The Ugly Truth Podcast June 2, 2010

USS LIBERTY survivor Phil Tourney joins the program as we interview Professor Ray Goodwyn and hear his opinion of the new book by Phil “What I Saw That Day”.

  1. #1 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally on 06/02/2010 - 9:34

    How dumb can the Americans be???????

    Lyndon Bayne Johnson gave us all the evidence we needed to send him to the gallows regarding the assassination of JFK [22 Nov 1963], the bogus Warren Commission [29 Nov 1963], the cowardly attack on the USS Liberty on 8 June 1968 and the Holocaust of US personnel given in sacrifice as a Holocaust to Israeli gods of war!

    Just as we now have all the evidence we need that Rahm the Cruel, the Israeli Dog of War running the US establishment with their Jewish puppet Baruch Hussein SOTERO Al Moshe Al Dayan Ben Gourion Al Sharun Al Eshkol OBAMA!!!!!!!

    But, when those armed idiots are going to get rid of Zionsit rule over their people??????? THE JEWS WILL NEVER STOP UNTIL WE STOP THEM!!!!!!!

    I am sorry, I cannot write more. I had two consecutive attacks on my computer and I have some fixing up to do! This has been happening every time Zionists pull out one of their murderous attacks overtly or covertly!


  2. #2 by jackie cox on 06/04/2010 - 9:34

    what you get the white noise and then your computer goes into the super slow mode, unless you have a wireless mack and quick disconnect, windows is designed for viral control of the internet “Gates ” “Buffet” have moved their cash to switzerland where gates now speaks to us from davos, switzerland, they will fry your computer. The USA is among the more lucky of nations when compared to jewish control, we are the fattened red heifer of the jewish herd, with their one brand economy, where they make what we consume in slave labour countries, then tell us what to buy, and sell it to us. Since the 60’s when we were a wealthy middle class country who made what we consumed, with a manufacturing infrastructure, and made what we consumed and deported the rest, setting up similar companies through the world, and actually were in the process of liberating the world, when Nixon floated the dollar, he gave really corrupt countries a stable currency they could use, some countries only use the greenback as their currency. Since this was not pro-israeli, Nixon was attacked and resigned to protect family and friends from death. Reagan attacked the american unions, by dismantling the import taxation which used to protect our manufacturing infrastructure from slave labour, simultaneous to the NYSE, buying into world class leading edge companies, and infiltrating their stockholder sector, then through proxy fights, aided and abetted, by local jewish controled D.A.’s and judiciary, the management were attacked by phony criminal charges, useful for installing bankruptcy experts, who promised and delivered double sharholder dividends, for the few years it took them to sign liscensing agreements with the new companies setup in china to began to make the companies replacement parts and the newest generation designs, as the bankruptct expert stole the engineering designs, sent them to china and fired the engineering design staff, followed by the tool and die design, simultaneously sending the companies customer list and amount of business etc etc, to his counterpart in china, then the israei-chinese company shows up at the trade shows and customers purchasing departments, with the new generation equipment, and replacement parts for their old equipment at half price. The USA companies backlog dissappears and after a few short years the CEO, declares bankruptcy, permitting the new chinese-israeli company, using go-betweens of the same NYSE commercial criminal gang to buy the, raw materials, work in process, finished goods, tooling, and equipment for pennies on the dollar. The bankruptcy experts parting shot sells the companies pension fund to one of his good friends sleazy fly by night pension plan companies, where the vast sums are invested in companies like; enron, fannie may, bernie mack, and other bankruptcy planned and controled companies. Now we are a goods and services country where minium wage jobs triple every 10 years and homelessness, if added to those drawing unemployment would show the true rate of unemployment around 1 in 3 persons either drawing unemployment, on some form of welfare, and when affirmative ation ends that, the family breaks up, the hubby, and often the mom moves on to new life under the bridge, frequently moving south to avoid death from hypothermia, welcome to the new america, where the “waltons” and sams club etc, destroy the local family businesses by buying their wholeseale goods from the same criminal commercial gang at half price and selling it to us, in a company, now the worlds largest employeer who pay their american employees 12,000 a year, below the poverty level. In places like mexico, a walmart department store manager earns 70$ a week. The Nobility of the United States of America are right now as I write this statement of truth, eating the fatted calf, hiding behind title, deed and predatory law, combined with a lobbyst controled government where they control who actually is inserted in the ballots in our phony selection of which lawyers get their turn at the lobbyst deep pockets, who outnumber the lawyers by 160 to 1, who are the puppets of AIPAC, in our country, where they control the jewsmedia, and determine whom we vote for in the morning and evening news, where journalistic integrity is written in rabbinic fecal matter. the actual voter turnout is less than 10%, in most selections, in our twosided cohen of politics. their problem is single fold, they are possessed by the demon of ignorance, their constant thoughts are of self pleasure, and how to lie cheat steal and do absolutely anything to own or control the productive assets of earth. They are not smart, simpy criminal with an enormous presence in our justice system, where they run, totally out of control and unprosecuted, they play the world, against the world. Denaturing the earth. Like Bayy/Barrack/Obama’s blantant act of criminal neglence by not ordering the navy to detonate a space adjacent to the wellhead,and closing the flow of oil. they are using the oil crises as a smoke screen to hide a massive amount of criminality afoot in the stimulus plan, where they are doing their level best to end our military presence because the pentagon refused to attack iran. Their biggest puppet, the president, hates common america, and in unison with AIPAC, ACORN etc. is trying to see how much harm he can do to our country until he is eliminated. making an enormous fortune ” a chicago smalltime lawyer hustler ” doing the bidding of the world class mafia, who view the federal government of the world with amazement as to how easily they are used by hook or by crook. we believe the israelis to use the torah or the old testement as their guiding path, when it is actually their talmud they use, as guid lines i their bid to dismantle the worlds democracies, and return to Nobility. Me I believe the world will come to know them and we, their fatted calf, will arise and kick them from our midst, changing our political system to one where we vote using our social security numbers, and vote on issues and the drirection our government will take , and the FBI, ATF, TSA, US Military, will ultimately adjourn our criminal proceedings at the house and senate, declaring marshall law, and take back what they have stolen and install order and a government by and for the people, all the people, minus the nobility, the super delegates, electoral college, all forms of lobbyst, supreme court, NYSE, federal reserve, resurrect the import taxation laws and resurrect our companies, make what we consume, and automate; healthcare, law, academia, welfare, in a country where we make what we consume, the jobs will return, engineering, design, manufacturing, distribution, sales, sound companies with stable, white collar-blue collar teams, in a country with good jobs for all, and the native america as well, we used to lead the world down a responsible path, one led by good education, ever increasing literacy, instrumentation growing exponentially, we were a christian nation, who lived with respect and fair thinking, now we are a nation of hirelings working for low wages, for common criminality, who protect themselves with the remenants of middle america, if you don’t work for the government, medical, legal, energy sectors, and a minute other relms, then your out of luck, time, and their will is to see you and your vanish, as they try and start wars between all other factions, they are the criminality of the world, controling, abusive and manipulative of all other. The firstborn idiot sons band together praying, plotting, chanting, following their talmud to destroy this good earth.

    The fatted red heifer will kick them to hell and return to the pasture of plenty, using truth, and respect to destroy lies and disrespect. We have professional hardworking honorable people who devote their lives to serving their country and humanity, we are neither gangs, nor criminals, and will use truth to dispel the lies of the jew, who deceive themselves, pretending to be superior, when the reality is opposite.

    The time has come to reunite and return this great country to its rightful place among the realm of humanity, as we are the nation of all nations, and will not be controled by the criminality of the jew who follow their criminal code blindly. and are victims unto themselves, and must be dealt with if we are to survive their vast ignorance

  3. #3 by jackie cox on 06/04/2010 - 9:34

    It takes 6 minutes to make a white dress shirt, whither its made here or china (virtual slaves, worked 12 to 14 hours a day for their factory life, lasting 5 to 7 years, then its back to the 2 and 1/4 acre farms where they work by hand for food to survive) If they were fair to their workers then they would be a country independent of export, and would rise to a good, fair way of life, unlike the israeli controlled country they now survive in.

    When Palin suggested we remove the lobbyst from DC, all radio stations, TV’s, newpapers, magazines, attacked her, her local DA charged her criminally, unfounded, dissmissed after elections. A ploy to insure chicagos political machines insertion for a really devastating blow to america. Not a jewish conspiracy theory, just a simple truth.

    Google ” Jew Watch ” and get a list of what they are up to, unless they have deleted or altered its content, its a fair description of their activities.

    Now ” Google ” is under attack. the jewish factor are so stupid as to bite off their foot, when trapped, the day before the race.

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