The Ugly Truth Podcast June 8, 2010

The Ugly Truth Podcast June 8, 201008Jun10 On this 43rd anniversery of Israel’s attack on the USS LIBERTY we are joined by USS LIBERTY survivor Phil Tourney as we commemorate the 34 dead as well as our special guest Ambassador Edward Peck.

  1. #1 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally on 06/09/2010 - 9:34


    I am sorry, MARK, but I do not think Ambassador Edward Peck is a genuine spokesman for the USS LIBERTY! I have known all Western ambassadors to be liars (“diplomats”)! The attack on the USS LIBERTY was a deliberate ACT OF WAR against the United States of America! After the removal of Khrushiov, it was planned by both the USA, Yisrael and the Soviet Troika, and meant to be blamed on Egypt. So, I do not understand (as a matter of fact, I DO!) why Ambassador Peck, after saying that it was an act of war (with not much conviction), tried in the same breath to play it down by deviating to the recent Ghazza Flotilla (which is not comparable) and saying it (the Ghazza Flotilla) was “something resembling an act of war” depending on how you look at it! Regarding the USS Liberty, when he says he was “not certain it was intended as an act of war”, he is not telling the whole truth. What he should have said instead clearly, unequivocally and forcefully is that it was not intended by his own government and Yisrael as an act of war BY ISRAEL, but BY EGYPT!

    I knew Ambassador Peck to be a Zionist and a supporter of Yisrael, just like Napoleon Bonaparte (he wanted a homeland for Jews in Palestine!), Martin Luther King Jr (who wanted the US to fight the Arabs in order to protect the “Chosen People”), John Fitzgerald Kennedy (who changed his mind), Obama Sotero (who places Israelis and not US interests first), and so many others. I never liked Zionists, so why should I trust this one? Ambassadors always play some kind of dirty role in time of war of aggression.

    Although I have always defended the USS Liberty, I never forgot that it was a SPY (“INTELLIGENCE”) SHIP SPYING ON THE ARABS AND SHARING INFORMATION WITH BOTH THE US AND YISRAEL, and maybe with Russia as well! Strangely, the presence of a Soviet ship in a war zone (not by accident!) that witnessed the attack prevented the total destruction of the USS Liberty. Had the USS Liberty crew been completely exterminated, it would have been blamed on Egypt and YISRAEL would have nuked Egypt as planned! I do not think the US would have dared do it themselves after Hiroshima and Nagasaki. But, with rabid dogs, we never know!

    In Moscow, when we learned in 1967 that the Soviets had betrayed the Arabs (Egypt and Syria), we immediately concluded that the Soviets were part of the plan and knew about the “pre-emptive” Israeli attack, and must have promised the US and the Jews that they would not intervene. Had they not done so, Yisrael would never have attacked! Further, who is so stupid to believe that the heavily armed US operational Sixth Fleet was present in the Gulf area only for recreational purposes? The Sixth Fleet has consisted of up to 40 ships, 175 aircraft and 21,000 people, such as in early 2003, and involved in the repeated Holocaust of the Iraqi people. Had they bombed Egypt, Syria and Jordan, it would have been worse than Dresden!

    It is an established fact (outside the mainstream media) that LBJ had the “S.O.B.” JFK of the “Irish Mafia” liquidated! LBJ (whose wife was Jewish) took his place and immediately overturned all JFK’s policies and armed Yisrael with WMD.

    Americans were dumb and are still dumb, no offence to you and others, Mark. By allowing their government to be controlled by Zionists, they have put the whole country at great risk, not from Arabs or Muslims, but from the local Judeo Bolsheviks (“Judeo-Nazis”)!!!!!!! The USA has been Sovietised and has become the greatest terrorist and fascist state of modern times where authentic Christians and Muslims and all peace, justice and freedom loving people will never be safe! Gulag America is a reality!

    Despite the tampered Jewish Zapruder film, I clearly saw how Jacqueline (was her father or grand parents not Jewish?) crawled away from her husband as he WAS BEING shot, and how, like in the case of the Yitzhak Rabin assassination, JFK’s body guards deliberately moved away from his car while the driver stopped the car! This was a clear MOSSAD operation with internal complicity!

    After several reported “romantic-affairs”, and after the murder of her husband and brother-in-law RFK (by LBJ and the same Jews!), “Catholic” Jacqueline Kennedy (born Bouvier) married Jewish armateur Aristotle Onassis! I have personally met a Jewish Helen Bouvier in Paris (near Père-Lachaise Cemetery), a medium and clairvoyant when I was studying Alan Kardec’s works and Spiritism!

    Four reasons for JFK’s murder: he vehemently opposed Yisrael from ever having nuclear weapons, although himself a Zionist; wanted to get out of the Jewish Kissinger Vietnam War; to abolish the Jewish-controlled CIA and the Jewish owned private Federal Reserve Bank. Like Abraham Lincoln, he had his own government bank notes printed! CUI BONO? LBJ was under direct Israeli orders, like today’s Baruch Obama Sotero, whose wife too just happen to be Jewish! LBJ gave nuclear weapons to Apartheid Israel with the help of South Africa and France.

    Ambassador Edward Peck, Chief of Mission to Iraq, 1977-1980, confirmed that LBJ had armed Yisrael. Immediately, Yisrael-America got ready to take their revenge over Egypt and take over the entire Middle East. LBJ had sent the US Sixth fleet to the Middle East for joint US-Israel bombing operations, including the US Navy Spy ship, the USS Liberty, to monitor the joint US-Israeli attacks, “GATHER INFORMATION AND SHARE IT WITH ISRAEL” according to USS Liberty Veteran James T. Halbardier!!!!!!!

    According to Colonel Barrett Taylor, Foreign Minister Aba Eban came to Washington two weeks before the attacks. “WE HELPED TO MASTERMIND THE SIX DAY WAR”, he said!!!!!!! It is official that Rahm the Cruel visited Yisrael before the attack on the Ghazza Flotilla.

    It is obvious that not all military personnel was aware of the details of the operations, but all the top ones knew. The Yisraelis under Moshe Dayan executed all Egyptian prisoners of war in the Sinaï Desert before heading towards the Syrian Golan Heights which was part of their conquest plan (like what remained of Palestine, Ghazza, West Bank, Jerusalem…).

    When Robert McNamara heard about the recall order of the Rescue ships, he counter-ordered: “Tell the 6th Fleet to get those aircraft back immediately!” But, LBJ went on the telephone and ordered, according to USS Liberty Veteran James T. Halbardier)


    And, thus, the rescue ships USS SARATOGA Aircraft Carrier CVA-60 & USS AMERICA Aircraft Carrier CV-66) were recalled!

    By the way, where is the Russian Report about the attacks??????? The argument was that if the US had not armed Israel, the USSR would have swept through the Middle East. But, how could this be possible when Arabs were deadly opposed to Communism.

    “NO HELP!!!!!!! RECALL THE WINGS!!!!!!!”

    The USS Liberty was forced by LBJ to wait 16 hours (SIXTEEN HOURS!!!!!!!) before the Survivors of the Israeli Holocaust of USS Liberty could be rescued!!!!!!! Why was he not indicted for high treason??????? This was the only time in U.S. Naval history that a rescue mission has been aborted while an American ship was under attack. This is the only incident in US Naval history NEVER EVER to be investigated by the US Congress!!!!!!!!

    According to Colonel Taylor, Rusk and MacNamara TOLD Israel not to take the Golan Heights, but they DISOBEYED! Would you believe that Hollywood crap?


    We saw how America was totally incapable of intercepting “four planes” that “Sheikh Usama Bin Ladin” had used to attack American freedom, civilisation and democracy!!!!!!! This operation was carried out jointly by the US “occult” government and MOSSAD!

    Three unmarked French Mirage, three torpedo boats carrying Israeli flags, fighting helicopters, and God knows what else, paid by US money served to 821 heavy armament holes were found in the USS Liberty (under the command of William McGonagle) resulting from aircraft rockets, hand fire, torpedo blasts; 3000 holes from Israeli high calibre machine gun fire; napalm and white phosphorus, etc. The Yisraelis murdered 34 US non combatants and injured 170 under an oversized American flag still floating high.

    It is well documented how CIA and FBI blackmail US citizens and military to shut up or else see their wives or daughters raped, their children abducted and their bodies never to be found again, or themselves suffer damaging financial losses or even be murdered! So, we have to be very cautious at what those victims of blackmail may tell us.

    If anyone wishes to read lies (and the truth for those who know how to read!) in official versions about the USS Liberty Holocaust, read this extract from wikipedia:

    “With the outbreak of war, Captain William L. McGonagle of the Liberty immediately asked Vice Admiral William I. Martin at the U.S. 6th Fleet headquarters to send a destroyer to accompany the Liberty and serve as its armed escort and as an auxiliary communications center. The following day, June 6, Admiral Martin replied: “Liberty is a clearly marked United States ship in international waters, not a participant in the conflict and not a reasonable subject for attack by any nation. Request denied.”[15] He promised, however, that in the unlikely event of an inadvertent attack, jet fighters from the Sixth Fleet could be overhead in ten minutes.
    Meanwhile, at the United Nations, and in response to Arab complaints that the U.S. and British were supporting Israel in the conflict, United States Ambassador Goldberg announced that the U.S. forces were hundreds of miles from the conflict.[11] At the time the statement was made, this was the case, since the Liberty was just entering the Mediterranean Sea[16] but would ultimately steam to within a few miles of the Sinai Peninsula.”

    I do not want to diminish the guilt of the Yisraelis or minimise the horror of the Holocaust, but somebody has to say that the USS Liberty was at the time working for that bastard entity known as Israel as well as the United Terrorist States of America!!!!!!! I condemn outright anybody who tries to thrust at us the thieves’ and mass murderers’ (Yisraelis’) versions of any event of whatever nature! Since 1948, we have passed the stage of ever listening to them or believing what they and their “Friends of Israel” say!

    In conclusion, I wish to observe that out of all the Holocausts of the past century, the one of the USS LIBERTY is the most damning, not by the number of people killed, but by its very nature where a State has willingly sacrificed its fellow citizens for allowing the Jews to gain more territory with impunity and with the aim of occupying indefinitely the Middle East. This happened on 8 June 1968, and it has not ceased to happen ever since until the day WE STOP THEM BY WHATEVER MEANS NECESSARY!!!!!!!

    9 June 2010

    P.S. I am sorry for the poor quality of this essay and for posting it late, but I had to write a line at a time, being taken up so overwhelmingly by domestic matters. I am ready and willing to correct any factual error.

  2. #2 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally on 06/10/2010 - 9:34

    Dear MARK

    Please, do not misunderstand my feelings regarding Ambassador Edward Peck. A lot of my feelings are grounded in past events and realities. I listened only to a few minutes of the beginning of the podcast and I added a comment on the Ambassador’s opening statement in a text I had started to write several days ago.

    Now, I have had time to listen to the entire interview. I bear no grudge against Mr Peck, although I never quite digest “diplomatic” talks. As a former diplomat, Mr Peck too is bound by secrecy to a certain limit. But, I would not make any further comments because my purpose here is the Truth no matter how ugly it is. I regard him as a friend and not an enemy.

    I wanted to clarify this point. I am now going to listen to your 9 June podcast with Dr Sabrosky although it is nearly 2 o’clock in the morning.



  3. #3 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally on 06/12/2010 - 9:34


    I am often surprised by people who allow me to freely express myself, like MARK GLENN, here, while most others would suppress all my essays although of a similar factual nature.

    Every week we have, for example, the Britsh media which suppress all contributions from people whose views they disagree with. In twenty years, I never managed to publish a single word in any of the British or French mainstream papers, whether National or regional. Even when the media was printing lies about my wife, I was not granted MY right to reply. When I complained to the Press Complaints Commission, I found out that they too worked for the media just like the Solicitors’ Complaints worked for the lawyers (who finance it!!!!!!!)and not for the public!

    Yesterday, Friday 11.6.2010, a Mauritian Weekly “MAURITIUS TIMES” censored an article by M. Rafic Soormally (my younger brother) because he quoted extracts from another article published in the same weekly and made by so-called linguist and poet (Dev Virahsawmy) who was blaspheming Islam and insulting Muslims. Here are the ending lines of the conclusion that was completely removed (censored):

    “He (DEV VIRAHSAWMY) is hopeful that one day, through the adoption of « progressive and dynamic » thinking, the Mauritian Republic will accept « different sexual orientation » and « sex workers », « Insha’Allah! » by which he concludes. This is clearly extremely insulting to Muslims and blasphemes Islam. I strongly object to Dev’s use of « « Insha’Allah! » in such context and urge him to withdraw it.”

    Even the English title “Dev Virahsawmy distorts constitutional provision and goes on to insult Christianity and Islam” was changed to the French title “A propos ‘Identitag’ ” (About ‘Identity tag'”

    What the pervert linguist and poet Dev Virahsawmy was saying in brief, taking the name of GOD in Arabic, was that he hoped one day the Mauritian government will accept homosexuality and prostitution if it is “the will of Allah”! His wife and himself are in favour of abortion, “Lesbian Gay Bisexual Tranvestite” and other similar abominations. Taking the name of GOD, and in Arabic, to promote these abominations amount to BLASPHEMY! The Weekly allowed the blasphemy to be published but refused my brother’s right to reply and objection!

    Can you imagine that in the past 38 years or so the Mauritian media never printed a single article by me!!!!!!!

    When MARK GLENN allows me freedom to speak here, I am very thankful! But, as I said, I would appreciate anybody pointing out to me any factual error whenever they occur because I promote only the Truth however ugly it is but never with malice.

    For the past few days, my soul-friend Ghyslaine ROC has been corresponding with a charming lady, KIM EDWARDS, who says MARK GLENN is her hero!

    God Bless you, Mark!

    12 June 2010

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