It takes a lot to get me excited these days, but here is something that did–2 new youtube videos. Please pass them around and make sure to tell the author how much you appreciated them.

On a personal note, in an email I received from the author of this piece, he said the following–

“Hello. I am a fan of the show, sir. I love it to the end and the video was inspired by it 100%. I am a HD videographer and musician from San Antonio,TX. About the video… I was wondering how to express my feelings about this issue you talk of on The Ugly Truth. I wanted to do a tribute to your show and Phil. I dunno if you read the full video description, but I in no way own any rights to the music or video. I simply spent hours and hours of my off time finding an emotional yet graphic vision of what it may have looked like that day. I ended up picking out some scenes from the rare ‘unrated directors cut’ of Pearl Harbor and clipped out anything resembling Japan. I used a Coldplay instrumental because it gives it heart.

In few words: I sat in front of my LCD with my Sony and recorded the images. I imported the video and edited it. In short… I assigned images and gave them another meaning. Hell, the media does it all the time. I am glad you like my ‘mash up’ as we say, I think it is simple and to the point. The video is to honor that gentleman Phil T. and his shipmates. God Bless.”

My prediction is that this youtube video is going to be viewed by MILLIONS.

In short, ladies and gentlemen, this is what can be done when people give a damn.


  1. #1 by katman on 06/03/2010 - 9:34

    the icing on the cake, would have been to show the jews, machine gunning the life rafts. yep, that would be the closer for any sleeping sheep who sees this. great little video however. i will send this out immediately.

  2. #2 by katman on 06/04/2010 - 9:34

    sometimes when i read things like this, i want to just throw up my hands and say there is no use trying. how do you get through to these idiots about what is going on? with willing fools like this, is it any wonder the mercenary army of the jews, continues fighting wars that never end for israhell? idiots like this, will one day soon, come here and perform for their circus trainers, the same acts that they learned over there. then, what will have to be done to them? this is the way before us now. when you have young men, who are members of the military, who are blinded and cannot see, who are brain washed and cannot think, then we have a problem. liberty dies and quickly. if i were to walk up to this father and tell him this, he probably would get very angry with me, the messenger for daring to upset him in his time of loss and daring to reveal the real truth to him about these stupid wars where his son died for nothing. oh yes, he would get angry with me for daring to tell him. so this is the way it goes. the young of this country, living the lies that have been taught them, fighting and dying for nothing. as a matter of fact, we in this country, always have, to be perfectly honest, and now, now it will come full circle as these bastard sons come home and try to do to us, what they are doing to these poor afghans…….and we watch and we bitch and we go to our jobs, and we go to church on sunday and we watch our football and our baseball and we dream dreams and lie to ourselves that it is not really happening, but it is. this country, the land of our fathers, built upon lie after lie, living the lie, people living in the matrix and not even knowning it. sometimes it makes one wonder just how in the hell we got in this mess and how in the hell are we going to get out of it. but the days are getting short now, for this land that i love. soon there will be no more time left to try and get some of these people to start seeing things as they really are. but you see, they really don’t care anyway. they never will. they never will. so johnny goes to fight and die because he does not want to grow old and die in a natural manner, he wants to be remembered. so the game continues and the lies continue.

    1,000th GI killed in Afghan war was on 2nd tour

    May 30, 4:41 AM (ET)


    KERRVILLE, Texas (AP) – The 1,000th American serviceman killed in Afghanistan was born on the Fourth of July. He died several days before Americans honor fallen troops on Memorial Day.

    Marine Cpl. Jacob C. Leicht was killed Thursday when he stepped on a land mine in Helmand province that ripped off his right arm. It was the 24-year-old Texan’s second deployment overseas.

    Leicht had begged to return to the battlefield after a bomb took out his Humvee in Iraq. He spent two painful years recovering from face and leg injuries, all the while pining for combat in letters from his hospital bed.

    He finally got back to the front lines, but was killed less than a month into the tour of duty he desperately wanted.

    “He said he always wanted to die for his country and be remembered,” said Jesse Leicht, his younger brother. “He didn’t want to die having a heart attack or just being an old man. He wanted to die for something.”

    An Associated Press tally shows Leicht is the 1,000th U.S. serviceman killed in the Afghan conflict. The first death – nearly nine years ago – was also a soldier from the San Antonio area.

    The AP bases its tally on Defense Department reports of deaths suffered as a direct result of the Afghan conflict, including personnel assigned to units in Afghanistan, Pakistan or Uzbekistan.

    Other news organizations count deaths suffered by service members assigned elsewhere as part of Operation Enduring Freedom, which includes operations in the Philippines, the Horn of Africa and at the U.S. detention facility at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

    Leicht’s brothers told the AP the military also told the family that his death put the toll at 1,000.

    When military officers went to tell Leicht’s parents their adopted son had died in combat, sheriff’s deputies had to help navigate them to the 130-acre family ranch tucked deep in the Texas Hill Country.

    It was here that Jacob Leicht chopped thick cedar trees and hiked the rugged limestone peaks, growing up into an imposing 6-5, 200-pound Marine with a soft heart. He watched “Dora the Explorer” with his brother’s children and confided to family that he was troubled by the thought of young civilians being killed in battle.

    But for Leicht, born in a Lemoore, Calif., Navy hospital, the battlefield was the destination. He threw away a college ROTC scholarship after just one semester because he feared it would lead away from the front lines.

    “His greatest fear was that they would tell him he would have to sit at a desk for the rest of his life,” said Jonathan Leicht, his older brother.

    When Jacob Leicht’s wish finally came true, it didn’t last long.

    His first deployment was to Iraq in 2007, but he was there just three weeks when Jesse Leicht said his brother drove over two 500-pound bombs beneath the road.

    One detonated, the other didn’t. The blast tore through the Humvee, shooting the radio into Leicht’s face and knocking him unconscious. He felt something pinch his thumb, and the gunner’s face was filleted so badly by shrapnel that medics couldn’t keep water in his mouth.

    None of the five people inside the vehicle died. Jesse Leicht said an Iraqi interpreter, the only one on board who wasn’t seriously injured, dragged his brother from the mangled vehicle. The blast snapped Jacob Leicht’s fibula and tibula, and the recovery was an agonizing ordeal of pins and rods and bolts drilled into his bones.

    But all Jacob Leicht could think about was going back. He launched a campaign for himself at Brooke Army Medical Center in San Antonio, writing letters and making phone calls about returning to combat. More than two years later, he was finally healthy enough to serve again.

    Nine days before his brother stepped on a bomb in Afghanistan, Jesse Leicht enlisted in the Marines. Using Facebook to reach a friend stationed not far from his brother, Jesse asked the soldier a favor: If you see Jacob, let him know I signed up like him.

    “Hopefully,” Jesse Leicht said, “he got the word.”

  3. #3 by katman on 06/04/2010 - 9:34

    a old jew, and a long time member of the white house press corps.
    tells the truth…..check out the comments…..ha ha ha

    jews go home and leave palestine. you are occupying palestinian lands….

  4. #4 by katman on 06/04/2010 - 9:34

    a word on the national council of churches by eustace mullins….

    From the outset, the thinly veiled missionary goal of the National Council of Churches was to destroy the white race. In the United States, this was to be done by forced integration of the races in their schools, churches and homes, and in the first step towards this goal, it was necessary for them to murder the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States, Fred Vinson, to overcome his opposition to forced school integration.

    In Africa, every white settlement was to be destroyed or to be brought under black domination. To this end, the national Council of Churches purchased arms for the most vicious black gorilla groups throughout Africa, and trained them to massacre white settlers without mercy.

    By 1980, most of the goals of the National Council of Churches had been achieved. With the exception of a small white enclave in South Africa, the white settlements in Africa had largely been exterminated in a well-planned and executed program of racial genocide. [Today – the whites that were left are now leaving south Africa] (this was written in the 1980’s but it was clairvoyant judging from the activities we have seen as of late in SA)

    which is easier? to accept the stupid money thrown your way and just ignore the truth, or stand up for the truth and accept the consquences of your actions and sleep well at night with honor? for too long, too many have accepted the former and not the latter. without honor and integrity, there can be no progress. when i was a young man, my grandfathers made agreements based upon handshakes. come hell or high water, once a handshake was done, the deal was done and there was no need to worry about it, because these men were men of integrity and honor. where are men like this today? too many accept the money of the jew and he full well knows this. he continually probes for the weaknesses of a man, and usually finds them. this is so true now in many ways. there has always been men and women who would accept the money instead of doing the right thing. this is so true, in the so-called patriot movement as well. many of the people you have seen and heard (now i am not talking about anyone around here, let us get that sraight) in their past, have done just this thing. they have been bought off by whatever means necessary. this has happened in just about any “movement” that has taken place in this country since ww2 and this is no accident. they say that cream always rises to the top. unfortunately this is not always the case. so we tread water and have for over 100 years and it only gets worse. but with the invention of the internet, we have a chance. what the enemy meant for bad, has been used to spread the truth.

  5. #5 by robertvnik on 06/05/2010 - 9:34

    I’m glad to see someone every now and again here mentions the ‘church’ invovement in world wide conspiracy. I am not against the church as far as followers of Christ go, there are good people aplenty. Some scholars of NWO etc consider the Catholic church specially with it’s jesuits more powerful than the zionist jews, even in control of them.

  6. #6 by katman on 06/05/2010 - 9:34

    Interracial marriages at an all-time high, study says…

    so the jewish plan is right on schedule…….

    a multi racial society is not a strong society. it is made weaker and the jews know this all too well. the united states at one time was a mainly white western european type country but no more. this was by plan as it is now in europe. so , as the resources for life become more scarce, there will be extreme conflict between the races here in this country and this too is by plan. it is a sad time for the human race and for the american way of life.


    i am sitting here listening to the current issues radio show with Dr. Hesham Tillawi. now that RBN is on san antonio radio on 1130 am , his show is now being listened to by blind sheep of the former and current military persuation. one of them called in. these blind soldiers are scarey. they cannot reason and they cannot understand anything. their brains are full of mush. it is incredible to listen to and incredibly disheartening to see what has happened to our young people in this country, this too by plan. i have always said i am not a man of hate. but i am sorry. i am beginning to hate the jews for what they have done and are doing to my country and to humanity in this world.

  7. #7 by kenken on 06/06/2010 - 9:34

    That is a powerful art, but please watch this vedio befor it be removed from YouYube:

  8. #8 by restinpieces on 06/06/2010 - 9:34

    “They [Israeli special forces] then boarded our vessel.
    They then opened fire.
    They hit journalists.
    Journalists advised them that they were bona fide press journalists; they just hit them. Tasered them.
    They fired large paintball bullets at people.”

  9. #9 by CabotAR on 06/06/2010 - 9:34

    Americans have short, short memories. I’m a VietNam Veteran and the younger kids only see it as old history, if they know anything about history. This is another example of how Americans have forgotten the USS Liberty

  10. #10 by katman on 06/07/2010 - 9:34

    found this on rense..

    some jew talking about the protocols…
    the new world order really won’t be controlled by the jews…
    oh thank you oh jew……

    here he is making some kind of statements…..

    i will say it once and i will say it again. it is sooooo nice
    that these nice jews are now coming out of the woodwork now, trying to help us.
    i appreciate it oh jew, surely i do. as mark’s neighbor said one time…

    never trust a jew……..

  11. #11 by The Avatar on 06/07/2010 - 9:34

    Helen Thomas retires in flap over Israel remarks
    WASHINGTON – Long-time Washington journalist Helen Thomas abruptly retired Monday as a columnist for Hearst News Service following remarks she made about Israel that were denounced by the White House and her press corps colleagues.

    The 89-year-old Thomas, dean of the White House press corps, has long been a fixture in Washington and has been lauded as a pioneering journalist who has covered presidents since 1960.

    Known for her confrontational questioning, Thomas apologized for comments that were captured on video and have spread widely on the Internet. On the May 27 video, Thomas says Israelis should “get the hell out of Palestine,” suggesting they go to Germany, Poland or the U.S.



  12. #12 by The Avatar on 06/07/2010 - 9:34


  13. #13 by The Avatar on 06/07/2010 - 9:34

    But the idiot in charge of the Anti-Defamation League, Abraham H. Foxman, said Sunday that Thomas’ apology didn’t go far enough.

    “Her suggestion that Israelis should go back to Poland and Germany shows a profound ignorance of history,”
    profound ignorance

  14. #14 by katman on 06/07/2010 - 9:34

    the punishment continues

    Longtime Washington journalist Helen Thomas abruptly retired Monday as a columnist for Hearst News Service following remarks she made about Israel that were denounced by the White House and her press corps colleagues.

    The 89-year-old Thomas, dean of the White House press corps, has long been a fixture in Washington and has been lauded as a pioneering journalist who has covered presidents since 1960.

    for 50 years, she did not go off the reservation. at 89 year of age, she says what is on her mind. and suddenly she is persona non grada. par for the course helen. hey mark. she says she is lebanese. now that the rabbit is out of the hat, perhaps she would allow herself to be interviewed by mark glenn, on the liberty hour podcast…….ha ha ha

  15. #15 by katman on 06/07/2010 - 9:34

    helpful jews in the free gaza movement. isn’t that nice of them to be so helpful at this time?
    can it not be said that the entire palestinian freedom movement, is infiltrated from top to bottom with helpful jews?

  16. #16 by Amy on 06/08/2010 - 9:34

    Exactly 43 years ago on 6/8/1967, USS Liberty was attacked by Israeli warplanes and torpedo boats killing 34 and injuring another 171 American sailors. Napalm was also used which caused severe burn injuries on the victims. USS Liberty survivor Joe Meadors has been attacked again when he was among the aid activists in the flotilla carrying food and other assistance to Gaza victims.

    Today we pray for all the victims of Israel from the Holocaust on USS Liberty crew mwmbers: all those who were killed, injured, burnt from napalm and other explosive material, survivors and their families. We thank everyone who has courageously and honestly exposed this atrocious crime and all other crimes on humanity by this tyrant in the Middle East which we mistakenly call our ally, “the only democracy in the Middle East”. How long people like Rush limbaugh, Joseph Farah, Sean Hannity, Michel Bachmann, Sarah Palin and other Zionist boot lickers are going to deceive America about this ally of America and the only democracy in the Middle East?

    The story about the USS Liberty is a true American story which will never be made into a movie by Stephen Spielberg. The only one who will do that is Mel Gibson who happens to be my only favorite in Hollywood: The best of the best movie producer, director and actor all in one. And God Bless Mel Gibson. He has survived all Zionist threats so far. Living in Hollywood among those sharks must be pretty tough! A Movie about the true American story of USS liberty should do very well worldwide and I hope Mel Gibson will do that for our real heroes.

    In the mean time America needs a full investigation on the murder of the latest American teenage victim from NY in the most recent Israel’s crime on humanity: the massacre on the High Seas in the International Waters. We need to expose all criminals regardless of who and where they are. Among this group is the tyrant Israel: The greedy land grabber, liar, deceiver, manipulator and thief, law breaker, spy agent, the murderer, white phosphorus thrower, napalm user, attacker of 9/11, megalomanic lunatic, the criminal of criminals, Americas foremost enemy and the worst nightmare and the parasite, the warmonger that gets America’s soldiers to kill Muslims. And the earth cleanser of human beings–in order to inherit it all.

    It is also time for Americans to demand a full investigation into the Israel’s Holocaust on America’s Servicemen in 1967–when Israel bombed USS Liberty. I thank Gordon Duff, Jeff Gates and all others for bringing [the story about the mass murder of US sailors and other sailors aboard the ship who got injured] to the forefront again and again so that our young soldiers and other Americans including veterans can know the truth which is long overdue.

    The books “What I Saw That Day…Israel’s 1967 Holocaust of American Servicemen Aboard The USS Liberty And Its Aftermath” by the US Navy officer survivor: Phillip Tourney and Mark Glenn and “Attack on the Liberty” by James Scott are must reads for every American home, every home of a military man or woman here or abroad and every library in the world. These should be added to the summer reading list of schools across the United States along with the book “Assault on the Liberty” by James Ennes. It is time that we get people across the US to talk about this shameful event in our history. We need to have a museum dedicated to the memories of those precious Servicemen of the US Navy whom we lost due to this mass murder by our worst and foremost enemy: Israel whom our politicians have called our “ally”.

    Since 1967 we have had several US presidents who have all ignored this mass murder by Israel by doing nothing and instead each administration has continued its support to this criminal state by giving billions of dollars of US taxpayer money without the consent of the taxpayers. It is time to stop all US aid to this ugly monster who is now trying to get more of our soldiers killed by its attempt to get America into a new war with Iran even after getting so many US soldiers killed in several illegal wars after 9/11 which Israel committed on the US. Why is US getting into these devious plans of Israel to help them to destroy various Arab nations who have done nothing to us?

    Our security is threatened by only Israel not Muslim countries. Our enemies are not Muslims they are Zionists bankers, Zionist Israel and organized Jewry in America such as the AIPAC, ADL, Southern Poverty Law Center, the ACLU, various think tanks and media outlets [Left and Right] run by the Zionist Jews, various fake charities such as ACLJ run by the Jew [fake Christian]: Jay Sekulow who collects money from the Christians while serving Israeli interests. This fraud uses Christian money to brainwash Christians against Arabs–in order to get their support to wage more wars against Arab nations so that Israel can steal their oil, natural gas, metals etc at the expense of America’s sweat and blood. He has done nothing to stop hate crime laws against Christians. He keeps pounding on his audience about his support for Israel and keeps repeating the sentence that “we must stand with Israel who is our ally”. Michael Savage [another fraud] who pretends to be a friend of Christians and who takes pride in himself as an honest man and a truthteller had him on his show to give him the opportunity to collect money from more people in addition to brainwashing more people to help Israeli cause that further sobotages our interests in so many different ways.

    What do we gain from these people? These people spread their Zionist Jewish agenda among more Christians while also stealing their wallets for no benefit to Christianity, America, Americans and our military. These Zionist Jewish criminals are getting the support from naive Christians [brainwashed by criminal pastors] to destroy people and their countries and get our military killed while America is going bankrupt. This fake Christian Jay Sekulow is a lawyer. What is the use of these Zionist liars and deceivers getting any education when they use their knowledge for criminal purpose? Michael Savage is a hired hand who like other radio hosts is there to advance the NWO agenda fro Jewish world domination and the purpose is for Jews to occupy the Arab land at the expense of Christian blood and sweat so Christians and Muslims are dead while leaving the Jews to inherit the earth. Michael Savage calls the Iranian President Hitler which is unfair and unjust and keeps repeating that he wantes to destroy Israel. These are talking points repeated by other pimps and prostitutes such as Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, Mark Levin, Sarah Palin et al in order to get us into a new war with Iran.

    Iran is an ancient precious country like Russia and unlike the criminal Israel. Do these criminal Zionists who are responsible for waging war after war think their lives are more important than that of a darling little kid from Iraq, Afghanistan, Gaza, Palestine or Iran? No. Sarah Palin, Jay Sekulow, Michael Savage, Bill Krystol, John Hagee, Mike Huckabee, Sean Hannity, Netanyahu, AIPAC and ADL and SPLC monsters: your lives are not more important than these Arabs who are being killed, our troops who got killed and America’s Navu Servicemen Israel killed on 6/8/1967.
    When are we going to hold these criminals responsible for their crimes such as USS Liberty bombing, 9/11, JFK assassination etc? When will be the next false flag operation?

    “Thanks to the terrible power of our International Banks, we have forced the Christians into wars without numbers. Wars have a special value for Jews since Christians massacre each other and make more room for Jews. Wars are the Jews’ Holocaust, the Jew banks grow fat on Christian wars. Over one hundred million Christians have been swept off the face of earth by wars and the end is not yet”, Rabbi Reichorn at the funeral of Rabbi Simeon Ben-Iudah in 1869.
    Taken from the website, “I am the Witness”.

    We really have not had a president since President John Kennedy and failure of all administrations since his in the 1960s the enemy has only got bolder and now we have people like Joseph Lieberman, Chuck Schumer, Michael Bloomberg, Rham Emanuel, Caas Sunstein tying to lock up real Americans behind bars and even to kill them and others like Elena Kegan to try to take away their rights of free speech and guns and other rights and people like Larry Summers to appoint his Jewish clan to high places [Elena Kegan was appointed dean at Harward by Summers and Kegan made Sunstein a full professor in the chain of deceit] as well as help the Zionist jewish bankster gansters to rob America blind. Larry Summers still lies to America
    about “America’s growing economic growth”.

    If Israel was disciplined in the aftermath of USS Liberty bombing Israel would have thought twice before hurting another American and we would have saved the life of the American teenager who were among the 20 [?] who were murdered 3 days ago and there would have been justice for American sailors who were injured and the families of those who were murdered on 6/8/1967.

    Please read books by Eustace Mullins, G. Edward Griffin, Gerald Celente, Webster Tarpley, Alan Hart, Norman Finkelstein, Jeff Gates, Michael Piper Collins, Texe Marrs, Grant Smith, Benjamin freedman, Patrick Buchanan, Dr Ron Paul, David Duke, Clay Douglas, Judge Andrew Napolitano, James Scott, Michael Scheuer.

    Websites; I am the witness,, The Free American, David, The real Zionist news ;Brother Nathaneal Kapner, Wake up America.

    Additional Reading: Articles by Gordon Duff and Jeff Gates and other authors in my catbird

  17. #17 by Amy on 06/08/2010 - 9:34

    Avator, I am not able to post my account here because someone is blocking it. Can it be Mark glenn?

  18. #18 by katman on 06/08/2010 - 9:34

    those amazing Bible numbers that don’t make any sense….

    again, one would surmise that there has been some puffing up, shall we say,
    of the numbers in many of these reports on various battles etc. so who is it
    that wrote the Bible?

    just who wrote the old testament and when was it written?

    a interesting treatise on the subject with supporting footnotes and sources…

    it would appear that our dear friends borrowed heavily from the ancient persians in starting
    their little religion called judaism……

  19. #19 by katman on 06/08/2010 - 9:34

    ARTHUR KOESTLER – zionists murder a dead Jew’s reputation

    even though he wrote his book out of pride for his race, nevertheless this amazing bit
    of historical information , was considered by certain zionist, etc, to be an embarrassment. not long after he wrote his book, “thirteenth tribe” back in the 1970’s, suddenly arthur koestler and his wife committed suicide…..hmmmm….

    and ever since, certain parties have worked nonstop to besmerch his memory and destroy his credentials…..

    this too shall happen to helen thomas, make no mistake about it. for daring to say such things. she too will be destroyed. the process has already begun…….

    i would say one thing to her. tell all that she knows now. it is the only thing that will keep her alive at this point. imho………or she will not be long for this world. that is the way things work unfortunately…..

  20. #20 by Chris on 06/08/2010 - 9:34

    God bless the USS Liberty. You all are heroes in my eyes.. UPDATE: My first video has now been ‘flagged’ and people can only be view that link by ‘creating an account’ or ‘signing in’…Sigh. This has lead to a steady decline in viewership since the average person clicking the link has no need for a Youtube Channel. Anyways…I am pleased my second video has recieved much praise too. And I hope it is just as powerful as the first. Lets hope its not flagged. I am praying Youtubers continue to support us and spread the word.


  21. #21 by The Avatar on 06/10/2010 - 9:34


  22. #22 by The Avatar on 06/10/2010 - 9:34

    dear Amy
    maybe (if it is Mark blocking your account when posting it)
    he is doing it to protect you.

  23. #23 by Ron on 06/23/2010 - 9:34

    I watched these two video clips several times and never have I ever seen anything that
    depicts what actually went on June 8, 1967. Since I am a survivor I have looked for ways
    to describe the horrible events that took place but I have never found one such as these
    two videos. The documentaries that have been shown over the last forty years cannot come
    close to what this man has accomplished. Since I was there and recovered the bodies I think
    I can say all this with authority. I take nothing away from the videos of the Liberty done
    over the past years, but I am just saying that the two videos here captivated me instantly.

  24. #24 by Ron on 06/26/2010 - 9:34

    One final comment If these videos could have been gotten out to the American public many
    years ago, I am sure it would have caused a fury of public outcry. Why is it when an event
    such as this happens that the general public will ignore what they hear, but when they can actually see the devastation, it changes their whole outlook. I have said for years that the
    videos we have produced, and have even made it on the History Channel, just don’t do what happened the justice it deserves. These videos do just exactly that. We needed this tool many years ago. Thank you for doing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. #25 by Sitsco on 08/08/2010 - 9:34

    I went to watch these videos and they were taken down! Why? Where else can I find them?

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