The Ugly Truth Podcast Aug 14, 2010

The Ugly Truth Podcast Aug 14, 2010

Nasid Abdul Khaaliq of joins the program to discuss the growing anti-Islamic hysteria in America and the real reasons for it–Zionism’s goal to see the Muslim and Christian worlds destroyed through years (centuries) of civilization-destroying wars.
  1. #1 by RickB on 08/15/2010 - 9:34

    Excellent show! No, our jewish MSM doesn’t need any help in demonizing Muslims/Islam.

  2. #2 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally on 08/15/2010 - 9:34

    Dear MARK and NASID

    I was going to write a commentary on the Podcast of 14th of August 2010 between you two Brothers of the Faith, but Nasid beat me to it by informing us about Muhammad’s Charter of Privileges to the Christians of Najran, which is a glaring document that destroys all the myths of fanatical and Zionist Christians, Jews, Hindus and Atheists about Islam. If people still do not understand, we cannot help them, and have to ignore them and keep on with our work

    But, I still would like to add my pinch of salt (a bad habit!), because I cannot help it (instead of gossiping on the Jewish CIA-MOSSAD facebook!).

    Having trained myself in logical (which in no way means truthful), scientific (verifiable knowledge), and factual historical discourse (from records available and not yet being suppressed) for quite some time, I am happy to meet with people like Mark Glenn and Nasid Abdul Khaaliq who are at the same level of research as myself. Mark and others of his friends have already shown similarly disposition towards truth and rejected media propaganda regarding many issues: USS LIBERTY HOLOCAUST by the Jews and Israelis with US complicity and duplicity, demonisation and genocide of Muslim peoples around the world, assault on both Islam and Christianity, and so on.

    The first method of investigation of a disease or infection I studied in medicine, as far as I can recall, was a series of scientific operations that will lead me to an efficient treatment and prognosis of the disease. They were: Aetiology, Epidemiology, Clinical Aspects and then Diagnosis. I have since adopted the same sort of method when I investigate other matters like Religion, Politics, etc. Having said that, we have to be very cautious because there are many fake sciences and bogus scientific claims which are pushed down our throats (like macro-evolution, global warming, etc.) by dishonest top world scientists for the benefit of the Godless and Usurious Élite (Mafia) that dominate our world for profit.

    What is this infectious disease I am talking about here? Well, as Mark and his friends rightly said, that Mafia has engineered an all out War between 1.5 billion Muslims and 1.5 billion Christians that is already raging in different parts of the world. That International Mafia is heavily populated by Jews, Zionists and Atheist, Christian and Hindu Zionists, but with Talmudist Jews in the lead,

    People who have not studied History (outside the Citadels of Slavery, i.e., public schools), and refuse to find out the root causes of the world problems and will accept only media propaganda (O’Reily, Hannity, Glenn Beck…), will never understand, unless the Zionist “chicken come home to roost” like this has already happened in the USA where the nation has been taken hostage by an alien Jewish power. Kissinger and Albright (two Jews!) pushed America to bomb Vietnam and Iraq respectively. Now, Israel has bombed the USA for the second time! Another Jew RAHM EMANUEL is now pushing America to nuke Iran! Will this not push the entire Muslim world against America and the West?

    Well, before I make things more complicated than they really are, let me state clearly what I understood from Mark’s podcast. Nasid has hit on the very core of the problem. One, the RACIST, CRIMINAL and PERVERT JEW (RCP Jew) does not recognise non Jewish humanity as humans, but only as mere animals.

    Second, it can be easily proven that the RCP Jew has been at war with Christianity for centuries, and has succeeded in destroying its power (not the Faith itself) from inside. Christendom fought back, of course, but finally became so decadent that the RCP Jew has returned and taken over the entire Christendom, making most of the Christians believe in abominations like Secularism, Humanism, Socialism, Liberalism and Democracy (Fascist Dictatorship), instead of Republic that has a Constitution/Bill of Rights that protects INALIENABLE RIGHTS (GOD-given)!

    Let me use the Mark Glenn approach and illustrate my point. Before I left for the USSR in 1964, my homeland Mauritius was already flooded with Jewish pornography, in “pinup” magazines, US literature, French, German and Swedish films, and in particular, an acceptable form of pornography available to all in films by the French actress Brigitte Bardot where she was always showing herself naked and using filthy language that the critics said was just “vulgar”. But, here is the interesting bit. I will take as example one of those “secular” (in French they say “laïque”) films where God is banned completely: Le Mépris (1963) by pro-Palestinian Jean-Luc Godard (Godard is a name also borne by Ashkenazi Jews, but Jews and Zionists have labelled him an anti-Semite) and Friedrich “Fritz” Christian Anton Lang (a Viennese “Catholic” born of a Jewish mother who says in the film that God is a creation of Man) acclaimed by the critics as a kind of master-piece, and those who saw in it only scandalous pornography were labelled “attardés du Moyen Age” (retards from the Middle Ages) by the critics. Obviously, being an anti-Christian (secular) film, it ended up in a tragedy where both Brigitte Bardot, the unfaithful wife, and her lover Jack Palance died in a car crash. The extremely bad actor Michel Piccoli who plays the husband of Bardot was (in the film) a scriptwriter who was hired by paranoid producer Jack Palance to write the script for a film based on Homer’s (?) Odyssey, to be directed by Lang.

    So, as we can see, back in 1963 I had already uncovered Jewish pornography and an attempt by secular French to demonise Christians and pervert Christian virtues. Today that War is directed against Islam and Muslims. The ban/demonisation of minarets, hijaab, niqaab, beard, Islamic cultural centres, madrasas (madaaris), mosques, and Islamic ‘Charities’, cultural and political organisations, Shari’a, etc., are all just distractions.

    The Jewish true reason behind the demonisation campaign is simple:
    Islam represents the greatest danger of modern times because of its ban on USURY (Jewish power)! So, the Judeised West has vowed never to allow any Islamic State or Khilaafah, and to see to it that the Muslims remain forever unarmed and disarmed, while the West and Jews can and will own all the weapons and military might. They have even succeeded in secularizing millions of Muslims (who believes democracy is freedom) pitting them against mainstream Muslims.

    The Christian reasons are manifold:
    Islam represents the greatest danger to Christianity because too many western Christians, Asians and Africans are embracing it more and more and rejoice when Muslims become apostates.
    Millions of Christians have adopted Zionism as their political weapon ( a genocidal one) to hasten the coming of their Messiah and be raptured, not realising that their false religion and religious leaders have all been condemned by Jesus Christ.
    Millions of Christians have been secularized where they rendered to Caesar (Jewish power) what belongs to the people and to GOD. Christian churches are more and more finding Jewish immorality and politics more acceptable than Islamic morality and politics.

    Although both Christians and Muslims have seen their religion kept under check, Islam (in its Sacred Texts) has not suffered any corruption at all as has Christianity. Although both Christians and Muslims have seen their virtues/values trampled upon by the military and warmongering West and its fascist ideologies, Muslims resist more strongly than Christians to the attacks by what they regard rightly as the Forces of Satan, of the Dajjals (Satan’s henchmen and henchwomen). But, I have hope that American Christians will rise up and replace their corrupt government before it is too late, before the Jews go on a killing spree (SWAT, FEMA, ADL, UN, Mexican mercenaries…) on American soil!

    People like Mark Glenn and many others have already studied and shown all the symptoms of the world’s most infectious disease, the cancer that is gnawing at our very soul, Criminal Jewish Supremacism, and offered an efficient remedy. But, unfortunately, people are not ready for change, and many in our own ranks treat those efforts (that cost the lives and comfort of many) made by us as mere entertainment because they have nothing better to do and (for various reasons) refuse to TAKE ACTION after saying they agree with our findings.

    Righteous men and women of action are incorruptible, sincere, brave, selfless, dedicated, loyal, and faithful to their justice ideals and to GOD! But, we need more of them, a lot more. Thank you again, Mark and friends.

    Sunday 15 August 2010

  3. #3 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally on 08/19/2010 - 9:34

    “…the growing anti-Islamic hysteria in America…”

    This should not be treated lightly as the actual unrelenting and cowardly attacks on Muslims in America and elsewhere are bound to make life a Hell for everybody.

    It is so true that the Jewish goal is to see the Muslim and Christian worlds destroyed through years (centuries) of civilization-destroying wars! So, the matter is of the greatest importance.

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