The Ugly Truth Podcast May 12, 2010

USS LIBERTY survivor and war hero Phil Tourney joins the program as we interview Josh Steiber of Iraq Veterans Against the War. Josh was part of the same company featured int eh recent wikileaks video showing a dozen unarmed Iraqi men being gunned down by an American gunship.

  1. #1 by JP on 05/13/2010 - 9:34


    I just discovered your podcast recently and I’m very impressed by your guests and the depth of the discussions on your show. I have a podcast of my own and hopefully I can learn from you. Great job, keep up the great work.

    Regards from Montreal.

  2. #2 by The Prodigal Son on 05/14/2010 - 9:34

    ‘Army Strong’?… Army Sick!

    ‘In a videotaped interview released Wednesday, Josh Stieber told The Real News Network things that troops did on a regular basis in basic training, including chanting during marches, were the start of his loss of faith in the US military.

    Josh Stieber enlisted in the army after graduating high school. He was deployed to Baghdad from February 2007 to April 2008 with the military company shown on the ground in the Collateral Murder video. He was granted conscientious objector status upon his return home from Baghdad.

    In an interview with Real News Network senior editor Paul Jay, Steiber said he was alarmed in basic training when the chants “even joked about killing women and children.”

    STIEBER: One that stands out in my mind is—it goes:

    “I went down to the market where all the women shop
    I pulled out my machete and I begin to chop
    I went down to the park where all the children play
    I pulled out my machine gun and I begin to spray.”‘


  3. #3 by Ghyslaine ROC on 05/15/2010 - 9:34

    Kill, Kill and Kill, Murder, Murder and Murder, Exterminate, Exterminate and Exterminate, Steal, Steal and Steal, Rape, Rape and Rape, Lie, Lie and Lie…!

    “This Iraki Land TOO is yours; I gave it ALL to you, O My Chosen People!”

    “This is how you should repay those who gave you your Hebrew language (script), your Ezraic Torah, your Talmud, and the fundamentals of your religion that you made into abominations!”

    “Eternal ingratitude and utter cruelty should be your way of life and policy, O My Chosen Ones!”

    “But, do not forget to eliminate your Goyim Helpers and Financiers TOO as soon as I give you the order!!!!!!!”

    Signed: ADONAI ELOHIM!


  4. #4 by Amy on 05/16/2010 - 9:34

    For those who say all Jews are like other people in the society here or abroad, here is some news. This is what Dr William Pierce has written:

    “…And when you no longer are afraid and you finally are able to look the truth squarely in the face, you no longer will believe that it is a coincidence that the Jews have elbowed their way into virtually every position of control in the mass media. You no longer will believe that the Jews do not use the power consciously and collectively that this media control gives them. I’ll say that again: the Jews use their control over the mass media, not as individual capitalists, the way the few non-Jews in the media do, but they use it collectively and cooperatively to advance Jewish interests.

    That is why you can see a common propaganda agenda throughout all of the controlled media. They all promote the image of the Jew as a victim, never as a predator or aggressor; they all promote the image of the Jews as sensitive and creative and sympathetic, not as the sort to plan and organize a bloody Bolshevik revolution and butcher tens of millions of innocent Russians and Ukrainians or to run the White-slave business and force thousands of young European girls into a life of prostitution every year — or as the sort to elbow their way into the key positions of media control and then to help their fellow Jews do the same thing.

    And they also all push interracial sex. They all push the lie that most interracial crime is White on Black. They all suppress any news which contradicts that lie. They all try to persuade us that homosexuality is normal and acceptable, just an alternative life-style. They all propagandize for multiculturalism and for more diversity and for keeping our borders open to the Third World and for scrapping the Second Amendment — all of them.

    Now, let’s back up for a moment, because I’ve just said something extremely important, and I want to be sure that it sinks in: that I have convinced you. I think that most perceptive and responsible people, once they have made up their minds that they want to know the truth, can accept the fact of Jewish media control; that fact is really undeniable. I think that most of them can then take the next step and conclude that this Jewish media control is not just a coincidence: they can conclude that the Jews deliberately and cooperatively set out to achieve this control and then to use it to advance their collective interests.

    People can understand that in terms of the sort of group behavior with which they already are familiar. The members of other groups also cooperate in order to achieve group power and then use this power to advance their group interests. And so it should not be surprising that the Jews in the media collaborate to create a favorable image of themselves in the public mind. Most people can persuade themselves that it’s not “anti-Semitic” to believe that Jews behave like many other groups do in order to advance their group interests.

    It’s the next step that is difficult for many people: it is recognizing that the propaganda agenda of the Jewish media bosses goes far beyond promoting a favorable image of themselves; it also promotes everything which is unfavorable to the non-Jewish majority. And this destructive propaganda is not a coincidence either; it is the product of a planned, deliberate, collaborative effort.

    Reaching this conclusion is a big step, a difficult step, for many people — even for people who want to understand, who want to know the truth. It’s a big step because it separates the Jews from every other special-interest group. It sets the Jews aside from the rest of humanity and identifies them as a uniquely hostile, destructive, and deceptive group. It identifies them as a group which is uniquely dangerous to our people. And it leaves anyone who takes this step open to the charge of “anti-Semitism.” Certainly, if you take this step — if you reach this conclusion — and you announce your conclusion publicly, you will be denounced as an “anti-Semite” by the media bosses — and probably by the lemmings too.

    And so I don’t want you just to take my word for this very important conclusion about the nature of the Jews as a uniquely hostile and dangerous group. I want you to study the facts. I want you to think about the evidence and reach your own conclusion. But I don’t want you to stop short of a conclusion because of fear, because of brainwashing. I want you to overcome your fear and examine the evidence objectively.

    I will make a few more observations about this conclusion and its implications now, however. Let me tell you, it really is the key to understanding many other things: the history of the Jews in Europe — and elsewhere — for example. Why were the Jews always picked on and persecuted far more than any other group? Why did everyone else always hate them? Why have they been kicked out of virtually every country in Europe during the past thousand years: out of England and Spain and Portugal and France and Sweden and Germany and a dozen other countries and told never to come back, only to sneak back in and then be kicked out again? The Jews will tell you that it was Christian bigotry. But Christian bigotry cannot explain why the Egyptians threw them out of Egypt more than a thousand years before Christ, and it cannot explain why the pagan Greeks and Romans hated them. I used to wonder about these things. And even after I began to suspect that the socially and racially destructive activities of the Jews were planned and deliberate, I didn’t know why. It didn’t make sense to me that the Jews would deliberately seek to destroy a society in which they were riding high — that they would deliberately drill holes in the bottom of a boat in which they were passengers. I couldn’t figure it out — until I understood the nature of the Jews.

    And that nature really is unique. At some time far back in the prehistoric period, certainly more than 3,000 years ago, the Jews developed a unique mode of survival as predators and parasites. Whereas other races, other tribes, sought either to live alone among their own kind — or to conquer other tribes militarily and take their land or require them to pay tribute — the Jews sought to invade the territory of other races by stealth and then to subvert them, to undermine their morale, to break down the order and structure in their societies as a concomitant to controlling them and exploiting them.

    In the beginning, thousands of years ago, this may have been only a novel plan for gaining control of a particular neighbor, but eventually it developed into a way of life. It became part of their religion, and eventually it got into their genes. I believe that today they really can’t help themselves. And as I said before, you do need to think carefully about this. You need to study the facts. It’s difficult for many people to understand the Jews because they really are different from every other ethnic group.

    One aspect of the Jewish problem which adds to the difficulty many people have in coming to grips with it is that the Jews are not just a scheming and sinister kehillah of adult male media bosses. They are a complete community, with women and children and many members on the fringes: part-Jews, dissidents, and so on — even a few anti-Jewish Jews. There are approximately six million Jews in the United States , by their own count, and they can’t all be film studio owners or newspaper publishers or promoters of “rap” music or Hollywood scriptwriters. Most of them live and work in a way which gives them relatively little personal opportunity for damaging our society. They are simply teachers and businessmen and merchants and lawyers and doctors, earning a living more or less like everyone else — but not quite.

    You must back off a bit in order to see the forest rather than just the trees. The essential thing about the forest is that it is destroying our world. It is a parasitic forest. It is injecting spiritual and cultural poison into our civilization and into the life of our people and sucking up nutrients to enrich itself and grow even more destructive. Perhaps only 10 per cent of the trees in this Jewish forest have roots deep enough to inject their poison into us, and the other 90 per cent play only supporting roles of one sort or another. It is still the whole forest which is our problem. If the forest were not here we would not have had to endure the curse of Bolshevism. If the forest were not here America would not be growing darker and more degenerate by the year. It is the whole forest, not just a few of the most poisonous trees in it, which must be uprooted and removed from our soil if we are to become healthy again.

    The essential point again is this: not every Jew has a leading role in promoting the evils which are destroying us, and not every person is a Jew who is collaborating with the leading Jews who are promoting evil, but it is only because the Jews as a whole are among us that the evils they always promote are overwhelming us. If the Jews were not present we could overcome the evil men of our own race. The evil men of our own race may seek their own profit at the expense of the rest of us, but they do not seek to destroy our race. Only the Jews seek that”.


    Free Speech – 1999 – Volume V, Number 10

    Elites vs. Masses
    by Dr. William Pierce

    I totally agree with Dr William Pierce and I have seen this about organized Jewry myself very clearly. Organized Jewry has hijacked our government, the US military, the Pentagon, legal system, universities and colleges among other things and ruined America and other countries. The international Jew is a curse when they act collectively instead of as individuals. This is the greatest danger we face not the manufactured Islamic terrorism by the Zionist israel which is responsible for 95% of terrorism in the world. It is time to point the blame where it is due: Israel and organized Jewry.

  5. #5 by Amy on 05/16/2010 - 9:34

  6. #6 by Amy on 05/17/2010 - 9:34

    Free Speech – January 2002 – Volume VIII, Number 1
    by Dr. William Pierce

    “Terrorism” and “terrorist” have been the most-used words on television and in the other controlled news media recently. We’ve heard over and over about al-Qaeda terrorism and Iraqi terrorism and Palestinian terrorism — especially about Palestinian terrorism during the past week, with the Bush government repeatedly demanding that Yasser Arafat arrest every Palestinian designated as a “terrorist” on a list given to him by Israel. But we haven’t heard anything about Israeli terrorism or about U.S. terrorism: not even a word. The controlled news media in America would have us believe that the governments of Israel and the United States don’t engage in terrorism.

    So how do we decide what is terrorism and what isn’t? Is terrorism what individuals or small groups do when they’re angry at a government, but what governments do is legitimate warfare or self-defense or something else other than terrorism?
    No, no, that can’t be, because we were told that the government of Afghanistan that we just destroyed was a terrorist government, and so is the government of Iraq, which the media want us to destroy next. So maybe it’s the type of weapon that’s used that determines whether an action is terrorism or not. If one uses a car bomb or a human bomb, as the Palestinians often do, it’s terrorism. If one uses a helicopter gun ship, as the Israelis often use to assassinate Palestinian leaders, or an airplane, like we use to bomb Afghanistan, it’s not terrorism.

    No, no, that can’t be right, because Osama bin Laden used airplanes in his attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, and we were assured that was terrorism. So why is Mr. Bush’s aerial bombing of Kabul or Kandahar not terrorism, while Osama bin Laden’s aerial bombing of New York and Washington was? Why wasn’t the Clinton government’s aerial bombing of Belgrade two years ago called “terrorism” by the media?

    Well, by now the reason why an act of terror is sometimes called “terrorism” and sometimes isn’t should be obvious. If someone we don’t like does it to us, it’s terrorism; if we do it to someone else, it isn’t. More to the point, if someone the media bosses don’t like strikes at Jews — Israelis, for example — or at someone friendly to the Jews — the U.S. government, for example — then it’s terrorism. If Jews — Israelis, for example — strike at Palestinians, or if the U.S. government strikes at anyone — Afghans or Iraqis, for example — on behalf of the Jews, then it isn’t terrorism.

    A somewhat trickier case was the attempt by the Israelis in 1967 to sink the U.S. Navy ship, the Liberty, so that it could be blamed on the Egyptians, generating U.S. hostility against Egypt. Although the attempt failed, the Israelis did kill 35 Americans in their terror attack on the Liberty. The controlled media, of course, not only didn’t call it “terrorism” but did their best to hush it up by giving it minimal news coverage. So the rule is: if it’s an attack by Jews or on behalf of Jews it’s not terrorism. If it’s an attack against Jews or against Jewish interests, it is terrorism. That’s why Ariel Sharon isn’t a terrorist, and Osama bin Laden is. Understand?”

    Dr William Pierce is so right. Dont be surprised if the Jewish controlled media, the ADL and SPLC label Jeff Gates as a terrorist. Please read the next post which is a continuation of Dr William Pierce’s writing.

    More from Dr William Pierce:

    “In this regard, things are better for the U.S. government today than they were 30 years ago, during the Vietnam War. The media bosses didn’t consider the Viet Cong or the North Vietnamese to be enemies, and so they were pretty quick to jump on the government when it prosecuted the war too vigorously. More than anything else it was the media slant on the war in Vietnam which led the U.S. government to tie the hands of the U.S. military and prevent a U.S. victory. The politicians were scared to death of being called “baby killers” or “warmongers” by the Jewish media if they urged more aggressive action against the communists in Vietnam.

    Today no U.S. politician would even dream of telling the U.S. military to take it easy on Israel’s enemies in the Middle East. He immediately would be denounced by the media as “soft on terrorism.”

    So today “terrorism” and “terrorist” are for all practical purposes media labels used as propaganda, much in the same way the media use the labels “racism” and “racist.” If I denounce Whites who have sexual relations with non-Whites — if I say that miscegenation is a terrible thing because it will destroy our race if we permit it to continue — I am denounced by the Jewish media as a “racist.” The same Jewish media, however, would never think of referring to a Jewish leader who expresses concern about the high rate of intermarriage between Jews and Gentiles as a “racist.” In fact, Jewish media such as the New York Times regularly carry advertisements for Jewish groups urging Jews not to intermarry with Gentiles, urging them to marry only other Jews.

    I’ll give you another example of the crooked and deceptive way in which the controlled media in America use labels. I mentioned in my broadcast a few weeks ago — actually, it was my broadcast of October 27 — that the government’s Centers for Disease Control had published a report on bioterrorism written by a Jewess, Jessica Stern, in which she referred to me as a “terrorist.” My primary concern in that broadcast was the increasingly cozy relationship between Jewish pressure groups and U.S. government agencies: especially law enforcement agencies. The total subservience of the politicians to the controlled mass media has allowed Jewish groups to present themselves to government agencies as “experts” on just about everything: most recently as experts on “terrorism.” Many of these groups — the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith and the Southern Poverty Law Center come immediately to mind — have been given a quasi-official status by the media and by the government. They tell the government who is a “terrorist” and who isn’t, and the government accepts their word.

    For the record, I have never been charged with any terrorist act, nor have I ever advocated terrorism, and yet Jessica Stern, who falsely labeled me a “terrorist” in an official government publication has now been elevated to the status of Jewish guru by Time magazine. She is hailed as an expert on terrorism in Time’s December 17 issue, and really, her only qualification for this status is her Jewishness. You can be sure that any government agency to whom she offers her expert advice will accept it as unquestioningly as do the mass media. Meanwhile, the real terrorists get a free ride, both abroad and at home.

    Jessica Stern is not the only lying Jewish propagandist who has labeled me a “terrorist,” simply because I am opposed to Jewish media control, and is accepted without question by the U.S. government as an expert. The two Jewish pressure groups I just mentioned — the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center — regularly label me as “dangerous” and imply that I am up to my neck in criminal activity and violence, when the truth is that I am completely non-violent and never have been involved in any criminal activity at all.

    But guess who is heavily involved in criminal activity and in actual terrorism but is never labeled “terrorist.” How about the Jewish Anti-Defamation League? How about the Jewish Defense League? I’ll bet you’ve never seen a media reference to either of these criminal Jewish organizations as “dangerous” or “criminal” or “terrorist.” The Anti-Defamation League is routinely referred to by the controlled media as a “public service organization” or as a “human rights organization” and is routinely quoted as an expert source on matters such as “hate crime” and “terrorism.” The Anti-Defamation League has been snuggling up to government agencies — especially law-enforcement agencies — for decades, despite its association with notorious felons and its own record of criminal activity, and despite its role as an unregistered agent of a foreign power: namely, Israel. With the Jewish media on its side the Anti-Defamation League has managed to wriggle out of the criminal charges it has faced and always gets good press.

    Another Jewish group, the Jewish Defense League, may have run out of luck in that regard recently. The Jewish Defense League, like the Jewish Anti-Defamation League, has always had criminal associations and has faced numerous criminal charges, but always has managed to beat the rap, with the help of its cheering section in the media and the government’s reluctance to prosecute a Jewish group. As long ago as 1985 the Jewish Defense League had a string of 37 terrorist acts to its record and was identified by the FBI as the “second most active terrorist group in the United States,” beating out both the Teamster’s Union and the Mafia. Of course, you weren’t likely to see the FBI’s report on the Jewish Defense League in the controlled media.

    The FBI’s specific concern with the Jewish Defense League in 1985 was based on the bombing of the California offices of the American Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee in that year. The regional director of the Arab group, Alex Odeh, was killed in the bombing. The Jewish Defense League members who were the principal suspects in that terrorist bombing fled to Israel to avoid prosecution, and the Jewish Defense League continued its terrorist activities without government interference and without any labeling by the Jewish media. The chances are that you’ve never heard anything about the Jewish Defense League’s terrorist activity — unless you listened very carefully to the news last week — and you’ve never heard the Jewish media or any of the other Jewish pressure groups who have called me a “terrorist” say an unkind word about the Jewish Defense League”.

    Dr William Pierce is right again. Recently there was a list from SPLC of 40 people. Who else will be added on to this list? Did they give Israeli Mossad a copy of this list? If ther is any threat to the safety of Jeff Gates, any other truthtellers or any of the people in that list the culprits would not be Muslim terrorists but organized Jewry and Israeli Mossad. These are the real murderers and terrorists. 95% of terrorism was/is manufactured and delivered by Israel. 90% of crime in America is orchestrated by organized Jewry and Israeli Mossad.

    Please read his other essays:

  7. #7 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally on 05/20/2010 - 9:34

    “a dozen unarmed Iraqi men being gunned down by an American gunship.”

    Ever since Europeans have set foot in the Americas, they have not stopped murdering innocent and defenceles people like their European ancestors did and still do. They will never stop until we decide to STOP THEM. And, to stop them we can, but we simply do not want to do it because of selfish interestes and cowardice!

    I have never encountered more evil (and liars) than Europeans! They are the world ONLY terrorists, but they enjoy calling their victims terrorists, and they have a population of sheep ready to believe anything their governments tell them!


  8. #8 by Amy on 05/28/2010 - 9:34

    Today we thank all veterans for their dedication to their country while condemning all traitors amd murderers and greedy frauds who have harmed them and their families by sending them to fight unnecessary wars for the benefit of Israel and we condemn Israel for the Holocaust of US Servicemen aboard USS Liberty, condemn Henry Kissinger the war criminal and condemn the fraud called John McCain for covering up about the Vietnam POWs.

    I am waiting to receive my 2 books and the tape sets Phil Tourney and Mark Glenn wrote about the bombong of USS Liberty and hopefully I will get them soon. I want to spread the word about this Holocaust on our Servicemen. Then we have 9/11 and other atrocities from Israel as a gift for all the billions we have given for Israelis to live off Americans.

    While these terrible things are being done to America and the Arab, Asian and black world by Zionist Israel and Ashkenazis you are not supposed to criticize a single Jew because Irving Berlin who wrote God Bless America, Easter Parade, White Christmas was Jewish, Jesus was Jewish and the man who invented Salk vaccine is Jewish according to a post I came upon– something very interesting. Some one posted these very childish comments on one of Gordon Duff’s articles [Gordon Duff exposes corruption, fraud, deception and crime of Israel, US, CIA, Mossad, politicians, think tanks etc].

    For Zionist Jews and their hired hands who complain about people who criticize the fraud, corruption, deception, lies of Zionist Jews by calling them anti-Semites the following may be helpful.

    An honest person would praise anyone irrespective of his/her race, ethnicity or religion for their good deeds. Similarly an honest person should condemn the actions of anyone irrespective of his/her race, ethnicity or religion.

    When people of a certain country or people belonging to one ethnic group engage in collective fraud, corruption, theft, money looting, sale of human organs, oppress other groups [such as Israel is doing to people in Gaza and Palestine] murder [murdering Arabs in Gaza, Palestine and other countries like what Israel Mossad has been doing while even using European passports]–carrying out controlled demolition of buildings while saying it was caused by an airplane driven into the building, various other false flag operations etc then the entire country and/or the entire race gets the blame. When people of one race conspire and collectively take action to sebvert or pervert the culture of a country then the entire race will inherit the blame–that is the reason why it is important for individuals from that race to speak out against those corrupt ones because of whom these good people have been blamed as well–instead of blaming people for criticizing the evil among them.

    This has happened to America as well. All Americans get the blame for atrocities American politicians have committed and continue to commit to destroy other countries and their people [except Israel] after being bribed by various special interest groups [Israel Lobbying groups and weapon builders etc]–while ignoring the needs of Americans and while failing to listen to the protests of majority of Americans against illegal and unnecessary wars] and thereby going against the their will–which has resulted in the death and/or disability of so many of our soldiers–destruction of their families–destruction of countries and murder of their people–while also causing America to go bankrupt.

    This is why we need to voice our opposition against all evil because we refuse to be a part of their evil–whether this evil is from Israel or Americae. Zionist Israel and Zionist Ashkenazis and those dual citizens who are engaged in criminal activities will not get a pass because of Irving Berlin. God bless Irving Berlin for writing those beautiful songs and we will continue to bless him and praise God for him and love his memory.

    On the other hand if they did good things collectively, the entire country or the race will receive paise. Individually or collectively we must only do good and part of that goodness should be to expose all people who are agents of fraud, deception, theft, crime etc and America’s foolish foreign policy and all illegal wars.

    Name of Jesus Christ is not to be used as a pawn to cover up corruption, fraud and deception of Jewish people because He was Jewish. Jesus came to earth to help all people including Jews. Jews will not be given the green light to commit crime. They will not get a pass to continue evil because Jesus was Jewish. They are not above the law because Jesus was Jewish.

    Salk vaccine is another story–which should include the incresing incidence of Autism and other health crises globally.

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