Perceptions of Good Vs Evil

(c) 2010 by “MR”

Allow me to make a comment on how I define and perceive Evil, relating it to you from personal standards that should be acceptable as a member of the Human Family, God’s Family.

For me religion is something extremely personal, between me and my Creator. I have voluntarily sought His Guidance and His protection and am striving to live my life with my family in a manner that fits in line with His Teachings, in a manner which is exemplary and morally sound- two criteria that I feel are the fibres of Society. We must abide by these criteria, practising all that is Good in Humanity where we can exhibit love, tolerance, dignity, integrity,compassion, mercy and a deep sense of justice, Truth and fair play.

If we do not, then our lives fall into disrepute, giving rise to greed, hatred, intolerance, selfishness, Racial/Religious racism, which can lead to violence because we have permitted this wickedness to fester in our lives. This to me represents the Evil Face of Humanity.

EVIL: morally wrong or bad; wickedness.

2. – causing harm or injury

3. – quality or an instance of being morally wrong

MORALITY: concerned with or relating to human behaviour,especially the distinction between good and bad or right and wrong.

2. Adhering to conventionally accepted standards of conduct.

Wherever you are in the world, whichever Ethnic background, Race or religion you belong to, be you a Christian, Muslim, Jew, Buddhist, Hindu, Atheist, Humanist, Black, Caucasian or Yellow, WE as members of the Human Race/Family, throughout our History, have been bound by our Moral behaviours and our outlook on what is to be “conventionally accepted Standards of conduct” by our fellow peers. We can differentiate, when things go wrong, between What is “morally acceptable” by Norm, or what is not acceptable, not conducive to a fair and honest way of living, which, if left unchecked, can lead to chaos, anarchy and subsequent Evil.- An unhealthy State of mind that will and can only inevitably lead to our early demise.

It is vital to our entire survival, our very Being to ensure that we abide by Moral standards that we had been laid down, throughout the centuries, and down from our forefathers. This allows us consistency and a more stable environment upon which to enjoy our lives and the fruits of our labours. It organises us and “tidies up our way of life, bringing in some form of order that is acceptable to others”

When a minority of us deviates from this, a great shadow passes over us, throwing us into DARKNESS and into murky waters. Every effort must be made by every living individual to seek the path of goodness, to purge our souls and spirits which will hopefully, and optimistically will bring Light into our world, thus permitting us to shed the dark shadows taunting us.

From a spiritual perspective, which I can truthfully say most religions of today aspire to, the forces of Good and Evil exist at present, Light versus Darkness. When you are in the Dark, your vision is inhibited, compromised; it limits you in many ways, being unable to “SEE” the path that needs to be followed. It is not enough to grope in the dark, or to clutch at straw!! We must reach out and take the Path of Light, because it broadens our perceptions; extends our vision, and thus our understanding. We all need Vision to survive as it gives us Hope,for today, for tomorrow. Without this Hope, we cannot survive because this Hope is based on Goodness- a human quality that must never be demeaned or compromised.

The above I know represents a vision of a world that I wish to see but which I know in reality does not exist. That is why it is extremely important for people with good hearts and purity of mind, to ensure that we somehow, find a way of eradicating all the wickedness, the Evil that is poisoning our Lives and endangering God’s Mother Earth that is so innocent and has much to offer us all with its beauty and Universal magnificence.

Our whole being is dominated by how we behave, within ourselves, and to each other. That is the make-up of Human consciousness. We are automatically aware that we must act in a manner which is conducive to a happy way of life, where we can share, cooperate and help our fellow neighbour/friend/family member. Our Emotions and opinions dictate our standards of behaviour.

Positive and extroverted behaviour offers a good and well balanced outlook on life, encompassing all around it, exhibiting our free will to share and respect and tolerate.

Negative or introverted behaviour is the complete opposite to the above as it results only in boxing us in, forming a clique,an exclusion Zone restricted to a private elitist club, denying Rights to others who may not ‘fit in” to its insular perceptions, leading to hatred and prejudices our respect and love for our Human Family, forcing its will on our freedoms and free spirit.

No-one is perfect. No One!! No matter how pious one is, we all have weaknesses, faults, failings- that is Mankind’s make-up. We have all some time in our short lives, told a little white lie and possibly held a dislike or hatred for others. This is Human Nature. However, we must strive to be more amicable to one another and accept each other with kindness, compassion and Humility, This way we can endure everything that Life throws at us, the rough with the smooth, the ups and the downs!! But not through dominance, Religious/Ethnic Supremacism or intimidation, blackmail or State sanctioned Terrorism/Assassinations and Theft- these Acts can never be accepted and must never be allowed to prevail as they all go against God’s Rules for Man.

I thank God I have a roof over my head, clothing on my back, food and water to eat and drink and family members who I love and whose love is reciprocated. My heart, soul and conscience is very troubled for my Palestinian people, and for other fellow Arabs/Muslims and other suffering innocent Souls, who are at present being forced to experience – Occupation, Wars, Starvation, Poverty, Destitution, Homelessness, Unjust incarceration and unimaginable Torture in a world deprived of Justice, Freedom, and where there is an unacceptable disproportionate spread of wealth and resources to those who have not earned this good fortune through means of exploitation and deception. It is an Evil that is permeating our Nations from an Elitist minority that has allowed Evil to penetrate their Souls, which in turn, is throwing out tentacles that our poisoning and destroying innocent people who are entitled by the Laws and Standards of Man, to live and enjoy their lives and the fruits of their labour in a happy, just and peaceful environment, the very essence of Goodness.

EVIL demeans the human soul, corrupts the human mind , and Negates the Human SPIRIT, cheapening and destroying every ounce of Human Decency and Moral Standards and ethical criteria.

EVIL IS THE VERY ‘Core’ OF THE DEVIL, the HAND OF SATAN, the PRINCE OF DARKNESS, under whose hegemony, very dark throne, nothing healthy or moral survives.

But hoping to be ever optimistic, and following the prophecies in Islam, Good will prevail because Life has to go on and it can only do that once WE get rid of all the Evil Negativity that is terrorising our Family and our world.

We must not allow ourselves to go down with the self inflicted sinking ship but must swim to safety and on our way, rescue as many people as we morally can, guided by our path of Light/Goodness, that is God’s Light and His Goodness, by the Grace of God..


A crucial time for reflection and intense insight

How many of us go deep enough and search for the true Light.

Delve into our souls and ask our conscience the endless question:

Why are there deaths of so many innocents, too many to mention?

One minute they breathe life’s magnificent energy, next minute they are killed and die!

What is it really all for, to fill our eyes with tears, to cause us to lament and cry?

Hatred, Intolerance, Prejudice and Arrogance, it sadly is too much to bear.

There is so much beauty in our world, why oh why can’t we learn to share?

The precious Gift of Life bestowed by Almighty God should make us feel Proud.

We should hold on to His Compassionate Mercy, His Values and proclaim them out loud!

Instead, what do we do but withdraw into our own selfish shell

Lose our love and Humanity and follow the sad damning Path to Hell.


  1. #1 by Swift to hear on 03/15/2010 - 9:34

    I’m curious. As you strive to live your life in an “exemplary” manner, do you believe this is within your power ?

  2. #2 by jackiecox on 03/16/2010 - 9:34

    Study the lost books of the bible, the chronological history of religions, then rexamine the foundations of your judgemental beliefs, because, You like all the rest would be no different from the others if you had lived with their limited choices and their reality, yet you judge.

  3. #3 by jackiecox on 03/16/2010 - 9:34

    evil is ignorance, goodness, truth, a word ment to describe god, stolen by the kings scribes, writing to empower his tribe perpetually. The information revolution will unite the world in search for real truths, Not something prepared by emperor constantine, in an effort to unite the pagans and christians, to serve one sub-culture of society

  4. #4 by jackiecox on 03/16/2010 - 9:34

    the prince of darkness is mythology, you can’t read in the dark. Satin, a myth, hell, a four letter word. Their is a spirit realm. Its a personal thing, Its something you must discover, along with the right path

  5. #5 by rehmat1 on 03/17/2010 - 9:34

    When one “believes” in something passionately, it’s called religion. As according to an Israeli academic: “Holocaust has become new Jewish religion”. Original texts of all major religions contain many common virtues – but with the passage of time, some of these virtures have been corrupted by interested or influential people to serve their worldly desires. Holy Qur’an, though still maintains the common grounds within the three Abrahamic faiths:

    “And there are, certainly, people among the Yahud and Nasara, those who believes in Allah and in that which has been revealed to you, and in that which has been revealed to them, humbling themselves before Allah. They don’t sell the Verses of Allah for a little price, for them is a reward with their Lord. Surely, Allah is Swift in account,” – Holy Qur’an 3:199

    Several religions have either changed into a race (Judaism) or Caste system (Hinduism) or redemption through the sufferings of one man (Christianity). As Gilad Atzmon, an Israel-UK Jew writer said: “Though most contemporary Jews are utterly convinced that their ancestors are the Biblical Israelites who happened to be exiled brutally by the Romans, truth must be said. Contemporary Jews have nothing to do with ancient Israelites, who have never been sent to exile because such an expulsion has never taken place. The Roman Exile is just another Jewish myth.”

  6. #6 by Swift to hear on 03/17/2010 - 9:34

    Actually, when one believes in something it is called faith. Going through rituals is called religion. Believing that the bible is the Word of God is faith. Going to church is a religious ritual. There is nothing wrong with religious rituals so long as they are a genuine extension of faith and that the object of that faith is true.
    It appears this website places little faith in the Word of God. This is disheartening but is just another validation of the Word.
    Minus the Word, exactly how do you define good and evil ? Whatever the majority of people think it is ? Good luck with that. Jesus said to the Father “Thy Word is Truth”. It is there and there only that there is Life and Light and Truth.
    Outside of the Word there are only clever people professing to be wise but becoming fools.

  7. #7 by Mai on 03/18/2010 - 9:34

    addressed to ‘Swift to hear ‘

    ‘It appears this website places little faith in the Word of God. This is disheartening but is just another validation of the Word.’
    I take great exception to your remark as well as your hidden attack on my comment about trying to lead my life in an exemplary manner

    From my Islamic perspective, I strive to lead a moral life, following the dictates, Teachings, ethics and Moral principles laid down by Our Creator, God, in our Holy Quran which is not only Our precious Book of Faith, but incorporates a complete way of life to help us through everything that life throws at us during our short lifetime on Earth, which is transitory,with all its ups and downs,testing us all, be it with good fortune and happiness, or struggles and sorrow. I am not perfect as no one is perfect just as Utopia does not exist and nor does Democracy which is an illusion the West likes to propagate, an illusion so full of Hypocrisy, Deception, Mendacity and full of duplicity.Mankind is a failure, following their whims, weaknesses, succumbing to various temptations in this transitory life of ours that has been tragically consumed by evil elements- greed, racism, Supremacism, violent arrogance, Ignorance and just downright immorality, filling our youth with filth/pornography and promoting Materialism, Paganism/Secularism which leads us away from God’s Truth and Path. My FAITH is in God and all that He has sent down to us all through His chosen Messengers and Prophets of whom there have been many but who include, Adam, Noah, Abraham,Ismail, Isaac, David, Moses, Jesus Christ and of course Mohammed, peace and Blessings upon them all.

    You appear to be one of those arrogant Evangelical type of Christian who thinks that only Christians have a gateway to God and that this can only be through Jesus Christ, peace and blessings be upon him. (I apologise if you are not) ‘It is a pity that you show your ignorance of my ‘faith’, and what we are taught in Islam. Islam is far more than just going through ‘religious rituals’- we do not worship Idols and have none in our Mosques; we do not worship or idolise priests- we have our Imams who are our religious scholars(guides) who have spent years learning all aspects of our Faith.and here I am talking about honest Imams with integrity who worship God and our beloved Prophet above all else. We also have the greatest reverence for all of God’s Chosen Prophets and Messengers, and that includes our beloved Jesus Christ, pbuh who is held in the highest esteem by Muslims the world over. It is sad to see that the Christians in the West have drifted away from the true teachings and message that God gave to Christ,pbuh and I would go so far as to say that Muslims revere Christ and show him far more Respect than many Western Christians do. I have lived in the West for 50 years and have seen this deterioration for Christ amongst Westerners. People don’t give a damn about ‘religion’ or having Faith- they just want to do what they want, the me me me attitude to everything. People like to blame ‘religion’ for everything when they should be blaming Man’s failures, Man’s self centred interpretation of what he thinks religion should be, instead of following the true Teachings of God. God is not to blame for Mankind’s weaknesses and Failures- he gave us all a Free Will and we have proven ourselves to me a miserable specimen of Humanity which is why Evil is so prevalent, where Man fails to show Compassion, Love and Mercy for his fellow man,blinded by ignorance and intolerance, fails to share abundant resources with those who are less fortunate, who choose racism and ignorance to question those who do not conform to their personal moral high ground or belief system which is not based on God’s Law but Man’s Law.We live in a tragic world where there is far too much of Man’s Inhumanity to Man. We are instructed in the Holy Quran to believe in God and that people must not be compelled to come to God- that is their Choice- You believe in what you want just as I believe in what God tells me to.You have no right to tell me what my Faith or my religion should be- believe what you wish as long as it does not threaten me or mine or my Belief/Faith which Almighty God has determined for me as a Muslim.

    One more thing, your “Western” Christian FAITH did not originate in the WEST, In Rome, or UK, or USA, or Germany,it was given birth to in my Homeland, ancient Canaan, now Palestine and the very first Christians were the Assyrian Arabs/Canaanites and NOT Western White Europeans.

    My interpretation of Good and Evil is based upon what is written in our Holy Quran which contains the Words of Almighty God, without question. As I watch our TV screens I see great injustice and Oppression particularly targeted at my FAITH, Islam and its righteous Believers who are being Holocausted on a daily basis, just as I also see exploitation and heart breaking suffering in other parts of the world that should bring shame to any moral God Loivng Human Soul where Resources are controlled and manipulated by a tiny minority who follow Satan- his disciples spreading hatred, Cruelty, Wars and endless bloodshed, torture, greed, immorality and insatiable lust for power.

    Muslims believe in a Heaven and Hell and we believe therefore In God, Our Goodness whose Light we must seek and Follow, and the Devil/Satan who can only lead you to darkness.

    You sadly fail to understand the people on this site and your comment in fact is an insult to Mark Glenn who is a true Christian, one who believes deeply in Jesus Christ,pbuh, and all that he stood for and Mark is not one of these FAKE anti Christ type Judeo Christian Zionists who are an anathema to everything Christ,pbuh, stood for.
    Almighty God/Allah is the Only TRUTH and the Light to Man’s Salvation on the Day of Judgement.


  8. #8 by Swift to Hear2 on 03/18/2010 - 9:34

    (The 2 is a different e-mail address – not sure how these sites work)

    Anyway, note the first comment was mine. It was a question – not a veiled attack on anyone. This site references God much. The article (I guess you are the author) mentioned how they/you tried to live your life in an exemplary manner. I was trying to understand if you believed you(or anyone for that matter) could do so on their own (in Christian terms – by will of the flesh). That is all. It sets the point for all further discussions. You being a Muslim, I would hope you believe you cannot live an exemplary life apart from the grace of Allah. If you think you can, it resets the discussion again.
    My charge to the casting insult to the Word was directed at jackiecox (primarily) who as you know on another recent article on this site was quite insulting of the Old Testament.

    You are right on more than one point. I know little about Islam. Hearing many sermons by Louis Farrakan (pardon spelling) has made me wonder why I hear more New Testament passages preached by a Muslim minister than many Christian (self professing) evangelists. One side is clear. The other (the Muslim side) is less so. Your intolerance make me wonder if you are able to engage in a discussion such as this. I hope I am wrong. I can overlook your less than veiled insults and complete lack of what I do and do not believe.

  9. #9 by Mahmoud El-Yousseph on 03/18/2010 - 9:34

    Good: is what God and morality dictate us to do.

    examples: be the first to render greeting, visit the sick, help the needy, and be kind to

    Evil: is what every faith and moral codes asks us to avoid

    examples: backs biting, false witness, disobeying your parents, aiding and abetting

  10. #10 by Jalid on 03/22/2010 - 9:34

    your work is amazing MR
    keep them coming

  11. #11 by Deadmantalking on 03/22/2010 - 9:34

    Why do so many “new-age” flakes slip in the word “tolerance” whenever expositing the virtues of a genuine faith in Christ?

    Since when did “tolerance” become a virtue? (I suspect it happened when “new” Bible translators decided to interpret the word “forbearing” as meaning “tolerant”.)

    See for yourselves — try searching for the words “tolerate” or “tolerant” or “tolerance” in the Latin Vulgate or the King James translations…then you will begin to see how the schismatics are winning “the war”:

  12. #12 by kevin on 06/27/2010 - 9:34

    yo watch the phantom of the opera its like good vs evil ps its a movie from 2004 this movie got to my head so many times

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