Inside Gaza – The Contradictions of Determination

From Palastine Correspondent Falastine M El-Ghezawi….

I was born into occupation. I was born in Palestine. My father was a member the P.L.O. (Palestinian Liberation Organization) and my mother always supported him. I was very lucky to have such rebellious father and patient mother.

When I think back to my childhood I always count myself as blessed to have had an opportunity to stay in Germany with some other children in 1990, three years after the onset of the First Intifada. The Palestinian children who went to Germany grew up under Israeli Tyranny and some of them suffered much more than I, having lost their parents, not to mention having been injured during warfare, losing their site or their arms or legs in explosions. The trip to Germany was a great chance for us to open our eyes to the world around us and escape the Ghetto that is Gaza.

In Berlin, everything was different; the language, the food, the people, even the weather. I was always so amazed how people got to simply live their life normally. They walked and talked, sang and danced, came and went wherever they wanted freely. They enjoyed their time and for them it was normal. When I thought back to my life in Palestine, it was as though we lived in hell. Living under the dictatorship of curfews, blockades, and checkpoints, our schools being shut down, being treated like prisoners in our own home. We used to throw stones at Israeli soldiers or burn tires when I was a kid, as it was all we could do to show our occupiers that we would never just accept their oppression.

I was also astonished at the fact that the world knew almost nothing about the Israeli crimes against our people. Throughout my time in Germany I often shared stories of my life in Palestine and many were very touched and appalled by the savage nature of the occupation we endured. After we returned home, we all had so much to say to say about our experience in Berlin and will always remember the German people as peaceful and calm.

Years later, when I was 15 years old, I got married. It was very tough experience for me to suddenly find myself responsible for a family, especially when I had my first son at 16. I made a huge effort to adapt myself to this new situation and things went well. I am now the mother of four wonderful children and couldn’t be happier.

Despite being a young wife and mother, I never give up on my dream of obtaining an education. I eventually went back to school and later on to college. In terms of my studies, my choice wasn’t an easy one. I always dreamed of being a journalist, but I had a stronger urge to study law because of my natural tendency to search for justice. And here I am, soon to be a lawyer.

It wasn’t easy, but my strongest source of motivation for my long and arduous journey was that my father always wanted me to become a lawyer. Sadly, he died before he had a chance to see our dream become a reality. He also witnessed my eldest brother arrested by Israelis and sentenced for 7 years in prison. My brother and I have always shard the deepest bond, always unconditional and unlimited in his support. I came to depend on him all the time and hope he will be released soon and that everything will be all right.

Deep in my heart, I believe the happiest moments of my life have yet to come and I spend my days an extremely optimistic person. I also believe the hardest moments of my life still lay ahead of me and preparing for the great challenges of my existence is an ongoing task. This may seem to be a contradiction, but such is my life; such is the way things have always been for me.

My country is my home, my country is my prison. I was born into occupation. I was born in Palestine.


  1. #1 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally on 09/22/2010 - 9:34

    “I was also astonished at the fact that the world knew almost nothing about the Israeli crimes against our people.”

    My experience is that we know far too much about the US-UK-EU-ISRAELI (including Canada, New Zealand, Australia and white South Africa)crimes and abominations against not only Palestinians, but all the oppressed people of the earth.

    “My father was a member of the P.L.O. (Palestinian Liberation Organization) and my mother always supported him.”

    The P.L.O. under Yaser Arafat unfortunately betrayed the Palestinian cause and collaborated WITH the Zionists, US, UK and France. If MOSSAD had wanted to kill Yaser Arafat they would have done so a long time ago, and they had countless opportunities. Why did they let Arafat go free before they orchestrtaed the Sabra Shatilla butchery? Why did they leave Saddam Hussein at the head of Iraq after the “Gulf Holocaust”? Why did Saddat betray the Palstinian

    We must learn to read beyond the news! Did they not murder Arafat when the order was finally given?

    But, the Palestinian struggle is unique in world history! To be still alive after more than half a century of Israeli butchery and the betrayal of Arab and Muslim leaders is an EXPLOIT!

    “My country is my home, my country is my prison. I was born into occupation. I was born in Palestine.”

    The world is my home; the world is my prison. I was born and indoctrinated under British imperialism, educated under Soviet Bolshevism, lived and educated under French fascism, and hope now to die a martyr under Jewish Zionist Britain!

    My mother married at 14 and had 11 children, including a few devils thanks to western indoctrination!


  2. #2 by Ghyslaine ROC on 09/22/2010 - 9:34

    (translated from French)

    The greatest terrorist network of all times, the very first one of the planet and of history, is the TSVA HAGANAH LEHI IRGOUN ISRAËL, also known as TSVA HAGANAH LE-ISRAËL, and notorious as the abominable TSAHAL, which perpetrated the worst atrocities in Palestine thanks to the support of the West, Russia and China. Many TSAHALISRAEL terrorists later became heads of the terrorist entity known under the false name of Israel in total contradiction with the teachings of Orthodox Jewish Rabbis, and of authentic Judaism.*

    For example, the Socialo-Marxist, Russo-Polish Zionist Nazi David « Ben Gourion » came to predominantly Muslim (90%) and Arab Palestine in 1906. (Likewise the Tsahalisraelist Algerian Gaston Ghrenassia (Enrico Macias) and his Black Feet (Pieds-Noirs) were all welcome in Arab and Muslim countries.) With 30,000 White Feet Jews (ashkéNAZIS), « Ben Gourion » betrayed the Arabs and the Muslims (this had to be expected) allying himself with Russia and the West against the Ottoman Empire.

    After the conquest of Palestine by the British, « Ben Gourion » (which is not his real name!) joined the Jewish Legion, which the British had set up in occupied Palestine in order to lead a terrorist war against the Arabs and Muslims (39th Battalion of the Royal Fusiliers). The Zionist Jews, ALL OF THEM SOLDIERS IN THE BRITISH ARMY, assisted by the British Authorities and European bankers, had already established the MINI-STATE “Eretz Israel” in occupied Palestine, and already had their GOVERNMENT (Jewish Agency), their CAPITAL (Tel Aviv), their POLICE, their TERRORIST ARMY (the Haganah), their COMMUNIST PARLIAMENT ((Asefat ha-nivharim), an immigrant population of 450,000 Jews imported by the Britishers to DEPOPULATE and PLUNDER Palestine, and a DICTATOR “Ben Gourion” himself.

    This was how the Arabs were completed defeated in 1936. Ever since that time, the Jews/Zionists had constituted the most formidable army in the COLONISED and OCCUPIED Middle East!

    The world cannot explain why the Jews never used their FORMIDABLE AND HEAVILY EQUIPPED ARMY against their Nazi buddy Adolf Hitler with whom they had already signed, in 1933, an AGREEMENT (HAVAARA), in order to prevent Hitler from killing « Six Million » of their own people??????? Who is going to believe this fairy tale ?

    Starting with Deir Yassin, in 1948, three terrorist networks, armed to the teeth by the Britishers, were to orchestrate the Holocaust of the colonised Palestinians (already living under an illegal occupation) on a large scale and totally defenceless (disarmed by the Britishers), the DEPOPULATION of their country, the DESTRUCTION of their villages, towns, and plantations, in order to accommodate Jewish terrorists coming from all the corners of the earth: Haganah, Irgun, and Lehi (Stern Group). Today, the Haganah (Jewish Militia) exists like parasites in all countries in the world where wealthy and powerful Jewish minorities have settled down, including in France.

    The International tentacle of TSAHALISRAËL is the notorious MOSSAD, and constitutes the most formidable NETWORK OF ASSASSINS of the planet, which train most of the Special Police forces of the world in their Jewish tactics of assassination, torture, control, and spying,. Their very recent terrorist operation was carried out in Mumbaï (Bombay), Hindustan, and as it was to be expected, the designated scapegoat was Pakistan and Muslims. MOSSAD has infiltrated most Arab and Muslim countries, and the Zionist terrorists are always ready to launch « false flag operations » which they then blame on the enemies they have planned to destroy. They are behind the « attacks »** of 11 September 2001 in the USA, those of London of 7 July, 2005, etc.

    The Killing Machine TSAHALISRAËL (air force, marine, spying and death agencies) had also operated in Lebanon where they had carried out the Holocaust of Lebanese Muslims and Arabs and the destruction of their country, of Beirut, a town known then as the Paris of the Middle east, because of its financial institutions, and most probably because of its “Arab” prostitution and pornography networks.

    TSAHALISRAELEL has also helped the US and Great Britain in destroying Baghdad, butchering its population in a Holocaust that will for ever remain one of the greatest infamies of modern history. This Zionist entity practice (and has legalised in some cases) torture, kidnapping, the destruction of houses, the slaughter of civilians (even those trying to escape), the destruction of mosques, hospitals, schools, universities, and refugee centres, collective punishment, apartheid, total boycott on food, drinking water, electricity, medicine, and has proved by its utter savagery to be the most abominable creature that this earth has engendered.

    The West has armed the TSVA HAGANAH LEHI IRGOUN ISRAEL to the teeth in order to control the region, to launch attacks, even nuclear ones, against all enemies around the globe designated by the West. Lebanon, Pakistan and Iran are their actual targets. As a matter of fact, Tsahalisraël is only used as a pawn by the West and their bankers for the conquest of the world, a military fort like at the time of the Holocaust of the indigenous population of the Americas. But, this is a double-edged knife, as the chicken can come back home to roost. Tsahalisraël has not stopped bragging that she controls the USA (Ariel Sharon the Butcher), and that she is ready to bomb Europe if she refuses to submit to Jewish dictatorship! Supported and financed by millions of Zionist ‘Christians’, Tsahalisraël constantly calls for the extermination of Arabs and Muslims. It must be noted that Tsahalisrael murders also Rabbis and Orthodox Jews who do not recognise the bastard state. The very latest call for extermination came from the « grand » Sephardic Rabbi Mordechai Elyahu (Matthew Wagner – Tsahalisrael has plans to use atom bombs on Ghazza, in addition to uranium and phosphorus bombs!


    Ghyslaine ROC

    This 20th Day of the Palestinian Holocaust (Shoah) of Ghazza promised and executed by TSAHALISRAËL with the support of the West and its Allies!

    Friday 16th January 6009
    Posted by Abu-Suleyman at 3:13 AM
    Islamic Intelligence

    * Authentic Judaism does not exist anymore, only its corrupt form!
    ** It has now been proven that these were not “attacks”, but nuclear blasts carried out by the U.S. and Israel.

  3. #3 by katman on 09/23/2010 - 9:34

    from zerohedge……

    if there was no welfare in the united states, there would already be heavy civil unrest. welfare and food stamps are delaying the inevitable. they say that 75 percent of the american people get some kind of government check. that means, most americans have been bought off with a few trinkets….on republic broadcasting blog, many used to leave comments. one time i made the comment about how someone who gets a government check , should not be running around complaining about the way the government is doing things. it its hypocrisy…. i mean after all, technically they are getting paid by the enemy. how can they be really be trusted? they can’t…… when the government checks stop coming, those who know , must be prepared. that day is coming, sooner than we think….many states are already bankrupt. the clouds of dissolution of the republic are gathering now. the tribes will be gathering soon. it is only a matter of time.

    and now a wally world story from the big cheeser himself…..

    In today’s Art Cashin Comments there is a stunning admission by none other than the CEO of Walmart on what modern day bread lines look like. To wit:

    Profits And Baby Formula – Our pal, Rich Yamarone, over at Bloomberg picked up an eye-opening statement made by the Wal-Mart CEO last week.

    I don’t need to tell you that our customer remains challenged…You need not go farther than one of our stores on midnight at the end of the month. And it’s real interesting to watch, about 11 p.m. customers start to come in and shop, fill their grocery basket with basic items – baby formula, milk, bread, eggs – and continue to shop and mill about the store until midnight when government electronic benefits cards get activated, and then the checkout starts and occurs. And our sales for those first few hours on the first of the month are substantially and significantly higher.

    Talk about shopping only for necessities. The mid-night trip for baby formula says it all.

  4. #4 by The Avatar on 09/23/2010 - 9:34

    “I tore out their tongues and defeated them completely, the others, still alive, I smashed with the very same statutes of protective deities with which they had smashed my own grandfather Sennacherib- who had been assassinated in Babylon- finally a belated burial sacrifice for his soul. I fed their corpses, cut into small pieces, to the dogs, pigs, zibu-birds, vultures, the birds of the sky and to the fish of the ocean.”

    thankyou King Assurbanipal thats exactly what i feel like doing to the bastards who today
    besiege Palestine …..

  5. #5 by katman on 09/23/2010 - 9:34

    Psalm 137 (King James Version) a written recollection about jews praying for the destruction of their enemies and for revenge, 3000 years ago (even though it was their own fault that they were in the predicament that they found themselves in), if indeed the poor babies were being mistreated ,(God forbid)….what kind of person would pray for the horrible deaths of innocent children?

    Psalm 137

    1 By the rivers of Babylon, there we sat down, yea, we wept, when we remembered Zion.

    2 We hanged our harps upon the willows in the midst thereof.

    3 For there they that carried us away captive required of us a song; and they that wasted us required of us mirth, saying, Sing us one of the songs of Zion.

    4 How shall we sing the LORD’s song in a strange land?

    5 If I forget thee, O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget her cunning.

    6 If I do not remember thee, let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth; if I prefer not Jerusalem above my chief joy.

    7 Remember, O LORD, the children of Edom in the day of Jerusalem; who said, Rase it, rase it, even to the foundation thereof.

    8 O daughter of Babylon, who art to be destroyed; happy shall he be, that rewardeth thee as thou hast served us.

    9 Happy shall he be, that taketh and dasheth thy little ones against the stones.

  6. #6 by the Avatar on 09/23/2010 - 9:34

    “There is justification for killing babies if it is clear that they will grow up to harm us, and in such a situation they may be harmed deliberately, and not only during combat with adults.”
    – Rabbi Yitzhak Shapira and Rabbi Yosef Elitzur,

    The King’s Torah

  7. #7 by restinpieces on 09/24/2010 - 9:34

    Humanitarian Bombing. (A Great Way to Win the Hearts and Minds of the Palestinians.)

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