Goodbye Rush Limbaugh!

By Mahmoud El-Yousseph

March 13, 2010

Rush Limbaugh vows to move to Costa Rica if health care reform legislation passes. Goodbye Rush! America is better off without Limbaugh.

The radio talk show host has been trash talking the president before he made it to the White House. He also attacks all of the president’s domestic and foreign polices, and prays for the the president to fail.

Rush has always preached to his listeners that our president is a Muslim and was not born on U.S. soil. Therefore, according to Rush, he is not trustworthy and not qualified to be president.

Will Limbaugh carry out his threat and move to Costa Rica? I am not holding my breath. He will be surprised to know that he still has to pay 5.5 % of his income for social security which in turns pays for universal heath care in Costa Rica.

One thing Limbaugh doesn’t have to worry about in his “self-imposed exile” in Costa Rica is that he does not have to smuggle in his supply of viagra as he did at Miami International Airport. Perhaps it would much cheaper and more readily available in his newly adopted country.

After all, America will be a kinder and a gentler nation without this bigot, who refers to people with special needs with the “R” word.

Mahmoud El-Yousseph

Retired USAF Veteran

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  1. #1 by skulz fontaine on 03/13/2010 - 9:34

    Pills Limbaugh is as hollow as are his “vows” so, Pope Bombastic will never move to Costa Rica or anywhere even remotely distant from Florida. Dang, that just sucks. Were there any justice left in our horribly suffering world, that venal piece of shit will choke on one of his Viagra pills and die horribly alone. Ah, the stuff of dreams and hopeful prayers.

  2. #2 by Joe Cortina on 03/13/2010 - 9:34

    Limbaugh is an egotistical windbag who will kiss ANY ass that makes him wealthier. I’ve followed him since DAY ONE! He is a FRAUD – a HYPOCRITE and essentially a closet Zionist. He is as spineless as they come. A long timne ago -before the Republican Party sold its VERY collective SOUL to the demonic lying sadistic treasonouse Jews who have RUINED my country by making it a morally and economically rotted corpse – Rush also had me fooled- like so many other people looking for a REAL DECENT TRUTHFUL MORAL MAN who was not for sale to the establishment scum – but defended honor and truth. Rush now lives to serve one purpose – one goal – one ideal – HIMSELF!

    Long ago – as well as serving my nation in uniform – I was a Vice-Consul to Costa Rica from my State for about 5 years and have spent many many enjoyable visits there. I still have lifelong friends and influential contacts there and have thought of living there when this Jew crazed greedy ignorant sick nation of ours finally ends up on the ash heap of history. When (and not if) all of this comes to pass -I WILL make every effort to educate the shakers and movers there that I have know for some 55 years – as to what a greedty self – serving egomainiacal SPINELESS piece of shit he IS IN REALITY. Two faced greedy ass kissers like him would be a lot happier in IsraHELL. Just as long as he LEAVES – but- I WILL MAKE SURE THAT HE IS NOT WELCOME among the ‘Ticos’ that I have known and loved for most of my life.

    The idea of having him for a ‘next-door neighbor’ the rest of my life makes me nauseus.


    Joe Cortina

  3. #3 by ray Walinski on 03/13/2010 - 9:34

    Jews are good people we love jews they are good because Hannity likes them and Bill Reilly likes them and they are taking care of us and got us out of the depression..thank timmy Geithner thank you Larry Summers thank you Ben bernanke,, and most all thank you my hero Rahm Emmanuel (good like Emmanuel Goldstein in 1984 by Orwell.. thank you oh good economist Christine Rohmer since you married a nice Jewish Boy…and Thank you for giving us Our God—Jesus like Rupert Murdoch who gives so much money to that good country Israel..thank you the 2nd richest man in world Warren Buffet who learned everything he knows from the author of “The Intelligent Investor” who was Jewish.. the Jews are the best if it wasnt for them we would be a people of moon worshipping Pagans the jews know what.s goood for us and we will shed our military’s blood for them because they arent allowed to fight in our military, but make good JAG’s and military docs etc….

    I was also in the Air Force and learned about Rumors and Propaganda and Disinformation Campaigns

  4. #4 by Akira on 03/13/2010 - 9:34

    I didn’t even know that Limbaugh was still alive. The last I heard of him, he was playing his part propping up Obama in some sort of phony Left-Right (But Never Mention The Jews) dance.

    + + +

    Gilad Atzmon, today:

    “The Holocaust became the new Western religion. Unfortunately, it is the most sinister religion known to man. It is a license to kill, to flatten, no nuke, to wipe, to rape, to loot and to ethnically cleanse. It made vengeance…into a Western value. However, far more concerning is the fact that it robs humanity of its heritage; it is there to stop us from looking into our past with dignity. Holocaust religion robs humanity of its humanism. For the sake of peace and future generations, the holocaust must be stripped of its exceptional status immediately.”

  5. #5 by Chris on 03/13/2010 - 9:34

    Good grief, retarded has now become the “r” word? I guess I never got the memo.

  6. #6 by talmudHater on 03/14/2010 - 9:34

    trash talking the president before he made it to the White House. He also attacks all of the president’s domestic and foreign polices, and prays for the the president to fail.

    Rush has always preached to his listeners that our president is a Muslim and was not born on U.S. soil. Therefore, according to Rush, he is not trustworthy and not qualified to be president.

    You sound like a commie jew with those views.

    Obama was not born in America — they don’t
    have that sign up in Kenya for their health.

    I am no Rush Limbaugh fan and it is for one
    reason and one reason only, he is a jew tool.

  7. #7 by Sean on 03/14/2010 - 9:34

    Do you use the ‘B’ word. I do. I love the ‘B’ word. it has gravitas, it shows the Jews who the boss is. To all you ‘R,s’ out there, the ‘B,s’ are taking over. I heard a rumor that the ‘Q,s’ were trying to make a move on our turf. Death to the ‘Q,s’ and out with the ‘U’s’

  8. #8 by Bill in Ohio on 03/14/2010 - 9:34

    Rush was a Vietnam Draft Dodger, who claimed a cyst on his ‘fannie’ to get a deferrment.

    He used the name Jeff Christie in Pittsburgh in the 1970s, had a decent following.

    He was arrested for solicitation in a well known Homosexual area of Pittsburgh and was soon fired thereafter.

    He re- made himself with the help of a big time media whig in California.

    Been Shillin for the Khazars ever since.

  9. #9 by Arabia Felix on 03/15/2010 - 9:34

    I like Ray Waliniski’s comment the most.

    I agree with Chris; El Youseph sounded like a commy Jew himself.

    I don’t know who Limbaugh is,but i sure know that the Luo-man Obama is not
    worth defending from any one.

    –note from me, MG–Arabia, I believe in freedom of speech, but I will not support slander. Mahmoud is a close friend of mine and your characterization of him as appearing like a ‘commie Jew’ will not be tolerated. I expect an apology to him immediately if you wish to further post on this blog.

  10. #10 by Arabia Felix on 03/15/2010 - 9:34

    I agreed with TALMUDHATER with CHRIS.

    Mark,apology demanded from me by just agreeing to a comment you posted
    earlier?!! WHY IS THAT?

    Why did you post the first comment of Talmud hater of which i agreed to?

    And if it is me that started, initiated the View; How is it a Slander?

    Which one is exactly a slander??

    Being a Commy?

    Or a Jew?

    Before i opologise you have to first convince me as to WHY; and do publish
    this comment kindly.

    –note from me, MG–I did not read the comment from ‘talmudhater’ accusing my friend of being a “commie jew.” Rest assured that once I find it I will immediately remove it, as I would if the same accusation were made about you.

  11. #11 by Arabia Felix on 03/15/2010 - 9:34

    Perception is different than accusation.

    Saying ‘you sound like’ is not like saying YOU ARE.

    I am sorry that i had to explain that much to some one; any one.

    you did not publish my respon,Yet, you claim to be standing for freedom of speach!!.

    Or is it that you could not figure out as to which one between the two is slander?

    Is there one dear to your heart;— perhaps??

    I should know by now. As i said ,i have more serious questions for you than this Mark.

  12. #12 by Arabia Felix on 03/15/2010 - 9:34

    It seems my responses will not show.

    There is one addressing you removned aready.

    You did not even wanted know what the question was??

    It seems that you already KNOW what it is about.

    Aside from hiding your inability to distinguish Slander from perception,
    and hiding your mediocre mind from your readers; kindly stop pretending that you stand
    for Freedom of speach and alternative media, because you are not.

    Patience is virtue as wiseman said before,and i hope to be among those who are patient.

    Username JILL was right about you.

    It seems it is not a site for freedom of speach; why would owners of the IP addresses
    posted comments from to your site are targeted by ‘shadowy forces’ other wise?

    You would have been interested to know as to what happens to them if you were
    for freedom of speach; RIGHT MARK?

    But you weren’t!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    Are some websites started to gather info about folks who post on them MARK?!!.

    I wanted to discuss this with you privately, i am waiting for more Data; i am
    not still saying that you are involved, but it so happens that posting on your website
    comes with a price.

    In the mean time, good night from me.

  13. #13 by charles on 03/16/2010 - 9:34

    this site sounds like a talking points for communist get together. are you all gay to..some of the most uninformed people i have ever ever encountered. i guess tom jack ass hanks is your new hero…talk about stuck in stupit…nope no sign of intelligence in here. so how is that view shit for programming working out..what do they have now 3. are there any communist ah liberal radio stations left? you do know that this isn’t the first president with communist in his cabinet..the replys i get are always funny but sad…

  14. #14 by jackiecox on 03/16/2010 - 9:34

    Barry Soreto/Obama is not qualified to be the president, due to his not being born in the USA. Its a constitutional law

  15. #15 by charles on 03/16/2010 - 9:34

    even if he was a citizen his Marxist ideals are going to bring down this country. somehow that will be viewed as raciest. the country is turning into 1 big wood stock. it’s raining,muddy,no food, dangerous drugs are being passed around. not enough bathrooms. just think,the people in charge planned that whole calamity and they believe it would be good for everyone else to experience. no government wood stock program has ever worked out they way they planned. now they believe they can handle health care..they did some of that acid at wood stock and have stop tripping since..

  16. #16 by danny on 03/22/2010 - 9:34

    Bon voyage, Rushbo. Unless your mouth has written a check that your butt can’t cash.

  17. #17 by talmudHater on 04/11/2010 - 9:34

    If you are afraid of free speech then why bother having a blog? You certainly do not deserve one if people cannot be free to post what they think. How backward can you get?

    –note from me, MG–I want you to imagine that someone is giving a speech, or a teacher is teaching class. Imagine a few students who do not like what he has to say and do nothing exceot shout the entie time, thus preventing him from speaking.

    Is this “free speech”? No, it is calculated sabotage. It works the same way on the blogs, and if you don’t like the way I run things around, then here’s an idea–GROW A BRAIN AND START YOUR OWN.

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