, biblically referred to as the ‘brood of vipers’, see themselves as the King of the Jungle, whose “Hebrew monotheism must have “jurisdiction” over “the whole world”(Hoffman/Pike) which they delude themselves belongs exclusively to their Pack, marking out the stench of their territorial scent.

Just like the Hyena Pack who look rather like large wild dogs, but which in fact make up a separate biological family made up of four species that today survive, the Jews (Sephardics-Middle Eastern Jews, North European Jews, and the Jews of the Americas/New World, and of course the Khazarian Ashkenazi Converts,) are supposedly part of the “Human Race” but they select to set themselves apart as something far more superior and precious than the ‘ordinary Human’ and as with Hyenas where the females are the dominant members, the same is said of Jewish mothers, (a Jew is deemed as one so long as his mother is of Jewish stock), soon followed in rank by their cubs, while adult males rank lowest.

Again unlike the rest of mankind, this Pack see themselves as of higher intelligence and yet they are the Predators and the Scavengers of our world, scouring the land, setting their traps and encircling their helpless prey.

Their world tendency is to move their kills closer to each other in order to protect their spoils from other possible scavengers, sharpening their strategic hunting methods and leaving evidence of their presence and their hunt.

Wherever they have attacked, they leave their mark of destruction and blood stained Earth that become deserted, vacated, and their incessant aggressive behavior is followed by fear and superstition among those that have survived their brutal attacks.- they scavenge off the fear of the remaining future kill, their next pound of Human flesh!

In tune with their carnivorous hunting behavior, they move with their packs from one Continent to another, devouring all that they view as their promised prey!

But like the usual rules of the Animal Kingdom, each animal has its own predator and no creature is infallible. There will always be another creature that proves stronger, faster and more determined and each creature may make that vital mistake that will cost it its life. In our case as the Kingdom of Mankind, for too long we have sat back in the shadows, out of fear, weakness or just downright indifference, and allowed this Predacious Pack of Scavengers to pick us out, one by one, nation after nation, unabated, unchallenged, bleeding us dry and savaging our population, staining and polluting our world with their blood stains and stench. Instead of fighting back and trying to protect and defend our very lives and future, we instead have cowardly chosen to stay in full view of our attacker, who proceeds to destroy our world while they accumulate our dead flesh, our resources and our God given wealth, while they smirk and with their blood curdling howls, and laugh all the way to world domination and power.

When will the World Community, a majority of Mankind, unlike the afore mentioned pack, the brood of vipers we were all warned about centuries ago but chose to ignore, form its own stronger pack, on the side of right and justice, unite and resist this evil for the sake of peace and real freedom, before it ends up obliterating God’s Earth with its insanity and thirst for violent conquests.


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  1. #1 by jackie cox on 02/28/2010 - 9:34

    This is an apt descritpion of the world class mafia they have become, scoffing at any federal power, easy to control with their never ending influx of cash from the illicit drug trade, and control of slave made goods, in which the world shares with them equally. Its only a matter of time untill the are destroyed from within, or, without, whatever it takes to destroy Nobility each time it rears its ugly head, anarchy appears to bring it down. this time it will be simpler, with one book they are identifiable to the world, who can join in the search for truth, which is their undoing, for they are the lie

  2. #2 by louie on 02/28/2010 - 9:34

    This is a very good description of what has and is happening to the world. There is a short video that explains the “Why” and “Who” these creatures are.

  3. #3 by talmudHater on 02/28/2010 - 9:34

    IsraHELL really is the modern day USSR. Maybe Paul McCartney can write a song about them now that the ban on the Beatles has been lifted and he is a member of liars club.

  4. #4 by robertvnik on 03/01/2010 - 9:34

    Mel Gibson should never have apologised for when he said in a drunken state something about the jews being responsible for all the wars of the last 200 years.

  5. #5 by Amerikagulag on 03/02/2010 - 9:34

    Always remember, Marx, Lenin and Stalin were all jews. So it seems was Franco.

  6. #6 by Amerikagulag on 03/02/2010 - 9:34

    So is Sarkozy of France.

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