The Ugly Truth Podcast April 26, 2010

Co-host Phil Tourney joins the discussion with LIBERTY activist Richard Scuteri.

  1. #1 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally on 04/27/2010 - 9:34


    A little bit of anti-Freudian psychology, logic and hidden history.


    The greatest false flag of the last century was planned to exterminate the entire USS Liberty fleet and blame it on Egypt that would have allowed the US and Israel to take over the entire Middle East because Egypt had dared disobey Washington, just like Saddam Hussein and Sheikh Usama Bin Ladin did! The USA was so mad at Egypt and at their CIA agent Gamel Abdel Nasser that she threatened to use “all her military might” to stop the evil Arabs who they claim were threatening western and Yisraeli peace-loving civilisation! I was a regular visitor in those days of the American Embassy in Moscow and was able to read about all the Western anti-USSR propaganda and the myth of the Cold War: 1964-65; 1967-68.

    The time was ripe as Nikita Khruschiov was not there to bully the USA anymore. As far as I remember, the USA had already moved her navy near Egypt ready to intervene because the UN troops had evacuated or been made to evacuate the area. (Do you remember what happened immediately after the French had evacuated her military from Rwanda???) WHY? In order to allow Yisrael to launch a “pre-emptive” attack on Egypt on 5 June 1967 while the Jewish and Zionist controlled media in the West had been active in their usual campaign of demonisation of Arabs with the usual lies that Yisrael was threatened of annihilation by the mad Arabs!

    How strange it is that the arrogant Jews who were so super powerful militarily (not without outside help though!) had their leaders WEEP at the door of all Western nations, and even the USSR to beg for help against the terrorist Arabs, and endlessly reminding them of the “Six Million” of the Jewish Holocaust??? Kossygin knew it was crocodile tears because his boss Stalin made up that deceptive figure!!! But, he kept quiet (at least in his letter exchange with Eshkol) because he knew he was not going to help the Arabs against the Jews, and he was mourning the death (?) of his wife!!! Is it a coincidence that Kosygin’s wife Klavdia Andreyevna happened to die on 1 May 1967, just three days before the attack???

    How strange again that today the same “Six Million” Jewish Holocaust is being used by those eternally weeping Jews against Iran that they are threatening to NUKE, in violation of all civilised and so-called International laws???

    The CIA-KGB-MOSSAD plan was supervised by Johnson and the Russian Troika of the time: Kosygin-Brezhnev-Mikoyan. According to the translation from Arabic by a Clinic inmate in Moscow, Nasser was warning the world that the Jews were not only ready to invade his country but to take over the entire Middle-East. Nasser vowed he would never allow this to happen and had started a ‘total’ boycott of the West and its “civilisation”! He also threatened Israel of dealing toughly with her in case of an attack. But, this was bragging, and I was quite outraged by Nasser, that fool, because I knew then that Yisrael would never fight the Arabs (or any other nation) without the US being directly involved financially and militarily, with Europe giving all the support she could. But, this time, Yisrael was not afraid of the Arabs knowing that the Americans were right behind, and that the Russians ( blackmailed?) would not raise a finger to defend Egypt, her ‘ally’!

    What Jewish threats was Kosygin under to betray the Arab cause? In my article published in a Mauritian daily “le mauricien” in 1968, I wrote about the foolishness of Nasser and the betrayal of the Russians! I was only 22 or 23 years old then!

    Like in 1933, Judea declared war on Hitler and Germany in March 1933 while the Zionists signed the Haavara Agreement on 25 August 1933 with their buddy Hitler who yet had no real power in Germany, and with Jewish (British) bankers to send German Jews to Palestine on Nazi ships and under Nazi command???

    And, in order to reward the Germans for three years of “ferocious anti-Semitism”, the West hosted the Olympic Games in Berlin in 1936??? Did they not host the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games in Human Rights’ violator and Communist China too??? It was another reward for what, this time??? Is it because Jewish bankers are now operating there (and flooding the entire West with crappy goods!) and successfully fleecing the sleeping Americans??? The new exploitation fields of the Rothschild-Bauer Dynasty is China and India! India, Yisrael, UK and US are all carrying out joint military exercise in the Indian Ocean from their Diego Garcia military base!

    So much of world history is deliberately hidden that it is not easy to get any clear picture of most things. But, as for the attack on the USS Liberty of 8 June 1967, to me it was crystal clear! I pity the American Goyim who still believe it was a matter of Jewish “mistaken identity”!!! If you research the “reactions” of Kosygin or of his famous Troika after the attack and the 1967 Six Day War, not propaganda meant to mislead, you will understand what really happened and who the plotters were!!!

    The US recognised the bastard entity known as Eretz Yisrael minutes after the Jewish invaders declared its illegal, abominable and monstrous creation on Palestinian land!!! Britain who beat up the Third Reich said she was powerless in stopping Jewish terrorism in Palestine and was FORCED TO BETRAY THE ARABS and leave Palestinian in the hands of the heavily armed Jewish Brigade of the British Army and the Jewish terrorists and “SURVIVORS OF THE HOLOCAUST”!!!

    Britain used the same argument after ‘leaving’ Hindustan in the hands of Hindu Fascists, partitioning the land in favour of the Hindus (giving Muslim Kashmir to the Hindus!), and installing an everlasting hatred between Hindus and Muslims!!! Today 100 million Indian Muslims are “missing” in Anglo-India and living as literal slaves!!!

    Have you not seen how at the end of all modern uprisings, revolutions, wars and massacres, including the American “Revolution” and the Napoleonic Wars, the JEWS always emerge as the victors and the wealthiest among the nations??? They claimed they were persecuted for six thousand years, and by Europeans, but today they rule Europe!!!

    If you have understood what really happened to the USS Liberty in 1967, you have understood EVERYTHING because it is the same pattern all along! And, mind you, this will continue as long as WE do not fearlessly, selflessly, audaciously and persistently STOP them!!! Forty-two years without human justice for those murdered in cold blood by the WEEPING Jews, means that humans are totally unreliable.

    I AM FOR GOD’S (not Talmudist or Communist laws!) LAWS AND GOD’S JUSTICE!

    27 April 2010

    P.S. I am thankful to Mark Glenn to allow me this much of freedom here and praise his courageous fight. God bless him and his loved ones, and all fighters for Truth, Justice and Freedom. If one day I am no more welcome here, I will leave, as a polite guest, with thanks to my host.

  2. #2 by Onion on 04/28/2010 - 9:34

    I liked these posts and comments. This seems like a descent site to reflect. The Fake Jews will always attempt to masks themselves in whatever gives them an advantage. It is normally deceit and fabrication and fake tears that they have committed the most vicious crimes. Guilty Guilty Guilty. The fake Jews have no place amongst descent people and their crying over the holocaust and their suffering is because they are the most high and have to represent. I have not read any of their fake ass history and wont even give them the benefit of trying to understand anything their small minds tell them. I want to know what does it take to murder innocent women, children and farmers. Is it in with the spirit(soul) or the mind or maybe both. It has to be very deep seated within your self being. Hype up the drama for there is supposed to be a Nuke set off in Florida on the 4th of July 2010. Fake Jews murdering other fake Jews. I cant say that I have any real feelings one way or the other but I do have relatives in that part of the world and many of them who will not believe the truth cause they think god or Jesus is coming but they cant say when. 9/11 was nothing compared to the 4th of July fireworks display in Florida. Fake Jew, Fake Jew, Fake Jew you should be in a padded cell and that is all there is to it. No sympathy here until you pay for your dirty deeds. The fake Jew children are taught to hate and to mistrust everyone who is not a Jew. It is in their bible or WTF else they call it. I read the bible and the Koran and all sorts of Christian material even Buddhism. I don’t feel anything for the fake ass Jews cause they stink to high heavens with murder and deceit. Cynthia Mc Kinney has interviewed the sailors on the liberty ship that was bombed and I believe they did not have to lie to her about what actually happened. So how do some fake Jew who was not even there know so much.
    O yeah some guy sitting on a cloud named Yahweh must have told them. I looked up and saw that guy hiding behind a cloud one day and boy is he scared of the fake Jews. He actually told me they would kill him if he returned and his son is petrified of the Zionist. So all you Christians better take heed he aint coming to save your wicked ass either. I am not a atheist and I don’t believe in no devil satin MF but I do believe that man is a sore loser for not taking these fake Jews to task at every turn they make in the crooked road they occupy.

  3. #3 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally on 05/07/2010 - 9:34

    Dear “Mister ONION”!

    Many thanks for your appreciation and compliments here and there. But, don’t you think that it will make more serious debate if you do not hide your name, or if you chose a pen name that you do not change every day so that people might recognise your writings!

    Frankly, I cannot even quote you to people (or archive your comments) as I will have to say ONION said this, ONION said that! I hope you see my point, “ONION”!

    With Love


  4. #4 by Amy on 05/09/2010 - 9:34

    The book “What I Saw That Day…Israel’s 1967 Holocaust of American Servicemen Aboard The USS Liberty And Its Aftermath” by the US Navy officer survivor: Phillip Tourney and Mark Glenn is a must for every American home, every home of a military man or woman here or abroad and every library in the world. This should be added to the summer reading list of schools across the United States. It is time that we get people across the US to talk about this shameful event in our history. We need to have a museum dedicated to the memories of those precious Servicemen of the US Navy whom we lost due to this mass murder by our worst and foremost enemy: Israel whom our politicians have called our “ally”.

    Since 1967 we have had several US presidents who have all ignored this mass murder by Israel by doing nothing and instead each administration has continued its support to this criminal state by giving billions of dollars of US taxpayer money without the consent of the taxpayers. It is time to stop all US aid to this ugly monster who is now trying to get more of our soldiers killed by its attempt to get America into a new war with Iran even after getting so many US soldiers killed in several illegal wars after 9/11 which Israel committed on the US. Why is US getting into these devious plans of Israel to help them to destroy various Arab nations who have done nothing to us?

    Our security is threatened by only Israel not Muslim countries. Our enemies are not Muslims they are Zionists bankers, Zionist Israel and organized Jewry in America such as the AIPAC, ADL, Southern Poverty Law Center, the ACLU, various think tanks and media outlets [Left and Right] run by the Zionist Jews, various fake charities such as ACLJ run by the Jew [fake Christian]: Jay Sekulow who collects money from the Christians while serving Israeli interests. This fraud uses Christian money to brainwash Christians against Arabs–in order to get their support to wage more wars against Arab nations so that Israel can steal their oil, natural gas, metals etc at the expense of America’s sweat and blood. He has done nothing to stop hate crime laws against Christians. He keeps pounding on his audience about his support for Israel and keeps repeating the sentence that “we must stand with Israel who is our ally”. Michael Savage [another fraud] who pretends to be a friend of Christians and who takes pride in himself as an honest man and a truthteller had him on his show to give him the opportunity to collect money from more people in addition to brainwashing more people to help Israeli cause that further sobotages our interests in so many different ways.

    What do we gain from these people? These people spread their Jewish agenda among more Christians while also stealing their wallets for no benefit to Christianity, America, Americans and our military. These Jewish criminals are getting the support from naive Christians to destroy people and their countries and get our military killed while America is going bankrupt. This criminal Jay Sekulow is a lawyer. What is the use of these Jewish criminals getting any education when they use their knowledge for criminal purpose? Michael Savage is a hired hand who like other radio hosts is there to advance the NWO agenda fro Jewish world domination and the purpose is for Jews to occupy the Arab land at the expense of Christian blood and sweat so Christians and Muslims are dead while leaving the Jews to inherit the earth. Michael Savage calls the Iranian President Hitler which is unfair and unjust and keeps repeating that he wantes to destroy Israel. These are talking points repeated by other pimps and prostitutes such as Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin, Sarah Palin et al in order to get us into a new war with Iran.

    Iran is a precious country like Russia and unlike the criminal Israel. Do these criminal Zionists think their lives are more important than that of a darling little kid from Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza, Palestine or Iran? No. Sarah Palin, Jay Sekulow, Michael Savage, Bill Krystol, John Hagee, Mike Huckabee, Sean Hannity, Netanyahu, AIPAC and ADL and SPLC monsters: your lives are not worth anything because you all are disgusting liars and the way to cleanse the earth is for you and your generations to go through spiritual war and it will happen–and every ugly thought you hold in your mind the suffering will follow for generations of your descendents. Yes, every little kid that dies from your warmongering you will be called upon to pay the price. This is spiritual law which you cannot escape. John Hagee, Pat Robertson, Mike Huckabee, Sean Hannity, Sarah Palin, Bill Krystol, Jay Sekulow, Michael Savage: go to the front line of the Israeli army and fight your next war. Leave our soldiers alone and leave America alone. Michael Savage stop calling Pat Buchanan an anti-Semite for writing and speaking the truth about Jews.

    When are we going to hold these criminals responsible for their crimes such as USS Liberty bombing, 9/11, JFK assassination etc? When will be the next false flag operation?

    “Thanks to the terrible power of our International Banks, we have forced the Christians into wars without numbers. Wars have a special value for Jews since Christians massacre each other and make more room for Jews. Wars are the Jews’ Holocaust, the Jew banks grow fat on Christian wars. Over one hundred million Christians have been swept off the face of earth by wars and the end is not yet”, Rabbi Reichorn at the funeral of Rabbi Simeon Ben-Iudah in 1869.
    Taken from the website, “I am the Witness”.

    Please read books by Eustace Mullins, Edward Griffin, Webster Tarpley, Alan Hart, Norman Finkelstein, Jeff Gates, Michael Piper Collins, Mark Glenn, Texe Marrs, Grant Smith, Benjamin freedman, Patrick Buchanan, Dr Ron Paul, Gerald Celente.

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