The Ugly Truth Podcast June 3, 2010

Phil Tourney joins the program as co host where we talk with Jeff Gates of author of Guilt By Association and Gordon Duff, Chief Editor at as we discuss recent events dealing with the “lost nukes” Israel is using to blackmail the US into fighting her wars for her.

The Ugly Truth Podcast June 3, 2010

  1. #1 by katman on 06/03/2010 - 9:34

    just as a side note. today on RBN, this piece of trash, that calls himself dave champion….
    did some heavy dissing of the palestinian people , even now, in the face of this overwhelming evidence that the israeli jewish butchers committed murder on the high seas. this is outrageous. a email message was sent to john stadtmiller about this by this writer, demandiing that this neocon pig, be taken off the air immediately. some of you may say, well katman, why do you constantly talk about this sort of thing around here? to that i tell you this. we are in the middle of a two front information war now. in the front of us, is the jewish machine. to the rear, are people who seem to be our friends, but are not. they are a fifth column and such information must be told, so that others will know this. now stadtmiller is talking to a man named greg stevenson, a guy who goes around giving little talks, pumping people up and talking about revolution, and it sounds like stadtmiller is going to put him back on the radio. this guy goes around talking about those evil catholics and those evil jesuits are to blame for all of our world problems. so many fools on the radio, but when someone gets on the radio and talks about one of the most important issues of our lives, the liberty ship incident, which in and of itself proves just who it is that is the our real enemy, and these men are fired for no good reason, without notice etc, well someone may make the educated guess that patriot radio is not the true friend of those who seek the ungarnished truth….good grief. is it any wonder why nothing ever changes? the “patriot’ information culture war continues.

  2. #2 by katman on 06/03/2010 - 9:34

    us nuclear inventory

    suitcase nukes

    i think they will pop one of these off in one of our cities
    and try to make it look like the arabs did it.

    missing nukes in 2007

    history of lost nukes (insane)…..

  3. #3 by katman on 06/03/2010 - 9:34

    israhell sells stolen nukes to SA?

    i read this a few years ago. the lost nuke in georgia. God if these things ever go off….
    they need to be found and disarmed…..the damn thing has 3 tons of u 238 in it. does anyone know what would happen if that area around savanna were to be exposed to this? the whole area would be a waste land for 4.5 billion years……

  4. #4 by katman on 06/03/2010 - 9:34

    russian general alexander lebed, said there were many nukes missing from russian inventory
    russian jewish mafia steals them, perhaps gives them to israhell?????

    then mysteriously, the good general dies in helicopter crash

    how convenient…..

  5. #5 by SCSC on 06/04/2010 - 9:34

    Mark and Phil you are both a bastion for truth in a world draped with illusions and I appreciate the immeasurable contributions you both make in exposing this insidious inverting of our reality. Your June 3rd podcast was sobering in its exposure of the truly shocking situation we as a world are faced with and the horrifying reality where this danger emanates from.

    This Era of Terror on Terra is signified by the demonstrative catch-cry “War on Terror”. This slogan is used specifically to reflect an esoteric agenda for complete war on terra-firma or just simply “War on Earth”.

    Words are powerful instruments that assist us in communicating the beauty of consciousness; words express the depth of our own individual perception and also our collective experience of reality. Words can also darken our perception causing less light to shine through for the illumination of truth. Such a misuse of Words has saturated the entire Earth in a world-wide pandemic of confusion verging now on insanity. There are no accidents; this is a deliberate purposeful effort for subverting our perception of reality which in essence is literally the inversion of Truth. This invocation for the inverting of truth has a modern spin on its name which terms it psychological warfare but the past knows this as the cabal of black magic.

    Nothing is as it genuinely appears.

    Jerusalem Jer USA lem.


  6. #6 by JR on 06/04/2010 - 9:34

    I wasnt to impressed with Gordon Duff’s childish hysterics about Ajmadeinejad being a moron and Iran having no deterrence. Earth to Gordon:

    1. Do you think we wouldnt have attacked Iran by now if they didnt have unconventional deterrance? you should read Bauers book “the devil we know” for a better analysis than your shoot from the hip style
    a) ever heard of hezbollah? it exists thanks to Iran you know and kicked the jews in the teeth. Stopped them cold in lebabnon twice now, inflicting heavy casaulties destroying their tanks and sending the jewish dogs crawling back with tail between their legs
    b) didnt Hezobollah also fire a missle that almost sank a jew cruiser? where do you think they got that missle from…
    c) if the US is bankrupt and tied into knots over the rag tag disorganized and unfunded Iraqi and afghsnistan resistance what do you think would happen if we attacked Iran. US Military knows something you dont, Iran is highly sophisticated in uncoventional warfare and would quickly bring up the body count to intolerable levels along with the price of crude
    d) finally Ajmadnijad has done a great service to the world by being the first govt to start challenging that pillar of jew strength- the holocaust, sounds like you beleive in that fairy tale, if so your credibility and analysis capabilities drop to .001
    e) its a jew lie Iran stole the elction -polls from european organizations showed Ajmadinejad comfortably ahead- moreover good God your cavorting around with Pakistani military… about stealing everything from elections to the kitchen sink

  7. #7 by guest on 06/04/2010 - 9:34

    hallo mark,

    you are number one in the truth movment.
    mark i would like to ask you about jeff gates.

    jeff gates cliams that elqeada and bin laden did 9/11.
    i heard him on another show saying that.(

    also in his site gates do not have any article on 9/11 issue.

    is jeff gates to be trusted: in my opinion no.
    what is your opinion, did he changed his mind on 9/11??

    for me, anyone who claim that arabs did 9/11 is shill.

    if jeff changed his mind on 9/11 issue so plz delete this comment.

    –first–THANK YOU for the kind words, although I certainly do not consider myself numero uno.
    –next, the answer is YES I trust Jeff Gates. The object right now is not to try and convince brain-dead Americans that arabs did nto do 911 but rather to make them understand that ISRAEL set it up. The first thing–making them think Arabs did not do 911–at this time is an impossibility, plain and simple.

    HOWEVER, make them start to see the Jews and Israel as their enemies (doable) and then you are making headway.
    I understand Jeff’s tactics perfectly. It’s called picking your battles–You fight the ones you can win and leave the others for later.

  8. #8 by JR on 06/05/2010 - 9:34

    SCSC I am simply not a jew like yourself and/or perhaps a pathethic homsexual pseudo-intellectual with your pompous but empty words and stupid flowery prose (Im inclined to believe your a homo by your words or maybe some new version from the transgendered world). Mark Glen why do you allow homosexual types on your site who say nothing of substance and refute nothing yet create what jews and neurotic homos always do, dissension.

  9. #9 by JR on 06/06/2010 - 9:34

    Mark wake up, this SCSC is your typical jew agent provacateur, look at this creatures postings hey dont really say anything about the subject matter, just flowery bullshit but then this “thing” aka jew immediatly attacks others posting on your site relevant material. If you keep letting little worms like scsc post and insult others your not going to have much of a following. I bet you this little sack of shit scsc would never contribute money to you or any other antijew cause it is just here to create disension.

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