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The Ugly Truth Podcast June 30, 2010

The disaster taking place in the Gulf of Mexico–Mark Dankof and Victor Thorn join the discussion to discuss the question “A case of incompetance or one of “an enemy hath done this”?


The Ugly Truth Podcast June 23, 2010

Mark Dankof joins the show as we interview Gilad Atzmon of as we discuss the real reasons for the troubles in the Middle East–The Old Testament and its command to make war on others.


The Ugly Truth Podcast June 17, 2010

Phil Tourney joins the show as we interview Ken O’Keefe, the former US Marine who was aboard the Mavi Marmara that was murderously attacked by Israel on Memorial Day.


The Ugly Truth Podcast June 9, 2010

Dr. Alan Sabrosky joins the show along with USS LIBERTY survivor Phil Tourney to discuss the Israeli massacre of the Gaza Flotilla and its ramifications.


The Ugly Truth Podcast June 8, 2010

The Ugly Truth Podcast June 8, 201008Jun10 On this 43rd anniversery of Israel’s attack on the USS LIBERTY we are joined by USS LIBERTY survivor Phil Tourney as we commemorate the 34 dead as well as our special guest Ambassador Edward Peck.



It takes a lot to get me excited these days, but here is something that did–2 new youtube videos. Please pass them around and make sure to tell the author how much you appreciated them.

On a personal note, in an email I received from the author of this piece, he said the following–

“Hello. I am a fan of the show, sir. I love it to the end and the video was inspired by it 100%. I am a HD videographer and musician from San Antonio,TX. About the video… I was wondering how to express my feelings about this issue you talk of on The Ugly Truth. I wanted to do a tribute to your show and Phil. I dunno if you read the full video description, but I in no way own any rights to the music or video. I simply spent hours and hours of my off time finding an emotional yet graphic vision of what it may have looked like that day. I ended up picking out some scenes from the rare ‘unrated directors cut’ of Pearl Harbor and clipped out anything resembling Japan. I used a Coldplay instrumental because it gives it heart.

In few words: I sat in front of my LCD with my Sony and recorded the images. I imported the video and edited it. In short… I assigned images and gave them another meaning. Hell, the media does it all the time. I am glad you like my ‘mash up’ as we say, I think it is simple and to the point. The video is to honor that gentleman Phil T. and his shipmates. God Bless.”

My prediction is that this youtube video is going to be viewed by MILLIONS.

In short, ladies and gentlemen, this is what can be done when people give a damn.



The Ugly Truth Podcast June 3, 2010

Phil Tourney joins the program as co host where we talk with Jeff Gates of author of Guilt By Association and Gordon Duff, Chief Editor at as we discuss recent events dealing with the “lost nukes” Israel is using to blackmail the US into fighting her wars for her.

The Ugly Truth Podcast June 3, 2010