The Ugly Truth Podcast July 30, 2010

TUG returns with Mark Dankof as we discuss the various unstable elements within the so called ‘truth” and ‘patriot’ movements.

  1. #1 by B.Benhamid on 07/30/2010 - 9:34

    Mark, it is good to hear your voice again and please accept my very best wishes as always.

    Sioux Falls,SD

  2. #2 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally on 07/30/2010 - 9:34

    Dear Mark

    Welcome to the ‘real’ world!

    I woke up at 3.30 AM (too much tea, I presume) and saw your comeback. I listened to the beginning of the broadcast and agree 100% with your analysis and restrainst regarding these phenomena. No wonder you needed recharging your batteries!

    No matter how much you feel disappointed with friends or close ones, you do keep a rational approach to it and this is very good, which means you can never lose your sanity. I have not been able to listen to the whole broadcast as I fell asleep, but I’ll do it as soon as possible.

    Your decision regarding Phil Turner is the right one. But, life goes on. This USS LIBERTY MASSACRE has to be kept alive and those guilty of it, Israelis, Jews and Americans should be made accountable one day!

    I thank you again for giving me the opportunity to voice my views although it’s like talking to ghosts and in the wilderness. But, no matter what, the FIGHT has to go on unabated!

    Regards and love to your family


  3. #3 by katman on 07/30/2010 - 9:34

    mark , perhaps the last few years you have been vetted and many listen to you and observe and think about it all. maybe its time a mantle of trust can be conveyed upon you, if i may be so bold as to say such. both you and dankoff have been weighed in the balances and are coming up roses. keep up the good work. as far as kapner is concerned, the jury is still out on this dude. he is always complaining about not getting enough money yet he continues to operate. there are some that simply do not trust him. i am not sure myself at this stage. if the time comes when the many readers out here in the void, trust him , implicitly, then maybe his contributions will pick up i guesss. who knows. since he is jewish, many , perhaps have adopted a wait and see attitude. i know this does not bode well for him financially at this time, but those are the cards that are dealt, in my opinion. maybe i am wrong. time will tell. mark, trust is not a gift to be conveyed but a wage that must be earned. these days and times, one must be very careful. i have always kept a keen eye on mr stadtmiller. ever since he skewered my main man, peter shank, in 2005, i knew full well what kind of man we were dealing with. stadtmiller has worn out his welcome in texas a long time ago. he and his younger alter ego alex jones, have sort of dominated the alternative media airwaves down here in texas. as events unfold in the lives of americans and as some of them wake up and start searching for alternative media, of course, they always seem to gravitate towards (at least at this time) either GCN or RBN, etc. it could be construed to be said, that sometimes the listeners maybe due to a lack of experience in patriot matters etc, make the big mistake of assuming that these unknown men, who talk on these stations, have somehow, by some methods unknown, been catapulted into positions of leadership in the patriot community. nothing could be further from the truth. right now, imho, this thing called the patriot movement, or the truth movement or whatever is a disjointed collection of people , all, supposedly trying to find the truth etc. some have found the truth, some are still looking and some will never find the truth. mark, to make a long story short, the patriot community needs leadership, strong wholesome leadership and buddy, you and dankoff fit the bill. so think about it. the time is now and now is the time. we need leadership and we need organization, like any movement, in order to survive and prosper. perhaps this post will be met with incredulity but i just have to say what is on my mind. with your discussion of the events of the last few weeks, i see in you wisdom and level headedness, things that are not always seen in this movement. this movement would not be founded upon violence, even though many in it have guns. this movement will not be founded upon cult of personality, but the cold unvarnished truth. this movement will not be founded upon race. race to me is a issue, but at this time, i step back for the greater good of humanity. the goal of the movement is to get the jewish thug’s boots off of the necks of humanity by any means necessary. i prefer a gandi approach and go from there. just refuse to go along to get along. that has been our problem for so long. go along just to get along. but no more. non violent civil disobedience to the extreme. just for starters. see how that works. so mark. you and dankoff are it…. pal. no arguments. lets get ready to rumble……

    –note form me, MG–Katman, thank you for the good words. I agree–trust and respect must be earned, not given as a gift.

    Dittoes on Peter Schaenk. one of the best minds in this ‘movement’. HE is the kind of person we need leading the troops, not John “Heeeeeres Johnny” Stadtmiller. Guys like JS and his “I’ll kill whatever walks through that door” are the reason we can’t grow as a viable movement and aren’t taken seriously. How are we supposed to attract numbers to what we are saying when you have nuts like JS running his mouth and shutting down all intelligent discussion?

    Again, thank you and I will pass along your comments to the esteemed Mark Dankof

  4. #4 by ROLF on 08/01/2010 - 9:34

    Congratualations for your decisions. And thanks to Mark Dankhof for his spriritual and
    professional “coaching”. And I agree with M Frémaux… this proofs “you can never lose
    your sanity”. And thank you for mentioning M Piper: This man is a absolute hero and a perfect
    example of professionalism…how does he manage to stand the bosses of RBN and AFP?
    Well, I guess he is a professional! (And for those who have not read his books yet: A MUST!)
    All the best for you, your career and la vostra moglie e tutti gli bambini! Rolf

    –nota da me, MG–Amico mio, non ho saputo che tu parlassi Italiano! Adesso hai cambiato da ‘un amico’ a ‘un GRANDISSIMO amico’! Dove hai imparato a parlala? Purtroppo possiamo incontrarci in Italia qualche volta? Ciao

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