President Assad–America has sown chaos across the globe

By The Associated Press

October 27, 2010 “
Haaretz” —  Bashar Assad told Al-Hayat newspaper in an interview published Tuesday that the U.S. created chaos in every place it entered.

“Is Afghanistan stable? Is Somalia stable? Did they bring stability to Lebanon in 1983?” Assad asked, referring to U.S. intervention in Lebanon’s 15-year civil war that ended in 1990.

In Washington, the State Department issued a strong rebuttal. Spokesman P.J. Crowley charged that Syria is destabilizing Lebanon by supplying arms to militants and issuing arrest warrants for Lebanese officials.

“These activities by Syria directly undermine Lebanon’s sovereignty and directly undermine Syria’s stated commitments to Lebanon’s sovereignty and independence,” Crowley said. We believe we’re playing a constructive role in the region, and we believe that Syria is not.

The tough retort appeared to run counter to U.S. efforts to improve ties with Syria.

President Barack Obama has made repeated overtures to Damascus this year, nominating the first U.S. ambassador to Syria since 2005 and sending top diplomats to meet with Assad. Obama is trying to lure Damascus away from its alliance with Iran and militant groups such as Hezbollah and the Palestinian Hamas.

But Syria has continued to strengthen ties with outspoken critics of Washington, such as Iran and Venezuela.

In Tuesday’s interview, Assad also warned that expected indictments in the 2005 assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri could destroy Lebanon.

Assad said Lebanon is divided on a sectarian basis and that indictments in the case could rip the country apart.

“Any clash at any time between any group will sabotage Lebanon and destroy it,” he said.

A massive truck bombing in Beirut killed Hariri and 22 others on Feb. 14, 2005. A United Nations tribunal is investigating the case but has not indicted anyone.

Immediately after the killing, suspicion fell on neighboring Syria because Hariri had sought to weaken its domination of Lebanon. Syria has denied any role in the murder.

The killing galvanized opposition to Damascus and sparked huge street demonstrations that helped end Syria’s 29-year military presence in Lebanon. This paved the way for pro-Western parties to head the government in subsequent elections.

Many expect the tribunal to indict members of Hezbollah, the Syrian-backed Shiite militia that now shares power in a fragile unity government with a Western-backed coalition.

Hezbollah leader Sheik Hassan Nasrallah has said he expects the tribunal to indict members of his group. He vows not to hand them over for prosecution.

Many fear that indictments of Hezbollah members could trigger violence between Shiite and Sunni Muslims. In 2008, sectarian clashes killed 81 people and nearly plunged Lebanon into another civil war.

  1. #1 by equalizer on 10/29/2010 - 9:34

    About five or six months ago I watched a video interview with President Assad. Will try to locate and post. What struck me was how soft spoken this man is. He stated he does NOT WANT WAR.

    Anyway, like most Americans I know very little about the issues/conflicts of this region; so, here’s some background:


    Perhaps Helen Thomas could weigh in on this situation.

  2. #2 by B.A.Frémaux-Soormally on 10/29/2010 - 9:34

    America has sown chaos across the globe, spilled the blood of the innocent, perverted morality, and has no conscience!

  3. #3 by hybridrogue1 on 10/29/2010 - 9:34

    Buckets of blood, buckets of blood…Amerika is spilling buckets of blood.

    It’s been this way since the genocide of Native America.

    American Exceptionalism enshrined as morality. Pathos unleased on a global scale now. It’s the “Red White and Blues” not on a sax, but a trumpet.


  4. #4 by paschn on 10/29/2010 - 9:34

    Satan’s earthly foot stool, the Dual world power of the U.S. of Israel and the U.K. have always been willing whores for the Talmudic Jews and their god-head..Rothschild. Any nations, (such as Hitler’s Germany), wanting to rid the earth of this satanic cult will have to carry it through to eliminating them from the global gene-pool. calm down you bleeding hearts, I’m not advocating a REAL holocaust, (unlike the phoney one they’ve used to bleed the Christian/Muslim world for 40 plus years), something as simple and humane as forced sterility. This would have a two-fold advantage, over the span of one lifetime it would eliminate the Talmudic parasites and protect the Christian/Muslim people from murder-for-organs, pedophelia, rampant porn. literally dozens of nations have tried confiscation of assets and expulsion to no avail. They, like any cancer, always resurface to re-corrupt via the Rothschild banking cabal and like a pus-filled boil, it begins all over and eventualy burts onto the world’s innocent causes 10’s of millions to suffer and die. All initiated by Talmudic Jewry and made possible globally by the whore-ish “Renfield Class” of Christians, Muslims….et al. If one evil man, (Rothschild’s Central Banking Empire), has the money, he can buy an entire armies of amoral men.

  5. #5 by hybridrogue1 on 10/29/2010 - 9:34

    “..eliminating them from the global gene-pool. calm down you bleeding hearts…
    ..something as simple and humane as forced sterility.”~paschn

    “Bleeding heart”, as deconstructed from the subtext of your comment means; “sane and logical human beings”.

    These hysterical ravings you express here are quite telling, as “subtle” as you might fool yourself into believing you are. Yes, become the evil you despise…utterly delusional.



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