The Ugly Truth Podcast March 17, 2010

The one and only Brother Nathanel Kapner of returns for a special program discussing the recent threats made by Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu towards the Obama administration.

  1. #1 by jackie cox on 03/18/2010 - 9:34

    With the advent of one book, the internet, where everyone can be connected, deceit is easily exposed. All the past religions and attempts to rule the world will vanish, as there can only exist truth. The most powerful element every to encroach on mans belief systems in the words of preliterate scribes, which created the sub-cultures of society, always at war, over the words of preliterate scribes, writing to please the ancient kings. Now with the one book, the truth will prevail, all else will perish, and with it the lies that have kept mankind at war, since the beginning, has enabled the remanents of one sub-culture to evolve into a world class mafia, controling the newsmedias, the trade routes, financial institutions, illicit trade of narcotics, slaves, etc. Creating for themselves a world of virtual Nobility, a world where everyone else is but a slave, servant, hireling, or enemy, In their wake, for the last 3,000 years are thousands of murdered tribes. Cultures with valuable information on the use of nature, that if identified, all together would have shortened our search for truths immensely. But hey, they hide behind fashion and law, they tell us what to buy and then sell it to us, Try and get into one of their trades and become destroyed. They keep lists, hunt people down, destroy lives, businesses, nature itself, all in the name of their god, greed and lust. Now they cannot hide, Their PR Stunts all backfire on them, their real estate wars are seen by the entire world, As are their intentions. What are their chances for survival ? Good, if they abandon their deceitful ways and join the world as equals, giving back their stolen bounty. The otherway is the end to their existence. I do not judge them, for if I were one of them I would be as they are, and vise versa, however, I am myself, a person, the remanents of many dead cultures, My mom, from 4 native american tribes, my dad, celtic, himself the remenants of many dead tribes. We are not cattle, people were not ment to be farmed, nature was not created to be used for landfill, the other species , not ment for extermination, by a tribe that doubles their population every 17 years. Changing names, cultures, lieing in order to control and manipulate, and for what ? Money, Women, The chance to destroy other peoples lives and dreams. This website may well be just another one out their, trolling for names to list and destroy in an effort to continue in their stupid goal of world control. Imagine, a peoples so ignorant as to believe they can actually accomplish their impossible dream, when all they do is hasten their end

  2. #2 by jackie cox on 03/18/2010 - 9:34

    Don’t make the mistake to state and believe the USA condones their behavior and The USA no longer supplying them with new generations of military equipment. The USA and NATO are telling Israel to go back to the pre67 borders, Which they ignore, AIPAC and the corrupt newsmedia thinking they can continue to control the USA. Their end to building a nonproductive society in the desert on stolen lands with american money is nearing an end. Soon the reality of consequencies for their past ignorant deeds will prevail. Personally, 10-15 years from now. I see the end of their illfounded goals and possibly even their existence. Their children will not stand with them, they will begin to die off, or possibly face genocide, from the ever mounting hoards of enemies they knowingly create, thinking either the USA, China, or some other mercenary will deal with the ever mounting threat. I think maybe the first-born rabbis who actually make the decisions smoke too many temple balls. The musical game with their phony heads of states taking the blame the switching places with another, only to reappear again a year or so later is so obvious, and soo boring

  3. #3 by Jalid on 03/18/2010 - 9:34

    Brother Nathaniel Kapner Has a site with good people in it
    His group talks decent and are good hearted
    hate evil and seek justice

    but …

    how can pretty deers with almond shaped black eyes
    big fuming dragon?

  4. #4 by katman on 03/20/2010 - 9:34

    I learn more from a mark glenn podcast than listening to RBN for 24 hours………

  5. #5 by The Prodigal Son on 03/20/2010 - 9:34


    The ‘Jews’ don’t have the numbers to kill us all…

    So they must use deception; sow discord among us and instead get us to kill each other (as they did in WWI & WWII).

    But if we’re all aware of what they’re trying to do… if we’re smart – and we all just REFUSE to kill each other and instead work to help each other and warn each other, spreading truth instead of swallowing lies…

    Then THEY lose.

    Strength in numbers Jalid… strength in numbers. If it’s THEM versus THE WHOLE WORLD –

    WE will win! (Without killing anyone…)

    Peace Jalid.

  6. #6 by 正教会の智 on 03/22/2010 - 9:34

    This audio clip reveals why the Jew-Stream Media keeps promoting George Galloway.

    George Galloway says “Jewish Lobby” and “Jewish Power” is Antisemitic Speech

    They follow him around, quote him, interview him, express exaggerated outrage over his anti-Zionist rhetoric, while completely ignoring people like yourself, or Brother Nathanael or Christopher Bjerknes or Gilad Atzmon or anyone else who gets right down to the ‘root cause’: Jewish/Judaic society/mentality/ideology/theology.

    Just imagine the effect that a respectful interview with Gilad Atzmon, for example, on some show like 60 Minutes would have on the Talmud-Vision dumbed-down masses.

    If the average TV viewer could see a passionate and intelligent man who served in the Zionist Army, who fought in Lebanon, who was born in Occupied Palestine, and hear him explain why he has renounced his former citizenship ans supports a unitary Palestinian state, and hear him systematically deconstruct every Zionist lie and expose the corruption at the heart of Jewish politics, then they’d realize that there’s nothing wrong, immoral or hateful in discussing Zionism or Judaism or Jewish society critically.

    Instead, they are only permitted to hear idiots and con-men like Noam Chomsky or George Galloway as “the voices of oppositiion”.

    Galloway serves Jewish interests, with his dumb antics (Big Brother TV etc), and also because of statements like the ones he makes in that audio clip.

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