The Ugly Truth Podcast Oct 1, 2010


Mark Perkins, former Marine Sgt who served in the 1st Gulf War and founder of Muslim Veterans For 911 Truth provides us with fascinating insight concerning members of the US Armed Forces converting to Islam in the aftermath of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

  1. #1 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally on 10/01/2010 - 9:34

    The power of Islam lies within the uncorrupted and incorruptible religion itself! No amount of demonisation will ever diminish this intrinsic quality until the end of times.

  2. #2 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally on 10/01/2010 - 9:34

    PRIDE is a deadly sin, so I will not say like the homosexuals that I am PROUD of anything!

    BUT, what I can say is that my whole body and soul is JIHAADI, JIHAADIST, JIHAADOPHILE, JIHAADOCENTRIC, and I fully subscribe to the ideology of JIHAADISM which is part and parcel of the Holy Qur’aan. To destroy JIHAAD, the Jews must first destroy the Qur’aan, and we are at least, 32,5million (Mark Glenn’s figure) angry, very, very angry Muslims who would like them just to try and they’ll see what we can and will do to THEM and to all those who help and “harbour” them! WE, the 32,5 million (I like this figure!), dare them. They can kill one billion Muslims around the world with their WMDs, but in the process what will remain of them? If they can wage WAR, we can at least carry out GUERILLA (not for the 72 virgins up there!) and life will be HELL for them and for those tax payers who fund them!

    I am so glad to be part of those 32,5 million very angry Muslims because nobody, I say NOBODY in the world will ever stop the march of Islam because we, Muslims, regard all the true Biblical Prophets as Muslims and all genuine followers of those Prophets and Messengers of the ONE GOD as Friends of Islam and Muslims as they should be. But, for this our duty remains to educate them. We have been guilty of neglect. Authentic Judaism is almost dead. Authentic Christianity is agonising, but there is hope now that authentic Christians see more and more who the real enemies are: Israel and their own Zionist controlled governments, media, Police, judiciary and army. Islam has resuscitated from centuries of decadence and lethargy. Christians returning to authentic Christianity or to Islam will make Islam stronger and stronger because Islam shares most if not all the fundamental virtues and human values found in Christianity.

    Taalibaan is just an Arabic work for students.
    Allah is just an Arabic word for GOD.
    Eid is just an Arabic word for celebration.
    Islam is just an Arabic word for submission to the will of the ONE GOD.
    Muslim is just the Arabic word for anybody who submits to the Will of God, including all livings things, “inert” matter, and even the Physical Laws of the Universe. The only difference is that humans have a choice not to, but not the non human creation.
    Hizbullah is just the Arabic word for the Party of GOD, the only political party acceptable in the eyes of GOD.
    Jihaad is just the Arabic word for struggle, effort, and there is no Islamic Jihaad if it is not in the Way ordained by GOD. Jihaad is not war as the BLOODY JEWISH AND OTHER LIARS (BBC, etc.) would have it. In Arabic war is HARB, not JIHAAD!
    Kitaal is just the Arabic word for FIGHTING BACK IN SELF-DEFENCE. You shoot and you are shot at! Kitaal is ordained by GOD in order to defend ourselves when we are attacked.
    Madrasah is just the Arabic word for university, school.
    Shari’a is just the Arabic word for Legislation.
    Hamas is just the Arabic word for Enthusiasm
    Fatah is just the Arabic word for Opening.

    All these terms are Arabic, and when we remove all the Arab words that the West, that Great Satan, has been demonising for decades, we are still left with their meanings in whatever language you wish to use! But, only the Jews and their Allies have a problem with those concepts like self-defence, students, enthusiasm, effort, university, legislation, or even GOD. The war of THOSE SAVAGES AND TERRORISTS is not only against Islam and the Muslims, but also against the Arabic language!

    The magic of Islam lies not only in the proverbial hospitality of Arabs (Leopold Weiss) and Muslims, but also in the Arabic language. Unfortunately, the more Muslims and Arabs get westernised the wrong way, the more they tend to lose those qualities. The solution is to never abandon classical ARABIC.

    Is it not strange that this Muslim “veteran” is saying that he knew right then on 11 September 2001 that the US was going to war immediately after seeing the “attacks” taking place? I SAID AND WROTE EXACTLY THE SAME THING ON THAT SAME DAY based on the US records itself and the countless analytical and strategic books I had read while the sheeple were reading, watching and commenting “the news” in the Jewish controlled media!

    Eustace was right to say that the Zionists (Jews) want to exterminate Muslims. Muslims being against oppression, slavery, consumerism, usury, drugs, gambling, prostitution, perversion, and injustice of any kind, they represent therefore a real danger to Jewish economy and power and to the Hegemonists. There is no coercion I Islam, but there is only coercion in western-style democracy!

    I am sad to see how Christianity has gone the wrong way and away more and more from Christ and even from his blessed Mother who used to wear the Hijaab like the early Christian women did until the 19th century. Christianity is being ousted from the schools more and more, and Jewish homosexuality is coming in.

    Mark Perkins is right to mention that education will do a lot of good and re-establish the real image of Islam. However, I do not share his optimism about GOD’S PLAN, although this comes straight from the Islamic teachings! Unfortunately or fortunately I do not have his FAITH, which explains my never-ending conflicts with mainstream Muslims!

    I am writing as I am listening, and the podcast went the right way and Mark Glenn and Mark Perkins concluded rightly that there is compatibility between the two religions. I am reaching the end of the podcast now.

    “A Prophet is not appreciated in his own hometown”! And, I am such a “prophet”!

    Bravo to you both, and MAY GOD HELP US ALL!


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