Fear or Apathy, We Are All To Blame

By Tammy Obeidallah
Over the years, I have lambasted the U.S. government, particularly in the area of foreign policy. Wars,
copious amounts of taxpayer dollars in aid to an apartheid state, inherent racism and hypocrisy have
provided endless fodder for constant criticism.
Has that criticism been aimed at the right place? The motivations behind the aforementioned
institutionalized evils are elementary: money, power and greed; however the real problem is much
deeper. A government that—at least in principle—is supposed to be “for the people, by the people” must
relinquish some of the responsibility for erroneous policy to the people. Whether we feel the need to
acquiesce out of fear or out of apathy, we are equally culpable.
The first great enemy to humanity is fear. It is fear that ultimately leads to racism, bigotry, hatred and any
number of social ills. Those in power are well aware of this, and will use any means to instill fear in their
citizenry in order to manipulate them. Recently, Israeli schoolchildren underwent numerous air raid drills,
supposedly in the event of an attack by Hezbollah, or maybe Iran, or just in case the resistance groups in
Gaza finally develop a rocket that can hit the broadside of a barn.
Of course, a country which touts itself as a premier tourist destination cannot be under the threat of
imminent attacks from Hezbollah, Syria, Iran and Gaza, yet these brainwashed youngsters will—like us—
be taught not to question, only to fear and to support their government’s attacks on Palestinian civilians
and humanitarian activists under the guise of self-defense.
The tragic absurdity was compounded when Israeli commandos stormed a Gaza-bound humanitarian
cargo ship, murdering unarmed activists, only to make outlandish claims that they were ambushed and
attacked with knives, pipes and clubs. According to the increasingly preposterous hasbara machine, the
Free Gaza movement is tied to Al-Qaeda and hate-filled passengers had prepared themselves for a violent
confrontation. Logic dictates that if a group of activists plans a violent confrontation against one of the
most advanced and trigger-happy armies in the world, they will carry at least a couple of AK-47s rather
than knives and pipes.
However, fear leaves us with the inability to reason, thus it is the most important weapon in the
propagandists’ arsenal. Common sense becomes an early casualty. Traveling on internal flights within
Ecuador during a recent trip served as a blissful reminder that in other places in the world, travelers do
not have to dump their water and liquids in larger-than-three-ounce containers at the door, nor remove
their shoes. Yet fear-mongering has convinced us that there is a bomb in every bottle of baby oil and we
are poised to submit to even more indignities after the infamous alleged “underwear bomber.” It is truly
amazing what people will tolerate.
The Obama administration is poised to give Israel an additional $205 million for a missile defense shield,
while the state of California has announced budget cuts eliminating programs such as welfare-to-work
and home health care. The vicious cycle continues: give money to Israel, cut program funding for poor
and destitute Americans to keep them busy with basic survival so there is no concern for what is going on
Such apathy, like fear, is equally debilitating. Whether it is the amount of gratuitous violence in news and
entertainment, or simply that we are too busy trying to find employment, pay mortgages, maintain health
coverage, gas the car and put food on the table, we are losing our uniquely human ability to empathize.
Our government’s endless quest for global hegemony has created these conditions—instead of focusing
on our own job creation, inner cities, education and health care, foreign wars and entanglements have
drained our resources, leaving our citizens to die at hospital doors and our desperate youth to gun down
each other in the streets.
I ran into a former coworker at a wedding recently. Sitting together at the reception, three year-old
grandson on her lap in his crisp white tuxedo, I showed her pictures of my children while listing the major
life changes that had taken place in the eleven years since I had seen her. She spoke of retirement with
an air of sadness not usually associated with a comfortable pension after a lifetime of hard work and then
informed me quietly that her youngest son—the father of the little boy seated so solemnly in her lap—had
been shot and killed in 2007.
After heartfelt yet inadequate and clichéd expressions of sympathy, I realized that I had most likely seen
reports of his murder on the news, but had given it little attention: it wasn’t in my part of town and I
would not have recognized the name. In other words, it didn’t affect me.
Only then did I come to the disturbing realization that I am not immune to the sickness that has infected
us all to one degree or another: the apathetic tolerance that we afford such untimely loss of human life.
The people in neighborhoods and situations who have to worry about getting gunned down in front of
their own homes cannot be bothered with the gross oppression going on in Palestine. More ignorance and
apathy allows the government to continue unabated the flow of economic and military aid to the apartheid
state of Israel.
To combat these dual forces of fear and apathy, we must remember the words of the 17th Century
English poet John Donne: “No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent,
a part of the main. If a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less…any man’s death diminishes
me, because I am involved in mankind…” We must afford each priceless human life the reverence it
commands and refuse to succumb to the irrational scare tactics used by our government to justify mass

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  1. #1 by Sam on 07/06/2010 - 9:34

    This essay echoes my sentiments! I recently travelled by air in Europe and was subjected to the humiliating experience of taking off my shoes etc… To make my disgust worse was that unlike most of the rest, I was fully aware that these absurd measures were intended as a scare tactic to deprive people of personal freedom, which if exercised to the full, may lead to the realisation of what is going on in the corridors of power.

  2. #2 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally on 07/06/2010 - 9:34

    Dear you all (Are you there?)

    From what I understood after reading this exposé, I am in agreement with most of what the author says. The analysis is excellent. But, I have a small problem with the first half of the title, “Fear or Apathy, We Are All To Blame”.

    Mind you, I am a little lunatic about world matters, human concepts and the use of words in general. The main reason is because I do not understand them all. But, even with the little that I understand I keep having problems. I cannot explain why when Tammy Obeidallah speaks of “fear”, my mind immediately translates it into “cowardice”! Who is afraid of what? Yes, of course, the masses are so terrorised by the state and the media that they have been made to fear anything and everything except those very things that have to be feared, for example state terror, lies, crimes, and despotism”!

    Do they fear because they are made afraid of anything or because it suits them to be afraid not out of fear but simply because of a total lack of courage that is not found missing in most wild animals? Yes, they have been so domesticated that they have lost their survival instinct! The state murders their families or neighbours (not them yet!) with drugs and criminal activities, and they do not react because they fear the state, but because they are selfish human beings. Often even when their loved ones are murdered by the state, they would waste more years of their lives begging for justice or asking why! They tend to always do the right thing for the state to continue the murders and theft of their wages, property and even soul!

    All right, there is fear, but is there not more cowardice and selfishness than fear? I do not think “we are losing our uniquely human ability to empathize” because we lost it a long time ago and for ever, so it seems! What is empathy, after all? Did not the entire British nation not show empathy when the monarchy and “her majesty’s” government had Princess Diana murdered as well as Dodi Fayed, her future husband and father of her unborn child?

    No, it is not any lack of empathy or because of fear that they allow not only the murder of their own loved ones, and also pay for the genocide of entire nations. The root is much deeper. My research has found out that the masses have been successfully mind controlled by the school system, licit and illicit drugs (including vaccines, pharmaceutical products, aspartame, fluoride, etc.), recreational distractions and sexual abominations that they do not feel the NECESSITY to be humans anymore, and are quite happy living an entire life as domesticated animals!

    The other reason, which seems to me to be the more important one, is that humanity is under a “Satanic” spell because I believe and HAVE PERSONALLY EXPERIENCED the power of the occult, that of dark forces that rule our world! Through my experiments for the past forty years, I have come to the conclusion that there is no such God as we tend to believe and preach, but that there is definitely the Mark of the Beast on every event in our world, and that as long as we have not acquired the “occult” skills to fight the Devil, humanity will never recover.
    Who is dabbling in “Black Magic” in modern times? The Jewish Kabbalah, the Freemasons, the Satanists, and the European Monarchy! I am not talking of things I do not know anything about! When I left France in 1988, the Catholic Church had around 500 official exorcists, but I understood much, much later (I think yesterday or this morning!) that we have been trying in vain in exorcising a few common people affected by demonic possession, but failed to direct our energies at the leaders who are all possessed by the Devil and in great need of being exorcised!

    Don’t you ever ask why mainly Jews are running all Western once Christian governments? I carried out a test (a very dangerous one!) when the Jew Nicolas Sarkosy became President of France. I found out that he was protected by the Devil himself and that Jewish supremacy will continue unless the Kabbalah is destroyed!

    Muslims are taught to keep away from dabbling in the occult. There is both truth and wisdom in this. But, if nobody does the job, WHO WILL VANQUISH THE DEVIL AND WITH WHAT WEAPONS? God is not going to help people who refuse to help themselves! Yes, they will be afraid of the dark forces, but it is up to the more courageous among us to acquire those skills necessary to dismantle all Freemasonic movements, all Satanist dens and sects, and get rid once for all of the European Royalty!

    We had a Jesus Christ once who had power over the Devil! Even Muslims preach he performed such miracles and more! BUT, WHERE ARE OUR CHRISTIANS? If WE could come back to Christ, we might, God willing, perform miracles and rid our world of all Satanic forces or we are all doomed!

    Tuesday 6th of July 2010

  3. #3 by Emily Windsor-Cragg on 07/06/2010 - 9:34

    We are NOT all to blame.
    People who are in denial, who are taking advantage of situations, preying on others, have to accept more of the karmic price and cost than the people who are now engaged telling the truth and figuring out the problems.

  4. #4 by Doug on 07/07/2010 - 9:34

    So you were wondering about that too? Yea, so was I and I’ll tell you, about the only thing I have come up with is that the entire earth has been stricken with a virus. This particular virus has sprung up across the globe, in different places, for thousands of years. When people finally got sick enough, they killed the virus with rocks, spears, arrows, sticks and any other implements of destruction that was handy. Today, the virus has found a host in every country. The virus found a way to go unchecked for the last 30 or 40 years, by mutating into a simple, harmless little germ. Even a helpful little germ at times. All the while, it was mutating into something much more deadly. Today, we see just how deadly it has become. Sticks, stones, arrows, spears and such will not rid us of this virus now. What will rid us of it you may ask? FIRE! A FIRE so large and sweeping, of such horrendous proportions that it will scourch everything in its path, across most of this earth. That is the price you pay when you let such a deadly virus go unchecked.

  5. #5 by Doug on 07/07/2010 - 9:34

    OH BOY! OH BOY! I know this is 100% true. This is the secret of life you were shunned from hearing. Read Cain Is Not Adams Son.


    This is why they are the way they are. This is the REALLY UGLY TRUTH!

  6. #6 by Doug on 07/08/2010 - 9:34

    Have you seen this? Please wathch if you haven’t. It is really amazing.

  7. #7 by jackie cox on 07/08/2010 - 9:34

    The we are all to blame would be applicable, if, we all had the same belief systems, and reacted to our status as something of equality to each other, instead of ganging up in gangs and trying with success to aquire the earths productive assets, while inflicting war, genocide, and chaos on the others. This is the reality of the world.

    The infection is in charge, the cure, their eminent change, one way or another, they will change, and we will go foreward to a better point in time without the nobility of earth hiding behind title, deed, and law

  8. #8 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally on 07/09/2010 - 9:34

    July 8, 2010 at 4:16 am

    “…… It is really amazing.”

    The joke is not bad!

    But, the “Prophet” should have said JESUS had come already! Anyway, at his age, would he not see more than Jesus in vision?

    And, he should have converted before he died! Then, maybe he would have been more credible!

  9. #9 by CabotAR on 07/10/2010 - 9:34

    Well, you’ve aimed at the right place now and rightly so. Also, Americans are also realizing they are the ultimate blame for what’s happening in America and they are standing up. The November 2nd elections will prove this.

    I might suggest everyone read a great book about a small town in America who stands up to what’s happening now and ends up starting the 2nd American Revolution. I only recommend it because the times are changing & it could be our hometown one day. Great read!

  10. #10 by katman on 07/10/2010 - 9:34


    it is a stretch to say that cain was not adam’s son. you can have a son and he can be a bad son, wouldn’t you agree? just because he has no faith, does not mean he is physically the son of the rape of eve by satan. to me, that is a bit of a stretch. i am not sure God would have allowed such a thing. cain’s problem was a spiritual one. he has no faith and he didn’t care to please God. In order to have saving faith, you have to put God first in your life. Cain chose not to. for this, he of course paid the price in this life and in the next. he was banished and he carried the scar to identify him to all who came in contact with him. the concept of Christianity began in the garden of eden. adam and all of his offspring knew God’s Son even though He would not be physically born for a very long time after that. They had to. the sin of adam condemned the human race and we came under judgement. Even though these men lived and died, they still had to approach the Throne of God through the precious Blood of Jesus Christ who they never saw, but they accepted in faith, just as anyone can at any time. Ome may say, well how can this be? How can men who did not live during the time of Christ accept Him? There is only one way at that time. God told them and they believed and accepted it. Cain as do many sinners did not. Cain was a sinner and did not repent for his sin. For this, he was punished both in this life and the next. the problem with cain was a spiritual problem, not a physical problem. the problem was in his heart and he did not love his Creator.

  11. #11 by Doug on 07/12/2010 - 9:34


    I think he did convert. But I’m not trying to convert you. Nor am I trying to hijack this thread. Just adding different approaches to the problem that the author presents. A complicated problem that has any number of possible scenarios. Anything is possible.

  12. #12 by katman on 07/14/2010 - 9:34

    something that needs to be considered is this. perhaps Mohammed was himself jewish or half jewish? it would be just another in a long list of counter moves for many reasons, on the grand chessboard. of course it was satanic. i for one have had many suspicions about so-called arabic leadership in various arab countries. if they were all truely arabic, then they would all pull in one direction together. but the political situation concerning israel etc, has always been one of confusion. why is that? perhaps these leaders who make a big showing of trying to appear arabic or in fact jews with arabic head dress on. i mean it is quite possible. jews have always lived all over the middle east in arabic countries. heck the president of iran himself said last year, oh my, he had forgotten about his jewish roots. oh well. how nice of him to tell us now. so iran itself has about 150,000 jews in it, probably mostly sephardic persian jews , descendants of a time from long ago but jewish nevertheless. why would a jewish iranian leader, poke a stick in the eye of the beast? why? again, the tribe is playing world wide games and the sheep, watch the play on the stage……i truely understand the frustrations that most assuredly must have been felt by james von brunn.

  13. #13 by Doug on 07/14/2010 - 9:34


    What haven’t they infiltrated, subverted, screwed, shit on, stolen or destroyed?

  14. #14 by Amerikagulag on 07/23/2010 - 9:34

    The bible is the only source for all the information concerning that belief today. Being the only source, it has no evidence to back it up. When two statements contradict one another, one is false. They may BOTH be false, but ONE is by necessity false. For they cannot both be true.
    The bible is FULL of contradicting statements, half truths, fiction and outright LIE and therefore, by the test of truth, a false document. Its credibility as far as a historical document is nil.

    The claim of Palestine belonging to the Israelites is ONLY found in the bible. It must therefore be considered false as there is no corroborating evidence outside that document – NONE. A document, WHICH, suspiciously, was written by the very people claiming God gave them that land. Does no one find a problem with this scenario?

    Surely, you can see the lunacy of this paradoxical conundrum of Jews claiming God gave them the land, because it’s written in a book that THEY WROTE. No?

    I can’t understand the mass moronism and mental moonshine that still clings to this notion of biblical veracity when it is devoid of evidence to back its claims.

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