The Ugly Truth Podcast–Special Edition

Today’s program features an exclusive interview with Dr Terry Jones, pastor of the infamous Dove World Outreach Center in Gainsville, Florida that is planning to have a ‘Burn a Koran Day’ this upcoming September 11th. Listen as we are joined by special guest Nashid Abdul Khaaliq, of, an African American convert to Islam along with regular co-host of the Ugly Truth Mark Dankof of A MUST HEAR PROGRAM.

  1. #1 by JackieG on 08/07/2010 - 9:34

    Abraham was a murderer, a liar, a thief and a pimp.
    Hows that for the ugly truth?
    before any of you begin wailing i suggest to you what Jesus said:

    Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it.

  2. #2 by JackieG on 08/07/2010 - 9:34

    Bible in Basic English
    You are the children of your father the Evil One and it is your pleasure to do his desires. From the first he was a taker of life; and he did not go in the true way because there is no true thing in him. When he says what is false, it is natural to him, for he is false and the father of what is false.

  3. #3 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally on 08/07/2010 - 9:34

    Ghyslaine ROC:


    I wish Muslims would not get offended and too excited by this inevitable display of the Dajjalic (ANTECHRIST) forces that run this world!

    When Salman Rushdie threw the Satanic Verses at the faces of Muslims, what did they do? They helped making him obtain a knighthood from that squatter at Buckingham Palace, the Chief of International Jewish Freemasonry.

    This is all linked with the ban on hijaab, Niqaab, minarets, religion (Christianity, Islam…) in public schools (like in France). The Arabs have supported and “financed” the Kuffar (Antechrists) in burning not only thousands of Qur’aans but the Imaams and Muslims with them!

    And the Muslims are still collaborating with them! They badly need this NEW electrochoc, this kick in the butt! They will have to wake up one day or the other before it is too late!

    Does Apartheid Israel not burn Bibles and Qur’aans on a regular basis???????”

    Sorry, Mark, I have not yet listened to the podcast yet. I’ll do so later, but Ghyslaine has already linked it on her profile on facebook and wrote her first comment before listening to the recording!

    I’ll write my comment after listening!


  4. #4 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally on 08/07/2010 - 9:34

    WHY NOT BURN THE TALMUD? That’s a good one!

    DEAR Mark Glenn, Dr Terry Jones, Mark Dankof and Nashid Abdul Khaaliq

    I do not think this podcast needs any commentary at all. The good pastor has said it all. He is even a likable moron (to use Mark Dankof’s term).

    But, it is easy to ascertain (to use Nashid’s term) whether he is or is not a moron! If he cancels the burning of the Qur’âan on 11 September 2010, then he would prove to the whole world (beyond any reasonable doubt) that he was really a MORON!

    But, if he is not a moron, then he will go ahead as planned, and make sure that no one throws a single Talmud in the fire proving thaqt he is indeed an agent of ADL and AIPAC! But, I pray to GOD that he is a moron that will listen to common sense.

    Dr Jones, the problem of America is neither the Church nor Islam or the Shari’a, but THE JEWS, THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN, THE TALMUD!

    The problem of America RIGHT NOW is that Hitler had a Jewish Chef and Obama has now brought into the White House his family’s old Jewish Chef, SAM KASS! So, America, you better watch out that JUDEA DOES NOT DECLARE WAR ON AMERICA AS THEY DID ON GERMANY IN 1933 with the result that we know!

    By nuking Iran, Israel will inevitably force America and its Allies into the War! So, help us GOD!

    MARK, I have to say a great thank you again as GOD has really blessed you, not only with a wonderful wife and nine children, but has also inspired you to be one of His favoured Sons!

    Love to you all


  5. #6 by katman on 08/08/2010 - 9:34

    hmmm, like talking to a wall………..

    now then this

    flooding in china

    fires and heat in russia

    weather weapons?

  6. #7 by j on 08/09/2010 - 9:34

    the pod cast was great! burn the Talmud? where can you find one to burn? re 911, there will never be an investigation until long after the perps are dead. the official version is gospel. this reminds me of the Polish film Katyn (2007)- basically America is a lot like communist Poland! truth is taboo, russians blame the germans, germans blame the russians, but the crime is not investigated

  7. #8 by johnUK on 08/09/2010 - 9:34

    Perhaps your guest in Saudi Arabia would care to explain the “merits” of Wahabbism?


    I was thinking the same thing a, theory not base on anything just my own personal thought given that Brzezinski who created international Islamic terrorism in 79 under Carter and in positions of power since then directing US/European policy against Russia planning its destruction wrote in his book Between Two Ages that weather weapons research is being developed to be used in the future.

    Seeing how he is Obamas senior Foreign policy advisor telling his puppet Obama what to do pushing the missile shield that incorporates HAARP and the UFO clouds over Moscow and Romania that he established NATO military bases on its territory. Are the calibration/field tests for the system?

    Tornado shocks St. Petersburgs residents


    You do know the documents uncovered in the archive are said to be bogus given the fact that page 4 is a different font from pages 1-3 and excavations of the bodies in other place apart from the main Katyn site do not have any bullet holes?

  8. #9 by RickB on 08/10/2010 - 9:34

    Someone tell the good pastor that he shouldn’t pray for justice. I do that but I’m aware of what I’m asking for.

  9. #10 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally on 08/10/2010 - 9:34

    August 9, 2010 at 1:37 am

    “…burn the Talmud? where can you find one to burn?…”

    When I was working and living in Paris (1975-1988) I discovered that the Jews had a “Holy” Book when they revealed the “truth” about that Jesus b…… and that Maryam w….. It was called the Talmud! I just went across the road from my work place and asked a Jewish librarian if he knew about that famous Talmud. He showed me the shelf where there were whole volumes of the Talmud in Hebrew. When I asked him for a French translation, he said the Talmud was not meant for non Jews. When I asked him if he knew about that Jesus and Mary niceties in there, the white cheeked Ashkenazi blushed.
    I later learned that Jews had a set of abridged books for the Goyim (where all the offensive passages were removed)and another set of unabridged ones for the Jewish folks. They also have newspapers in the Goyim language where they are very “economical with the truth” and you have to read Yiddish of Israeli Hebrew to get the whole Jewish truth (which is still not yet the truth).

    So, to get a Talmud in Paris with those passages in to burn is almost impossible. And, I do not advise anyone of us to burn any Jewish Holy Book in public as we are sure to unleash Hell on the entire world with more wars, more climatic manipulations, more engineered diseases, more food shortages and higher interest rates. As Nashid Abdul Khaaliq says, it would be just burning paper.

    August 9, 2010 at 4:05 pm

    “Perhaps your guest in Saudi Arabia would care to explain the “merits” of Wahabbism?”

    I fail to see what this has to do with “Burning the Koran”! Wahabbism simply does not exist! In Russia, all Freedom fighters (whether they are Muslims or not) are labelled Vahabists. In the West and their client states, they are labelled Terrorists,they are known under a varietiy of terms like barbarians, Jihadists, suicide bombers, extremists, fanatics, fundamentalists, Islamo fascists, radical Islam, highjackers! Add the ISM suffix to these terms and you obtain in each case a bogus religion that the warmongering West uses as a weapon to demonise their victims.

    Maybe JohnUK can explain to us what he means by “Wahabbism”! Thanks. Does he too believe that the “Wahabbis” bombed America on 9/11 or the UK on 7/7?

    “…Brzezinski who created international Islamic terrorism…”. This is another bogus expression coming straight from the Western Jewish Propaganda Machine!


  10. #11 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally on 08/10/2010 - 9:34

    August 7, 2010 at 9:11 pm

    “Abraham was a murderer, a liar, a thief and a pimp.
    Hows that for the ugly truth?”

    So, you even expect others to wail at your “ugly truth”! But, I will not!

    However, I wish to point out your first mistake (hoping you are not of those who wail!) which is to quote the Torah as being infallible, that is truthful. (Note that it was written again from memory by Ezra after his return from Babylon because the original parchment was burnt entirely.)

    But, why not quote other records where Abraham is not depicted the way it is done in the Torah which Jesus himself said had been distorted by the Pharisees and others? Would you quote the Talmud as telling the “ugly truth” too about Jesus and his mother?


  11. #12 by CH on 08/10/2010 - 9:34

    I just wanted to tell you that I really like your show. It is my favorite podcast. Keep up the good fight, the content has gotten even better in the past couple of weeks! I thought I knew a lot, but your show has opened my eyes to a lot of things I wasn’t even aware of (such as how we’ve been conned into hating the muslims).


    CH from TX

  12. #13 by Ghyslaine ROC on 08/21/2010 - 9:34

    Regarding our correspondence with Professor Texe Marrs: 1st response by Philip Andrew Jones

    Dear Brother Phillip Andrew Jones

    Grace, peace, mercy and love unto thee too in the Name of GOD the Beneficent, the Merciful.

    I need to point out to you and the readers that my mentor BAFS (Basheer Ahmad Frémaux-Soormally) wrote to Texe Marrs on a few occasions, and has great respect for him and is very thankful for his great work. He has of course no objection that Br Texe preaches his religion to the whole of Mankind although the way he does it makes him less credible except to his own followers.

    However, Basheer pointed to our Brother Texe (who sadly does not accept Muslims as his Brothers and Sisters, although he is willing to accept them as friends, for which we are very grateful) that he was wrong to preach at the same time OUTRIGHT LIES regarding Islam and Muslims, on the doctrinal level. Basheer was kind enough not to call them lies, but he simply invited Br Texe just to “tone down” his unrelenting attacks on Islam and Muslims. I think this was Basheer’s only objection and mine too.

    You see, Br Phillip, there is a big difference between Basheer, myself and Br Texe. We do not preach Islam to Christians. But, Believing Christians tend to always preach Christianity to us, their born-again brand, of course. So, our intention is not and we do not set out to criticise your religious beliefs as long as what you practice of it does not harm either self or others.

    I read the essay Basheer wrote to “Our Great Friend Professor Texe Marrs”. He even took the precaution neither to force Islam upon him nor to write in any discourteous manner. He even amended his title and removed the word “Brother” as Br Texe prefers the term “Friend”. So, you will pardon me if I do not make any comment on your beliefs which I respect although I do not share them.

    I am sure you do not hate Muslims, but Br Texe and other Christians must hate the religion for calling GOD in Islam SATAN, and Muslims “devils”. Respecting the Israelite Christian Law “Thou shalt not make any false testimony”, I am not making any false allegations here. Those terms are uttered by Br Texe on and on against GOD in Islam and against Muslims in his addresses, which prompted Basheer’s intervention because he did not want to consider Br Texe as an enemy.

    You must be aware that 40-70 million Evangelists claiming to be Christians work hand in hand with the Jewish-Zionist controlled US government, the criminal Jews and Israelis, and are exterminating entire populations of Muslims and Arabs around the world with one objective, they say,

    to help the mass murdering Jews and Israelis to make Jerusalem as their Capital

    to rebuild the “Temple of Solomon” in the place of Muslim Holy Mosques

    to hasten the coming of their Messiah

    to be “raptured”.

    “Ghyslaine, it is only by the grace of God that any person can know this truth.” You are right, but no well educated Muslims can have any objection to this divine Truth!

    True Muslims already have a “beautiful relationship” with THE GOD CREATOR, whether HE exists or not, because this is purely a matter of Faith although this Faith stands up to logic and modern science (knowledge) as well, and they already have a most beautiful relationship with Jesus Christ (peace and blessings be upon him) and his blessed Mother (may GOD be pleased with her). I do not recall of any other lady apart from MARYAM (Mary) who is held in such great respect by Muslims, but Muslims simply do not accept at all any mediator between them and GOD. So, it is useless trying to convince them otherwise.

    Br Phillip, you are under the impression that people like Basheer and I do not know the “Old Testament” that was repudiated by the “Biblical” Jesus Christ himself, or that we read it with “prejudice”. This is far from the truth. We have been trained to trust the original language in which the Qur’ân is written, that is ARABIC. We know that it is very difficult to translate that classical Arabic, but efforts have been made for more than 1400 years to render it as close as possible to the original meaning. Even then no single translation in another language can claim to be infallible or the Word of God.

    However, this is sadly not the case at all with the “Old Testament” and the “New Testament”. Christians have to rely very heavily on translations of non original texts, and on a variety of Bible Versions which the two hundred and fifty denominations or so do not agree with in their entirety. This is not from me, but from Biblical scholars themselves. But, I will not discuss this any further here as our intention was only to make Br Texe respond to the essay Basheer sent him as a PDF, within a reasonable amount of time, but, unfortunately he did not. I heard Br Texe say he was not well lately. So, this may have been the reason for his delay, but we do not think so as we see him (if it is him) responding and writing regularly on “facebook”.

    May GOD bless you abundantly too, Br Phillip, in your search for GOD’s TRUTH (In Islam, GOD is AL-HAQ), because we are convinced you have not yet found it, but it is out of the question for us to preach Islam to you or to our Brother Pr Texe Marrs, given the circumstances. True Muslims do not PREACH Islam to humankind, but just INVITE humankind (and Jinnkind?) without any compulsion. This is the Islamic Law.

    However, if you could just listen to our Christian Brother Mark Glenn’s podcast of 7 August 2010, this may just open another window to the Divine Truth.

    “Today’s program features an exclusive interview with Dr Terry Jones, pastor of the infamous Dove World Outreach Center in Gainsville, Florida that is planning to have a ‘Burn a Koran Day’ this upcoming September 11th. Listen as we are joined by special guest Nashid Abdul Khaaliq, of, an African American convert to Islam along with regular co-host of the Ugly Truth Mark Dankof of A MUST HEAR PROGRAM.”

    Peace be unto thee too, Brother Phillip, and to your loved ones.

    Ghyslaine ROC
    Servant of no man or government
    Saturday 21st of August 6010

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