The Ugly Truth Podcast April 19, 2010

Phil Tourney joins us for a great interview with Andrew Kilgore, former US Ambassador to Qatar and publisher of Washington Report On Middle East Affairs magazine.

  1. #1 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally on 04/19/2010 - 9:34

    There is a kind of naïveté of the ‘good’ American people that has always baffled me. When Ghazza was bombed again in December 2008, a genocidal salvo in honour of the “first Jewish President” of the united States of America (according to the Judeocrat Abner Mikva), it was revealed by the Jews themselves that more than 90% of the Israelis were in favour of the Holocaust in Ghazza and 100% are for nuking Iran. As a matter of fact, the Israeli leaders promised the Palestinians a REAL Shoah, meaning not like the one they fabricated with the help and blessings of the Goyim.

    Why is it that the good American people not once and for all realise what we, the victims of endless Anglo-American genocidal, plunder and enslavement policies and campaigns have known all along, but which we are not allowed to say because our own political and religious leaders are traitors working for the Jewish/Zionist Kabbalah?

    I was in an eye clinic in Moscow on 8 June 1967 when America attacked America using Israeli planes and torpedo ships with the clear aim to nuke Egypt that they would use as scapegoat for the USS Liberty massacre! Nikita Sergeyevich Khrushchov Никита Сергеевич Хрущёв having been replaced by Zionist Communists, the Jewish-run USSR nonetheless “promised” to help Egypt in case of an American sponsored Zionist attack. Did this make sense? Obviously not, but Gamel Abdel Nasser, a CIA agent like Saddam Hussein, fell into the trap. You should find out why the CIA did not want Nasser to be assassinated or why Churchill did not want Hitler to be assassinated or why Margaret Thatcher never ordered Saddam to be assassinated or why MOSSAD never assassinated Arafat before the order of assassination was officially given by the Jewish Reichstag of the Fourth Reich, the Knesset!

    We should always bear in mind that the USSR (and France) voted for the establishment of a racist Zionist state not only on Palestinian land but in its place, and massive Jewish and Communist immigration was allowed (as a plan) after Khruschov had been ousted! Jews and Zionists have been ruling America at least since 1913. They carried out the Russian October Revolution and the Holocaust of Christian and Muslim Russians and Armenians (Lenin, Stalin,Trotsky…), WWI and WWII, the Vietnam War (Kissinger), the Irak (Albright) and Afghan (Brzezinski) wars with American tax-payers’ money, and spilling American blood. They are now exhorting the Jewish-run American government (Rahm the Cruel) to spill more blood in sacrifice to their gods!

    The ‘good’ American people refuse to wake up! They allowed LBJ and Israel to murder JFK, RFK, to attack the USS Liberty and commit other crimes against America and all to go unpunished. Congress is not afraid of the American Zionist Council (AIPAC) or ADl, Congress IS AIPAC and ADL itself! The military is not loyal to America but to Israel. They carried out the 9/11/2001 attacks on America with obvious MOSSAD help. This crime too went unpunished. When the ‘good’ American will one day wake up, they will take up arms and restore the Republic if it is not too late! They cannot do it otherwise!

    Now, regarding Obama-Sotero, he will not be better than Bush. I said he will be worse unless he is killed before he (Rahm the Cruel) launches any nuclear attack on Iran! He has been set up by the Jewish/Zionist Kabbalah to be the worse US President of all times, which means that Eretz Israel is going to unleash its major operation under his regime. All is already in place for the “War of Armageddon”! The Jews have just released their final plan to decapitate Christianity and destroy all Christian values that have survived the Jewish Communist and Talmudist onslaught!

    As Mark Glenn said, Israel uses false flag operations like Italians use tomato sauce on their pizzas!

    19th of April 2010

  2. #2 by Gerald on 04/20/2010 - 9:34

    Very good article, or should I say the true at last…Ironman

  3. #3 by Tom in GA on 04/20/2010 - 9:34

    Good interview with an old time warrior against jewish oppression and hegemony. Again, I say thanks to Mark and Phil for interviewing voices from outside the normal sphere of the ‘truth movement’. I think it’s important to keep bringing more names and people from diverse backgrounds into the discussion and mix.

    I think Ognir and Rick Adams (w/ help from Lindsey from GA) to get Michael Gray from NY Post was an incredible coup. (And Daryl Bradford Smith getting Bill Murphy from GATA too). The jews are against everyone so thanks for expanding the perimeter of the anti-zionist circle.

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